Man Digs a Hole in a Mountain and Turns it Into an Amazing Apartment

Big cities have many amenities and attractions, but it doesn't compare to the calm of the countryside. This man grew tired of living in the big city and returned to his hometown, where he now uses all his knowledge and resourcefulness to dig a house in the mountains. Could you build something like this? Leave your answer in the comments

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  • 구독자
    구독자3 uur geleden

    열심히 자연파괴하는 영상

  • Snupy anupy
    Snupy anupy3 uur geleden

    Der absolute Ober Hammer, super gemacht.

  • Vignesh Venkatesh
    Vignesh Venkatesh3 uur geleden

    Tell me any one that who are all telling that's was amazing tell me one thing how can he get the current to drill & graind the rocks in that mountain in that forest if any one geniuses mean tell me

  • Vignesh Venkatesh
    Vignesh Venkatesh3 uur geleden

    How can he get the current to drill all this rock's

  • Berty Lamarque
    Berty Lamarque3 uur geleden

    quite good ,but too many cement ,use more natural rock n wood should be more pretty,for example using the round rock at the beginning to make a base for a table and outside the pergola with only wood would be more pretty .

  • Felipe silva
    Felipe silva3 uur geleden


  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow3 uur geleden

    some part of this has to be illegal unless he owns the land?

    PROJECT REPENTANCE3 uur geleden

    AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL THAT IS THERE TO SAY 👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍

  • Please Don Trust Mee
    Please Don Trust Mee3 uur geleden

    China version MAN CAVE

  • Romk Ride
    Romk Ride3 uur geleden

    Когда захотел одной миссией собрать все доступные ачивки.

  • محمد حميد الكروشي
    محمد حميد الكروشي3 uur geleden

    رائع جداً

  • Lance guo
    Lance guo3 uur geleden

    How you dream to be live better under to avoid communists.

  • Locked in with Lovebirds
    Locked in with Lovebirds3 uur geleden

    When civilization crashes and restarts again 1000s of years later, new humans will find this and think, damn those cavemen could really build.

  • Davon Knight
    Davon Knight3 uur geleden


  • John Jr
    John Jr3 uur geleden

    That's when you play Minecraft too much.

  • yvanov
    yvanov3 uur geleden


  • Keith King
    Keith King3 uur geleden

    Absolutely impressive! I'd be lying if I didn't say I envied Mr. Tiger. All the best to you, sir.

  • Fuzzyninja649
    Fuzzyninja6493 uur geleden

    hmm.. didnt know minecraft IRL existed.

  • eman talaat
    eman talaat3 uur geleden

    I cant call that a house I call it grave .

  • 신
    3 uur geleden

    하중 버티던 바위가 많이 사라져서 무너질까봐 불안해서 못살듯

  • Афураил Style
    Афураил Style3 uur geleden

    Вдоволь наработался перфоратором 😁👍

  • Сергей Булыгин
    Сергей Булыгин3 uur geleden

    Майнкрафт на максималках 😅

  • LP 42
    LP 423 uur geleden

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  • Marko Horton II
    Marko Horton II3 uur geleden

    This shit gone cave in on his ass

  • Márcio Andrade
    Márcio Andrade4 uur geleden

    Muito bom, parabéns

    NEON BRIDGE4 uur geleden

    I fear the earthquake.. might...

  • Владимир Марчев
    Владимир Марчев4 uur geleden

    У нас в деревне 2 мужика глину добывали, обвал. Оба погибли. Р. Б. Иглино.

  • SS Beats
    SS Beats4 uur geleden

    I BET the bet is rock hard :)))

  • l상원
    l상원4 uur geleden


  • murathan aden
    murathan aden4 uur geleden

    beceri, emek, çaba ama vizyonsuzluk ve beton aşkı, bu inşaaatın geleceği iyi değil

  • Booper 343
    Booper 3434 uur geleden

    I wanted to see the bathroom and clothes closet. Hate seeing all that beauty ruined by all the junk stored under that gorgeous bed. He is a true visionary! His hard work and ideas are extremely impressive! His biceps must feel like iron. I sure hope his back holds up!!!

