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  • onlyjayus
    onlyjayusMaand geleden

    Hey go check out my most recent vlog :)

  • Vronz


    2 dagen geleden

    @uzarname name shes a normal wamen

  • Donranoc14


    3 dagen geleden

    Are you a girl or boy or tomboy

  • Deion jr. Mcqueen

    Deion jr. Mcqueen

    5 dagen geleden

    Are you a boy or girl

  • akira manuel perez

    akira manuel perez

    12 dagen geleden


  • lynn rahbani

    lynn rahbani

    14 dagen geleden

    No a gurl

  • Traitor Lord
    Traitor Lord2 uur geleden

    If your knee ever hurts just cut your entire leg off. Your leg cant hurt of it's not there!

  • Frosty VR
    Frosty VR2 uur geleden

    You could just use afterbite on the bug bite

  • Brandon Primero
    Brandon Primero3 uur geleden

    Jayus: FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN *proceeds to spay fly*

    AEENRARA3 uur geleden

    i cant stop laughing when she is fighting fly's

  • Bxtterfly_Dream
    Bxtterfly_Dream4 uur geleden

    That is me when I see a fly I HATE them so much

  • VInt.Sunsxt
    VInt.Sunsxt5 uur geleden

    I use vinegar to stop ich from bug bite

  • MarkEplier-kun
    MarkEplier-kun5 uur geleden

    I do the exact opposite of a hot spoon and just use fresh ice and put it on my bite for like 5 mins and get another one if it melts away.

  • Szakusiek
    Szakusiek7 uur geleden

    So you're saying that febreeze is like that shout from Skyrim that makes the dragon land except for flies?

  • T B
    T B8 uur geleden

    Why is this racist on my feed all the time

  • Some_1
    Some_18 uur geleden

    Do you have a bug bite Solution: burn your nerves for a few seconds

  • Abhijeet Kaushik
    Abhijeet Kaushik9 uur geleden

    So good

  • YAW
    YAW10 uur geleden

    Dont fuckin do the first one bruh its dangerous as hell

  • Maniac
    Maniac11 uur geleden

    What are Jayus' pronouns?

  • Bruhhify
    Bruhhify13 uur geleden

    If you have a bug bite just throw a spoon in the microwave for a minute then hold it against the bite and it will stop itching

  • Sandy Cheeks Gamer Cheeks
    Sandy Cheeks Gamer Cheeks15 uur geleden

    Me with the fly trick: Pathetic.. *Does Taijutsu*

  • Hazmat Gaming_76
    Hazmat Gaming_7615 uur geleden

    Ok I need to know something, What gender is Jayus? Cuz she has a girl face and hair but voice sounds deep and loud.

  • Landon Smith
    Landon Smith15 uur geleden

    The best way to kill a fly is a can of hairspray and a lighter. Can never be too sure.

  • CapnCody1622
    CapnCody162217 uur geleden

    Nobody gonna mention her shoestring belt?

  • Mark Benvenuto
    Mark Benvenuto19 uur geleden

    This and the cold shower one

  • Miguel Angel Mazó Moye
    Miguel Angel Mazó Moye20 uur geleden

    Yeah... It doesn't itch anymore because you just damaged the nerves by burning them

  • Interstell_ Art
    Interstell_ ArtDag geleden

    Anyone else notice the "Loser" tattoo on their left leg?? Jayus, you a real one

  • Logan's channel
    Logan's channelDag geleden


  • Kurikara99
    Kurikara99Dag geleden

    No STOP ✋!!!

  • Noreen Scully
    Noreen ScullyDag geleden

    Another way to stop a bug bight from not itching is to put a band-aid over it then u won't be able 2 scratch it, and the less u scratch it, the quicker it will go away

  • Shauna loves dogs
    Shauna loves dogsDag geleden

    Onlyjayus if you have a bug bite like me Me: Yes I'm listening Onlyjayus pulls down pants Me: hmmmm ok 😶😶😶😶

  • AiRsTrIkExXzZ
    AiRsTrIkExXzZDag geleden

    Burns your skin off but at least it doesn’t itch your millimetre of skin

  • MCShrek201
    MCShrek201Dag geleden

    Or... y'know... shorts... :p

  • Brock Mead
    Brock MeadDag geleden

    Was she heating the spoon on the burner?

  • ogel
    ogelDag geleden

    Oh look its the raceist

  • Detth
    DetthDag geleden

    "COME DOWN HERE AND FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN" Fly: *Detroit become human*

  • ExoticGamer123
    ExoticGamer123Dag geleden

    Dude I’m not gonna trade the itchiness which I can deal with for most cases for a burn

  • Diana UwU
    Diana UwUDag geleden

    I know 100% that that was a bee sting and I know the hack you put the spoon in warm water not put the spoon on the stove you probably would have a blister by doing that

  • It's Shreya
    It's ShreyaDag geleden

    Is she wearing boxers under her pants and is that a tattoo in her leg

  • cathy zelev
    cathy zelevDag geleden

    Hot spoon like in Constantine? That hurts

  • A A
    A ADag geleden

    Men of culture, here we meet again!

