Marcus Smart Intentionally Misses the FT to Give the Blazers a Tough Final Shot | April 13, 2021


Boston Celtics vs Portland Trail Blazers - Full Game Highlights | April 13, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season
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  • Jon Posadas
    Jon Posadas19 dagen geleden

    Pretty Smart move styll

  • Corona Virus
    Corona Virus19 dagen geleden

    plot twist: he missed by accident

  • Noah Smith
    Noah Smith20 dagen geleden

    Hey his last name is Smart for a reason

  • Márcio Couto
    Márcio Couto20 dagen geleden

    Lillard stupidly tried to dribble and take a full court shot instead of playing the ball forward to a teammate 🤣

  • NBA Lover
    NBA Lover20 dagen geleden


  • Wavy Kev
    Wavy Kev20 dagen geleden


  • Art Artwell
    Art Artwell21 dag geleden

    🔥 Great work....

  • Bon Tech
    Bon Tech21 dag geleden

    He is smart

  • Bon Tech
    Bon Tech21 dag geleden

    He is smart

  • Mr Ray
    Mr Ray21 dag geleden

    Brad Stevens the mastermind

  • Shane Welling
    Shane Welling21 dag geleden

    999+ nba iq moments

  • It's Luke
    It's Luke21 dag geleden

    It was smart because his name is Marcus Smart

  • Steve Downie
    Steve Downie21 dag geleden

    Paul Ģeorge: "That's a bad shot"

  • Fargo Zoto
    Fargo Zoto21 dag geleden

    He also got away with an offensive foul before he “intentionally ” missed that free throw.

  • 不结实不韵味
    不结实不韵味21 dag geleden

    player you just sound smart, Marcus smart is court smart

  • Melo
    Melo21 dag geleden

    Oh nice

  • Raiden Charles
    Raiden Charles22 dagen geleden

    IQ = universal

  • Andrew Villarreal
    Andrew Villarreal22 dagen geleden

    Bro why is this video quality so damn good for 720p?

  • Melvin O’Brien
    Melvin O’Brien22 dagen geleden

    Now thats damn SMART

  • Jeremiahthegamer
    Jeremiahthegamer22 dagen geleden

    Imagine dame making that

  • Mario Ocampo
    Mario Ocampo22 dagen geleden

    Very Smart, Marcus 😂

  • Jan Conrad Camps
    Jan Conrad Camps22 dagen geleden

    that's smart

  • Matt M
    Matt M22 dagen geleden

    lol gtfo, he just missed it

  • Dustin Clark
    Dustin Clark22 dagen geleden

    Marcus is Smart

  • Josh Henderson
    Josh Henderson22 dagen geleden

    Teams really will make both free throws smh like no one making a full court shot under 5 seconds

  • SportsMan
    SportsMan22 dagen geleden

    wow smart as heck

  • Andrew de Boer
    Andrew de Boer22 dagen geleden

    Crazy to see norm

    CHRISTIAN MENTCH22 dagen geleden

    That's why his last name is smart

  • Damon 23
    Damon 2322 dagen geleden

    This is how you live up to your name

  • Subhash Ambekar
    Subhash Ambekar22 dagen geleden


  • Edgar M
    Edgar M22 dagen geleden

    Wait so if he made it, Portland woulda been able to bound in the ball from their side of the court?

  • harrymic75


    22 dagen geleden

    If they had a time out I reckon

  • SayItAintSo
    SayItAintSo22 dagen geleden

    Marcus Intellectual

  • Nate FarTooGreat
    Nate FarTooGreat22 dagen geleden

    Coach ain’t getting no credit in the comments smh he was the one who told smart to miss

  • Arrel Buesing
    Arrel Buesing22 dagen geleden

    Marcus Wise

  • sPUCKO
    sPUCKO22 dagen geleden

    Marcus Smart ain’t dumb tho..

  • Freakshow972 Gaming
    Freakshow972 Gaming22 dagen geleden

    When Demarcus is actually smart

  • guiyong
    guiyong22 dagen geleden

    Why are people saying that was a smart move ? Coaches with class and respect would tell their player to not do that. Play for real until the end, use your defense to win the game, not some cheap trick on the free-throw line.

