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During the 20th century, the midlife crisis became a fashionable means of describing feelings of disillusionment with work, disenchantment with relationships, detachment from family responsibilities, and the growing fear of personal death that began to haunt those beyond the age of forty.
Coined in 1965, the term 'midlife crisis' is often used as satire in popular culture, with numerous examples of stereotypical depictions of rebellion and infidelity. It has been a popular focus of research seeking to explain why and how middle age presents particular social, physiological and emotional challenges.
In this lecture, Professor Mark Jackson, winner of the 2018 Wilkins-Bernal-Medawar Medal, explores a rich range of historical sources to argue that the midlife crisis emerged as a result of demographic changes, new biological accounts of ageing, and deepening anxieties about economic decline, political instability, rising level of divorce, and the impact of family breakdown on social cohesion.
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  • Sarah Stein

    Sarah Stein

    5 dagen geleden

    @Sheena Duncan I'm just happy to be still alive. My friend is dying of cancer at the age of 42.I'm sure that she would gladly switch places with anyone going through a middle life crisis right now.

  • Jason Caldwell

    Jason Caldwell

    26 dagen geleden

    Thank you good sir

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    Thank you

  • stacy youst

    stacy youst

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    Well done! Typed with a British accent even!

  • Troy Wirth

    Troy Wirth

    Maand geleden

    @Benjamin Caine 20s decade is so tough because it's learning how the world really works and how to co-exist with others, how different people make decisions, etc, etc. I certainly agree, Benjamin.

  • Duval Parrish
    Duval Parrish3 uur geleden

    Im sorry. But I personally do not like british accents. Plus ive been listening and i do not think british are more intelligent than others,just because they have an accent.

  • wahnano
    wahnano4 uur geleden

    ....When he reaches maturity, and reaches the age of forty,* he should say, "My Lord, direct me to appreciate the blessings You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents, and to do the righteous works that please You. ( سورة الأحقاق )‎

  • Jader Gomes
    Jader Gomes2 dagen geleden

    Life starts when the lower back says so, or the eyesight. For me it was the lower back :D

  • Jader Gomes
    Jader Gomes2 dagen geleden

    ok i'm fuc....ed lol

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  • TJlive Jaxkson
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    I am 56 so gonna say life begins at 55 :)

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  • rebel ram
    rebel ram4 dagen geleden

    Not true everything goes down hill at 40

  • Jimmy. Salvation
    Jimmy. Salvation4 dagen geleden

    Life begins when you find the Love of Christ Jesus. All your loneliness, anxiety, worries, depression will have a solution. God's love heals our deepest wounds, wounds that may not be physically visible but are afflictions of the soul. You are loved! God loves you, and died for you so that you may have a new life without fear & afflictions.

  • Frontline Fairytales
    Frontline Fairytales4 dagen geleden

    Interesting thought, however the freedom and rights of humans are gone now. Pretty sure you all knew what was coming.

  • Rock Brentwood
    Rock Brentwood4 dagen geleden

    There's no such thing as a mid-life crisis; the whole notion is a debunked myth. #1. It's a cultural construct, not present in many cultures, and #2. There is no published research showing any kind of peak in the 45-65 age range in occurrence of "crisis". The distribution of crises spreads like butter over toast over the entire life span. 47 1/4 minutes of this lecture is superseded by 5 minutes of this ... which explores a much larger diversity of issues (in those 5 minutes) and comes with a bibliography and a host of related links.

  • A+ Gallery
    A+ Gallery4 dagen geleden

    Life begins when you drink lots of water - even in a lecture!

    2.5 DIMENSIONS4 dagen geleden

    Life starts the day were born!!

  • jose sanchez
    jose sanchez5 dagen geleden

    Very fine lecture, indeed. Marvellous accent for advanced learners of English. Surprised to find he pronounced "transition" with a soft "g" (as the s in viSual) instead of /sh/. I also found this feature in pronouncing "equation", another word ending in -tion which is often said as if it were equaSion or equaGion... Most words that end in -tion are pronounced /shun/ : education, relation, inspection, reflection and so on...