  • Sebastian Lecroix
    Sebastian LecroixDag geleden

    Having your toe Hit on the door? Cut your Leg Off!

  • Janrei Keven Niefes
    Janrei Keven NiefesDag geleden

    Come here fly and fight me like a man The fly but im a girl

  • Unreasonably Random
    Unreasonably RandomDag geleden

    I'd rather just wear the wrinkly clothes then waste water and electricity.

  • Michael Flores
    Michael FloresDag geleden

    The fly was once a man ╏ ” ⊚ ͟ʖ ⊚ ” ╏

  • MrJK
    MrJKDag geleden

    Me watching onlyjayus : "Do you have a bugbite?"...Strips My parents watching it with me* Me : AYO NAH NAH....BRUHHH NAH MOM I CAN EXPLAIN

  • Razors ComfyVibes
    Razors ComfyVibesDag geleden

    How the heck did you get on my NLdron recommendations, I only followed you on twitch

  • Arrjun Ramesh
    Arrjun RameshDag geleden

    Me: *got outta the shower* she hella cute tho. Her: proceeds to strip. Me: ah shit, here we go again. Men of culture assemble.

  • alisa parra
    alisa parraDag geleden

    woah wtf

  • Kaleb Fleet
    Kaleb FleetDag geleden

    My eyes have betrayed me...😳

  • Jokty 12
    Jokty 12Dag geleden

    Yall are waaayy too excited about seeing a girl's legs

  • Mittens Wichen
    Mittens WichenDag geleden


  • ChocoIs Late
    ChocoIs LateDag geleden

    Why is NO ONE talking about the knives on her leg???

  • Lamyss Benzar
    Lamyss BenzarDag geleden

    That was the fanciest pants drop ever. Dang.

  • Crystal Jones
    Crystal JonesDag geleden

    That's not a bug bite anymore

  • Ethan Keen
    Ethan KeenDag geleden

    PLEASE DO NOT DO THE FIRST ONE. It will cause your tissue so much unnecessary damage, just put up with the itching.

  • MarkEplier-kun


    5 uur geleden

    Slap it really hard, or just use ice

  • Demon Wolf9941
    Demon Wolf9941Dag geleden

    Jay: Fight ME LIKE A MAN Nothing as ever described how I feel about flys in my life

  • Doom slayer
    Doom slayer2 dagen geleden

    Why just why

  • Muhammad Ali Haider
    Muhammad Ali Haider2 dagen geleden

    Am I the only one who heard "into the thick of it" in the background

  • Eddie likes ramen :D
    Eddie likes ramen :D2 dagen geleden

    The simps finna hunt her down

  • Techliner
    Techliner2 dagen geleden

    You can also mqke the itch stop by imbedding an X on it with your nails with enough pressure. I do it all the time with mosquito bites and immidiately helps calm it down

  • Naileah Moreira
    Naileah Moreira2 dagen geleden

    Come down here and fight me like a man!

  • Korosh Eht
    Korosh Eht2 dagen geleden

    Oh so your leg is itchy just give it a 3 degree burn

  • Octavius Phoenix
    Octavius Phoenix2 dagen geleden

    Oh i knew the febreze thing, as a kid i used to genocide flies that way

  • Rohan Gisiawan
    Rohan Gisiawan2 dagen geleden

    Putting ice over an mosquito bite also helps

  • Edo Morales
    Edo Morales2 dagen geleden

    Nah, I just use a rubber sling gun at those flies. Seeing their dead bodies on walls feels satisfying

  • TheStereotypicalMoron
    TheStereotypicalMoron2 dagen geleden

    Last one is actually a tip for destroying mini aircraft

  • David Films
    David Films2 dagen geleden

    U have the most cringe comment section lmfao

  • Pilot_Doggo
    Pilot_Doggo2 dagen geleden

    The screaming was funny

  • Laura Ferrari
    Laura Ferrari2 dagen geleden

    Fastest like in the west

  • Lime Beans animation
    Lime Beans animation2 dagen geleden

    Bro the amount of enbyphobia here in the comments I'll be needing that burning spoon jayus.

  • BHorst BHorsty
    BHorst BHorsty3 dagen geleden

    I do this dryer trick all the time. I don't iron my clothes. I take a wet sock and put things in the dryer

  • nate Jay
    nate Jay3 dagen geleden

    my mum just walked in the room as she pulled down her pants. Slowly walked away. That's our relatioship

  • Beyonce Avila
    Beyonce Avila3 dagen geleden

    I used to get lots of bug bites so then I figured out if you get a lemon and salt it would make the bug bite go away without no marks left

  • John Bullard
    John Bullard3 dagen geleden

    Your a keeper !

