ISLAND - The Day I Die (Official Video)

Official music video for ''The Day I Die" by ISLAND taken from their debut album Feels Like Air out now through Frenchkiss Records. Order the album here:

DIRECTOR: Claes Nordwall
DOP: Simon Shen
1ST AD: Reece Gibbins
STYLIST: Peghah Maleknejad
GAFFER: Simon Battensby
SPARK: Milo Cosmans
FOCUS PULLER: George Botsov
2ND AC: Twan Van Broek
RUNNER: Millie Gray
SET DRESSER: Leon Horgan
HAIR \u0026 MAKE UP: Chloë Dixon

WAITRESS: Sally Koda
CHEF: Cris Mosharis
Extras: Felix Safari, Zori Stepanian, Tati Jimenez de Laiglesia, Ali Raymond, Robert Raymond

COLOURIST: Caroline Morin at CHEAT
DIRECTORS REP: Las Bandas Be Brave


  • RoterApfel
    RoterApfel9 uur geleden

    Ob die Nachricht durch getungen ist ?

  • Adam Williams
    Adam Williams6 dagen geleden

    Love that voice

  • P S
    P SMaand geleden

    The day I died was when I had to explain the phrase "knuckle butter" to my mom....

  • mr bot the not real bot
    mr bot the not real botMaand geleden

    Wrench brought me here

  • ̛̀́̕


    Maand geleden

    @mr bot the not real bot WENCH

  • mr bot the not real bot

    mr bot the not real bot

    Maand geleden


  • ̛̀́̕


    Maand geleden

    you fool

  • coadjuvantezinha
    coadjuvantezinha3 maanden geleden

    Delicinha de música

  • Gabrel rodrigues
    Gabrel rodrigues3 maanden geleden

    Lazarenta perfeita do krl me apresento esse som e agr to viciado. PQP

  • Yael Estrada
    Yael Estrada3 maanden geleden

    🔥 temazo!

  • Sam Zurita
    Sam Zurita3 maanden geleden

    i usually don't comment but my soul is on fire

  • KE7V7VY __
    KE7V7VY __3 maanden geleden

    Still here listening till the day I die.

  • bobby - ボビー
    bobby - ボビー3 maanden geleden

    why did i just found this ❤️

  • Maddie 99
    Maddie 994 maanden geleden

    Y’all they’re back kjnscbzdicjnozjrn

  • Baku
    Baku4 maanden geleden

    damn. youtube algorithm really starting to suggest good music. this is a banger

  • Mari


    4 maanden geleden

    Finally comment that isnt 2-3years ago

  • DeeGee
    DeeGee4 maanden geleden

    Damn I’ve seen these guys live a few times it was epic. Can’t wait for live music to be a thing again. All as one, together.

  • kyle anderson
    kyle anderson5 maanden geleden

    is that the glorious sons

  • rockingyeti56
    rockingyeti565 maanden geleden

    I really want to learn to play this that guitar intro is stuck in my head

  • saratsf
    saratsf5 maanden geleden

    Donos do meu cú

  • Ari Chama
    Ari Chama5 maanden geleden

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  • Benannah 420
    Benannah 4207 maanden geleden

    2020 is he making anymore music or what

  • always butterflies
    always butterflies8 maanden geleden

    Brabo d+

  • Dilay~
    Dilay~8 maanden geleden

    where is the latest comments of this masterpiece ~

  • Chloie Cruz
    Chloie Cruz8 maanden geleden

    Why does it feel like I've seen this before?

  • PrydeAidan
    PrydeAidan10 maanden geleden

    Had forgotten this song, till i just heard it in a comercial. Straight back to loving it.

  • ーR. L.
    ーR. L.10 maanden geleden

    damn, i can't, this is just so good

  • Mike Nimmo
    Mike Nimmo10 maanden geleden

    Do you remember him? Did you see him? The night, the shit hit the fan, and he ran headlong, silent, directly into the face of the danger, having known it. Furious gray stripes took that butter knife away from them, and those involved learned life is worth living. No one was harmed. Jettison the past. We're okay.

  • BBOY M-J
    BBOY M-J10 maanden geleden

    Who knows the name of the drummer ? And the others members? They dont have the notoriety they diserve..

  • Maddie 99
    Maddie 9910 maanden geleden

    Instant sub. This is art.

