Man Drowns At Bondi Beach


  • BondiRescue
    BondiRescue9 dagen geleden

    A tragic day at Bondi. In line with our message of surf safety we urge you (and your friends and family) to learn about rips, how to spot them and how to get out of them. If you'd like to learn more about rips, Lifeguard Jethro has some tips here:

  • Judith Magsig

    Judith Magsig

    21 uur geleden


  • Judith Magsig

    Judith Magsig

    21 uur geleden


  • Ruthy Rainbow

    Ruthy Rainbow

    2 dagen geleden

    You did your very best all of you. Condolences to the family

  • F Bb

    F Bb

    3 dagen geleden

    Use drones for this type of stuff

  • Poisonous Black Lotus

    Poisonous Black Lotus

    3 dagen geleden

    Such a tragedy. My heart goes out to the lifeguards and the family.

  • DisneyLover2626
    DisneyLover26269 minuten geleden

    and that the person was a dad is terrible

  • DisneyLover2626
    DisneyLover262611 minuten geleden

    so scary

  • Magic Girl
    Magic GirlUur geleden

    On his birthday too 😭 such a tragic incident.

  • Vooiidz
    VooiidzUur geleden

    Plz plz plz don’t tell me this is real if it is rest in peace. Sorry for the family

  • Yashimoto
    Yashimoto2 uur geleden

    I feel so bad for the family and the man especially since it was the mans birthday 😞

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  • Bonnie Gehring
    Bonnie Gehring3 uur geleden

    If a person...doesn't know how to swim why would they go so far out in the Ocean like that? That makes no sense. Also...that's why every parent should provide there children with swimming lesson at a toddler age.

  • Nick B
    Nick B4 uur geleden

    hm these are some pretty inefficient "lifeguards" xD

  • Rodrigo Marques
    Rodrigo Marques4 uur geleden

    Man come on, you saw someone there and few seconds later he wasn’t there anymore,isn’t it enough to go after him?? The lifeguard said “maybe” I just missed him bla bla bla, bro it’s someone’s life we talking about, a “maybe” is so much more than enough to go there. Am I wrong?

  • Believe in Yourself
    Believe in Yourself5 uur geleden

    If you want to get in the water and you know that you can't swim. Wear a life jacket!!!! And do not go past your knees in the water.

  • Podcast Gem
    Podcast Gem5 uur geleden

    I have never been to Australia but I have heard bondi Beach is a pretty famous beach plus I love watching episodes of this show on NLdron I don't think it's on American TV thanks NLdron

  • a anon
    a anon6 uur geleden

    just shows how dangerous the surf is. even under the very well trained & extremely caring lifeguards watchful eyes, drownings can happen so fast. the lifeguard saw him & tried to get to him, but it happened so fast. i feel so bad for the family. here is a family who JUST emigrated to australia for a better life & on a beautiful day at the beach, he loses his life & the family is changed forever. the lifeguards on boards, jet skis, helicopters & the couldnt ask for a better response on a rescue. so sorry.

  • Richie Dubbs
    Richie Dubbs6 uur geleden

    Sad. Sad for the Doctor. Sad for the family. And epically sad that the lifeguards may carry the guilt of this mans death, even though they had no control over the situation.

  • Sadie Kelly
    Sadie Kelly7 uur geleden

    Imagine that… Your dad that you have lived with you your whole life. He is gone.He’s dead. And you’d never see him again.

  • beb
    beb7 uur geleden

    les go

  • Oliver Hardman
    Oliver Hardman7 uur geleden

    As sad as this is he took a risk and it didn't pay off. Swimming in front of a "dangerous currents" sign and ignoring all the "swim between the flags" signs, while incapable of Swimming is quite the risk.

  • DelphOfGames
    DelphOfGames8 uur geleden

    I think Asians should just stay away from water from now on... that may be the smart thing to do. I never really thought about that until I started watching Bondi and seeing that in almost every episode, they are rescuing Asians. I don't know why they can't swim but idk why they go into the water at that point.