  • J X
    J X5 dagen geleden

    Always thought the whole idea of your youth as being the "glory days" and "it's all downhill" once you hit 30 is bullshit. Your life IS always what you make it. Suppose there was a guy who was born overweight, teased mercilessly all through his teens and early 20s, had no friends. Then in his 20s he goes to college and drifts from one bad job till another. Then, when he hits 47 he starts to realize he really loves creative writing, starts writing poetry and performing around town. Doing this new thing gets him into doing other new things- like fitness. He ends up getting in shape- at the age of 50 finally being able to lookin the mirror at not feel fat anymore. From there, he could meet someone say at a coffeehouse he;s doing an open mic at- that dude owns a little independent coffeshop, the two become friends and then the man ends up switching jobs- running a little independent coffeehouse- a job he realizes he really enjoys. See? There's always possibilities out there. I know many people with similar stories to this myself. So many people out there who've had absolutely shitty teen years & 20s, and only really found themselves and things that make them happy once they're 40, 50,or much older.

  • pete stanton
    pete stanton5 dagen geleden

    it ended for me at 40 ,

  • Vilhjalmr Edmundson
    Vilhjalmr Edmundson5 dagen geleden

    10:04 Describes quite precisely how this has played out in my own life - depression and suicidal thoughts, rediscovery of who I am and what I want as an individual, and finally regret and realization that I should have been following my teenaged dreams instead of pleasing others. Now I feel I must make up for lost time.

  • Jason Kresock
    Jason Kresock5 dagen geleden

    So only married heterosexuals who have children experience a mid life crisis...?🧐🤔 Shwewh! That's a relief!😏 Lmfao😂, Ok then.

  • atomac23
    atomac235 dagen geleden

    Man's and woman's biological clock are not same. Woman clock is working best between 16 and 25,while mans is having lot longer durability. This lecture is shady,twisting information where divorce rate is explained through many ways,but on the end blame comes on mid age man. 80% of divorces are started by women. Issue is when men at 40 have a hobbies and we got blamed for being childish "you are not mature,you are having crisis"

  • Addi Manneh
    Addi Manneh6 dagen geleden

    Almost all prophets in Islam where given prophethood at the age of 40

  • Gaurav Kapoor
    Gaurav Kapoor6 dagen geleden

    If you really feel life, not distract yourself with the things you normally do, you either get depressed and suicidal or you get enlightened.

  • A-K
    A-K6 dagen geleden

    My life began when I separated with my wife.

  • Mi-les Away
    Mi-les Away8 dagen geleden

    what a load of bollocks, the people that think this shit up are totally deluded about how real people experience life.

  • Anuruddha Rathnayake
    Anuruddha Rathnayake8 dagen geleden

    His voice is similar to Allan Watts, the great British Philosopher..

  • Power Capital Solutions
    Power Capital Solutions8 dagen geleden

    I'm 33. Just figured I'd get a head start so I'm watching this. Wish me luck!

  • david s
    david s9 dagen geleden

    'Crisis' is a strong word. Many people, especially politicians and journalists, use extreme words to make themselves sound important and/or interesting. 'The worst deal in history', 'the biggest political witchhunt etc.' They can't cope with a debate so a short, sharp intended shock is often their way. Why not ask a question or admit to being unsure. 'Is there a midlife crisis for the majority of people nowdays?' I would like to think that older people would be more wise to this tactic but alas.... 'this hoodwinking of the whole population of the world and will continue...etc.'

  • Wellington Costa
    Wellington Costa9 dagen geleden

    I´m a 39yo brazilian man that lived a false life, trying enjoying momentaneous pleasure and having all kind of bad consequences for that... now I´m trying to discover my real potential, focusing on studies of my work area and paying more attention with my health. It´s the beginning, but I have sure that I am going to develop myself and live without everything I used to do in the past.

  • Ansari salam
    Ansari salam9 dagen geleden

    Take time to sit with you daily at least for 20 minutes in 24 hrs, you will get every answer in this Universe. My life entirely twisted when I made this as a discipline. Really it's a universal law of silence.

