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  • Adem Ademi

    Adem Ademi

    2 maanden geleden

    Sup bro I need a place to fish and this looks like a dream. Soy yo mind giving a location to the spot.

  • Brodie


    3 maanden geleden

    Come to Utah to catch some really nice brown trout

  • Seth Hardy

    Seth Hardy

    3 maanden geleden

    I don't see a problem hes just fishing and I love you videos I have so much respect for your effort in fishing keep it up and ignore the hatters

  • Tyler Puckett

    Tyler Puckett

    3 maanden geleden

    Come down to Virginia and fish cripple creek here in SWVA for some actual trophy trout and tiger trout

  • Kenny Campbell Jr

    Kenny Campbell Jr

    3 maanden geleden

    Those hooked jawed trout are males. The females have the rounded jaws.

  • Sib Wraith
    Sib Wraith4 dagen geleden

    Ah man, i'm on a few fishing groups on FB and recently there's been so many people hating on others for giving away their fishing spots xD

  • Hai Pham
    Hai Pham11 dagen geleden

    What is the name of this creek?

  • Binh Nguyen
    Binh Nguyen12 dagen geleden

    I’m gonna go to NJ soon…and Maryland! So I’m gonna pack all my ultra light rods and grab some trout magnets!

  • John Braucher
    John Braucher25 dagen geleden

    Got to be gentle with em...but they can be dropped from helicopter which is the equivalent of dropping onto hardened concrete, THATS okay tho. Should just stop trying to satisfy everyone it's not worth it. It'll never happen. People should stop being that sensitive. If they didn't let OTHERS get away with it and not addres the issue at hand, just blame the little guy, it would be one thing, but they're hypocrites. F*CK em.

  • John Braucher
    John Braucher25 dagen geleden

    They're supposed to have the fish PUMPED out into the water through a tube that's planted into the water first. Not just throw em in like that. That's kind of weird. Lol

  • John Braucher
    John Braucher25 dagen geleden

    People are fucking crazy don't budge a BIT dude!!

  • Owl Jones
    Owl JonesMaand geleden

    The trout with the short snout is just a SNIT. Standard nine inch trout. Just a hatchery fish. Sometimes they have deformities and such. Mass breeding and all that. No big deal.

  • Owl Jones
    Owl JonesMaand geleden

    It would have been alot easier from the bank, instead of from the bridge. LOL

  • Cemetery
    CemeteryMaand geleden

    You’ve got over a million and a half subscribers and you’re still going fishing with your viewers in the comments. I got respect for you that’s on another level.

  • 1Rod1ReelFishing


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    We all have a passion for fishing, that’s the only thing that matters 😎

  • Reid Nadeau
    Reid NadeauMaand geleden

    That is the luckiest day of fishing you could ever have

  • Eric Hood
    Eric HoodMaand geleden

    Nothing like when they stock them in a area with a pier. They all hang around it until caught.

  • Sig G Varela
    Sig G VarelaMaand geleden

    Great fishing looks like you were having a blast. Glad you're doing shows again

  • RedRum Fishing
    RedRum FishingMaand geleden

    We need you to do some NJ saltwater videos. Maybe fluke? Or blackfish? Or any back bay fishing. Just found your channel like 2 weeks ago and love what your doing man. Your doing God’s work by putting the Darrens in check! 🤣

  • Jay Stef
    Jay StefMaand geleden

    So many people don't know how to properly release trout. It's good that you guys showed up to educate these fish before somebody else accidentally killed them on the release.

  • Benton Purser
    Benton Purser2 maanden geleden

    That trout is deformed

  • McBlurry
    McBlurry2 maanden geleden

    What happened to pond X?

  • Dan Downing
    Dan Downing2 maanden geleden

    For BIG Pike in NJ you should grab a kayak and fish the Passaic River. There are monsters in there.

  • Heather Reaves
    Heather Reaves2 maanden geleden

    When did so many male karens get born

  • Deb House
    Deb House2 maanden geleden

    We have the same waters

  • M&P Adventures
    M&P Adventures2 maanden geleden

    Not one of them "morons " get the fact that you can't own a body of water in this country for example, Medford lakes New Jersey which is considered private according to the residents. If I can get a boat in the lakes where the fire departments get water I'm legal and they can cry me a river because they have 0 power to remove you.

