• Bharti Jindal
    Bharti Jindal5 uur geleden

    This is fake

  • Mehmet salih Gergus
    Mehmet salih Gergus5 uur geleden

    Ozan Hz Muhammed ozan Yorumlar yayınlanmamaktadır kadar

  • Aayat YouTube channel
    Aayat YouTube channel9 uur geleden

    I like this sound

  • octane99
    octane9910 uur geleden

    i thought tricksters never reveal there tricks

  • Shaik Raflu
    Shaik Raflu12 uur geleden

    So cute💕💕

  • Wii Channel
    Wii Channel17 uur geleden


  • Rajiv Ranjan
    Rajiv Ranjan18 uur geleden


  • Rajiv Ranjan
    Rajiv Ranjan18 uur geleden


  • Rajiv Ranjan
    Rajiv Ranjan18 uur geleden


  • padam kanwar
    padam kanwar19 uur geleden


  • K
    K22 uur geleden

    Music ?

  • Make It Easy blends of spices Recipes
    Make It Easy blends of spices RecipesDag geleden

    Can you tell what that spray was im curious

  • Dylan T. Cabrejas
    Dylan T. CabrejasDag geleden

    Plot Twist: we can literally see his tape on the cup

  • The guy over their
    The guy over theirDag geleden

    This guy Deodorant Yes

  • Rachelle Oliva
    Rachelle OlivaDag geleden

    Why u spray with that

  • Mohammad Anwer
    Mohammad AnwerDag geleden

    He took the popcorn from the side

  • Kenron Wright
    Kenron WrightDag geleden

    No nope lj

  • Malk Salih
    Malk Salih2 dagen geleden

    Her we go 😍

  • Kutlwano Theron
    Kutlwano Theron2 dagen geleden

    No it's here we go I'm ready let's do this

  • Fatima Chahat
    Fatima Chahat2 dagen geleden


  • nicoly br
    nicoly br3 dagen geleden

    Wat name is a músic

  • Marion gzff.fDaniel
    Marion gzff.fDaniel3 dagen geleden


  • عبودي عبودي
    عبودي عبودي3 dagen geleden


  • rohan silwal
    rohan silwal3 dagen geleden


  • Sandra Obiezuoha
    Sandra Obiezuoha3 dagen geleden

    Wait didn’t you just put like a spray on there and eat it

  • Fara Benecia
    Fara Benecia3 dagen geleden


  • Dune l'esthétique pour tous
    Dune l'esthétique pour tous4 dagen geleden

    On entend mouche 🪰

  • Štěpa Doste
    Štěpa Doste4 dagen geleden


  • L Lawliet
    L Lawliet4 dagen geleden

    Did he really eat glue popcorn 😲

  • Datsu
    Datsu4 dagen geleden

    All for a video

  • Melissa M
    Melissa M5 dagen geleden

    Bruh we can see the popcorn

    RAUL. PUBGM45 dagen geleden

    I hate you. I hate your music...

  • Angie The Explorer
    Angie The Explorer5 dagen geleden


    NURIL HILAL5 dagen geleden

    whats name song for the first video ?

  • LilBrown Boy
    LilBrown Boy5 dagen geleden

    That trick was so dumb low key and the guy is so cringe “ alright” “ here we go” “let’s do this”

  • Me contro Te FAN ROBLOX
    Me contro Te FAN ROBLOX6 dagen geleden


  • Joshua Ponce
    Joshua Ponce7 dagen geleden


  • saqib khan
    saqib khan7 dagen geleden

    Did this guy buy a copyright of this song or wut lol I hear the same background music every time!

  • Ab Posh
    Ab Posh8 dagen geleden

    What just happened?.

  • Shanti Forum
    Shanti Forum8 dagen geleden

    He's a type of guy who consults doctor to say he's fine

  • Zarina Z Gundgi Gundgi
    Zarina Z Gundgi Gundgi8 dagen geleden


  • Zarina Z Gundgi Gundgi
    Zarina Z Gundgi Gundgi8 dagen geleden


  • rina chakraborty
    rina chakraborty8 dagen geleden

    Nice but you can do different.

  • Awesome
    Awesome8 dagen geleden

    what song

    FOR THE GAME9 dagen geleden

    Скажите название песни пожалуйста

  • Zeref dragneel
    Zeref dragneel9 dagen geleden


  • PGSWIZ -BrawlStar
    PGSWIZ -BrawlStar9 dagen geleden

    He is a type of guy who eats popcorn in home and see cinema in toilet

  • David BrawlStars
    David BrawlStars10 dagen geleden


  • Muhammad Soleh
    Muhammad Soleh11 dagen geleden

    Apaan sih cok

  • Mrs. Yossi
    Mrs. Yossi11 dagen geleden

    Im so done with this guy

  • Yiğit Bozkurt
    Yiğit Bozkurt12 dagen geleden

    Song name: plese

  • Aaliyah's  life
    Aaliyah's life12 dagen geleden

    Me watching this 30 times to see if u ate the popcorn at the end

  • yhordan Eduardo aguilar rafael
    yhordan Eduardo aguilar rafael13 dagen geleden

    Es muy tonto ese truco

  • Chad Satomba
    Chad Satomba13 dagen geleden

    This kid is annoying

  • Rahmath Ullah
    Rahmath Ullah13 dagen geleden

    Tur mar heda

  • Shama Nisha
    Shama Nisha13 dagen geleden


    DIBYAJYOTI NAYAK14 dagen geleden

    Name of song

  • Dinara Baxitova
    Dinara Baxitova14 dagen geleden


  • Ömer
    Ömer14 dagen geleden

    I love the way you give your reactions to people

  • 俺ガイル
    俺ガイル14 dagen geleden


  • R E A P E R tx
    R E A P E R tx15 dagen geleden

    Name song?