  • MotorScotti
    MotorScotti4 uur geleden

    Great skills and excellent editing.

  • Playz IT
    Playz IT4 uur geleden


  • alphasxsignal
    alphasxsignal4 uur geleden


  • Lucian Helius
    Lucian Helius4 uur geleden

    Is it on your private land or is it in an illegal location ? If it's on your private land, how much did your land cost you ? 5000€uro ? 10 000 ? 15 000 ? 20 000 ? 30 000 ?

  • Robson Jesus santos
    Robson Jesus santos4 uur geleden

    Aí deve fazer um frio gelado

  • Andrey Grenz
    Andrey Grenz4 uur geleden

    У Адвоката Егорова оказывается в Китае брат живет...

  • Артур джан
    Артур джан4 uur geleden

    Это не скала а глина

  • Fon Hollohan
    Fon Hollohan4 uur geleden


  • NeoAnimoken
    NeoAnimoken4 uur geleden

    This would be so cool to do!

  • Mohammadullah Asif
    Mohammadullah Asif4 uur geleden

    It was nearly impossible for me to move without liking his hard word👏😍

  • Debbra Lehrman
    Debbra Lehrman4 uur geleden


  • GeminiShazza
    GeminiShazza4 uur geleden

    Wow, very talented man, awesome to watch :)

  • Deborah
    Deborah4 uur geleden


  • Sam N
    Sam N4 uur geleden

    13:06 this is cement, not concrete.

  • uhmm ki?
    uhmm ki?4 uur geleden

    I need more , worthy 15 mins

  • Kolek Zotov
    Kolek Zotov4 uur geleden

    В любое время можно увеличить жилую площадь,взял перфоратор и долби вглубь

  • Jedidia Kima Hrahsel.
    Jedidia Kima Hrahsel.4 uur geleden

    It would be great to live in it during Covid19 pandemic and apocalypse. 😁

  • This is Sparta!
    This is Sparta!4 uur geleden

    А лаком покрыть? Жить постоянно в пыли, оригинально!

  • shad0wCh8ser
    shad0wCh8ser4 uur geleden

    All I see is an asshole destroying a natural landscape. If it was a pre-existing cave that he wanted to "renovate" then cool, but why did he have to tear a giant hole into a side of a mountain when he clearly could have easily built a structure right next to it.

  • هلال علي
    هلال علي4 uur geleden

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  • Самоделкин
    Самоделкин4 uur geleden

    Наш человек свой в доску )))

  • Виктор Жгарев

    Виктор Жгарев

    4 uur geleden

    АЛЕКСАНДР добрый вечер. Я за Вами то же наблюдаю, но тут всё по Фэншую. Берегите спину и крепкого Вам здоровья, балуйте нас своей стройкой

  • Magda Aparecida
    Magda Aparecida4 uur geleden


  • Laura among us Khafizova
    Laura among us Khafizova4 uur geleden

    Нехуй делать, вот и Хуйней занимаются. Я за это время уже два дома построил бы

  • TheSingularity
    TheSingularity4 uur geleden

    "Nice place!" "What? "I SAID NICE PLACE!!!" "HUH?!"

  • spider0804
    spider08044 uur geleden

    Where did civilization go? Must have been the same place as his hearing.

  • Eastwood Westwood
    Eastwood Westwood4 uur geleden

    This guy spent so much time, energy and money to build this cave and make this video for you to post it and get millions of views in a few days !

    KRASOV4 uur geleden

    как говориться: на каждого адвоката Егорова найдётся азиат который сможет круче)))

  • Fred Ford
    Fred Ford4 uur geleden

    This guy is an absolute master. He make cutting stone so easy to do.

  • Ильхам Садыхов
    Ильхам Садыхов4 uur geleden

    Я думал, зубилом медным, каменным молотком. А он с перфоратором и т.д.

  • 大壮 杨
    大壮 杨4 uur geleden


  • jimmy jinkins
    jimmy jinkins4 uur geleden

    where is the bathroom????

  • Леон
    Леон5 uur geleden

    В этом случае подойдет выражение завал на работе ...

