If you challenge Messi, you will regret it

If you challenge Messi, you will regret it

In 2017, Real Madrid and Barcelona are facing and this match is marked by every sense of messi ...

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  • Rohit Shah
    Rohit Shah3 uur geleden

    Messi Messi and Messi

  • E8Y
    E8Y4 uur geleden

    That dude with red and white shoes must be taken off the pitch

  • Publiczozixyz Publiczozixyz
    Publiczozixyz Publiczozixyz4 uur geleden

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  • Juan David pardo
    Juan David pardo4 uur geleden

    Porque todos los comentarios son en ingles

    TSMentSOURAV5 uur geleden

    Messi is really a 🐐

  • Rob Prueb
    Rob Prueb6 uur geleden

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  • Мирбек Бакаев
    Мирбек Бакаев6 uur geleden

    Анча эмес

  • Kimimaru Kuotsu
    Kimimaru Kuotsu8 uur geleden

    So many attempt tried on Messi He didn't say anything He scored for the times he got hit 🙃👈💙💙💙💙

  • HS SeYYaD
    HS SeYYaD10 uur geleden

    6:10 as bayarqları🇦🇿😁

  • Gary Eduardo Sanchez Osorio
    Gary Eduardo Sanchez Osorio10 uur geleden

    Que pasa si desafias a mesi? NADA. Es un jugador inflado por la prensa, sin Chavi e Iniesta no hizo nada. Nunca gano nada con su selección, nunca jugo en otro club y nunca hizo nada por su cuenta. Solo espera a que le pongan las pelotas a gol. Jugador mas mierda ese

  • Vigoss fridge
    Vigoss fridge12 uur geleden

    Is Messi a hobbit?

  • Gift A Smile
    Gift A Smile12 uur geleden

    Indeed He is God of Soccer

  • ainur dava
    ainur dava13 uur geleden

    Joss idola Messi

  • Mike Hink
    Mike Hink13 uur geleden

    I guess I just don't get football (soccer) I try to and I appreciate it as a sport and the skill, athleticism, agility, etc that goes into it but that was the most boring "highlight" video I've ever seen. I saw Messi score two goals (very impressive) And fall about 25 times. I guess I just don't get it - and I'm not being a hater. I wish I did and could appreciate it more.

  • Egg Fam
    Egg Fam13 uur geleden

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  • Asrorjon A'zamov
    Asrorjon A'zamov14 uur geleden

    Real Barsani 8 2 chochvargan

    ALB OLI15 uur geleden

    Bro Messi is amazing player but neymar is legendary player 😄

  • aracelis jerez
    aracelis jerez15 uur geleden

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  • Karate Fight Fitness Drills
    Karate Fight Fitness Drills15 uur geleden

    Trying to figure out why soccer is not catching up to America. 😄🤣🤣

  • Tyrece Santana
    Tyrece Santana15 uur geleden

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  • Sara Martínez
    Sara Martínez16 uur geleden

    You know i miss the good old days when rolando was still in the real Madrid but Real Madrid is a team that all way wants to hurt messi

  • 💞 football lovers💞
    💞 football lovers💞17 uur geleden


  • Farraz Haidar
    Farraz Haidar17 uur geleden

    Madridista please tell your club to not wrestling on the pitch

  • ricardo henrique
    ricardo henrique18 uur geleden

    messi o melhor da history do futebol mundial...confronto nao é c.ronaldo e messi mais sim messi e pele.

  • Unknown Player
    Unknown Player18 uur geleden

    Ronaldoya bukadar faul gelmiyor çünki ronaldo ağır sıklet gibi Son vuruşlari yapiyor ve sadec savunmayi geçiyor Ama messi aldimi geçmeye başliyor durdurmak için seriyolar yere

  • NP Legends
    NP Legends20 uur geleden

    Pele favorite player is messi and your also

  • Md. Mohiuddin Khan
    Md. Mohiuddin Khan23 uur geleden

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    Kevin GonzalezDag geleden

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    Pearson TranDag geleden

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  • Joshua carlos
    Joshua carlosDag geleden

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  • Brian Langley
    Brian LangleyDag geleden

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    SACHU SANU VLOGSDag geleden

    👌 messi

  • Farkas Ciprian
    Farkas CiprianDag geleden


  • Fatih Özyurt
    Fatih ÖzyurtDag geleden

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  • Dogan Tosun
    Dogan TosunDag geleden


  • Onur Bingol
    Onur BingolDag geleden

    Ronaldo 10 times better tham messi. Messi did fuck all 4 Argentina. Easy to play barcelona squad and doing ok however he is totally useless when he played 4 Argentina

  • Sourov Kumar
    Sourov KumarDag geleden

    Boss is alyws Boss...