  • Ryan Black
    Ryan Black9 dagen geleden

    When my parents were both 40 my dad left my mom for an 18 year old girl. He definitely had a crisis. Now I'm 38 and my only plan is to go back to school and get my degree lol.

  • Vilhjalmr Edmundson

    Vilhjalmr Edmundson

    5 dagen geleden

    Smart man.

  • Milot X
    Milot X9 dagen geleden

    Turning 40 in 4days. I started to live my life , the moment I stopped listening to people who tell how should I live my life.

  • H


    8 dagen geleden

    Early Happy birthday 🎂🎊 wish

  • D Lane
    D Lane10 dagen geleden

    Yeah but only lasts two weeks!

  • Forger Forty Seven
    Forger Forty Seven10 dagen geleden

    this is a lie It begins at 40 if you have not many options

  • stu fin
    stu fin10 dagen geleden

    Read Who? is a statement not a question. Read Ramanamma Who? The Book 1. The game has started and you will need clues.

  • Ricardo Pontes
    Ricardo Pontes10 dagen geleden

    Women are getting pregnant much later these days. My cousin for instance is going to conceive for the first time at 41, no complications whatsoever so far.

  • Viper X Crypto
    Viper X Crypto10 dagen geleden

    This is utter crap. Have a great day.

  • Gem Magat
    Gem Magat10 dagen geleden

    Now in my 40’s and lot wiser than i was before, doing things i like, enjoying best relationship with family friends and God, healthier than before, more accepting of myself, praise God.

  • Tariq Bashir
    Tariq Bashir10 dagen geleden

    In Quran’s chapter 46 verse 15 we are told that man matures at the age of 40.

  • William Ayers
    William Ayers11 dagen geleden

    I'm interested in the vast knowledge base the royal society has on such subjects as covid and such, including that of its origins and intended purpose of said virus. I only ask being that the federal government of Canada for years now has displayed a vast amount of interest in the workings and case studies of such places as MIT and Cambridge which in fact was involved with the data mining that took place at Cambridge analytical and Facebook which ultimately led to the the trump election, then that cn/cp rail strike 2hich introduced BNSF rail to go into Canada which it does today still despite being reduced to one train a week in a cordanice to a ruling by the Supreme Court for pollution caused by neglect and following that was the passing of Bill C69 to allow further construction of the keystone pipeline that has since been haulted. Sorry I got a little caried away there and off topic when I should have been continuing with the fact neigel Oakes and scls development of the slave chip being put in every device via samsung, Hauii, and more ...... bla, bla, bla you call for now yet deny the true royalty because your greed

  • caljn 1
    caljn 111 dagen geleden

    You need to change the thumbnail image...whenever I see it I think of a snake.

  • PK Singh
    PK Singh11 dagen geleden

    K Setiya's work/book on midlife crisis is also recommended.

  • Desh Ki Baat Hindi News
    Desh Ki Baat Hindi News11 dagen geleden

    The day when people stop believing n following pseudo science and start respecting morals values love affection ..real things over materialistic.. Living life than surviving begins for u

  • Petar Stamenkovic
    Petar Stamenkovic12 dagen geleden

    This talk failed to mention the crucial part- rejecting God leads to even more problems for people that do. Creating more hell like place to live in does not lead to a better quality of life.

  • Pray and Serve
    Pray and Serve12 dagen geleden

    my biggest regret is getting my phd and not being able to find a job. i regret being born to my father. I should have left when i was young and started working a blue color job and get married early and have children while in 20's.

  • Regine Heidorn
    Regine Heidorn12 dagen geleden

    All those men ... any light shed on how midlife crisis is completely different for women? Especially in male toxic environments?

  • Never seen Before Videos
    Never seen Before Videos12 dagen geleden

    Can you imagine the world for the current TIKTOK generation , when they will be 40years old. If you really wanna have a clue , read 1984 from George Orwell. Good luck !!

  • Never seen Before Videos
    Never seen Before Videos12 dagen geleden

    Turn OFF the news and love your neighbour. Imagine that !