  • Marie Pee
    Marie Pee8 uur geleden

    Why would someone who doesn't know how to swim even go near that rough water?

  • DJ MiD.Life.Crisis
    DJ MiD.Life.Crisis9 uur geleden

    Reidy. It ain't ur fault mate.

  • DJ MiD.Life.Crisis
    DJ MiD.Life.Crisis9 uur geleden

    When you see the paramedics slowly walking out, you know they've been told exactly what's happened and they know they think that's absolutely zero chance. God bless you fella. And your family.

  • Mike Andersen
    Mike Andersen10 uur geleden

    Im new to this channel and maybe have missed it; Dont they use drones ? Would it be a good hoice to have from the HQ to send out and owerwatch until helicopter arrives ?

  • Jasna Hideg
    Jasna Hideg13 uur geleden

    This happend to someone i loved 😭

  • Peter Ron
    Peter Ron13 uur geleden

    That explains it, his dad is Asian. Asian's cant swim. they don't have oceans where they live, these were tourist's and his dad tried to be brave in the ocean. I live in Malibu, CA and know for a fact that the riptide can suck you in. RIP

  • Jess Haydon

    Jess Haydon

    12 uur geleden

    ‘Asians can’t swim’ is a sweeping statement.

  • Rachel Edgar
    Rachel Edgar15 uur geleden


  • sdhndhkyjf
    sdhndhkyjf15 uur geleden

    poor guy,, why go in the sea of u can’t swim :(

  • Lauren Sims
    Lauren Sims15 uur geleden

    should have called the police helicopter at the beginning

  • GAMErs Fire
    GAMErs Fire16 uur geleden


  • Craig Stewart
    Craig Stewart17 uur geleden

    RESPECT & APPRECIATION to each member of the BONDI LIFEGUARDS involved. Our hearts go out to the bereaved family. May I ask do you know whether that family need financial help / fundraising?

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy19 uur geleden

    moved not too long after Mark died maybe a year later, if that. I'm 62 now and still miss my baby brother.

  • Margaret Knecht
    Margaret Knecht19 uur geleden

    when he said "i can't find my father" that broke my heart. honestly lifeguards are very under appreciated. they had to emotionally and physically deal with this, to go back to it the next day. 🤍

  • nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy

    19 uur geleden

    also plagued by sharks, they should have these devices at every lifeguard post ready to protect the public in such events.

  • Linda Daniel
    Linda Daniel20 uur geleden

    Thank you to the lifeguards, they did everything they could

  • Linda Daniel
    Linda Daniel20 uur geleden

    Where was the wife and boy while they were trying to resuscitate? Hope someone was taking care of them. So sad

  • Ellybean
    Ellybean20 uur geleden

    I don't know how the lifeguards can keep track of so many people

  • Kate Jagger
    Kate Jagger20 uur geleden

    A bunch of heroes. Every single one of them. ❤️🙏🏼

  • Ben Fox
    Ben Fox22 uur geleden

    whats behind the wave at 1:14

  • Ryan Newman
    Ryan Newman22 uur geleden

    “He can’t swim” you know right then and there. The fact it was his birthday🥺

  • Eileen Ger
    Eileen Ger23 uur geleden

    I wonder would a drone be helpful in those situations where you're sure you saw someone...but then they aren't there.......

  • Stacie Eagan
    Stacie EaganDag geleden

    How awful 😔 The lifeguards were amazing, the fact they hadn't had a fatality for about 5 years shows it. I can imagine they were hard on themselves but they did their best. Thank you to the doctors family for allowing the world to see this and to raise awareness. I'm so sorry for you loss

  • mirhat ilhanli
    mirhat ilhanliDag geleden

    Please please please Don't go to the ocean if you don't know how to swim

  • Raquel Vasquez
    Raquel VasquezDag geleden

    Soo very tragic, the ocean is no joke, I’m a very strong swimmer and I have had the ocean remind me whose boss, lifeguards are true heroes 🌊

  • Dat Man
    Dat ManDag geleden

    If you cant swim stay the hell out of the ocean

  • CJ
    CJDag geleden

    my heart goes out to the family but what was he thinking when he was going into bondi beach not knowing how to swim.

