Is Lewis Hamilton No Longer Talking To George Russell? - [ Rumour Round-Up ]

Relationships among drivers in F1 can be an interesting thing and one that can change on a whim. In the past, Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton has spoken highly of fellow countryman, Mercedes junior driver program’s graduate and current Williams driver George Russell. However, last year, Russell deputized for Hamilton at the Sakhir GP as the latter contracted the Covid-19 virus. Russell put in an impressive performance where he almost won before a pit stop error ruined his race. However, he proved that in a fast car, he was a capable driver good enough to go after race wins. This led to rumors that it has rubbed Hamilton the wrong way. Toto Wolff has now responded to this rumor while speaking to oe24

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Hey everyone, welcome to another edition of “Rumour Round-Up” and as with the others, all the stories contained within this are to be taken with a grain of salt and haven’t been officially substantiated but are things that are being talked about in the world of F1 that may be interesting, could turn out to be true, or simply plain wrong. Without further delay, here is Rumour Roundup…

I'm your host Dillon Shelley and first up on Formula World:

Is Lewis Hamilton No Longer Talking To George Russell?

Apparently, Russell impressed everyone at Mercedes with his one-off appearance for the team. One of the key takeaways was Russell’s overtakes on Mercedes’ other driver Valtteri Bottas

This allegedly impressed the Mercedes brass and they see Russell as the future of the team. Supposedly, this didn’t sit well with Hamilton

Hamilton understandably might not want the team dynamics that he has going with Valtteri Bottas to change but Mercedes cannot ignore Russell’s capabilities forever

All three drivers will be without a contract at the end of this year and many teams will be looking for a new driver as well and Mercedes will have to choose between hiring Russell or potentially losing him to another team

Supposedly, Mercedes are keen on hiring Russell but rumour has it that Hamilton does not want a young and ambitious driver as his teammate which is why he is supposedly no longer in talking terms with Russell

When Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff was made aware of this rumor, he neither confirmed nor denied the alleged tenuous relationship between Lewis Hamilton and Geroge Russell

“This is the first time I have heard this. However, the feelings of my drivers are the last thing on my mind. I can imagine it though because the competition between these two is very strong. The big boys always feel it when a good guy comes along, and Russell is the next generation”

Rapid Rumors

Apparently all 10 teams have agreed to a financial package to cover the cost of additional sprint races in 2021

This probably means that the sprint qualifying format maybe used in a few races

Both Red Bull cars allegedly lost three-tenths per lap in Bahrain because of a differential issue and they are expected to be even stronger at Imola this week

Their pace will be further bolstered by a rumored rear suspension upgrade that they are purportedly referring to as “spectacular”

Meanwhile, Mercedes are reportedly working on an innovative game-changer to get back at Red Bull and close the gap

Former F1 driver Kevin Magnussen seemingly had the opportunity to join the Red Bull family as a replacement for Pierre Gasly at Toro Rosso before Alex Albon got the seat

Meanwhile, Pierre Gasly is a supposed front-runner to become an Alpine driver next year in place of Esteban Ocon

Former Italian president Matteo Renzi is rumored to be looking at opportunities to set up a new Formula 1 team with Saudi Arabian backers

However, other reports have refuted this rumor

F1 is allegedly very close to signing a new regulation that will limit a team’s spending to $30 million per year on their drivers

It is seemingly do or die for Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel’s F1 career and there are rumors that he could even be replaced mid-way through 2021 if he does not end up proving his worth soon enough

Should Mercedes pair Hamilton and Russell together for 2022?


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    @Dayle Ashley Nolasco being Honest, not sure he would be able to do that last stint in bahrain from hamilton, we havent seen him in extremely intense and high pressure moments, his highest pressure moment was probably imola last year.

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    The Diva having tantrums. Im not surprise. 😆 I really hope Mercedes will wake up & realize that Russell is a bargain to win titles than that princess.

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    Lewis cant show that hes afraid of Russel that's such a bad look. why would a 7xWC be bothered about some kid...

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    I think Lewis is focusing on #8 Title and George will mess that up because he’ll be too busy trying to teach George the ropes of Mercedes

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    I imagine both lewis and russell have far more important thimgs on their minds than chatting. All teams take the week after monaco as an especially intense worktime, as both drivers and teams have to focus in maximising every area between now and the august break, with most teams away from the factory and only upgrade parts chasing the teams on the fly away season. Especially at the furthest distances like Baku

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    Why are they replacing Ocon at Alpine???

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    A youth striker comes in and let's say bags a brace on his debut. Does that mean he's better than your main striker who's been getting 20+ goals a season for you for the past 7 years, and led you to title wins...

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    Russell isn’t a person of color!

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    Hire George

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    He's a bit reckless tho Russian will damage a lot of cars and I don't think would play by team orders he's still a bit Green wet behind the ears

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    Lewis Hamilton No Longer Talking To George Russell that rumour is BS

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    Because Russell proved how easy it was to win in a merc simple hamilton's just a child who threw his toys out the pram when Russell proved how easy it was for Hamilton to win remember Hamilton when his team mate pumped him he hated that he can't stand competition simple as botarse is a yes man who's happy to take second place

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    For Mercedes Russel > Lewis going forward. Mercedes is the only team that has not given a seat to at least one driver for their future. Russel is far too critical.