  • George Zaharia
    George Zaharia12 dagen geleden

    For the rich maybe? for me it started at 13

  • kim jong un kim jong un
    kim jong un kim jong un12 dagen geleden

    Thanks for knowledge you share here. Living start at 40 is amazing lecture

  • Toni Capone
    Toni Capone12 dagen geleden

    I’m 26

  • Veric G
    Veric G13 dagen geleden

    Post-pandemic, coupled with social isolation, my 50 feels like 120.

  • 7 8
    7 813 dagen geleden

    I got me .

  • Gustavo de Abreu
    Gustavo de Abreu13 dagen geleden

    my life started when I reached 40 cm diameter of biceps

  • William Smith
    William Smith13 dagen geleden

    Yooooooo. Everytime I see gray hair it makes me feel tired.

  • Maksim Sokolov
    Maksim Sokolov13 dagen geleden

    For those who don't want to listen to for 45 mins -- A short resume: no, it's an illusion, life doesn't begin at 40. This idea is promoted to make depressed people happier and encourage them to consume more and thus support the economy.

  • Asebhor Ebhomenye
    Asebhor Ebhomenye13 dagen geleden

    The secret to a happy life is the 7 habits of highly effective people

  • still fucked
    still fucked13 dagen geleden

    NOPE! IT IS ALL PROPAGANDA. They want you to WASTE your 39 years of LIFE. Life begin when you reach PUBERTY. You should get married, start family, work or learn your skills around age 12 when you reach puberty. By 40 even if you think your life is just begin, IT IS TOO LATE, BIOLOGICALLY, PHYSICALLY, MATERIALLY.. although you might mentally and spiritually be more STABLE.

  • kingzLoFitness
    kingzLoFitness13 dagen geleden

    Like being 42 & going over a challenge of skateboarding. Great lecture by the way.

  • The Campaign Of Peerless Kent
    The Campaign Of Peerless Kent13 dagen geleden

    So, that means I'm only 3?

  • Mouloud Chorfi
    Mouloud Chorfi14 dagen geleden

    Your second life begin when you know that you have one life.

  • John O'Keefe
    John O'Keefe14 dagen geleden

    Brilliant but strangely lacking in depth.

  • Lia Evans
    Lia Evans14 dagen geleden

    Rocking awesome presentation 👏🏼 ! I think

  • Patty Knight
    Patty Knight14 dagen geleden

    oh, ok. we finally start using our brains and no one will hire us anymore - so how is life better after 40??? unemployed, savings used in family court over a pedophile which should have been a no brainer, but hey this is corrupt america! cant get a job because I wont willingly pay child support to said pedophile my child was sold to & have found out I am autistic and no one wants to hire us. Yeah you try to get a job in my shoes. I'm always one step away from homelessness - again.

  • Live-born Soul
    Live-born Soul14 dagen geleden Mar 16, 2015In 1990, the Wellcome Trust co-founded the Human Genome Project, the largest international collaboration ever undertaken in biology. Over 13 years, thousands of scientists around the world . Research leads to experimentation, quite often without fully informed consent , under Maritime Law which most countries are, contracts are formed without consent, is this how Cov id came about; in order to better manage/control populations, as for ageing, it would not be half as problematic if orgaisations/corporations stopped dosing us with their well funded chemical cocktails, produced to kill off the elderly, further who consented to Gene technology in Vaccines?

  • Live-born Soul
    Live-born Soul14 dagen geleden

    "Royal" ?

  • Jolly Rodger
    Jolly Rodger14 dagen geleden

    My life got so much better in my late 30's when I realized I was never going to get married and have children. Looking back on that time, I was in a holding pattern. After I actually accepted it and moved forward I found myself happier and more satisfied.

  • ANDRE stabel
    ANDRE stabel14 dagen geleden

    Bible tells life to man ends up at age 70/75. dad's 91 . Loll

  • Jay
    Jay15 dagen geleden

    i am gobsmacked at the amount of energy i gave to worrying over the years. no more, from now on, i wont even let death phase me.