  • Irving Dzul
    Irving Dzul10 maanden geleden

    The quality of this song is beyond amazing.

  • Kts E
    Kts E10 maanden geleden

    One of the best random NLdron recommendations

  • Sven Estraven
    Sven Estraven11 maanden geleden

    Crazy but very, very beautiful! :)

  • Casey King
    Casey King11 maanden geleden

    This IS NOT rock music, not rock n roll, or metal...synopsis calls them an experimental metal band...I DO LOVE THEM, it's just not rock.

  • Casey King
    Casey King11 maanden geleden

    This IS NOT rock music, not rock n roll, or metal...synopsis calls them an experimental metal band...I DO LOVE THEM, it's just not rock.

  • cowboymonica
    cowboymonica11 maanden geleden

    Im killing myself to this song. So pretty

  • WantMoreSushi
    WantMoreSushi11 maanden geleden

    this video is a traumatic experience for everyone with ocd song is really good though

  • Chasi
    ChasiJaar geleden

    Heard this song on the radio two years ago in february, the same day (and actually the same moment) I got the news that someone in my surrounding had died. Ironically surreal. Good song nonetheless.

  • Joseph Krogue
    Joseph KrogueJaar geleden

    This song is everything and more 😭 I wasn’t ready for thiiiisss 😂

  • Ceatra
    CeatraJaar geleden

    0:42 My vision is augmented

  • Jay
    JayJaar geleden

    I was on the hunt for new music. I'm glad I ended up here. 👍✌️

  • Ruven Berger
    Ruven BergerJaar geleden

    Who remember casually going out? #2020sucks

  • Diskkets
    DiskketsJaar geleden

    oo felps ai bixo ksksk

  • Gaby Mijares
    Gaby MijaresJaar geleden

    La mejor canción de mi mes!!! 💓

  • e
    eJaar geleden

    This video makes me uncomfortable and I can't pin point why.

  • Jaky Calleros
    Jaky CallerosJaar geleden

    We all need to share eachothers social media and become friends. Need to meet my hippie fellas like me

  • Stephanie, 802magic
    Stephanie, 802magicJaar geleden

    How gritty is this! Love it

  • RubenDario1979
    RubenDario1979Jaar geleden

    My cousins band!! Rock on 🤘🏽 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽had a blast at sxsw

  • Declan Cole
    Declan ColeJaar geleden

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 are you still listening in march 2020 This video Phenomenal 0:36 💜💓 👇🖤

  • Diana Hellinger
    Diana HellingerJaar geleden

    Can someone explain the Music Video?

  • Derrick Mwamburi
    Derrick MwamburiJaar geleden

    the way this makes me feel i just cant explain lol

  • Derrick Mwamburi
    Derrick MwamburiJaar geleden

    def of good music

  • Belial A.C.
    Belial A.C.Jaar geleden

    Play this the day I die 🙂, I gotta go out with good music

  • Thales Constantini
    Thales ConstantiniJaar geleden

    best chef

  • Scott Lake
    Scott LakeJaar geleden

    "Good exit theme for suicide....

  • 음악덕후
    음악덕후Jaar geleden


  • Lorena Uribe
    Lorena UribeJaar geleden

    "Straight to heaven or hell I dont mind"

  • Letícia Fernandes
    Letícia FernandesJaar geleden




    11 maanden geleden

    tinha q vir pra Portugal xD

  • alex adkins
    alex adkinsJaar geleden

    Discovered this song today. Exactly one month after my brother committed suicide. It’s a good but emotionally hard listen for me.

  • Donna Beattie
    Donna BeattieJaar geleden


  • DRC 85
    DRC 85Jaar geleden

    what is this song about? suicide?

  • Gøner.
    Gøner.Jaar geleden

    Why isn’t this masterpiece on Apple Music?

  • Benyamin Feghhi
    Benyamin FeghhiJaar geleden

    Ez birdbox

  • warren Stephens
    warren StephensJaar geleden

    listen to sticky fingers and tash sultana

  • Jake Page
    Jake PageJaar geleden

    I still love you lilly

  • Arace Highmore
    Arace HighmoreJaar geleden

    Muy buena song

  • Mennen
    MennenJaar geleden


  • Hoze 123
    Hoze 123Jaar geleden

    zendaya ??