  • Hannah Gordon
    Hannah GordonDag geleden


  • V C23
    V C23Dag geleden

    Blake was amazing with the son and wife, so young but behaved with such dignity and compassion.

  • RedHeadDanish
    RedHeadDanishDag geleden

    I just want to give them a big hug... Such a terrible situation.

  • tubethis777
    tubethis777Dag geleden

    You guys MUST HAVE a camera drone charged, with backup battery, ready to fly within a minute of spotting something like this. Having a chopper coming 3 hours later doesn't cut it. Heartbreaking for everyone involved, especially for the lifeguard that saw the man in his last seconds above water. That's when he should have used that drone. Australia is also plagued by sharks, they should have these devices at every lifeguard post ready to protect the public in such events.

  • Yesss Yeppp
    Yesss YepppDag geleden

    Why is it always Asians that get stuck out at sea and can’t swim?

  • michael gallie
    michael gallieDag geleden

    Same when he said I’m looking for my father my heart dropped 😘 xx

  • Pie
    PieDag geleden

    Always respect the ocean. A week in Australia. So dad. All incoming flights to Australia should have warnings in Language of flight origin. Mongolia beautiful place. Unfortunately totally landlocked.

  • Bradley Stahl
    Bradley StahlDag geleden

    where a life jacket, a life jacket floats it doesn't sink.

  • Missy Celeste
    Missy CelesteDag geleden

    Drowning can happen so fast it's so limited. Be watchful for children and anyone sinking or swimming back far you don't know when it can become a tragedy.

  • Aldana Qarooni
    Aldana QarooniDag geleden

    we shared the same birthday, Rest In Peace, you will be missed.

  • Name Name
    Name NameDag geleden

    Yeah he under water not above so why look above but not below Too much talking to camera not looking under theses fella need have snorkels and scuba ready to use in case and Equipment that can be used at a quicker response not thinking oh I think he or she is there But it not you fellas fault people's injure or drown everyone need to take notice and beware and look out for other people and surrounding and people need something to help them float if can not swim

  • FallOfTroyML
    FallOfTroyMLDag geleden

    Woudnt drones be super helpfull ?

  • Amanda Bynes
    Amanda BynesDag geleden

    i hate that everyone just stares with their kids and families…you- you don’t wanna maybe take your kids away from a dead man???

  • Sima Sima

    Sima Sima

    Uur geleden

    i hate them too!

  • Sessha12


    2 uur geleden

    I saw the police pulling a dead body from the Hudson River and parents were literally lifting their kids so they could see better. As soon as I realized what was happening, I moved on. So disturbing....

  • auxvia


    10 uur geleden

    @This is OJ not the time to crowd around they should be respectful

  • This is OJ

    This is OJ

    12 uur geleden

    People are aloud to be curious it shows they care

  • alysson r

    alysson r

    20 uur geleden

    @Brianna Garcia i say it’s fine to be worried but for everyone to stare at him and his family as they are in a state of despair or shock, i think it’s common sense to not look. no?

    TRT VITORDag geleden

    people who can't swim don't belong in or on the water

  • jaeminsii
    jaeminsiiDag geleden

    I kinda wish I was here when this happened, I want to give him the biggest hug ever and comfort him… 😭

  • 클레어 Clare
    클레어 ClareDag geleden

    I freaking LOVE that the lifeguard said if you’re still feeling bad about it by tomorrow it’s not a sign of weakness to reach out and talk to someone. There is anonymous phone lines etc. Like that’s amazing especially coming from a man because generally men struggle with expressing themselves unfortunately and for asking for help. What kind supportive people.

  • Bobbi Tomasi.
    Bobbi Tomasi.Dag geleden

    That was so sad. I am very glad that the camera men-women showed respect and didn't show the body.. R.I.P Doctor.

