LOKI EPISODE 1 BREAKDOWN! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!


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  • Jamie Mortimer

    Jamie Mortimer

    Maand geleden

    That was definitely Mobius that made Loki take a ticket right?

  • Odin Satanas

    Odin Satanas

    Maand geleden

    Haha I know you said you aren't super familiar with Schrodingers cat, but it isn't to say we live in alternate realities, the whole point is that the poison is released by quantum particles, that's the key element..and that's why the cat is both alive and dead in a quantum superposition until you observe it basically just to express how inherently unpredictable, erratic and always in flux, without set constants while not being observed, the laws of physics are absolute without an observer But yeah, that's just a super simplified explanation, solid video.

  • pechet01


    Maand geleden

    “Wandering Sun” t-shirt Marc Jacobs, close though

  • Brody McNichol

    Brody McNichol

    Maand geleden

    @NewRockstars NOOOOOOO , it’s not pronounced that way Selina it’s SA-LINE-Uh I’m from that town

  • Josue Sanchez

    Josue Sanchez

    Maand geleden

    Hi, something interesting I wanted to point out is that in the Spanish dub when Owen's character tells loki that the variant they're after is "him" in the Spanish dub is translated "La variante", Now in Spanish the word "La" is used to point out a FEMALE, while "El" is used to refer a MALE, so basically in the Spanish dub its letting us know that the variant the TVA is after is actually a FEMALE Loki. Hope you guys get to read this, Love the channel btw.

  • Vihaan Agarwal
    Vihaan Agarwal3 uur geleden

    I am only sad that loki did not meet a thor variant and fight with him

  • The Worst
    The Worst7 uur geleden

    Miss Minutes is frickin' badass...🤘🏼💯✔

  • Jihane Naji
    Jihane NajiDag geleden

    Oh no you missed Scott in the fifth episode you know in that scene we can also see Thor’s hammer

    FAT BEARDDag geleden

    So the Kablooie Gum or candy made that kids teeth and possibly tongue blue...on the stain glass of the demon, the tongue is blue.

  • Elan Pacholka
    Elan Pacholka2 dagen geleden

    The person playing solitaire on the computer is recalling the desk receptionist in age of ultron when peitro was warning the city

  • Stealthanator s
    Stealthanator s4 dagen geleden

    There’s also a portals reference so.

  • Aditya Kumar
    Aditya Kumar5 dagen geleden

    Where the hell was TVA was when Thanos came back in time or future, when Stark died

  • RadicalxEdward
    RadicalxEdward7 dagen geleden

    Yeah, Loki isn’t evil, he just inflicts pain on innocent people to gain power for himself as a way to compensate for his own insecurities, that’s all. Totally understandable. Who wouldn’t.

  • Daniel Conley
    Daniel Conley9 dagen geleden

    How are you guys allowed to use the Marvel/Disney characters' likenesses on your merch?

  • TheStruggle IsReal
    TheStruggle IsReal9 dagen geleden

    Omg I never onced thought of Salina being pronounced like Saleena... That threw me off guard but actually bother me much XD We Okies call the place Suh-lye-nuh. Has one of the most beautiful but freezing-assed cold natural spring swim holes.

  • TheStruggle IsReal
    TheStruggle IsReal9 dagen geleden

    The artistic style of the TVA and especially the animations give off a big Fallout vibe...

  • Latif Zaman
    Latif Zaman9 dagen geleden

    still sense a story loophole. thanos numerously transport himself using the space stone but never considered a variant.

  • Latif Zaman

    Latif Zaman

    9 dagen geleden

    @FunkNatives wouldnt consider avengers did reset. it didn't reset the 5 years gap between 2 infinity war. + they kill thanos from another timeline which may cause avengers didn't exist for that timeline

  • FunkNatives


    9 dagen geleden

    I’m sure KANG was watching him the whole time. Plus he knew what was going to happen meaning he knew the Avengers would reset everything he did in End Game.

  • Joost Vanlook
    Joost Vanlook10 dagen geleden

    is it possible that those 'missing' mindstones are used IN the them prune sticks??

  • Mcmurray Nix
    Mcmurray Nix10 dagen geleden

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  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne10 dagen geleden

    How did the TVA find Loki so fast? But couldn't find any of the avengers, nebula's or gotg or Thanos?

  • T3chn0
    T3chn011 dagen geleden

    23:49 above the word tail, it says 615 not 616

  • PhoenixDZK
    PhoenixDZK11 dagen geleden

    Ashley Johnson did not spend hours playing Ellie in the last of us and Pike & Yasha on Critical Role to be recognised as some random kid from Growing Pains!

