Kate, Duchess of Cambridge: Being a Royal Mother


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    What do you think of Kate's parenting?

  • Colette Brouchier

    Colette Brouchier

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  • Lady Di forever

    Lady Di forever

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    I believe that if lady Di is present Kate and lady Di would have been the best mom and daughter in law

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  • Kholoud Ragab

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    @Bella ZMi 7ù

  • Becky Teninty
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    Kate you are an Awesome Mother/Mum much Loved by your Children and People Around the World. Keep up the Great Work. Much Love and Gratitude, from Texas USA! .We are Always, Here For You!

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    Merci beaucoup pour vos réponses et conseils et démarches de la TANZANIE/CONGO/GABON et COMORES/MAYOTE/COI/ACP/ONU

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    One must give this lady an award.🏆

  • Mariko Totsuka
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    こちらまで 幸せオーラ いただきました。ありがとうございました。

  • Chi D
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    Lovely Kate!

  • Loving Kate
    Loving Kate13 dagen geleden

    I definitely agree. Catherine is a super awesome mother. She helped take care of Charlotte’s tantrum, also doing ordinary family life. Princess Diana would’ve been so proud of her son and Catherine.

  • Waa Ryder
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  • uma Uma
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    I think she is a good mother

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam18 dagen geleden

    Being a mom isn't a competition guys. So what if she have the chance to be wealthy so she can have an army of nannies to help her? That don't mean she don't raise and educate at all or even less. And yes she don't have a conventional job but sis still work a 24/7 job. Her job is literally part of her everyday life ffs so again stop comparing what she do to what you (or you mom) do. Two differents things, but in the end a good mom still a good mom 👩

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    RFFR OLD SKOOL 4EVA / JAH JAH28 dagen geleden

    Love 💕 you Duchess Kate of Cambridge, have loved & respected you ever since you & William been together…..& your a awesome mum to your beautiful children ….. Strong 💪 mama & future Queen 👑 yessss we’re so lucky 🍀 Take care Duchess, Prince William & children God Bless Queen Elizabeth…….

  • BreannMarie Grissom
    BreannMarie Grissom29 dagen geleden

    I wish I could balance work and motherhood as well as Kate does

  • Good Good
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    Lady Di ❤️😭😭😭

  • Roshni Patel
    Roshni PatelMaand geleden

    Diana would have loved Kate and her grandchildren ❤️

  • Callie Roberts
    Callie RobertsMaand geleden

    Delightful couple. Kate has handled her 'role' so well. It is a very tough job but she makes it look elegantly effortless. Where Kate shines at the top of the spectrum, Harry's wife has shamefully fallen off the bottom. The only thing I actually liked about Harry's wife was her skin colour... Go Kate!~!

  • Dell Chica
    Dell ChicaMaand geleden

    Handling kids in heels. Awesome!

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  • Victoria Rebolledo
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    Con la plata que tiene esta zangana avara puede tener hasta 100 nanas para que le cuiden sus hijos floja y en otras partes del mundo los niños muriendo de hambre una madre mala mala egoista .

  • Tawnia Baze
    Tawnia BazeMaand geleden

    She has so much grace! Beautiful inside and out!

  • Hekate
    HekateMaand geleden

    Kate is the most beautiful woman I swear she looks so elegant all the time

  • Mabel Baker
    Mabel BakerMaand geleden

    How's being a "royal mother" different to the rest of us including you? Pls tell!

  • Людмила Декало
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    Як же приємно на них дивитися!!!! Вони є прикладом для наслідування у всьому. Дуже важливо правильно одружитися.

  • Taís Bunioto
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    Kate is a truly princess!

  • Andrea Binger
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    Den auf Kate kann willeam wirklich stolz sein. Aber schade das immer lügen über die beiden geschrieben wird

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    i want to have diana's and kate's style and confidence

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  • Mary Dangleben
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    Stop l'idolâtrie

  • CC
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    What. a beautiful family.