  • 클레어 Clare
    클레어 ClareDag geleden

    I feel so sick watching this. I’m so sorry to his family. Well done to the lifeguards.

  • 클레어 Clare
    클레어 ClareDag geleden

    Wait omg the dad died?! Omfg this is horrifying 😭

  • K B
    K BDag geleden

    Such an emotional roller-coaster to deal with when an incident like this happens. Lots of respect to you guys.

  • Eva Jackson
    Eva JacksonDag geleden

    Bondi lifeguards don’t get enough appreciation. Some people are only alive today because of the boys in blue. They are always looking out to see if people are ok. They don’t give up if some one has been dead for at least 5 mins. They won’t stop until they know they have passed for ever. They all deserve a round of applause for being such amazing people. They make sure no one will be attacked by a shark but how are they meant to do that is the helicopter is just filming a shark not reporting it. Respect the camera man also for not putting a camera in peoples faces that are in pain or faint. RESPECT THE BOYS IN BLUE

  • Jordyn Alyah
    Jordyn AlyahDag geleden

    R.I.P 🥺❤️😭

  • TopSecretVid
    TopSecretVidDag geleden

    Birthday and deathday on the same day... 😥😥😥😥😥

  • TopSecretVid
    TopSecretVidDag geleden


  • taylor vega
    taylor vegaDag geleden

    dude this was so sad but the son was low key fine...

  • NikohOn YT
    NikohOn YT2 dagen geleden


  • A Z
    A Z2 dagen geleden

    the fact it was his birthday too…

  • Nathaniel Van Brimmer
    Nathaniel Van Brimmer2 dagen geleden

    did die?

  • Jackie Evans
    Jackie Evans2 dagen geleden

    Why go in water if you cannot swim. Sad

  • Bobby Light
    Bobby Light2 dagen geleden

    This is so sad it was his birthday on top of it

  • Mike Meyer
    Mike Meyer2 dagen geleden

    lesson learned dont go in the water alone if u cant swim lmmao

  • Helen Anne
    Helen Anne2 dagen geleden

    Omg, this is awful, RIP to that poor man. Cannot begin to imagine how his poor wife and kids felt and still feel. I cannot swim and the only time I go near water is in the bathroom. Even on the rare times I have taken kids to their swimming lessons as favours for parents who are working, I stay as far away as I possibly can xx

  • Noah Sauers
    Noah Sauers2 dagen geleden

    It’s hard loosing a parent lost my dad at nine

  • KJ ON3R
    KJ ON3R2 dagen geleden

    As soon as the helicopter comes out you know the family is going to worry 100x more.. Very unfortunate tragedy, very upsetting that they were about to begin a new life and had it taken away from them. The bondi life guards did everything they could.

  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    2 dagen geleden

    Why why do people who can’t swim jump in the water in the deep part with all the strong currents ... smart. Just smart.

  • 𝔸𝕞𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕒 𝕊𝕡𝕒𝕣𝕜𝕤
    𝔸𝕞𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕒 𝕊𝕡𝕒𝕣𝕜𝕤2 dagen geleden

    You guys did an awesome job, truly. Unfortunately, drowning in my state is too common. People come and enter the water, without knowing how to swim, or the dangers of the oceans. They are beautiful, they are magnificent, but they are also deadly. Please be safe this summer folks. Take every precaution, listen to lifeguards, and watch each other in the water. You can become exhausted very quickly. Stay safe! ♥️🙏

  • Medium left MEDIUM LEFT!!!!
    Medium left MEDIUM LEFT!!!!2 dagen geleden

    A few lessons to learn from this tragic event, hopefully it will mean that his death was not in vain 1. Do not go in the open ocean if you cannot swim 2. If you get into difficulty do not splash around and struggle, remain calm. 3. If you see someone you know go in the water then watch them no matter their ability.

  • ian reeves
    ian reeves2 dagen geleden

    Such a sad story, think the lifeguards need a drone to launch if a report of drowning to give an aerial view, would save time waiting for a helicopter.