  • Ian
    Ian5 uur geleden

    Really hope his shit structurally sound would hate to be in there during an earthquake

  • cat in bank
    cat in bank5 uur geleden

    Сразу видно, чел в Майнкрафт играл

  • Морфиус Из Матрицы
    Морфиус Из Матрицы5 uur geleden


  • c rigby
    c rigby5 uur geleden

    Fred flintstone did the same thing

  • حارس مرمى
    حارس مرمى5 uur geleden

    جبالهم طين

  • Baku Баку
    Baku Баку5 uur geleden

    Sebre baxe haıaldi 👍🤔

  • Johan J
    Johan J5 uur geleden

    Cool 😀

  • winslal vincent
    winslal vincent5 uur geleden

    Doesnt sppear to be hard rock

  • Eudyptes
    Eudyptes5 uur geleden

    I love the wallpaper on his monitor: Hallstatt in Austria :-)

  • Frankk Mallorca
    Frankk Mallorca5 uur geleden

    Impresive.. If you do that in the Western World you brake 1000 laws and basically you pay the home 3 times .. two in taxes and permissions and the other third to build the home.. In many aspect they are far more free in places like Russia or China than Western Europe... Nobody cares about you, but you are free to do what you can....

  • 임채훈
    임채훈5 uur geleden

    내 눈에는 자연홰손하는 것으로 밖에 안보인다. 굳이 저렇게까지 하면서 집을 지어야했을까?

  • 몬차이
    몬차이5 uur geleden

    한국인댓글 여깃어요

  • Lucy Diamond
    Lucy Diamond5 uur geleden

    Soon as he's finished building this cave mansion, here comes the government sorry Mr. Tiger this mountain cave is not for sale! 😳

  • Ask Time
    Ask Time5 uur geleden

    Pleasant to watch this video.

  • BLN chanel
    BLN chanel5 uur geleden

    Wau magic

  • You Are Next
    You Are Next5 uur geleden

    That's what you can do with an enchanted diamond pickaxe guys

  • James Wright
    James Wright5 uur geleden

    He is over there and I am over here. Did he hear something I need to know. The question is why do that, cause it appears he plans on living there permanently.

  • Never Mind
    Never Mind5 uur geleden

    Well done man

  • Абдималик Сарсенбаев
    Абдималик Сарсенбаев5 uur geleden

    А где туалет

  • Frank Encarnacion
    Frank Encarnacion5 uur geleden

    Wonder how long it took him to finish it?

  • Manny De Guzman, Jr.
    Manny De Guzman, Jr.5 uur geleden

    If I own a mountain I would build a mansion or castle.

    GAMBIAGICAS5 uur geleden

    Deu trabalho... Mas no final deu tudo certo. Hoje eles moram ae e são muito felizes...

  • Mahmoud Talaat
    Mahmoud Talaat5 uur geleden

    Sungguh Akan Semakin Keras Pukulan Perang Corona Dan Perang Iklim .. 👇🏻👇🏻 Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Alyamani 21 - Ramadan - 1442 H 03 - 05 - 2021 M 👇🏻👇🏻

  • choco cat
    choco cat5 uur geleden

    That took much longer than my Minecraft world

  • wininushope
    wininushope5 uur geleden


  • anggi pratama
    anggi pratama5 uur geleden

    Made in china

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    ЛПХ Амурское подсобное хозяйство Максим Андреев5 uur geleden

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  • Joshua Kim
    Joshua Kim5 uur geleden

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  • Александр Ильин
    Александр Ильин5 uur geleden

    Молодец! Мастер на все руки и очень трудолюбивый!! Но где взял электричество в горах??

  • 쏘리
    쏘리5 uur geleden

    I feel not good. This is a kind of environment destruction.

  • João Luiz
    João Luiz5 uur geleden

    CARA. Fiz minha inscrição é dei meu like . Pela força de vontade .

  • Alex Viper
    Alex Viper5 uur geleden

    Столько времени убил что бы сделать говно

  • Tai Juan
    Tai Juan5 uur geleden

    Impressive, but no safety glasses?

  • Marti woodchip
    Marti woodchip5 uur geleden

    Excellent work, if more people on earth were like this man the world would be a much better place in many ways.