  • root beer pancake
    root beer pancake3 dagen geleden

    Wow, she puts too much trust in her fans becuz I swear there's gonna be some rule 34 stuff now

  • Priti Soni
    Priti Soni3 dagen geleden

    Ummmmm what to do if you are cleaning your ear and stick the cotton buds to far in your ear????

  • Singe Deguerre
    Singe Deguerre3 dagen geleden

    Guys do not put an hot spoon at a bug bite try to just use some ice it will make a much better job without hurting you

  • Bobby Allison
    Bobby Allison3 dagen geleden

    ALL THE SIMPS RN 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • straysthetic
    straysthetic3 dagen geleden

    Now I know why Lee know used frebreeze instead of perfume

  • Judey garner
    Judey garner3 dagen geleden

    Jayus: strips My parents walk In . . .

  • Dinosquad
    Dinosquad3 dagen geleden

    Everyone just look at the tattoo nothing else okay

  • Harrison Wells
    Harrison Wells3 dagen geleden

    Only perverts would have known what I was looking at during the bug bite clip :)

  • Edwin Andino Castillo
    Edwin Andino Castillo3 dagen geleden

    The bug bite one is really helpful cause here in El Salvador the Mosquitos are so fuccccccking annoying and I put bug spray 🇸🇻❤️🫓

  • Lofi ASMR
    Lofi ASMR3 dagen geleden

    I've always used the last one, at least I'm not alone

  • Xander Harris
    Xander Harris3 dagen geleden

    I did number 3 and I am now known to the flies at the fly Slayer I used to breathe and I only hit them when they were on the floor

  • Ins3curity
    Ins3curity3 dagen geleden

    Everyone is talking about how she took of her pants But know one is talking about how she has a knife on he leg

  • lil Cacti

    lil Cacti

    3 dagen geleden

    Hi , just a reminder that jayus uses they/them pronouns now

  • ObscurityGC
    ObscurityGC3 dagen geleden

    Is their belt a shoe lace?

  • The Prince of Koppas
    The Prince of Koppas3 dagen geleden

    Come down here and fight me like a man That one female fly

  • poppycars213
    poppycars2133 dagen geleden

    If I have a bug bite I drive my finger nail into it and it stops itiching

  • Ticobot
    Ticobot4 dagen geleden

    Cool legs lady 😎👉👉

  • Fluffy rip 🙁
    Fluffy rip 🙁4 dagen geleden

    Yeah why do u tell fake facts

  • Juan Sebastian
    Juan Sebastian4 dagen geleden

    Trevor Lawrence is really giving good facts

  • Litten Kitten Project
    Litten Kitten Project4 dagen geleden

    Bruh I saw this after I cleared my bug bites

  • Kaylodon Undertale
    Kaylodon Undertale4 dagen geleden

    Dude jayus is hella cute.

  • Danny Benhur
    Danny Benhur4 dagen geleden

    That was a mild heartache...

  • JTBIA lmao
    JTBIA lmao4 dagen geleden

    Wait wha... Is jayus a boy or a girl im confused this is the first time i see em

  • lil Cacti

    lil Cacti

    3 dagen geleden

    Girl, but jayus is now non binary. Meaning they don’t classify as a male or female

  • Fiona Anandita
    Fiona Anandita4 dagen geleden

    Ummm is she/he a boy or girl

  • lil Cacti

    lil Cacti

    3 dagen geleden

    Girl, but jayus is now non binary. Meaning they don’t classify as a male or female

  • Chris*On*Acid
    Chris*On*Acid4 dagen geleden

    I still can’t tell if it is a he or she…

  • lil Cacti

    lil Cacti

    3 dagen geleden

    Girl, but jayus is now non binary. Meaning they don’t classify as a male or female

  • StapleGolf
    StapleGolf4 dagen geleden

    I thought this was posted on the wrong website for a second

  • Zoombbq2
    Zoombbq24 dagen geleden


  • Demon_ Hunted
    Demon_ Hunted4 dagen geleden

    You are literally the best person ever

  • Darrell Shepherd
    Darrell Shepherd4 dagen geleden

    The febreze does work on spiders too, I used it to immobilize the spider then force it down the sink ran the water for 3 and a half minutes to make sure it's down in there and now I have a febreze smell good can next to the toilet now

  • Violet Thompson
    Violet Thompson4 dagen geleden

    The background sounds ~CASTAWAYS ~ WE ARE CASTAWAYS

  • Thomas Hammonds
    Thomas Hammonds4 dagen geleden

    Tried the hot spoon trick doesn't work