John Mayer - Last Train Home (Official Video)

“Last Train Home” from John Mayer’s upcoming album ‘Sob Rock’ out now:

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Directors: Cameron Duddy \u0026 Harper Smith
Producer: Jeremy Sullivan
Prod. Co: Hound
EP’s: Missy Galanida \u0026 Isaac Rice
DP: Santiago Gonzalez
Art: Elizabet Puksto
Stylist: Nra Kudelka
Editors: Jen Kennedy / James Fage / Cameron Duddy
Color: Marshall Plante


If you wanna roll me, then you gotta roll me all night long
And if you wanna use me, then you gotta use me til I’m gone
I’m not a fallen angel, I just fell behind
I’m out of luck and I’m out of time
If you don’t wanna love me, let me go
I’m runnin for the last train
I’m runnin for the last train home

If you wanna know me, then you gotta know me through and through
And if you’re gonna hurt me, then you gotta hold me next to you
No matter how you work it, things go wrong
I put my heart where it don’t belong
So if you’re comin with me let me know
Maybe you’re the last train
Maybe you’re the last train home

I’m on the last train runnin
I’m on the last train runnin
And I surrender
And I surrender


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  • essi0489
    essi0489Uur geleden

    This is a song for an animation.

  • essi0489
    essi0489Uur geleden

    John, I love you but let’s go back to the drawing board.

  • maria _chan
    maria _chanUur geleden

    Jojo référence 🤙

  • gary gracious
    gary gracious2 uur geleden

    Some how I get an EricClapton-Journeyman album vibe.

  • becraul
    becraul2 uur geleden

    The 80s are back children. Thank you John for taking me back to my teens.

  • Uday Sharma
    Uday Sharma3 uur geleden

    i TOTO-LLY did not expect everyone to realize what continent and group this song was inspired from

  • Uday Sharma
    Uday Sharma3 uur geleden

    i like the toto- countryish feel

  • NRimage Creative Hub
    NRimage Creative Hub4 uur geleden

    didn't know Johnny Depp could sing like this.

  • Stephen Sadlier
    Stephen Sadlier4 uur geleden

    I get the Africa reference, but this song also reminds me of Eric Clapton's "It's in the Way That You Use It."

  • gonscla92
    gonscla925 uur geleden

    Como le gusta bebotear a John Mayer, la curte toda y se toca todo. ¡Un crack!

  • Roberto A Fernández R
    Roberto A Fernández R5 uur geleden

    What's with the miniature pink guitar??

  • MD888


    2 uur geleden

    its not miniature, john's just a big guy lol. its a PRS silver sky (color not released yet)

  • RevBluesman
    RevBluesman5 uur geleden

    If you order "Toto - Africa" at Wish ... ;-)

  • Uday G
    Uday G6 uur geleden

    🔥❤️ As Always Legendary!!! #JohnMayer

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou6 uur geleden

    This video screams Eric Clapton “Bad Love”, same vibe, the stage, John’s hair style, jacket, the keyboardist....hilarious!🤣

  • Aventurera Del Sur
    Aventurera Del Sur6 uur geleden

    Kourtney Kardashian is a very talented singer.

  • Xenia Simeonidou
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    Did robin pecknold lead you here?

  • The Vegan Flutist
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    Yaaaaaaaay!!! This makes soooo happy!!! Thank you John!!

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  • asioe kiou

    asioe kiou

    6 uur geleden

    Director: Do we have one more guitar that John can play?

  • James DE leon
    James DE leon8 uur geleden

    Sounds like TOTO Africa I love it 💕💕

    NICOUD JJ8 uur geleden

    Toto ??? 👂 🎧 musique 🎵

  • Dusan Vrabec
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    clearly female singer cares more about the way she dress as the way she sings.

  • Nates
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    Clicked thinking this was Jojo ending lmao

  • One Two
    One Two8 uur geleden Tribute to Dwight Yoakam?

