Lil Tjay - Run It Up (Feat. Offset & Moneybagg Yo) [Official Video]


Official video for "Run It Up" by Lil Tjay featuring Offset & Moneybagg Yo.
Lil Tjay 'Destined 2 Win' out now:
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Director: Whipalo.
Producers: Silvia Durango, Julio Durango
DP: Brian Beckwith
VFX: Goldmold Fong
Art Designer: Victor Velle
Car Coordinator: Christopher Phan
Commissioner/Producer: Saul Levitz
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  • Teagan Buckson
    Teagan Buckson3 minuten geleden


  • yesbro omg
    yesbro omg6 minuten geleden

    offset really said lamborghini with the bubble guts

  • Shishir Pradhan
    Shishir Pradhan28 minuten geleden

    Shit hard 🔥🔥🔥

  • Daniel Angelov
    Daniel Angelov59 minuten geleden


  • Bella :p
    Bella :pUur geleden

    Who tf dislike this ¿ 🔥

  • Francesco Channel
    Francesco Channel2 uur geleden

    Moneybagg went crazy on this🔥 tjay and offset did not miss as well 🔥🔥🔥

  • Aman Babu
    Aman Babu2 uur geleden

    Dat way 👍👍

  • Jer Wyatt
    Jer Wyatt3 uur geleden

    Polo g should of taken offsets part. But at least his verse is one of his decent ones

  • First Class Dreams
    First Class Dreams3 uur geleden

    pfffffffff hermano que temaaaaaaaa

  • 999 WRLD
    999 WRLD3 uur geleden

    lil tjay is the new goat ... truly a legend

  • black forever
    black forever4 uur geleden

    The beat : what you gone do young nigga? Offset : im gonna kill your ass The beat left the chat

  • Ammar Alsdraney
    Ammar Alsdraney5 uur geleden

    *Why did you steal the Dafnchii beat 🤨?*

  • Junkoud English
    Junkoud English6 uur geleden

    I Cannot Stop watching this shiet 🏆

  • MrJayStacks
    MrJayStacks7 uur geleden

    This A hitt3r 🔥💥

  • Uncle Will
    Uncle Will7 uur geleden

    TJ soft

    BABO GAMIN9 uur geleden


    JAKE WORCESTER10 uur geleden

    Whoever disliked this song should get covid tests bc one of the symptoms is no taste

  • Robby simth
    Robby simth11 uur geleden

    this song go lit

  • Stephen Melton
    Stephen Melton11 uur geleden

    Holy shit

  • MTwitch_ Tv
    MTwitch_ Tv11 uur geleden

  • WeaponizedTX
    WeaponizedTX12 uur geleden

    Heard this song in my sleep. Finally found it again.

  • gui silva
    gui silva12 uur geleden

    Que som foda💣💥

  • Mar Loc
    Mar Loc13 uur geleden

    Bay area north mountain Ave Boyz wbla mar mar biggavelli Welch Boyz owwww

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss13 uur geleden

    "Kicking my sh*t like i won the World Cup" Sheeshhh

  • Aaron langwinski
    Aaron langwinski14 uur geleden


  • Zen idk
    Zen idk14 uur geleden

    yall ever peep offset be missing with his songs but e be snapping on features

    KwA SUPRA15 uur geleden

    yung voice

  • Ditroy R8 beats

    Ditroy R8 beats

    14 uur geleden

  • C-Pgmer crUz
    C-Pgmer crUz15 uur geleden


  • Ditroy R8 beats

    Ditroy R8 beats

    14 uur geleden

  • T P
    T P15 uur geleden

    Never mind it is already live chat but I want to see this next to the box this is going to be lit this song is fire let's get this to 500k in 2 weeks I'm just trying to be honest this is lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ditroy R8 beats

    Ditroy R8 beats

    14 uur geleden

  • Jordan Cutaia
    Jordan Cutaia16 uur geleden

    Movie 🎥 🔥

  • Ditroy R8 beats

    Ditroy R8 beats

    14 uur geleden

  • ChicagoVeryOwn
    ChicagoVeryOwn17 uur geleden

    Offset so damn hard

  • Ditroy R8 beats

    Ditroy R8 beats

    14 uur geleden

  • Francisco Moreno
    Francisco Moreno17 uur geleden

    if this isnt on f9 im out

  • Ditroy R8 beats

    Ditroy R8 beats

    14 uur geleden

  • AnimaG36
    AnimaG3617 uur geleden

    not to be the only simp in these comments... but who is the asian girl :)

  • Ditroy R8 beats

    Ditroy R8 beats

    14 uur geleden

  • Jessica Zubenko
    Jessica Zubenko17 uur geleden

    Oohweee this whole song fuckin fire yo. Ayye.

