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    5 dagen geleden .

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    11 dagen geleden ...

  • Yaboy15


    Maand geleden

    @Younes Ten wtf bro?

  • BriRhi Everything

    BriRhi Everything

    Maand geleden

    @Kim Taehyung hay I TAE TAEEE

  • Shekinah Dadizon
    Shekinah Dadizon39 minuten geleden

    That bus is beautiful.

  • Jessica Woods-Kawana
    Jessica Woods-KawanaUur geleden

    We got to remember Why he matured. A very beautiful gal helped him through so much, to see a bigger picture. Mary-Jane. Nah 😂

  • Nikita Chauhan
    Nikita ChauhanUur geleden

    That's a freaking apartment.

  • Da Boonies
    Da BooniesUur geleden

    i would hate to have fame.

  • CMBurns1000
    CMBurns1000Uur geleden

    Miele 😅 best german household brand

  • CMBurns1000
    CMBurns1000Uur geleden

    The hangers are like mine 😍

  • Casey Smith
    Casey SmithUur geleden

    Beautiful sounds in this video

  • Jack Demo
    Jack DemoUur geleden

    Where does the driver sleep

  • Platinum Pineapple
    Platinum Pineapple2 uur geleden

    Why dont they just fly to their places and stay in a hotel

  • Lucas
    Lucas3 uur geleden

    bg klo lewat lintas sumatera hati2 kaca pecah

  • Sam Primbetov
    Sam Primbetov4 uur geleden

    He is so chill wow

  • Yuzi Drexel
    Yuzi Drexel4 uur geleden

    Where’s the coke at ?

  • Esther
    Esther4 uur geleden

    John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. Here’s a reminder of how much God loves you & God bless you🤍

  • A Delgado
    A Delgado4 uur geleden

    "We tend to share clothes" says every couple out here lol. You will either lose some closet/draw space, or have the space but lose some clothes they your significant other with claim lols. I lost my sweats, a few socks, and an old h.s softball jersey to my gf. So far...

  • Sagar Verma
    Sagar Verma4 uur geleden

    Love you bro 🙏 namaste

  • Matteo Tonnos
    Matteo Tonnos5 uur geleden

    when his bus is nicer than ur house

  • Hosoi Archives
    Hosoi Archives5 uur geleden

    He looks sickly

  • Cour Sandi
    Cour Sandi6 uur geleden

    So rich yet he looks like a hobo.

  • Lonny Winstead
    Lonny Winstead7 uur geleden

    The silent whorl acromegaly burn because trowel hemodynamically remind since a plastic jeep. innocent, three tights

  • Don't click me
    Don't click me7 uur geleden


  • incognitush 19
    incognitush 199 uur geleden

    Man being broke sucks.

  • Callum Nagra
    Callum Nagra10 uur geleden

    Remember when everyone had a phase of hating on Bieber for literally no reason?

  • Cong Tran
    Cong Tran11 uur geleden

    The unable damage thoracically poke because fender metrically pass aside a clear rainbow. prickly, racial drama

  • Mickey Peacock
    Mickey Peacock11 uur geleden

    The bus is so sick👌

  • Gordon Beck
    Gordon Beck11 uur geleden

    So only he sleeps on the bus? Or does the crew cuddle up in a cupboard lol

  • lambbosbread
    lambbosbread12 uur geleden

    comparing yourself to a pro athlete is abit keen

  • Marinus Antonius
    Marinus Antonius12 uur geleden

    Generic and kitschy interior. Those leds are particularly hideous.

  • La'Vion Gladwell

    La'Vion Gladwell

    12 uur geleden

    Its a tour bus.... imagine hating on a tour bus... its not supposed to have the best interior of all time

  • La'Vion Gladwell

    La'Vion Gladwell

    12 uur geleden

    you sound like the most miserable loser of all time. try saying something positive for once u sound like every generic youtube hater. yawn, been done before. next.

  • DoggoFN
    DoggoFN12 uur geleden

    I looked at the thumbnail and thought it was xqc for a few seconds

  • reina ciara
    reina ciara14 uur geleden

    His tour bus is bigger than my house

  • Elmaz Okicic
    Elmaz Okicic14 uur geleden


  • Julle
    Julle14 uur geleden

    Should've had a real sauna with stove and stones lmao

  • Chris Bale
    Chris Bale14 uur geleden

    No gym on the bus? Come on.