  • Mark Peters
    Mark Peters15 dagen geleden

    What is the reason people must literally work until they die and can't enjoy their forties and life beyond? Why can't they step aside reduce work hours, give younger people more opportunities? IT IS THE FUCKIN' GOVERNMENT TAXING US INTO OBLIVION AND DESTROYING OUR SAVINGS WITH INFLATION. Life could be better without ROBBERY.GOV

  • Jane Foster
    Jane Foster15 dagen geleden

    this is old fashioned and irrelevant. Middle age has changed radically because we live far longer - it's spread between young adult and mature adult! two careers, even three are normal and people do not retire and fade away like they did, they keep going with what they love if they are lucky. This is also a very 'male' view of the world, and simply not that useful in a world where everyone is needed and the corporate world is thankfully breaking down

  • Nymo Arkanian
    Nymo Arkanian15 dagen geleden

    Why Man is so addict to over intellectualizing everything in life, why not being simple and say: it's out of fear that Man thinks and acts ,and fear is born out of attachment to the self, end of story. So Man will never think and act sanely until Man let go of all attachments to the self.

  • William Bowen
    William Bowen15 dagen geleden

    Those damn Brits! That wasn't very uplifting at all

  • Tone
    Tone16 dagen geleden

    nothing unreal exist 🖖🏽

  • Md Rabby hossin
    Md Rabby hossin16 dagen geleden

    3:19 WATCH MORE VIDEO F.U.L.L H.D 💓 CLICK HERE : !💖🖤❤️今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした,. 💖🖤在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。. 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味g食物煮的時候1&!/ 1619454928

  • DR. andreas ABBEY
    DR. andreas ABBEY16 dagen geleden

    Indeed life begins at 40

  • unknown161711
    unknown16171116 dagen geleden

    I got here from watching and a floor protection video on the trimaco website

  • Cornelius Eybers
    Cornelius Eybers16 dagen geleden

    An utterly pointless lecture with many references and no point, conclusion, advice or conviction...

  • yusef messallam
    yusef messallam17 dagen geleden

    There will soon be nothing Royal about the "Royal Society," once their corruption is exposed. This trash is nothing more than psychological projection on the people--the death throes of the failed British empire. Philip us out, soon his accomplice Queen Elisabeth, and Harry and Meghan are out. The crown is being exposed for their crimes against humanity. With it, their puppets, like the "royal society" will also be exposed for their frauds.

  • Uday Bagade
    Uday Bagade17 dagen geleden

    Let me tell you gentlemen and ladies that we can have a life of above 150 years so why to bother about such nonsense concept as mid life crisis, when we actually start understanding the ABC of life at about around 40 years of age . Your addictions and mental picture that we have a life of about 66 or 70 years is the culprit . Think that you have a life of about 150 years , maintain good health habits, learn more and more , the concept that we are designed to do only one profession or are capable of understanding either science or commerce or arts is a myth , we can learn new things , considering that we have no knowledge at all , that is the enthusiasm and innocence of a child , one will be able to confident that we can learn new things and have a very great life .

  • Patrick Kamugisha
    Patrick Kamugisha17 dagen geleden

    Real life starts when you start treating all people humanely

  • Sarafina Delirium
    Sarafina Delirium17 dagen geleden

    Couldnt watch. Wasn't interesting.

  • wies siew
    wies siew18 dagen geleden

    Your REAL life begins when you retire. Then you have the freedom to do what you want.

  • Afonso de Portugal

    Afonso de Portugal

    15 dagen geleden

    And the herniated spinal disks to go with it! 😁

  • SKY
    SKY18 dagen geleden

    only a loser of 40 years begins his life at 40.