  • Ian Park
    Ian Park22 dagen geleden

    Marcus really be Smart

  • Just Hoops
    Just Hoops22 dagen geleden

    Mama, there goes that man! XD

  • Guy Guyingson
    Guy Guyingson22 dagen geleden

    I do this in 2k all the time 😎

  • Treasure Kayemba
    Treasure Kayemba22 dagen geleden

    That’s a bad shot

  • J Jones
    J Jones22 dagen geleden

    looks like he was trying to make it to me. Don't see why this is so special.

  • B Mendoza
    B Mendoza23 dagen geleden

    Boston won’t win with smart in the line up.

  • Justzin
    Justzin23 dagen geleden

    Thats what the uconn girls should've done against baylor but they still won

  • AM ‘
    AM ‘23 dagen geleden

    that was very smart from marcus smart

  • Kenneth Stanford
    Kenneth Stanford23 dagen geleden

    Marcus is very “Smart” !!

  • Padz1647
    Padz164723 dagen geleden

    brad stevens would know alot about intentionally missing freethrows from back when duke did that to butler in the national game

  • runa sirpal
    runa sirpal23 dagen geleden

    Well his last name is Smart...

  • Jack
    Jack23 dagen geleden

    flight: curry woulda passed if

    CAMDUNNAMUSIC23 dagen geleden

    He should of passed the ball to Melo

  • John Lewis
    John Lewis23 dagen geleden

    That was actually very smart(no pun intended)

  • yungbaka34
    yungbaka3423 dagen geleden

    “Smart” way to Hurt Dame’s pride🤓😂

  • Thedrip God
    Thedrip God23 dagen geleden

    Marcus genius

  • Pierce Hart
    Pierce Hart23 dagen geleden

    Not sure if I enjoyed the play more or the look of pride smart had after the buzzer.

  • AwayDreaming
    AwayDreaming23 dagen geleden

    And this is why these players are the biggest actors in the world,CAUSE THEY DONT GIVE A DAMN but they make you believe they do. Sorry stupid Fanboys!🤣🤣

  • Gellobee
    Gellobee23 dagen geleden

    Smart play by Marcus Smart. And also a reminder that Dame is no Curry

  • Jam Productions
    Jam Productions23 dagen geleden

    This isn’t even rare at all

  • Joshua Green Drummer
    Joshua Green Drummer23 dagen geleden

    Genius play unless he would’ve made it somehow

  • A&R Jay
    A&R Jay23 dagen geleden

    He didn’t want no smoke from Dame time 😂

  • Mad Media
    Mad Media23 dagen geleden

    You mean Marcus Genius

  • Mariusz Widziński
    Mariusz Widziński23 dagen geleden

    Thats funny but id he would make this ft, it will result as inbound from the blazers basket, right? So is that really smart?

  • AlejandroElJefe
    AlejandroElJefe23 dagen geleden

    Man the Celtics commentators have to be the worst in the league... Absolutely no enthusiasm

  • SamoaVsEverybody_814
    SamoaVsEverybody_81423 dagen geleden

    I would've died had Dame made that, lmaoo 🤣🤣🤣😭💀

  • Jason Waterman
    Jason Waterman23 dagen geleden

    How about lillard throw the ball to an open person instead of trying to dribble it ???? ???

  • Marcus _________
    Marcus _________23 dagen geleden

    Marcus is smart😳

  • Trenton Orange
    Trenton Orange23 dagen geleden

    See Marcus smart?? That Marcus Genius!!

  • BallerGaming 2k
    BallerGaming 2k23 dagen geleden

    That’s Why his last name is smart 😂

  • Baylor Caperton
    Baylor Caperton23 dagen geleden

    I feel like same could have drawn a foul on that shot if he wanted to

  • SubliminalYT
    SubliminalYT23 dagen geleden

    200 IQ

  • vDarkCJ
    vDarkCJ23 dagen geleden

    no wonder why his last name is *smart*

  • Jorge kbr
    Jorge kbr23 dagen geleden

    In Europe this is not a smart play, this is what you have to do if you want to play at least one more minute during the season

  • Alen Cko
    Alen Cko23 dagen geleden

    Wats so smart about that except for his name?!if that guy had scored a three,then we would not have called him smart or maybe call him smart anyway ?!🙄I don't know 😉😁😂

  • Cory Headquarters
    Cory Headquarters23 dagen geleden

    Marcus Genius

  • Mike Lee
    Mike Lee23 dagen geleden

    Never understood why more players don't do this. BUT gotta make sure you hit the rim, like he does. Wade tried this years ago with the Heat vs Celtics and missed the rim, allowing Jeff Green time for a buzzer beater for the win for the Celtics.