  • Mark Z
    Mark Z11 dagen geleden

    What about the cross?

  • TX BX
    TX BX11 dagen geleden

    Preston Garvey would be proud

  • Frank Schnyder
    Frank Schnyder12 dagen geleden

    The animation is not so much Jay Ward (Rocky and Bullwinkle) as much as UPA animation - look it up.

  • Elyria
    Elyria12 dagen geleden

    No mind stones because it could restore the memories of the TVA agents?

  • Closn Boi
    Closn Boi13 dagen geleden

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  • Javier Arcila
    Javier Arcila13 dagen geleden

    Nat would be alive if the TVA just borrowed them the soul stone :(

  • daniel allen ph
    daniel allen ph13 dagen geleden

    wow that is crazy cap wife is in the easter egg i got shocked!?

  • UntitledT
    UntitledT13 dagen geleden

    16:52 omg it’s the scp foundation

  • NJ
    NJ13 dagen geleden

    Wondered how the avengers could alter time without the TVA taking action against them.

  • 〫〫


    8 dagen geleden

    Because they always fix the time-line or the tva approves what their doing

  • Manjunath Gondakar
    Manjunath Gondakar13 dagen geleden

    Doctor Strange is behind of TVA

  • Dark Drinker
    Dark Drinker13 dagen geleden

    And remember he's still dead

  • Kater Sam
    Kater Sam14 dagen geleden

    You'll never be a "god"

  • Sasuke
    Sasuke14 dagen geleden

    Loki Siri change the whole timeline when I was taking But if it didn't pay back the ex card you can deliver if it didn't take attention Didn't grab a tetrahed ron Too much to be with his brother we write with them Do you want to be at the TBA

  • Napoleonicus
    Napoleonicus15 dagen geleden

    There's also the robots from Agents of Shield

  • Joshua Smyth
    Joshua Smyth15 dagen geleden

    The way they described the TVA is very similar to how the Time Commission from Umbrella Academy Season 2 is described. Right down to having an animated mascot giving a rundown of the place

  • Aadyasha Rao 10 A
    Aadyasha Rao 10 A15 dagen geleden

    Everything makes sense!!🤯🤯

  • Ariel Aguin
    Ariel Aguin15 dagen geleden

    Note: afeter credits of Guardians of The Galaxy Volumen 2 Stan Lee talk with 3 wird guy,s that look like the Time Keepers.

  • AlmosT AlmosT
    AlmosT AlmosT15 dagen geleden

    Why even make them plead guilty or take them to a court room why not just Take them out straight up and save time literally, just doesn’t make sense

  • n o
    n o16 dagen geleden

    23:23 he didn’t say that to the variant (sylvie), he was saying it to Thanos as we saw in Infinity War

  • Floyd Jennings
    Floyd Jennings16 dagen geleden

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  • sealinski
    sealinski16 dagen geleden

    How did you guys get video from episode 5 before it came out?

  • J
    J17 dagen geleden

    The horned "o" in Loki doesn't just signify his horns but is also close to the sign of Mercury, the Roman god of mischief.

  • Rough Cut
    Rough Cut17 dagen geleden

    I think that there will end up being a secret war series or movie, eventually

  • Waggy777
    Waggy77717 dagen geleden

    First year is 1, not 0.

  • Otherworldly
    Otherworldly17 dagen geleden

    howd u get a clip from yesterdays episode wtf

  • Lochrine -8
    Lochrine -817 dagen geleden

    Bye bye redemption arch Loki

  • Turbro Life
    Turbro Life18 dagen geleden

    Woah what 3:17 where did this clip come from if the episode dropped a month later?

  • Turbro Life

    Turbro Life

    18 dagen geleden

    3:14 j mean

  • Sniperk1ng 187
    Sniperk1ng 18719 dagen geleden

    My favorite part about EP1 is how his film doesn't end when Thanos crushed his throat, it ends on Thor holding him, which means as Loki was dying he was still alive to feel Thor holding and mourning him for a moment

  • Marshmallow gameing
    Marshmallow gameing19 dagen geleden

    616 is stitch

  • Unknown Bytes
    Unknown Bytes19 dagen geleden

    That melody is so good i went back into playing assassins creed valhalla because that game has a lot of it😂

  • Boom Bang04
    Boom Bang0419 dagen geleden

    Not gonna mention the blatant Doctor Who reference? When Loki talks to the assistant with the Infinity Stones? "Hey, you're that criminal with the blue box!"

  • RedRazor 02
    RedRazor 0219 dagen geleden

    Robot part is probably a hint to Chronicoms watch agents of shield for more info

  • N Check
    N Check20 dagen geleden

    Thanos: I am inevitable! TVA Guard: *whispers* take a ticket.