  • Anthony Mendenhall
    Anthony Mendenhall15 uur geleden

    TFW a bus look nicer than your apartment

  • ManOfMystery
    ManOfMystery15 uur geleden

    I have a bus like this, too. Except it's attached to a concrete foundation, doesn't move, and I call it my house.

  • abigail hernandez
    abigail hernandez16 uur geleden

    i dont get all the hate about justin, hes actually a pretty cool dude

  • Divyansh Mittal
    Divyansh Mittal16 uur geleden

    that bus is literally better than my house I could live in it

  • Abdul Muqsith Megat
    Abdul Muqsith Megat17 uur geleden

    I would do anything to stay in that house i mean bus

  • Kadiboy 6789
    Kadiboy 678918 uur geleden

    Did i just here him say that the energy that he puts in his shows is similar to a professional athlete

  • The Rottweiler

    The Rottweiler

    13 uur geleden

    Sing a song and dance or cheering a crowd for about an hour, you'll know what he is talking about!!!

  • Johnathan Guzman
    Johnathan Guzman18 uur geleden

    When he said “downstairs” I had a mini heart attack

  • matthew ramirez
    matthew ramirez18 uur geleden

    The murky toilet outstandingly suffer because pheasant previously poke afore a festive alphabet. painful, sloppy giant

    TYMAN BAKER18 uur geleden

    Who else just clicked on the video to dislike it cause it’s Justin Bieber

  • La'Vion Gladwell

    La'Vion Gladwell

    12 uur geleden

    Most useless comment ive ever seen. stop hating for no reason You have no clue what u are talking about kid

  • Kevin Estrada
    Kevin Estrada18 uur geleden

    Took him a little more than a decade, half of it being the most hated the most disrespected person on the planet all while growing up as a teenager, being a living meme, so much complications just to be who he is today and have what he has, y’all can’t do it too but if you’re willing to throw your life away like he did

  • Dope Cat
    Dope Cat19 uur geleden

    Not very bright at all, he can barely talk.

  • The DragonMan
    The DragonMan19 uur geleden

    tf man that looks way way more bigger inside than the outside

  • HYUNSUNG should be turned into K-drama
    HYUNSUNG should be turned into K-drama19 uur geleden

    That cute picture of justin and hailey tho and how he said they tend to share clothes

  • HYUNSUNG should be turned into K-drama
    HYUNSUNG should be turned into K-drama19 uur geleden

    6:12 aww justin and hailey beebs God bless you both

  • HYUNSUNG should be turned into K-drama
    HYUNSUNG should be turned into K-drama19 uur geleden


  • HYUNSUNG should be turned into K-drama
    HYUNSUNG should be turned into K-drama19 uur geleden


  • Christian Martinez
    Christian Martinez20 uur geleden

    What a shitpost video 😂

  • Souksavanh Chanthavong
    Souksavanh Chanthavong20 uur geleden

    The bus is better than my house

  • Random world
    Random world21 uur geleden

    This bus cost 60k in China

  • Lilbenz
    Lilbenz21 uur geleden

    That’s bigger than my apartment

  • Vishwadeep Singh
    Vishwadeep Singh22 uur geleden

    Does anyone know what song is playing at the end? It's just got a really nice beat to it.

  • Canadian Strong
    Canadian Strong 22 uur geleden

    did he ever tour in a van like Aerosmith?

  • C4StayTrending
    C4StayTrending23 uur geleden

    Can just live in there🤣

  • Caroline DeLauro
    Caroline DeLauro23 uur geleden

    he sounds pretty dumb....

  • La'Vion Gladwell

    La'Vion Gladwell

    12 uur geleden

    Shut tf up u have no clue what u are talking about. he was asked to do this for their series, he didnt choose to. he was asked to do this

  • Nick Bentley
    Nick Bentley23 uur geleden

    You can really see the damage the Illuminati did to his soul

  • whiteman1987
    whiteman198723 uur geleden

    Why is this dude famous?

  • The Croissant
    The CroissantDag geleden

    Justin: Has a tour bus that costs millions Also him: favorite part of the bus is the FUTOOON

  • Owen Kandle
    Owen KandleDag geleden

    Why was I most impressed by the fact he can shower while driving

    LIL EGG SAUSAGEDag geleden

    i could literally live there

  • Sergio Ramirez
    Sergio RamirezDag geleden


  • calo 123
    calo 123Dag geleden

    I feel like he is being sarcastic.