  • AiM__FreakZ
    AiM__FreakZJaar geleden

    the video xD

  • Laura L
    Laura LJaar geleden

    This is so fucking good 😫😫

  • Areti Mallidou
    Areti MallidouJaar geleden


  • Thomas Coffey
    Thomas CoffeyJaar geleden

    This is the cafe from Topboy

  • Rilley Wallace
    Rilley WallaceJaar geleden

    This legit made me sick in the stomach

  • Darcy Goodwin
    Darcy GoodwinJaar geleden

    Some explain song please

  • Darcy Goodwin

    Darcy Goodwin

    Jaar geleden

    @Hugo Harford ohh that clears it up thanks

  • Darcy Goodwin

    Darcy Goodwin

    Jaar geleden

    @Hugo Harford so he sings about committing cause someone committed?

  • Darcy Goodwin
    Darcy GoodwinJaar geleden

    Why are half the people watching this high as kites?

  • czernm 20
    czernm 20Jaar geleden

    That is very good video with very deep meaning!

  • Miss Independent
    Miss IndependentJaar geleden

    The singer's voice is not of this world.....incredible

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace HardyJaar geleden


  • Kurama Kurimao
    Kurama KurimaoJaar geleden

    i feel his voice man

  • J o S h
    J o S hJaar geleden

    Blind you are if you are discussing "day you die" as being what you take away.....

  • Adrian Divers
    Adrian DiversJaar geleden

    Depression kills. Music Saves. Thank you.

  • Smoff
    SmoffJaar geleden

    Thank you youtube for taking me here!

  • Cosmic Trash
    Cosmic TrashJaar geleden

    my mid night acid shower!

  • Olga Lebedeva
    Olga LebedevaJaar geleden


  • Zac TheHippie
    Zac TheHippieJaar geleden

    More music like this please

  • Gertjan Verzele
    Gertjan VerzeleJaar geleden

    This song needs more love, i think this song is so powerfull... Makes you realize that you are not the only one who actually don't mind dying somethimes... I sometimes wanna doe because i don't think i would lose a lot...

  • Crossing Poetry
    Crossing PoetryJaar geleden

    writers love to play writers play God stories come to life only on paper everyone has the gift of creation nobody the gift of creating life if not by fitting into each other which is a bit like making love

  • I’ll take the Usual
    I’ll take the UsualJaar geleden

    Yooo they’re in the future and everyone is on their phone glasses things except for them and it’s all nonsensical to them p.s way too high to be commenting

  • Andreea Raia
    Andreea RaiaJaar geleden


  • Luzar
    LuzarJaar geleden

    This is what it feels to go to work when you really want to stay home and do nothing.

  • Triston Hudson
    Triston HudsonJaar geleden

    Why was this song released on my birthday FUCK.

  • Sempertegui
    SemperteguiJaar geleden

    Pareciera que la canta Josh de "Drake y Josh" JAJAJA :v

  • Martin Štěpánů
    Martin ŠtěpánůJaar geleden

    I warn will break your heart Already broken 💔

  • Son Kun
    Son KunJaar geleden

    (Let it happen)Tame Impala ---till-- The Day I Die

  • fngrprnts.
    fngrprnts.Jaar geleden

    it's sad that there's just a small chance this could turn up in the charts... it's so awesome.

  • christapher potter
    christapher potterJaar geleden

    Perhaps for me and you but sadly I dont think a lot of us can hear it anymore.

  • Maršalas
    MaršalasJaar geleden

    I want this in my funeral

  • Mine ducky
    Mine duckyJaar geleden

    I liked the first 30 seconds the most not gonna lie

  • sun flower
    sun flowerJaar geleden

    I won't say goodbye ... i won't

  • Amber Williams
    Amber WilliamsJaar geleden

    Funny u say play it at your funeral when u should play it at your wedding. Dying means REBIRTH SOME NEED TO SHED A LIFE.

  • Amber Williams
    Amber WilliamsJaar geleden

    Love this

  • Martín Holyk
    Martín HolykJaar geleden

    Pretty jisei

  • Dell Goodman
    Dell GoodmanJaar geleden

    This is an amazing piece, my brother had passed away a few weeks ago, and this song always brings me that feeling of his passing. It makes me feel sad, but in a good way, it's a piece that will always tie me and my brother together.

  • Donna Beattie
    Donna BeattieJaar geleden