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    Hamilton is worried that Russell will become better than him and replace him as Mercedes favorite It's either me or the highway. Hamilton doesn't like sharing.

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    Russell will be world champion very very soon he is better driver then Lewis by a mile and put him in the same car and u will see how great Russell is

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    Why would Lewis talk to Russell he's not in his level. Russell is White. Hope

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    I see George's career going the same way as Hulkenberg, he should be with a top 4 team now, a rookie driver has more points that George has in his career which isn't hard we George has none. Team managers should not be allowed to manage drivers, that may have much to do with this. Russel needs an agent with his interest at heart not another team.

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    awww don't be salty lewis because george could whoop you in your own car and he beat bottas to lewis if he was you number 2 driver it would be geroge and max beating you

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    I'm quite sure George Russell doesn't give a F if the "oppressed" Hamilton speaks to him or not. Hamilton is acting like he's a God of some sort in the F1 world. Very delusional to say the least.

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    You know this rumour was proven to be bullshit right?

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    Gasly at Mercedes next season

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    If Perez struggles to beat Max by half this season, then put Russell in the other Red Bull next year.

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    While remarking that Russell advanced on Bottas last year, it's curious that it's never recalled that Bottas is practically Pavlovian trained to allow the other Mercedes to overtake. It's what the guy does subconsciously.

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    That was Norris. He consoled Russel after the race

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    Since when F1 driver's can drive backward?? You give penalty to max verstappen for that in 2018 or 2017 give leclercs the P3 trophy and lando P2 you fucking clown's

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    Russell could do *exactly* what Hamilton's doing - easily winning championships if given the best car on the grid - for a fraction of what Mercedes pays Hamilton. And he could very well be in for the long run, Hamilton is a 36 year-old man. Mercedes would be stupid not to consider Russell to replace Hamilton. I for one would love to see that.

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    I like the Hamilton and Bottas companionship. As long as they can still win Constructors and Drivers championships, keep your main guy happy Merc 👌🏽

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    Drivers are employees and the teams are the employers. No driver would be on the grid without a team.

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    Russell may have just forfeited his Mercedes chances by making a rookie mistake in his driving and another huge mistake in his ridiculous inflammatory comments afterwards. Blaming latter Valtteri Bottas for a Verstappen style deference. Firstly Max had nothing to do with the crash,and then blaming Valtteri for a crash that he caused. Valtteri Bottas is not that kind of driver to run somebody off the road. And for showing his true colors as a little bitch!!

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    Hamilton is the most IGNORANT TWAT in F1.

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    If they aren’t talking, it’s probably because Russel is on the cusp of joining Merc and a mutual respect needs to be put in place. They will be competitors even on the same team. If Hamilton isn’t at Merc in 2022 it will be his choice, because he’s still proving to be the best driver on the circuit

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    Nevermind Lewis not talking to George, Bottas def isn't, after Sakhir last year and today.

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    He’s a better driver than Hamilton and I believe they deliberately sabotaged his race last year first time in the car and winning the race they couldn’t let him do that could they 😳

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    You are feeding the rumour. This is how hate starts.

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    "it maybe true, maybe a rumour, or it maybe %100 bs". That covers pretty much every statement ever made by any human in the history of life......

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    My dream mercedes future line up would be george and pierre

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    Lewis & noris 2022

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    It seems the media has nothing important to report. Nowadays they only spew rubbish get the attention!

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    Hamilton should just stop next season you’ve had a great run move over now.

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    After Sakhir: "Muh, Russell could do what Hammy does for a lot less money!" All due respect to the kid, at this stage in his career he's not beating Verstappen at the 2021 opener and nor is he taking that Imola pole. Lewis has beaten three world champions in the same car, he fears no-one.

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    Fck! Woke Lewis Hamilton poor butt hurt baby.

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    It wouldn't surprise me one bit if he was no longer talking to George Russell. He's such a whiny little baby when he doesn't get his own way and George Russell proved to everyone in the paddock that maybe Hamilton isn't as good as he thinks he is. Russell showed him up good and proper in the Sakhir GP last year and he wouldn't be too pleased about that.

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    Best get rid of Hamilton all together best idea

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    Roumers or not , redbull are capable of being winners of the world title in the end of the year if they can hold bottas out of top 3 in the races . ;-) and finish before him with both cars .....sure is exiting...

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    Lewis is afraid of russel because Russel is quick

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    AM need to dump Vettel. Nice guy but he is far past his prime. Get Hulkenberg. What a colossal mistake to let Checo go. Everybody knew it as well. There is a reason Ferrari did not even try to lowball Vettel. Damaged goods.

  • Had to cheat him to beat him
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    If it’s true that Hamilton is upset, it’s because he’s exposed. Toto revealed the fact that the Mercedes is so good, just about anyone else can win in it. Not to downplay how good Russel is, because he is, but the Merc is just so far ahead.

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