  • Stoney
    Stoney20 dagen geleden

    Its gonna be funny when Disney sues you for making AND selling merch of their properties

  • Stoney


    8 dagen geleden

    @Ali Baba right? It's like idc it's just Disney and clothes, it's more like it's obviously illegal so why?

  • Not in the Cia

    Not in the Cia

    8 dagen geleden

    Yup, idk how they haven’t gotten hit it. It’s bound to happen. Probably might get sued for quite a bit since they been doing it for a while.

  • Galih Mukti

    Galih Mukti

    9 dagen geleden

    Yups, I was thinking “are those merch properly licensed?” 😂

  • Ali Baba

    Ali Baba

    18 dagen geleden

    What were they thinking?

  • N Check
    N Check20 dagen geleden

    can anyone tell me where i can watch all the loki full episodes? preferably the free ones, but i just wanna know where the series is featured. Really wanna watch this 💕💕💕

  • Arturo Cortes
    Arturo Cortes20 dagen geleden

    21:50 “Chunky Soul Stone”. The Soul Stone is smaller and lighter yellow. The “Chunky” one is the bigger one.

  • Antonio Rice
    Antonio Rice20 dagen geleden

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  • Lucas Gonçalves
    Lucas Gonçalves20 dagen geleden


  • Patrick Leary
    Patrick Leary21 dag geleden

    I absolutely love that you're a bladerunner/pkd fan! You always work in good references

  • smaugification
    smaugification21 dag geleden

    So if the time heist was supposed to happen, then how is Loki taking the tesseract not supposed to. It forced them to go further back, and it was supposed to happen so 😏

  • mikelob6707
    mikelob670721 dag geleden

    The fact you mentioned the darkhold here makes me super geeked for the rest of this series which I'm behind on

  • Donna Rodriguez
    Donna Rodriguez21 dag geleden

    Casey says, “I comply! I comply!” when Loki threatens him and the only villain (ess) thing I found about “complying” was the Faustus method HYDRA used in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. So, is Casey a variant from somewhere dealing with HYDRA? Thoughts?

  • Colin Happ
    Colin Happ22 dagen geleden

    I’m sorry I said mean things before I wasn’t having a good day at all.

  • sebeckley
    sebeckley22 dagen geleden

    I would have loved it if B-15 was the actual Loki variation instead of the blonde. Marvel boys would have absolutely had a riot.

  • SoraX
    SoraX22 dagen geleden

    Why loki dont look like a frost giant in the TVA?

  • FairytaleFilmmaker
    FairytaleFilmmaker22 dagen geleden

    There are so many philosophical and theological take-aways from this series. Not unlike The Matrix. This movie will be quoted and referenced endlessly in the future! I was delighted to see that C-15 was also in Black Mirror where time loop torture and interrogation was a big theme. As a Protestant Christian, I will point out that Loki and Tony Stark (and possibly Steven Strange) are the most Biblical of all the characters so far (Sorry Cap). Jesus spent his time teaching sinners who knew they were sinners, not with the self-righteous who thought themselves good enough and oh so clever. Only sinners can be transformed/saved and this is why both Tony and Loki stand out as the shining magnets of spiritual energy in these stories. Loki is presented as the catalyst for the Avenger's solidarity? Maybe. But I rather think the Avengers create the necessary environment for Loki's glorious transformation. The God of the Bible LOVES transformations! So do I. Tom's Loki and Robert's Tony are my favorite MCU characters.

  • S.N.Customs
    S.N.Customs22 dagen geleden

    The skrull in the TVA Is the same skrull from captain marvel when talos finds his family he has the same track suit on

  • Monika Ullmannová
    Monika Ullmannová23 dagen geleden

    Oh my god. Tva blows up. They were probably created after the war over xmen, in the past? It would make sense, that after the merge noone would remember(or it would be hushed), but the twins (wanda and pietro) would still have the powers? Like can you imagine? Is that why it looks so 80s?

  • Tinman
    Tinman23 dagen geleden

    Additionally Mobius is a good name, its looping twitsted strip.

  • Speakmymind777
    Speakmymind77723 dagen geleden

    Doctor Shtrange? Only the ignorant and uneducated mispronounce basic words - those who's first language is not English are forgiven

  • Vibhu
    Vibhu23 dagen geleden

    Ms Minuets has more of a Texas accent

  • Buffy8Fan
    Buffy8Fan23 dagen geleden

    Mobius not telling Loki Coulson survived doesn't mean _Agents of Shield_ isn't canon.