  • Tristan Vilallon
    Tristan Vilallon8 uur geleden

    This one sounds like Toto and Gin Blossoms

  • Rene van Westen
    Rene van Westen9 uur geleden

    Fantastic the Prophet 5 sound. Seeing that, hearing, it must be fantastic. Im now back in the 80s. (Bit Toto)

  • Isaac Rocha
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    Next on Vice City one o' five

  • khaleefa AL hemli
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    That's is so Clapton

  • Dylan Brown
    Dylan Brown9 uur geleden

    Who is the woman who sings at the end?

  • Pat Jackson
    Pat Jackson9 uur geleden

    Very classic 80s John Mayer. I love this style for him. Great song!

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  • Nicholas Hohwart
    Nicholas Hohwart10 uur geleden

    Thanks a lot, John, for another great summer pop hit. I find these types of songs for you to be full of life and inspiring. I can tell you enjoy them. Great and sizzling 80s guitar sound (reminiscent of Clapton and Santana at the time) with a early 2000s MTV video feel. This is one I’ll be playing for a while.

  • Tim Malloy
    Tim Malloy10 uur geleden

    Director: Do we have one more guitar that John can play?

  • srikar vetcha
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    Who is the female artist?

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  • Paul Horgan
    Paul Horgan11 uur geleden

    Bland, end of story.

  • Yp Jaya
    Yp Jaya11 uur geleden

    When Prince try to play Neon with purple rain vibe in Heaven = Last train home

  • David Andráš
    David Andráš11 uur geleden

    Sooo cool 80's vibe 👌👌 love the guitar as always... Genius

  • Qwerty
    Qwerty12 uur geleden

    It feels like I taken back to 90's day🥺

  • Falo Verdades
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    Omg I’m so addicted 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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    This song about Thomas ain't bad

  • Sketchless id
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    I thought it was johnny depp

  • Robbie Lackey
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    SOB rock… Something Over Better?

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    4 out of 5M views are probably mine alone

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    great song

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    Wow 5Mil views

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    Eu amo d++++ esse homem aaaaah ❤❤❤

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  • Megha haha
    Megha haha14 uur geleden

    from wanting to stop the train to finding the last train home GROWTH

  • Pratik Gurung
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    He makes good songs about trains!!

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  • JeyPi
    JeyPi16 uur geleden

    Didn't expect Johnny Depp to release a song 😁 this smooth

  • JeyPi


    16 uur geleden

    @shilu temsu hell yeah

  • shilu temsu

    shilu temsu

    16 uur geleden

    No your father jhonny sin can.

  • Brick Williams Guitar
    Brick Williams Guitar16 uur geleden

    Mayer writing a song with a Toto vibe. I dig it.

  • shilu temsu

    shilu temsu

    16 uur geleden

    Lol I finally I got someone with a donkey brain sorry to say this but but I have to, no need to thank me you deserve it. And yeah if you have eyes than check out the man playing keyboard, he is the same person playing for the song toto Africa.And now don't say why he played his own music. I know you may understand.. I know you are smart.

  • Jared King
    Jared King16 uur geleden


  • Mark Power
    Mark Power16 uur geleden

    Is that Phillinganes at the beginning? Awesome song 🔥

  • blueslove61
    blueslove6117 uur geleden

    Oh jeebus, this is shit.

  • Dominika Jakubiec
    Dominika Jakubiec17 uur geleden

    It sounds for me (in a good way) like Tarzan in Africa.

  • phil charlesworth
    phil charlesworth17 uur geleden

    Very Phil Collins but love it

  • Hazy
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    dog is best in vid

  • Thoudam Anjika
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    Day 9

  • Sarah South
    Sarah South18 uur geleden

    I kept waiting for Steve Perry to appear and start wailing … “Oh, Sherrie, oh Sherrie…”

  • Joey Fioti

    Joey Fioti

    6 uur geleden

    Really would have knocked it out of the park. (Altho Steve's voice is long gone.)

  • Milesh Bhana
    Milesh Bhana18 uur geleden

    Getting some strong...Mary Spender vibes from this song.