  • Demetris Markides
    Demetris Markides23 dagen geleden

    Well that was Smart...

  • Aldo Iskandar
    Aldo Iskandar23 dagen geleden

    That last name don’t lie 🙃

  • Xclusive
    Xclusive23 dagen geleden

    He should have pointed to his back. If u know what i mean.

  • Adam S
    Adam S23 dagen geleden

    That's a weird looking football

  • Yukine
    Yukine23 dagen geleden

    One could say that was...Smart.

  • Dillon Banh
    Dillon Banh23 dagen geleden

    Marcus Smart -> Marcus Genius

  • Justin Allen
    Justin Allen23 dagen geleden

    Does anybody else find it ironic that this was a Brad Stevens game.

  • Agustin Cortina
    Agustin Cortina23 dagen geleden

    That's smart 👍. Literally.

  • Owyki tv
    Owyki tv23 dagen geleden

    Why doesn’t tacko fall play?

  • Imri Dover
    Imri Dover23 dagen geleden

    Its a lot of excitement for missing a free throw

  • Aldo Amparo
    Aldo Amparo23 dagen geleden

    I blame the coach for having no timeouts left...

  • Sahadi420
    Sahadi42023 dagen geleden

    Missing the FT wasn't the smart play. 3.5 seconds is enough time for a decent shot. It was the intense defense on the rebounder that made the play work. AND PORTLAND NEEDS TO FIRE THEIR TIME KEEPER!!! STARTED THE DAMN CLOCK BEFORE PORTLAND GOT THE REBOUND!!!

  • 【Kev // 呪い】
    【Kev // 呪い】23 dagen geleden

    why does this video start with the celtics coach nazi saluting :')

  • Nez meister
    Nez meister23 dagen geleden

    Melo was open!

  • spacebjorn
    spacebjorn23 dagen geleden

    But it’s not a good play though.. dame could’ve got a foul call and got sent to the line, where he would EASILY make both to win..

  • WelcomToDoobieTown


    23 dagen geleden

    These players think different. They know not to foul there and as soon as he raised his arms which signifies a shot they backed off. The most that could’ve happened was a reach in or something along those lines, which wouldn’t have been any free throws.

  • seabass91
    seabass9123 dagen geleden

    They call him Marcus Smart for a reason

  • Quinn Northrop
    Quinn Northrop23 dagen geleden


  • Rhoej Parco
    Rhoej Parco23 dagen geleden

    Smart being the literal Smart he is HAHAHA

  • T.K Jenkins
    T.K Jenkins23 dagen geleden

    Marcus is smart!! Cause dame time is real!!!

  • Amma Konadu
    Amma Konadu23 dagen geleden

    We call him smart for a reason

  • Flyte Da Don
    Flyte Da Don23 dagen geleden

    Aight now when he hit it ....

  • Luckydust
    Luckydust23 dagen geleden

    that’s the right play. i hate players intentionally made the free throws when they should miss it. they did it for stats

  • Luckydust


    23 dagen geleden

    @WelcomToDoobieTown sometimes when they’re up by 2 and the opposing team has no timeout left, they all agree to make the 2nd free throw with 1 second left. even the coaches. i’ve seen it many times. i think it’s better to miss it. look at that buzzer beater 3 bank shot by lebron against the wizard.

  • WelcomToDoobieTown


    23 dagen geleden

    Most of the time they just don’t have the IQ. No pun intended, Marcus is one of the smartest players in the league.

  • OG man 14
    OG man 1423 dagen geleden

    Fitting last name

  • Gede Sudarma
    Gede Sudarma23 dagen geleden

    Hold up what kind of handsign was this ? 0:00

  • Marcus
    Marcus23 dagen geleden

    I know I know. Yeah I'm smart alright.

  • megacurlerer
    megacurlerer23 dagen geleden

    Smart ass