  • Dilly_Dilly_Dale
    Dilly_Dilly_Dale2 maanden geleden

    Lmao 1 rod when you asked the NJ guy what to use for big trout he showed you a few of his lures and asked you what his lures are called why ask him anything, bo big deal though he seems cool

  • Battleborn 775
    Battleborn 7752 maanden geleden

    Keep up the videos man and keep on 🎣 tight lines! Fuck the haters! The water is public and open to everyone who wants to fish!

  • Michael Sheehan
    Michael Sheehan2 maanden geleden

    Thats in Long Valley. I fish that spot.

  • Tools Tackle & Outdoors
    Tools Tackle & Outdoors2 maanden geleden

    Dude you had so much fun I could see it lol

  • old red
    old red2 maanden geleden

    U should see how they use a hose to stock them

  • Stannis Burns
    Stannis Burns2 maanden geleden

    Hook jaws are male trout

  • denis avdic
    denis avdic2 maanden geleden

    male fish have hooked lower jaw

  • Clinton Lawson
    Clinton Lawson2 maanden geleden

    This happened to me about 26 years ago when I was up in Colorado fishing the creek that fills Cottonwood Lake. Best day of fishing I ever had.

  • Gareth H
    Gareth H2 maanden geleden

    Found a new bro in fishing who is a positive good person to be around, it rained trout like Christmas and the game guy was a cool guy great day.

    ROBBYBOBBY642 maanden geleden

    I have lived in NJ my whole life. I live it everyday. Jerseynotsobad.

  • Erick Ramirez
    Erick Ramirez2 maanden geleden

    Can you fish With beef

  • monstroso
    monstroso2 maanden geleden

    Me and the rest of the world are jealous of you right now

  • George Satterfield
    George Satterfield2 maanden geleden

    Would love for you to come to Georgia got some monster bass

  • J playz /adventurez!
    J playz /adventurez!2 maanden geleden

    People commenting rude things or stuff like that. Just don’t if you don’t have something positive to say don’t say it. Keep it to your self. Most of those where people who fish.

    SIX1SIX FISHING2 maanden geleden

    It’s inevitable social media is bringing more and more people to fishing especially early river fishing every day. But to be honest whether people blow up spots or not it is very easy to find local spots. Whether you go into your fly shop and ask for water conditions or where the fish are biting etc. There are even books that haveGPS locations and maps that you can purchase. So honestly people should just STFU’ your not name dropping rivers I don’t see the big deal! Tight lines

  • Sid Hansen
    Sid Hansen2 maanden geleden

    revenge send!

  • Sid Hansen
    Sid Hansen2 maanden geleden

    Keep it up guys, i love catching trout with spinners and fishing crazy woodsy creeks and streams

  • Johnnie Blackwell
    Johnnie Blackwell2 maanden geleden

    Crazy day.

  • NLW Gaming
    NLW Gaming2 maanden geleden

    Y’all stop being haters. He’s just doing what he enjoys.

  • Jonathan McMillian
    Jonathan McMillian3 maanden geleden

    Love the video bro, your excitement make it worth watching

  • Drevon Tyre
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  • Lewis Evans
    Lewis Evans3 maanden geleden

    Why did u realise everyone?

  • scott thompson
    scott thompson3 maanden geleden

    Great vid! Maybe you should de-barb those treble hooks if you are doing catch and release? I do that with my flies and you don't loose them often plus the hook falls right out once you dont have tension on the line.

  • Cole Pontine
    Cole Pontine3 maanden geleden

    love your vids man. Keep up the great work

  • Alexander Driggs
    Alexander Driggs3 maanden geleden

    lets go i am the 4100 person to like

  • AhavahIQ
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    are you left or right handed

  • wayne osmon
    wayne osmon3 maanden geleden

    hey mike screw the haters keep doin what you do

  • Jake Carsey
    Jake Carsey3 maanden geleden

    There’s 2 signs that say no fishing from the bridge right over ur second angle of u guys casting up stream😂😂😂

  • Bmoney is back again
    Bmoney is back again3 maanden geleden

    What hatchery stock that I’m from pa so idk

  • Ike Yeet
    Ike Yeet3 maanden geleden

    Stocked trout are disgusting. their for kids

  • Jordan Mcrae
    Jordan Mcrae3 maanden geleden

    poeple need to shut up this is how he makes his living and he loves it and i know any one of u watching would take his place in a heart beat and post the same thing

  • 079cuba
    079cuba3 maanden geleden

    I’d love u guys to fish the mighty Passaic River by the Nutley/Lyndhurst side .. it’s a huge body of water that I know for a fact has some monsters living in it .. Keep doing what you do , I enjoy your vids ..