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  • C. ST.
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    Eric Clapton influenced. It sounds terrific!

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  • JG Hill Drums
    JG Hill Drums19 uur geleden

    Percussion are outstanding…Great work…

  • Denise Maderis
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    My daughter and I loved seeing hom at Shoreline , in Mt. VIEW, cA. What a night to remember. John is amazing and gas our respect 🙌

  • Phillip S.S
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    1:27 who is it?

  • Leo Martin
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  • Joe Bolick
    Joe Bolick21 uur geleden

    Anyone else here getting a strong Eric Clapton journeyman vibe?? ie Badlove, Pretending, etc. honestly I dig the sound and vibe

  • Zachary Gail
    Zachary Gail21 uur geleden

    Legendary already This is just one those songs Absolutely crushed it

  • Roberto Pallas
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    I liked this one

  • Samantha Medeiros
    Samantha Medeiros21 uur geleden

    Pronta p assistir 3000 vezes 😂

  • Sarah Carey
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    The mighty structure immunophenotypically grate because land echographically hum aside a rotten bed. silent, nonstop multi-hop

  • Fadhilah
    Fadhilah21 uur geleden

    From "stop this train" to "last train home"

  • AtillatheHut
    AtillatheHut21 uur geleden

    To John Mayer, all involved in the making of this video, everyone involved in the writing, recording and producing of this song, all involved in band management and press and anyone watching and listening I want to say God Bless you all and your families. Your Heavenly Father knows you and loves you all, Jesus is the Way to eternal life please please please all repent and follow Him. The Kingdom of God is waiting for you all to repent. And when you have time I encourage you all to pray this prayer: 'Heavenly Father, what do you want to show me?" and then listen

  • Akash Ghosh
    Akash Ghosh22 uur geleden

    Who is the female backup vocal?

  • Steve
    Steve22 uur geleden

    Please keep up the 80s feels. Thank you

  • George Aragon
    George Aragon22 uur geleden

    The 80s were a magical time. Thanks for taking us home even if it was just for a little while.

  • grandma_moses
    grandma_moses22 uur geleden

    Well done, John. Gets better every time you hear it.

  • Nick Prutchick
    Nick Prutchick22 uur geleden

    Thank you to Mary Spender for getting me introduced to you, not that I haven't heard of you before, I can't believe that I haven't really listened to you until now. I will catch up. This song really hit my heart and I thank you for that.

  • Ana Novais
    Ana Novais23 uur geleden

  • Kevin Majka
    Kevin Majka23 uur geleden

    If you actually like John Mayer - you can hear a lot of old song influences here from his catalog and influences. This fits so logically in with New Light, Carry Me Away, and I Guess I Just Feel Like. Marren Morris is just delightful with a brief cameo. It's not his best song - but it certainly has a fun vibe that is kind of signaling a shift. Similar to how Waiting on the World to Change came out and had a different vibe.

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    ussry ronnie my cat 1!# gmail .com my cat !!#

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    Not enough gut

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    When John Mayer looks like Johnny Depp in the younger version 😁

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    Fk yeah let's save the music!

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    Thumbnail looks like johny depp 😂

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    I was just trying to listen to Stardust Crusaders ost and now I’m here.

  • Mike Bergstrom
    Mike BergstromDag geleden

    His live version of this is gonna be so kick ass. You already know he’s gonna rip a fire solo out of the bag every time he plays this in front of a crowd

  • Robin Erwin
    Robin ErwinDag geleden

    Very 80s feel to it. I like it. 👍

  • MansKompany
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    John Mayer the goat is back!!

  • dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    Dag geleden

    well your typical and awesome faded-out solo. After finding it yesterday, I have found myself listening to it about 20 times.

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    Digging this

  • Empty Promises
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    I've never been a Mayer fan, but this one 🤩 This. Is. One. Dope. Tune. It's so tasty... I love it!

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    Spin that fringe...👍🏻😆🎼

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    '80/90 vibes everywhere (and a little bit of Eric Clapton)🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