  • Riccardo Inglese
    Riccardo Inglese15 dagen geleden

    hErE wE gO

  • Anyanka Spirit and Soul
    Anyanka Spirit and Soul15 dagen geleden

    You dont not cool

  • Cloud Mania
    Cloud Mania15 dagen geleden

    What is this bro????

  • Austin Wells
    Austin Wells16 dagen geleden

    Did anyone see that he ate popcorn with braces on

    BEING_RAy16 dagen geleden

    He is the type of guy who makes videos that I enjoy watching

  • Rosie the kocheng
    Rosie the kocheng16 dagen geleden

    0:36 Look at her hand 😂😂

  • Nathan ink dark Studios Official
    Nathan ink dark Studios Official17 dagen geleden

    I feel bad for this guy every one comments he's the type of guy whatever they say to this guy he is trying to do his best to be good at magic's..

  • jose a gel rramires
    jose a gel rramires17 dagen geleden

    You already saw the popcorn

  • Sana's Amazing Art
    Sana's Amazing Art17 dagen geleden

    7 subs done The goal is 10 subs

  • PogChamp
    PogChamp17 dagen geleden

    The “he’s the type of guy” comments are more cringe than any of the shorts they’re said on.

  • Cash Money Vlogs
    Cash Money Vlogs17 dagen geleden

    The fact that he through the plate where they could see it

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama18 dagen geleden

    How many times is this song going to be used

  • Олексій Корчов
    Олексій Корчов18 dagen geleden

    Заєбали ютуб в йобаний тік ток превратили

  • akash tyagi
    akash tyagi18 dagen geleden

    He is the type of guy who never read comments.

  • Nina bitch✨✨
    Nina bitch✨✨18 dagen geleden

    Dude these tricks are good bro🤩🤩🤩

  • Rupali Dhal
    Rupali Dhal18 dagen geleden

    He's the type of ... He's the type of .... He's the type of ... Oh c'mon peoples

  • Dzopa
    Dzopa19 dagen geleden

    I’m not gay but..😂

  • Balu Andhavarapu
    Balu Andhavarapu19 dagen geleden

    I wouldn't want to eat a popcorn with glue on it 😂

  • Jordan Hoyson
    Jordan Hoyson19 dagen geleden

    Slight of hand is so much easier to pull off when you can control the audience's field of vision.

  • ゆうまる。
    ゆうまる。19 dagen geleden

    絶妙にイラっとするんだよなぁ笑 観客ありの目の前でやってくれ

  • Nicole Alvarez
    Nicole Alvarez19 dagen geleden


  • ょし
    ょし19 dagen geleden

    ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡° ) what?Music?

  • فاطمة الشهري
    فاطمة الشهري19 dagen geleden


    SAANVI DWIVEDI19 dagen geleden

    He only learned a few words that are : Okay Here we go I’m ready Someone teach him more words pls 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • StormCaller


    15 dagen geleden

    You forgot let’s do this and sHhhHhh

  • iwanna kuriakopoulou
    iwanna kuriakopoulou19 dagen geleden


  • iwanna kuriakopoulou

    iwanna kuriakopoulou

    19 dagen geleden


  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee19 dagen geleden

    This is so dumb Cringe

  • Hef Got
    Hef Got19 dagen geleden

    He Is the type of guy who only gets he's the type of guy comments on NLdron. 🤣

  • うらゆう
    うらゆう19 dagen geleden


  • Nicy mae Escobanez
    Nicy mae Escobanez19 dagen geleden

    I love you

  • Rafeeq Vakkayil
    Rafeeq Vakkayil19 dagen geleden

    It's dumb

  • Kalai Vani
    Kalai Vani19 dagen geleden

    That's pretty good

  • Millón
    Millón19 dagen geleden

    Stop to hate him. NOW.

  • Arisa & Zunairah
    Arisa & Zunairah19 dagen geleden

    Wait, how did he ate the popcorn after spring and gluing on them

  • Fran Chaves

    Fran Chaves

    18 dagen geleden

    He took it from the side

  • Lama Sahaki
    Lama Sahaki19 dagen geleden

    The hate comments are really throwing me off...

  • Giu Marquez
    Giu Marquez20 dagen geleden

    Nooooooooooooooooooo 😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😡😡😠😠😡😠😡😠😡😡

  • Agnieszka Binkowska
    Agnieszka Binkowska20 dagen geleden


  • Hassan Kmd
    Hassan Kmd20 dagen geleden

    Is he mad or something?

  • Priyal Dhanwani
    Priyal Dhanwani20 dagen geleden

    Kid- I want art Mom- but honey we have art at home! Art at home-

  • Ali mohammad
    Ali mohammad20 dagen geleden

    Boop KO kahrred cahte ho😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