  • Jennifer Morgan

    Jennifer Morgan

    6 uur geleden

    What a brilliant idea! I think you might want to email them and suggest it because I think it's a great idea and I think it could save lives.

  • jman
    jman2 dagen geleden

    Always swim in groups of two or more. Don't expect strangers to look out for you in the water. Most definetly don't go into deep water knowing you can't swim.

  • Pie


    Dag geleden

    If you are knocked over by wave next to rip decision not to go in deep water can be taken away from you instantly. Tourists don't have a clue how dangerous Aussie beaches are.

  • Emily
    Emily2 dagen geleden

    This is so so sad. You will never win against the water. If you cannot swim do not ever get into any body of water more than knee deep without a life jacket, it’s just not worth the risk. So much respect for all life savers and emergency services

  • That Leeds Fan
    That Leeds Fan2 dagen geleden

    Rest In Peace 😔

  • ?
    ?2 dagen geleden

    ""Can he swim?" "He cannot swim" Some people just are meant to make it.

  • M
    M2 dagen geleden

    I’ve always been tought to always walk out, then swim back in. Never swimming from shore.

  • UncleBioticz
    UncleBioticz2 dagen geleden

    ahh man this video made me cry that little lad asking for his dad 😔

  • Summer B
    Summer B2 dagen geleden

    I have sooooo much respect for all of those life guards! They risk there life’s daily making sure others stay safe. They have to watch sooo many people and as sad as it is that someone dies occasionally look at the many many lives they save. I just can’t comprehend how you could go into waters like this if you are not a strong swimmer.

  • Rita Cother
    Rita Cother2 dagen geleden

    Very sad my heart goes out to his family. They only just migrated here a week before. 🙏🙏🙏

  • Tim Walls
    Tim Walls2 dagen geleden

    I think this tragic event highlights how technologically deficient surf lifesaving resources are. Having to go to Icebergs Club just to get up high enough to look down into the ocean? Waiting on a full scale rescue chopper for the same task? Where was the drone that could have been up and running inside of 5 mins?

  • shaun lowndes
    shaun lowndes2 dagen geleden

    Millions die every year or so,only thing to say is don't go too far out of your depth and try to have a buoyancy aid strapped to you leg if your swimming in a big surf area.

  • Kentukyfriedbob
    Kentukyfriedbob2 dagen geleden

    This is very sad I wish his family well

  • RIZZO 250
    RIZZO 2502 dagen geleden

    I can't imagine having that happen, love to the family and life guards on duty that day

  • J
    J2 dagen geleden

    Why why do people who can’t swim jump in the water in the deep part with all the strong currents ... smart. Just smart.

  • Kerry williams
    Kerry williams2 dagen geleden

    So sad

  • powdergangster83
    powdergangster832 dagen geleden

    Why would anyone go that far out in the ocean if they didn't know how to swim? Such a silly mistake that was made in an instant and will forever affect his family and the ones that tried in vain to save him. Such a tragic story all around

  • Pie


    Dag geleden

    So easy to lose your footing with waves, then end up in a rip. Ocean swimming outside the flags is an accident waiting to happen for the inexperienced. Without the boys in blue there would be many more deaths on Aussie beaches. Tourists or new comers have no idea of the danger.

  • AcidVFX
    AcidVFX2 dagen geleden

    i am the boys age and im losing my mind thinking about my dad in that way

  • Big Thief Sweaty
    Big Thief Sweaty2 dagen geleden

    An 11 y/o just drowned at the beach I was at. Sad.

  • teapotlizard
    teapotlizard2 dagen geleden

    god, this is heartbreaking... also, i know it's human nature to stay and watch when something awful happens, but trust me, if you ever find yourself as a bystander in a situation like this, just walk away. if you're not personally involved or actively helping, just go.

  • bubbleポップ
    bubbleポップ2 dagen geleden

    The fact that he died on his birthday.. imagine going on vacation with your dad and coming back without him :(

  • La'akea Young
    La'akea Young2 dagen geleden

    And that’s why I don’t go to the beach anymore…