Jackson & April | their love story


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    I've seen this SOOOOO many times lmaooo. I just love them and can't be bothered watching all seasons lol

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    Jesus Christ died for our sins

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    11:50 best scene, so magical !

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    What episode is the second scene from?

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    Their story literally breaks my heart :(

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    I can't explain how much i cried watchlng this

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    Wait I’m so confused, the scene where they were on their first day I don’t remember seeing that. Also what scene was the one where they walked into the place Reed died, I don’t remember seeing that scene either.

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    The scene where they first met is from that episode that is all abouz japril. It's a flashback

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    I'm a guy, I live there 😂. That's pure honesty 👍🏽

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    So they don't end up together??

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    they ended together

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    Everything went bad from season 8

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    please it would be so perfect if them meeting in season 17 about boston was added here, the perfect closure

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    Alex Karev was another amazing one. If you needed total honesty Karev was the man.

  • Sepato
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    Jackson Avery and April Kepner (best couple ever). That was love. You could taste it. They were meant to be together. Love how Jackson left; he was not moving to Boston without his best ladies

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    'Was that a proposition?' Turns out, yes it was....

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    I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL SO MUCH AHH!! You’re so beautiful and talented!!:))♥️ this video is amazing and all of your videos are incredible!!

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    You skipped a lot though…

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    Great video...

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    Japril Forever...♥️

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    I will never forgive grey’s for breaking them up . I LOVE THEM 😩😩😩 I love JACKSON UGGHHH

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    Jackson was such an asshole to her bmmmbz

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    Oh jeez I just love this couple,!!!!

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    pls update the video with the ENDGAMEEE 🙏🏼🥳🗣

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    Can I just say, that Catherine comforting April and helping her figure out what to do with Samuel is truly beautiful and unbelievably heartbreaking all at once.

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    4:48 i always cry for her in this scene

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    They are belong together 😭 they are each other person and soulmates

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    They were THE best couple… I‘ve watched all those seasons just because of them.. and stoped watching after April left. they had such a good chemistry and I hated the fact that they were not to be endgame after everything they‘ve gone through together BUT NOW I feel that they will be endgame. And I love it.

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    What movie or series is this

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    Grey's anatomy

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    Smh I hate undeveloped Karev, he was so mean

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    I hate that they wont just tell us the show is ending, instead of taking away all our beloved people from greys. First Alex, then Deluca, now Avery. I will never forgive them.

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    Thank you for illustrating their story so beautifully

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    This needs to be updated! Japril is endgame!

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    I am so mad at shonda for ruining best couples on Greys anatomy

  • CJPDeQueen


    2 maanden geleden

    Well Shonda can't be mainly blamed for JApril as she had left the show as showrunner and head writer when the decision was made to let Sarah Drew go and not bring April and Jackson back together but instead put her back with Matthew. That's all on Krista.

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    you gotta update this

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    I feel like they're gonna get back together..

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    I cried so hard by looking this.

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    Endgame Fr 🥺

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    Redoooo this next weekkk

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    well, it's time to add the recent episode onto this one! :')

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    I love this chronological order! thank you so much!! I love them so much! ❤️ and you included all my favorite scenes, they’re all so important

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    Unpopular opinion but i love how catherine treats april (minus the part where she planned to sue april lol for keeping her pregnancy a secret) she was nice to her even after the divorce

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    Thank God we’ve got season 17

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    I never seen this season because I never got that far. But oh my goodness I am shipping it.

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    We did it guys, we got our Japril back. I couldn’t be happier ❤️

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    Mirna Kačič

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    @Alex Blue she is divorced and they moved to Boston together. They are not officially together but there coupd be future for the two of them ❤️

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    Alex Blue

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    What happened?

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    I personally would have also liked to see when Jackson tells her “whatever you need , I’m here for you” and she said “did I tell you , it’s a boy, we’re having a boy” 😭

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  • Lissette Rivera

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    OMGGGG beautiful love

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    They’re endgame!

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    Now you need to add them moving to Boston together in this 🤧🤧

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    please update this with their happy ending scene

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    Sometimes love just ends!