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  • Official Rosaila Magnolia
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    Do they not believe in strollers?noticed she has carry her kids with nothing

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    so what?

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  • edward toner
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    Kate the real princess and not that other American joke

  • Lan Tran
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    You can tell Kate knows how to hold her child. When you look at MeAgain carrying Archie, the poor boy looks like he's slipping down n his mum his holding him by his neck. MeAgain should take a crash course in childcare before her 2nd.

  • Corgi Love

    Corgi Love

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    Markle is holding a doll lol

  • Gloria Muñoz
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    Que linda familia the Duches of Cambridge s

  • EM MCM
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    Pure class and grace!!

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  • Ali Dangelo
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    Las malvinas son argentinas!🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌2021🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷2021✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷2021✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷✌🇦🇷

  • Lyn Sherlock
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    She's a great🙏❤ person and a great mum 😀

  • sandra cabrejos
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    Que lindos los nietos de Diana la princesa bella hermosa siempre recordada el mayor se parece igualito asu hno de Diana y la mujercita a Diana

  • Grammy Tap Dancing by Sharamay Ritter
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    Charlotte reminds me of her Uncle Harry sticking tongue out lol

  • Asian mix
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    Will cheated .Cuz William cheated. Kate stopped talking to rose after her husband's affair. Kate got paid just to stay with him after the affair with rose. Kate had boyfriend and DUMPED him for William and desperately wanting to marry him BADLY. She got him back by wearing the see through outfit on catwalk

  • J. L. S.

    J. L. S.

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    I saw this same comment to other videos. Get a life. The world is already chaotic. Be good and do good. ✌️

  • Marina G.
    Marina G.Maand geleden

    La foto di Charlotte con la mamma è bellissima e dolcissima

  • PipersSon
    PipersSonMaand geleden

    As anyone noticed that when you post a photo of Meghan stood with HRH Kate Windsor, every Brit in the Country compares these two with eath other, and after some thought and careful consideration they say privately to themselves: England 6 USA 0. An secondary problem is people all over the world are comparing Harry to William, and many are wondering what a DNA test might prove?

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    The Royal Family Channel.🙏🙏👍👍

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    Propagande 😭😭😭😭😭

  • AJ
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    Kate is one classy lady.

  • Esperanza Anders
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    Always God bless you and your family's ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Wakakaka
    WakakakaMaand geleden

    Charlotte looks so much like her great grandma the Queen!

  • Elsas_Fan
    Elsas_FanMaand geleden

    I hope the boys don’t get dad’s inherited baldness. Although their grandfather still has hair. I think great- grandfather did too, though not a lot. R.I.P. Prince Philip.

  • Elsas_Fan
    Elsas_FanMaand geleden

    George looks just like dad at that age.

  • Mamawii
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    Kate is a gem💎💎💎

  • Mariella Triglia
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    Bellissimi 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓👍👍

  • Ermie Cole
    Ermie ColeMaand geleden

    Princess Katherine is a beautiful person as a whole,good loving mother and wife which is not a surprise coming from loving family with good up bringing and good family relationships.She’ll be a good wife and mother like her parents.That’s her good traits loving and caring, aside from being beautiful inside and out. That’s how William fall in love with her she’s a whole package and he’s proud of her.Their love for each other was nurtured for 7-8 years before they get married. God bless you and your beautiful children.🙏❤️

  • Debbie Seitz
    Debbie Seitz2 maanden geleden

    Duchess Catherine so elegant and beautiful as well as being a loving mother,and supportive wife.

  • Sweet Jan
    Sweet Jan2 maanden geleden

    Queen Mam carol Middleton is your great mother. God bless your family. KING

  • Sweet Jan
    Sweet Jan2 maanden geleden

    A little doll and baby take care more your cute baby beautiful. MashaAllah

  • Maria Ciobanu
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    She is so beautiful

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  • 飯塚忠光


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  • Terry Carnes
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    Why are you calling the Duchess "Kate Middleton"? That hasn't been her name for 10 years. I'm glad this channel is not exploiting them and is positive and kind. But calling her by her maiden name at this point is denying all that she has become since the wedding long ago.