  • Ezzeldin Adwan
    Ezzeldin Adwan18 dagen geleden

    The Quran 1400 years ago God Says ' We have charged the human to be kind to his parents. With much pain his mother bore him, and with much pain she gave birth to him; his bearing and weaning are thirty months. When he grows to manhood and attains his fortieth year, he says: 'Make me so disposed My Lord, so that I give thanks for the favours with which You have blessed me, my father and mother, and that I will do good deeds that will please You. And, make me righteous and also my descendants. To You I repent, and I am among those who surrender. ' Sura 46: AL-AHQAF وَوَصَّيْنَا الْإِنْسَانَ بِوَالِدَيْهِ إِحْسَانًا حَمَلَتْهُ أُمُّهُ كُرْهًا وَوَضَعَتْهُ كُرْهًا وَحَمْلُهُ وَفِصَالُهُ ثَلَاثُونَ شَهْرًا حَتَّى إِذَا بَلَغَ أَشُدَّهُ وَبَلَغَ أَرْبَعِينَ سَنَةً قَالَ رَبِّ أَوْزِعْنِي أَنْ أَشْكُرَ نِعْمَتَكَ الَّتِي أَنْعَمْتَ عَلَيَّ وَعَلَى وَالِدَيَّ وَأَنْ أَعْمَلَ صَالِحًا تَرْضَاهُ وَأَصْلِحْ لِي فِي ذُرِّيَّتِي إِنِّي تُبْتُ إِلَيْكَ وَإِنِّي مِنَ الْمُسْلِمِينَ ﴿۱۵﴾

  • Dash
    Dash18 dagen geleden

    Life starts at the moment we have born in this world... Matter is... How we live in this world till we live in this World. 🙂👆

  • andrew m
    andrew m18 dagen geleden

    The comments are better than the video!

  • akmz
    akmz18 dagen geleden

    If you get a young girlfriend and a sportscar and generally don't give a rat's bottom about the opinion of others, I wouldn't call this a crisis...

  • Monkey Tron
    Monkey Tron19 dagen geleden

    I was so looking forward to 40 and to put all that 30s rubbish behind me. Four years on, I’m delighted to say I was correct. I finally feel that I am myself (much like being a child). It’s wonderful. Much as other people’s opinions are welcome and interesting and may result in me changing an opinion from time to time, I am in control of who I am, what I stand for, what I care about and only I make these decisions and I can defend each and every one happily now. The last bit being a positive in being 40+ rather than 15-. It’s bliss.

  • Rodel's Creation
    Rodel's Creation19 dagen geleden

    life begins started we realize we need to grow and adopt changes

  • Lou D'Sainte
    Lou D'Sainte19 dagen geleden

    30:00 Part 3 Life Begins at 40

  • Fancy Animal
    Fancy Animal19 dagen geleden

    How many think this guy is wearing a pink Gstring under his trousers?

  • Ibrahim Kobayse
    Ibrahim Kobayse20 dagen geleden

    My life began when i stopped watching porn😎

  • Yugger Z
    Yugger Z20 dagen geleden

    life begins now

  • Imraan a rahim
    Imraan a rahim21 dag geleden

    Hi peeps FYI.It is stated in THE Quran that true life begins at 40. Official Prophethood of Muhammad pbuh starts at 40. 1st command from ALLAH to Muhammad and Us the people is to READ.

  • R
    R21 dag geleden

    I'll be 41 next week of writing this, people keep telling me I still look like im in high school but with a beard, I stopped drinking mid college, no real reason just preferred water and tea's, I have a deep skin routine, and I exercise everyday, I'm also picking up in income and what's a surprise I didn't see coming is women 25 and 28 know my age but still want to date. Not needing external validation, following your own path, stay healthy is the best way, and dammit travel even alone, even local find a destination 2 -4 hours away from your place and check it out. Life starts now.

  • Q E D
    Q E D22 dagen geleden

    The new 'Middle Age' is 53

  • Erika Kibitskaya
    Erika Kibitskaya22 dagen geleden

    This is the dumbest talk I’ve ever listened to.

  • lugner thelisma
    lugner thelisma22 dagen geleden

    Yesterday before, I shared this ideas with my sitser. Today I call her to see the confirmation of my thoughts in this topic.

  • lugner thelisma
    lugner thelisma22 dagen geleden

    Moses had to leave the Pharaoh palace at 40 years, God called him 40 years later to take the peole of Israel destiny. He had to fast 40 days and night to bring from God His law to the people. Further more Jesus had to do the same as Moses when He defeat the devil in Matthew chapter4. I'm affrid to say that I think to God, man reaches his mature age at 40.

    WHITE LOTUS VOICE-OVER22 dagen geleden

    Its an honor to be with you, by 40 i used to get perfect even in my last life, now i am more better.