  • JCGoogle
    JCGoogle3 maanden geleden

    This isn't fishing. This is the equivalent of someone leading a deer out to a feeder with a bridal and holding it for the "hunter" to shoot. For the video game playing millennials who've never had to earn anything, don't like work and wouldn't know how if you had to,... that's not hating. That's just objective fact.

  • Pointless Vids

    Pointless Vids

    2 maanden geleden

    Chill bro

  • Micheal Deez
    Micheal Deez3 maanden geleden

    what stream is that called ,what part of nj is it located at?

  • Alec McLean
    Alec McLean3 maanden geleden

    I've had this happen once

  • עידן נוה
    עידן נוה3 maanden geleden

    Dont mind the jerks man! Recently i've started watching your videos and you are brilliant, teaching and funny. A little question - why do you wet your hands before landing a fish?

  • עידן נוה

    עידן נוה

    3 maanden geleden

    @1Rod1ReelFishing Thank you, i didnt know that. Keep making those interesting and exciting videos!

  • 1Rod1ReelFishing


    3 maanden geleden

    Protect the trouts sensitive slime coating! You can easily run it off with dry hands, leaving the fish vulnerable to infection. I appreciate the feedback, thanks for watching my friend 🎣👍

  • Kyle Johnson
    Kyle Johnson3 maanden geleden

    Great job you only killed about 100 freshly release trout. You should be proud

  • Brant Van Dyke
    Brant Van Dyke3 maanden geleden

    More fun with a fly rod

  • Darwin Adams
    Darwin Adams3 maanden geleden

    Hook jaw is mostly for males for spawning

  • Evo x Henry
    Evo x Henry3 maanden geleden

    Why did that did with the weird mouth look like rocky Balboa 😭🤣

  • Mike Piekaeski
    Mike Piekaeski3 maanden geleden

    Awesome trout fishing. They stock em here in St Louis too in the winter. It is quite a treat to go after them right after they've been stocked. Keep up the wonderful vids one rod. If you're ever in St Louis gimme a holler. I'll put ya on some nice bass, trout big blues buffalo carp crappie big gills and even some Mondo flathead. Good luck out there. Stay safe and I do so hope ta see ya on the water sometime. Oh and ignore the haters. There just jealous they can't catch the biggens like us.,😁😎👍🐟

  • tim c.
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  • J V
    J V3 maanden geleden

    Yo 1rod I got a secret bass pond in nj where you catch one every 10 mins on a good day hit me up and Ill sed you the location. ;)

  • Bassjunkie
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  • Rich Baska
    Rich Baska3 maanden geleden

    Selected waters will get brood trout in the mix. Brood trout are used for production of stock. They are released when they can no longer produce stock due to aging. They're a lot of fun and they are big. They are also very used to hatchery food.

  • Jo.X
    Jo.X3 maanden geleden

    A lot of hate in you cause you Asian. I bet if it was the other way around. You wouldn't get that much hate for fishing

  • Falcor836
    Falcor8363 maanden geleden

    It is really dumb you get hate for no reason at all lol

  • 303bassin
    303bassin3 maanden geleden

    Not to be negative but just a too wet your hands when handling trout when your doing catch and release

  • Seth Redington
    Seth Redington3 maanden geleden

    This was pretty awesome

  • Bryce Burkhart
    Bryce Burkhart3 maanden geleden

    When you get fish stocked like an hour before to a week before throw bright colors because they aren’t sure what they eat in the wild yet. Go get them guys tight lines‼️

  • 1Rod1ReelFishing


    3 maanden geleden

    Thx for the tip!

  • Mr.Turbo_boost
    Mr.Turbo_boost3 maanden geleden

    1 thing i love about you man is how greatful you are when you catch even a small fish. And then you got some others like "oh its just a 5 pounder" lol not gonna point any fingers haha.

  • 2ko49
    2ko493 maanden geleden

    I know you’re doing catch and release but when you handle them the way you did without wetting your hands, you’re harming their coating.

  • Tatiana Barroso
    Tatiana Barroso3 maanden geleden

    Great video !

  • Grant DuBridge
    Grant DuBridge3 maanden geleden

    #5 Rapala Brown Trout and you would be killing them.