  • Ditroy R8 beats

    Ditroy R8 beats

    14 uur geleden

  • Brandon Jennings
    Brandon Jennings18 uur geleden


    BUGGZ_TV18 uur geleden

    That chain is crazy good

  • Tomek Dyrc
    Tomek Dyrc18 uur geleden

    Why is the Spotify ver Censored? It doesn't sound good with those missing words

  • Spanky
    Spanky18 uur geleden

    did my nigga hurtboyag make this beat??

  • Toosaucey_824
    Toosaucey_82419 uur geleden

    Give a f*ck bout who love me I run it up -lil tjay

  • Juzii
    Juzii20 uur geleden

    Most underrated rapper

  • Ela J
    Ela J20 uur geleden

    Just a friendly message not related to this video☺️God loves you, no matter who you are, where you’re from or what you’ve done.He’s waiting with open arms for you to accept Him into your lives. I hope you have a lovely day.God Bless You☁️🙌

  • Ela J
    Ela J20 uur geleden

    Just a friendly message not related to this video☺️ God loves you, no matter who you are, where you’re from or what you’ve done. He’s waiting with open arms for you to accept Him into your lives. I hope you have a lovely day.God Bless You☁️🙌

  • jeffy and sml fan
    jeffy and sml fan20 uur geleden

    money bag murdered his mf verse

  • dIoR -_-
    dIoR -_-21 uur geleden


  • dIoR -_-
    dIoR -_-21 uur geleden


  • sooka
    sooka21 uur geleden

    Wish the song ended at 2:40

  • Miguel Martin
    Miguel Martin21 uur geleden


  • Sincere Grant
    Sincere Grant21 uur geleden


  • Seth Lumley
    Seth Lumley21 uur geleden


  • Emmanuel Kofoworola KOGBE
    Emmanuel Kofoworola KOGBE22 uur geleden

    Listen 👂👂👂 to the song at 1.25 .Thank me later

  • Marion Alämeida
    Marion Alämeida22 uur geleden


  • vLeja YT
    vLeja YT22 uur geleden

    Kickin my shit like i won the world cup

  • Fede Giorgi
    Fede Giorgi23 uur geleden

    was this a type beat on yt?, i so remember hearing it before but i can't remember

    STX PRO AKA MOPARGOAT23 uur geleden

    This is prolifek and peso peso drip again beat look it up no kizzy

  • Steven Horton
    Steven Horton23 uur geleden

    Bagg w the fatality

  • Omar Flores
    Omar FloresDag geleden

    thank god offset on his !!!!!!

  • Anoxmous
    AnoxmousDag geleden

    Sheeesh Offset🥶💯

  • Drahmenn
    DrahmennDag geleden

    Y'all took x and von, please dont take Tjay. This boy is special.

  • Salik
    SalikDag geleden

    Offset never has a bad feature

  • MELODiiC
    MELODiiCDag geleden

    Swap Moneybagg Yo for Lil Baby and you have this years biggest hit

  • Dope Gaming
    Dope GamingDag geleden

    ok but imagine WOLO G on this track

  • Wassim 0411
    Wassim 0411Dag geleden

    The start makes me think of woah from lil baby

  • Maliek Parks
    Maliek ParksDag geleden

    This slap🔥

  • LTE YoungJ
    LTE YoungJDag geleden

    Love How Tjay Always Look Innocent Even If He Say Fck

    CHASE D JONESDag geleden

    this boy gatta sing the super bowl

  • Inspired Mindz
    Inspired MindzDag geleden

    who else skip tj part and go right to offset?