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    In my 20's and yet everyday i feel like a nervous little schoolboy like Prince George @ 2.43

  • glenys edwards
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    There we go you rarely seen Charles out or playing with his children kate is like princess diana all about the kids a d her work as a royal .

  • Nancy G
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    Video author: She is not Kate Middleton. She is HRH The Duchess of Cambridge or Catherine. Show some respect.

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  • Eleanor Maitlann
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    No matter what happens NO corruptions PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, I pray.

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  • Jacqueline C
    Jacqueline C2 maanden geleden

    Catherine is a wonderful mother, so natural, friendly and happy. Those three children are lucky to have such loving parents. 💖💖💖

  • Ruby Church
    Ruby Church2 maanden geleden

    She really loves her life, her children and her husband. What a lucky woman.

  • Iba Khriam
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    She's a lovely mother❤️

  • timothy Star
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  • Claudia Palacios
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    Diana would of adored Kate!!! Hands down!!

  • Sunshine May
    Sunshine May2 maanden geleden

    The Duchess of Cambridge is always radiant, so beautiful inside and out. It is never about her, never looking at the camera, not competing with her husband's attention. She always show class and grace.( It is a big contrast with Harry's wife) I hope I get to see in my lifetime when Prince William and Princess Catherine become King and Queen.

  • Ali Nalgonda
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    Mother is precious gift of God,,

  • Chi Javier
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    Princess Charlotte!😄🥰

  • Ravindu
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    Duchess of cambridge is doing such a good job 👏. No wonder meghan couldn't live with that 😂

  • Edwin Leslie
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    I like Charlotte I think she's going to be a real character.....

  • Jocelyn Joseph
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    Royalty and holding the Crown👑.

  • DaphneHarridge
    DaphneHarridge2 maanden geleden

    “Kate/Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge” indicates she is divorced. And please stop calling her Kate Middleton. She is HRH The Duchess of Cambridge. Thumbs down on this video after only 5 seconds.

  • Gretchen Britta
    Gretchen Britta2 maanden geleden

    LOVE HER 💓

  • glenys edwards
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    How lovely to see this family we are so proud of them and it is lovely to see,,

  • Debra Anderson
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  • Utoob Surfing
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    Kate, what a stark difference to that drama queen Meghan.

  • Mema Del Rey
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  • lubna s
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    How does she carry a baby in those sky high heels? I trip on flat surfaces in my tennis shoes.

  • dina octavina
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    Always love Her so much from the first time I saw her on TV.

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    hello friend my name is Jung Kelly I'm chatting from Yemen . Nice to meet you❤❤

  • Universal Truth
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    All three children are very cute. This is because their father is handsome and their mother is very beautiful.

  • Ary Dav
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    It reminds me of Diana by the way she hug her kids. What a pure loving care mother👍❤

  • aman deep
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    So cute child god bless u

  • kayla karts
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  • Pemuda Netizen
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    Princes charlote like queen elisabeth 2

  • Ragaa Makar
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    God bless

  • Ragaa Makar
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    God bless

  • Lori Ru
    Lori Ru2 maanden geleden

    Loving the videos. Duchess Kate has that magical “princess” aura that little girls find so magical.

    POLLY LIU2 maanden geleden

    The most beautiful duchess of Cambridge Kate ..sooo friendly & down to earth...we loved you very much .

  • kunjumol Cyriac
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    How beautiful and blessed family. May the Almighty grant to more to look after your lovely kids Kate ad Will.

  • HelenDiazOfficial
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    The nations sweetheart x

  • Arbinda Mundary
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    Her motherly instinct is real and heartfelt. She is well raised by her Royal parents. She is an example how other citizens must have the behaviour towards children .