  • Byron Cordova
    Byron Cordova3 maanden geleden

    If only you had had some panther martins or powerbait.

  • Grant DuBridge
    Grant DuBridge3 maanden geleden

    We were camping in South Dakota a few years ago and they came and dumped Trout into Center Lake, which is inside Custer State Park, where we were camping. They attached a large hose to the truck and dumped 5,000 fish in.

  • Patrick Kim
    Patrick Kim3 maanden geleden

    Come to south jersey anytime my brother

  • joe miser
    joe miser3 maanden geleden

    Skye is under investigation for trespassing and poaching private trout club waters in Pennsylvania. Ask him to show you the video he took down fishing "the stretch" section of the Tunkhannock, or trespassing on the private stretches of the Brodhead and Paradise. Paradise Falls Lutheran Association gave his freinds video to the authorities, also got taken down. Careful who you call you freinds 1rod

  • ReelHookCast
    ReelHookCast3 maanden geleden

    This was a banger

  • Joshua Steger
    Joshua Steger3 maanden geleden

    fishing for trout right off a truck.. really? why don't you just go to a restaurant and fish for a trout on a plate

  • Joshua Steger

    Joshua Steger

    3 maanden geleden

    @1Rod1ReelFishing great to have you back!

  • 1Rod1ReelFishing


    3 maanden geleden

    My next stop is the bass pro shops aquarium 🎣😈

  • Tackle2thePeople
    Tackle2thePeople3 maanden geleden

    LOL nothing better than people literally throwing fish into a body of water you’re fishing. First day of stocking is usually tough though in my experience

  • Reefing101
    Reefing1013 maanden geleden

    U ever come to Cali and wanna catch 8-10 pounders all day hit me up we going to a secret clear lake spot

  • leonard york
    leonard york3 maanden geleden

    Love your videos keep haters gone hate

  • Juicy Boiii
    Juicy Boiii3 maanden geleden

    Hey 1 rod bro love the vids

  • Duane Newstead
    Duane Newstead3 maanden geleden

    Don't pay attention to the hater's my guy. Smash that 👍.

  • Jeffrey Johnson
    Jeffrey Johnson3 maanden geleden

    Sending a hug to all the haters. Get a new hobby!

  • Kenny Campbell Jr
    Kenny Campbell Jr3 maanden geleden

    Those hooked jawed trout are males the females have the rounded jaws.

  • Kelli Parkins
    Kelli Parkins3 maanden geleden

    Cant wait for another month until fishing season starts! Enjoy your entertainment and you 2 should do more trips together. 2 great guys fishing.

  • Scott Cyr
    Scott Cyr3 maanden geleden

    good karma fishin, but why didnt you go down stream side. The big fish with Kype are most likely breeder stock being released.

  • krhawkins91
    krhawkins913 maanden geleden

    It's been 4 years since I went fishing I can't wait to go back I never went fresh water fishing only salt water.

  • Miguel Santos
    Miguel Santos3 maanden geleden

    People just be talking shit for no god damn reason let the man fish lol

  • Tanner K
    Tanner K3 maanden geleden

    With rainbow trout generally being such a sensitive fish, I'm surprised he's just hucking them in there from that height. 😂

  • Douglas Truax
    Douglas Truax3 maanden geleden

    where in md do you fish? im still tring to figure out good spots here in md, cause i just moved here in april or last year

  • Andrew Valentine
    Andrew Valentine3 maanden geleden

    Just a little advice, don't feed the trolls. Love your content.

  • Gareth Benedict
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  • Choee Noe vue
    Choee Noe vue3 maanden geleden

    The fish doesn’t know they’re in the wild now lol, with that being said they’re feeding right away already is because they’ve been moved tank to tank throughout their whole life so it’s almost normal for these fish to eat again after being moved versus a wild trout.

  • farfromhome 720
    farfromhome 7203 maanden geleden

    Ive been watching both of these awsome guys for ever. Awsome to see you guys on one vid. I think it would be like the dynamic duo. Also welcome to Jersey one rod. I know its not the first time Jersey fishing but due to all the negitive coment i have to put this out,, welcome to Jersey all day every day.

  • cacaf
    cacaf3 maanden geleden

    stalking the stocker is my new hobby

  • Mathyis Horton
    Mathyis Horton3 maanden geleden

    A couple years ago me and my family went camping at a lake in Oregon and the stock it a week before that with a 20+ inch trout it was insane