  • chicken mcthuggets

    chicken mcthuggets

    18 uur geleden


  • AX Clan
    AX ClanDag geleden


  • Mrst1cK 100
    Mrst1cK 100Dag geleden

    offset killed this

  • Aerin Johnson
    Aerin JohnsonDag geleden

    she gave me sum top through my ethika draws😂😂😂

  • Kevin Gold
    Kevin GoldDag geleden

    This shii smack👌🤙

  • AC Curtis
    AC CurtisDag geleden

    offset went hard

  • G- BREED727
    G- BREED727Dag geleden

    Yea an my music harder then yo shit to boi i came from the mud frfr..still my last mixtape harder then yo album!!! So i hope this song blow up cuz boi u know u stole my shit lol..shit funny. That link below is my last project...wit my "Runnit Up" song in it which is how u heard it.

  • LJ Bryant
    LJ BryantDag geleden

    Goat 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

    PETRUS TVDag geleden

    qual foi Quavo copiando meu parça Matuê que feio ein...

  • Divan M
    Divan MDag geleden


  • Retha Robbins
    Retha RobbinsDag geleden

    EVERY song LIL TJAY comes out with is 💯 & above, they just KEEP getting BETTER AND BETTER, keep em coming Babe 😍

  • Ditroy R8 beats

    Ditroy R8 beats

    Dag geleden b

  • ResU Insanity
    ResU InsanityDag geleden

    the 350z makes the video way better

  • Jonathan Brata
    Jonathan BrataDag geleden


  • GrenadeGaming
    GrenadeGamingDag geleden

    Flyyy soulja needa take notes my guy

  • Music 4MySoul
    Music 4MySoulDag geleden

    Tell everyone you love to reject the vaccine of the Beast. Anyone who recieves the vaccine will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. Jesus Christ is coming. Everything written in the book of revelation will be fulfilled. If you seek Him you will find Him. He looks nothing like the famous pictures.

  • Kai


    Dag geleden


  • lion shark
    lion sharkDag geleden

    Damn Offset was ferocious, Bagg was in his as usual.

  • Kive Pubg

    Kive Pubg

    Dag geleden

  • Jamaica 1963 Junction
    Jamaica 1963 JunctionDag geleden


  • Jamaica 1963 Junction

    Jamaica 1963 Junction

    Dag geleden


  • K -A
    K -ADag geleden

    That tomei tho 😂😂

    DRAP BEATZDag geleden

    Lil Tjay: Make the 808 as low as possible Producer: Yessir, here we go Lil Tjay: Fire, now put it 12 notes down and issa wrap

  • Alawi
    AlawiDag geleden

    E46 too hard it need me to drift it

  • Tyler Yarski
    Tyler YarskiDag geleden

    He should've had lil baby on this joint no cap it's still hard doe

  • Sirius Black
    Sirius BlackDag geleden

    Lil tjay was on something

  • Dakotah George
    Dakotah GeorgeDag geleden

    Can’t name a single bad song

  • Sonler YT
    Sonler YTDag geleden

    7 mil view only? Sheesh ppl missing out .🔥

  • Loyalty Dozier
    Loyalty DozierDag geleden

    This nigga neva miss

  • Tony Dorsey
    Tony DorseyDag geleden

    Yooo Lil homie Gonna be the "Truth" FrFr!!

  • Tony Dorsey

    Tony Dorsey

    Dag geleden

    Offset probably the hardest Nigga out right now..!! Straight like that

  • Christian P
    Christian PDag geleden

    This collab 🔥run it up

  • buffy
    buffyDag geleden

    no one notice that 370z..

  • Sr Music Maker
    Sr Music MakerDag geleden

    Matue kkkk

  • Steven Heeney
    Steven HeeneyDag geleden


  • Malaika Grubbs
    Malaika GrubbsDag geleden

    Shoot like im coby okayyy 👌

  • Shamar Ritchie
    Shamar RitchieDag geleden

    Offset consistent

  • Blurrie xoxo
    Blurrie xoxoDag geleden

    this shii fire bruh❤️💯🔥

  • smrky
    smrkyDag geleden

    7th Mil viewwww

  • Classy Robins99
    Classy Robins99Dag geleden

    1:37 2:47 and0:00