  • Shawn Massey
    Shawn Massey23 dagen geleden

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  • Fook Utube
    Fook Utube23 dagen geleden

    How does the TVA knock out Loki at the start( dessert scene ),wouldn't he still have his power ..So Odin would lose his power if he was at the TVA and all other MCU hero?

  • Zaelocke
    Zaelocke23 dagen geleden

    To me it looks like the film reads Tail 1-ETH-615/1(I)-ETH-616 rather than Tail 1-ETH-616/1(I)-ETH-616.

  • Ameha K
    Ameha K24 dagen geleden


    XINKO GAMING24 dagen geleden

    What about captain america he stayed in the past too Why its not's a time change....🤔🤔😅

  • Julesong
    Julesong24 dagen geleden

    Question: when Loki drops into the "sign here" office... what does everyone think... is that a cat or a flerken?

  • faith cox
    faith cox24 dagen geleden

    So.. what about Spiderman: into the Spiderverse? Did that happen before the sacred timeline was established?

  • Kisron Chandra
    Kisron Chandra24 dagen geleden

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  • Tara Jay
    Tara Jay24 dagen geleden

    Ouch my mind is blown

  • Ramsey Elmachtoub
    Ramsey Elmachtoub25 dagen geleden

    That's the machines left eye yo

  • Jennie Garcia
    Jennie Garcia25 dagen geleden

    Didn’t Victor Mancha thought he was human?

  • Marta Jiménez Ruíz
    Marta Jiménez Ruíz25 dagen geleden

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  • Sam Teasdale
    Sam Teasdale25 dagen geleden

    Crazy to think that a child is supposed to understand this...... cuz I'm 31 and don't have a clue.

  • Adistie
    Adistie25 dagen geleden

    12:03 , attack on titan 😭

  • Katri Valkama
    Katri Valkama25 dagen geleden

    also on that drawer full of infinitystones there is a part of the arch reactor that tony build in the cave its just above that white tray where the infinity stones are

  • Mohammad Mehdi
    Mohammad Mehdi25 dagen geleden

    The Loki story is not in the MCU timeline because there is actually no TVA to prevent the Multiverse of Madness.

  • Fhineas


    25 dagen geleden


  • CuKie -
    CuKie -25 dagen geleden

    Tarah Strong is everywhere I love it! I knew that, that waffle time clock sounds familiar hahahaha

  • Wanda Maximoff
    Wanda Maximoff25 dagen geleden

    😱 Mobius had a drink from the late 90s?!?! In the second episode, Mobius talks about the late 90s when he’s talking about jet skis

  • Janie Willis
    Janie Willis25 dagen geleden

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  • Jerome Quejano
    Jerome Quejano26 dagen geleden

    Is it me or does the Time Keepers Scene looks like a place where the red symbols resemble enough like the rune from WandaVision but instead of witchcraft symbols uses geometric symbols for space? Space runes? That could explain why no one can use magic inside the TVA.

  • SiLeNt killer XD
    SiLeNt killer XD26 dagen geleden


  • Tommy Dickson
    Tommy Dickson26 dagen geleden

    Anybody notice how in the first Thor when Thor is facing the guardian, Jae foster is wearing a shirt that looks eriely similar to miss minute

  • Austin0247 Games
    Austin0247 Games26 dagen geleden

    When the words Loki are on screen with the black backerground and white text, I think when they are changing it is signifying the different variants.

  • Bertie Hunter
    Bertie Hunter26 dagen geleden

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  • MrMojoRisin88
    MrMojoRisin8826 dagen geleden

    1994-2010: Jim Carey movie The Mask in 1994 “Loki….who’s Loki??” While talking to Ben Steins character. All: I agree, who is that? Present Day: Same scene “Loki…who’s Loki??” All: Seriously? He is the god of mischief and the brother of Thor, Son of Odin! Tom Hiddleston…..ring any bells”

  • angell
    angell27 dagen geleden

    the loki intro gives off the twilight zone vibes

  • Messy el
    Messy el27 dagen geleden

    Too much talking, too long to watch. Skip this

  • Frank Lea
    Frank Lea27 dagen geleden

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  • Sunday Chickenz
    Sunday Chickenz27 dagen geleden

    I’d like to think that the multiverse being dissolved into one universe and then definitely going back to multiple again by the end of phase 4 is a reference to real life with the marvel deals and introducing Fox characters. Like in the comics there were never any limits, however in the cinematic universe it wasn’t the same at at the start and lucky us it’s going to change back to formula

  • Aethon056
    Aethon05627 dagen geleden

    Agent mobius wasn't named after stark's design in endgame. Stark's design and the agent are both named after a real shape, the mobious strip, a three dimensional object with only one side.