  • Dude Vro
    Dude VroDag geleden

    I really don’t care for material items, I’m sure even Justin Bieber realizes that it’s not everything

  • Elen St
    Elen StDag geleden

    he probably never experienced claustrophobia

  • Dan Copron
    Dan CopronDag geleden

    1.5 hours of singing/dancing equals the same as a professional athlete? I'm no authority but i highly doubt that its the same as playing in the NFL or doing a professional triathlon or something along those lines. Everyone on here is saying how much Justin has "grown" as a person but deep down hes still the same spoiled child he has always been.

  • Anthony Shanx
    Anthony ShanxDag geleden

    Super cool....

  • Striker Plays
    Striker PlaysDag geleden

    Justin looks like John B,

  • Mihad Alzayat
    Mihad AlzayatDag geleden

    His girl took over his closet. Classic.

  • Monte Tackett
    Monte TackettDag geleden

    Why is my car wide enough for two people sitting and a cup holder and his bus is wider than my first house?

  • Prince Smith

    Prince Smith

    Dag geleden

    Sounds like a lowkey flex of your second house... Lol jk mate 🤣🤣🤣

  • StevenM801
    StevenM801Dag geleden

    taking the "bus life" to another level

  • Oliver Twist
    Oliver TwistDag geleden

    Where sleeps the bus driver?

  • walker
    walkerDag geleden

    thats a nice house u got there justin

  • neet
    neetDag geleden


  • Jack Ford
    Jack FordDag geleden

    The probable keyboarding parenthetically rely because driver acly join worth a premium breakfast. obedient, average pediatrician

  • lil kaje
    lil kajeDag geleden

    Imagine where the driver stays.. ☹️ Or they share the same wash room..

  • Larry CJ

    Larry CJ

    54 minuten geleden

    I think they park the bus at night and stay in a hotel. Otherwise, where would his entourage sleep?

  • Man rez
    Man rezDag geleden

    Hello climate change

  • Tim
    TimDag geleden

    Bigger than my apartment

  • Haroon rasheed
    Haroon rasheedDag geleden

    Fun Justin. 👲👲💃😙😍

    TEAM DUBSDag geleden

    are you sure this is real? like deadass?

  • nomisnoxin
    nomisnoxinDag geleden

    Justin once said “ judge me on my music “ Ok.... guilty

  • Ryan Trudell
    Ryan TrudellDag geleden

    Justin turning into a red hot chili pepper

  • Rob Jorg
    Rob JorgDag geleden

    couldnt effort the TV nor his chair,.

  • Flores Rose
    Flores RoseDag geleden

    Why do famous people like justin, selena, Camila, and so on have really nice tour buses and rockers have crappy tour buses lol.

  • Alex Valdes
    Alex ValdesDag geleden

    Shits nicer than my house

  • now istime
    now istimeDag geleden

    proffesional athlete he isn't even taking this seriously the way he answers the questions

  • jayden jaytham
    jayden jaythamDag geleden

    Is that the game where the senators were losing 5-1 and came back to win 6-5?

  • Trail Lady MTB
    Trail Lady MTBDag geleden

    His Prevost Coach is stunning and beautiful! love it! totally custom. probably cost more than a million, maybe two or more. these are the finest coachers available nothing but the best, Blessed couple but worked hard all his life to be self-made. God is beyond Good. Wish Justin would do a collaboration with Tauren wells. It would be awesome, or maybe a kinda off the record video singing some songs together,

  • crews johnns
    crews johnnsDag geleden

    When he said downstairs I was like....

  • Meghann Alt
    Meghann AltDag geleden

    The honorable beach cytogenetically prick because stock feasibly ban astride a fluffy cotton. disillusioned, wise cycle

  • chop 362
    chop 362Dag geleden

    Tour Bus? Better pack it with fans, pay them well😂

  • Kimberly
    KimberlyDag geleden

    it's so GLOssY

  • EvE JB
    EvE JBDag geleden

    My baby , my inspiration 💜 #Beliebers

  • Mikey Laurens
    Mikey LaurensDag geleden

    “Take precautions necessary” dude was so high and trynna keep it together 😂😂 He was probably hoping what he said made sense lmao all love he cracking me up

  • daidraich
    daidraichDag geleden

    not the best bus ive seen but pretty cool!

  • Bennie Brunink
    Bennie BruninkDag geleden

    He just looks like an average crack addict but hey !! .. Music ..

  • Emmily Cruse
    Emmily CruseDag geleden

    Memphis watching.