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    this hits so hard after episode 14 of season 17

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    Would you consider extending this video and include the episode from this week? Pleaseee it would be so perfect

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    You’ll have to update this. Japril had their happy ending. Finally

  • Zoë Foures-Kurt

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    2 maanden geleden

    can you tell me what happened?? I don't watch the show lol

  • Adriana Avila

    Adriana Avila

    2 maanden geleden

    I know right?! I want these scenes from May 6th episode Japril the reunion to be included

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    Miriam Orieukwu

    2 maanden geleden

    Yes !!!!!

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    Christye Lynn2 maanden geleden

    Jackson is too good for anyone.

  • Christye Lynn
    Christye Lynn2 maanden geleden

    They were such great friends. Why mess them up with so much drama! They should have had their happily ever after with the wedding.

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    We got our endgame

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    With Jackson leaving this is making me emotional 😭

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    Love her

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    Here after 17x14 I’m in tears, THEY GOT THEIR ENDGAME😭😭

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    This Nigerian Loves Drinking Zobo

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    They did get it

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    Had to watch this after tonight's episode. 😢

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    they got their endgame 🥺

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    I haven’t watch this but lmao I don’t wanna die a virgin either 😔

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    Can't believe they distroyed this couple. Besides Mark and Lexie, they only felt perfect for each other.

  • Wonderfully Made
    Wonderfully Made2 maanden geleden

    That’s why I friken stop watching this show, always ruing people hearts 😢😢😢 they were perfect together

  • Lush Tv
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    Mark Sloan & Lexi were the best April & Jackson were an unexpected couple but a good couple

  • This Nigerian Loves Drinking Zobo

    This Nigerian Loves Drinking Zobo

    2 maanden geleden

    I don’t think there’s any best couple. They all hard their ups and downs

  • Sa Tzu
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    i dont understand why april or japril haters have to be here and be a party pooper. weirdos

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    What episode is the first and second scene from

  • Booklover 4
    Booklover 42 maanden geleden

    Greys anatomy is so good at pairing couples...and then messing them all up.

    ANDJELINA2 maanden geleden

    April gives me anxiety, in real life they would not end together.

  • booboobrinn
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    they were the worst couple on greys...both toxic together...

  • Hetty
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    My favourite couple of love 💕

  • K A
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    Where can I get all seasons?

  • Shauna Werner
    Shauna Werner2 maanden geleden

    Too many good relationships ended in this show. I couldn't watch it beyond season 4 because of this, it's too emotionally taxing. For goodness sake just either let people be happy or write them out so that they live somewhere else, but for the love of god stop the endless back and forth like this.

  • Rossana Glasgow
    Rossana Glasgow2 maanden geleden

    Japrilthe best ever and the killed them Off. VICPLEY in Station 19 the same thing killed them off. Seem not to care about FANS

  • Francis Vera
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    Jackson sigue enamorado de April.

  • Mariss
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    Spoiler alert April just sobs 50% of the time

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    What episode was first clip from?

  • O K
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    Watching this getting hype for the May 6th episode knowing I’m probably going to get my Japril loving heart broken all over again

  • O K

    O K

    2 maanden geleden

    @This Nigerian Loves Drinking Zobo never been so happy to be wrong!

  • This Nigerian Loves Drinking Zobo

    This Nigerian Loves Drinking Zobo

    2 maanden geleden

    Hahahahaha...you were wrong

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    People aren't really like this.

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    Joy Diewald2 maanden geleden

    which episode is 15:43?

  • This Nigerian Loves Drinking Zobo
    This Nigerian Loves Drinking Zobo2 maanden geleden

    The by Meredith Grey at the ending made me laugh because it felt like it was Meredith who did that

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  • Coffee Tea
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    If they just bring Sarah back just for a catch up and there's no indication of a Japril Endgame, I will throw hands, ISTG

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    Are you happy?😁 cuz ik I am

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    My comfort couple

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    How did you get such good quality?

  • Hey Hey Hey
    Hey Hey Hey3 maanden geleden

    I still think Jackson still loves April but he let her and Matthew got married bc he knows she loves him and they are kinda bad for each other. I'm still rooting for this couple tho.

  • This Nigerian Loves Drinking Zobo

    This Nigerian Loves Drinking Zobo

    2 maanden geleden

    They’re not really bad anymore. He believes in God now too. Nothing can stop them. They may need a couple of counselling to let everything out! That’s all.

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    Great Video

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    Akgdkaka so your one of those accounts

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    OMG remind me to plop the FvcK down on the e couch when my co-workers making out with the dude IM crushin on😎