  • Calvin Bodjawah
    Calvin BodjawahDag geleden

    Never joke with Messi

  • Aleema Ali
    Aleema AliDag geleden

    The real goosebumps 9:40💥

  • Barclay Dgrge
    Barclay DgrgeDag geleden

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  • Faisal Muneera
    Faisal MuneeraDag geleden


  • Tharanga Pushpakumari
    Tharanga PushpakumariDag geleden

    Messi is අමනයා අතල්ද සින්හල පල පල

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  • manith p kumar
    manith p kumarDag geleden

    when ronaldo misses his shot lol

  • -kîrîshîmâ._. Êïjîrôü-
    -kîrîshîmâ._. Êïjîrôü-Dag geleden

    aguante eL bicho SIUUUUU

  • Cooking Parker
    Cooking ParkerDag geleden

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    #FOOTBALL CLUBDag geleden

    nldron.info/much/jW5kxTA54iiAZPLnS80u0Q 😍😍

    ALMIR PEREIRA GODOY GodoyDag geleden

    Esse cara do vídeo ė bem idiota quem desafiou quem ai,tá apelando para os outros assistir.essa bosta

  • Luca Cirelli
    Luca CirelliDag geleden

    Messi dopo Maradona che resta il N°1 al mondo,senza dubbi è il calciatore con più classe,un giocatore che con 2colpi ti ribalta le partite. Chi lo ha deve solo tenerselo stretto ,Messi ha fair play in campo, gioca per la squadra sempre, ha forza,velocità astuzia ed è inmenso come persona oltre che giocatore,vederlo giocare è semplicemente 1a gioia: is the best..senza dubbi

  • Hey napıyon lan
    Hey napıyon lanDag geleden

    messiyi sakat brakmak için ellerinden geleni yapiyorlar

  • mbnj cfxds
    mbnj cfxds2 dagen geleden

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  • Hanniball 09
    Hanniball 092 dagen geleden

    it is so sad to see that ramos has to foul messi to win the game

  • gopal kumar sharma
    gopal kumar sharma2 dagen geleden

    If u challenge Ronaldo u will regret it😂

  • Areeb Ahmed Siddiquey
    Areeb Ahmed Siddiquey2 dagen geleden

    dont challenge messi

    AWEZ DARBAR FANCLUB2 dagen geleden

    Never Mess With Messi 🐐

  • Aypikapoleon Forever
    Aypikapoleon Forever2 dagen geleden

    I am not used to seeing football mean soccer, obviously football makes more sense but it’s still weird

  • congjing xu
    congjing xu2 dagen geleden


  • Constantin Vasiliev
    Constantin Vasiliev2 dagen geleden

    It was so satisfying to see that red card

  • Liri Yomcha
    Liri Yomcha2 dagen geleden

    Can some1 explain at 10:01 why refree is showing messi yellow card

  • Josue Reyes
    Josue Reyes2 dagen geleden

    Estos SÍ que eran clásicos!!!!!!!! 😢

  • صالح ال طالب
    صالح ال طالب2 dagen geleden

    لن يقدر احد ان يتحدى ميسي

  • Lil Lord
    Lil Lord2 dagen geleden

    Реал хотел избавиться от гения футбола, но в итоге получили пинок под зад

  • Ibrar entertainments
    Ibrar entertainments2 dagen geleden

    Honestly, he is a miracle in soccer history... Always the love #legend Cannot be disliked...

  • rj5948
    rj59482 dagen geleden

    This seems to me a complete fabrication. Messi till date has failed massively in both the CL and internationally. Cristiano has won 3 more CLs than Messi and Cristiano has helped his country win the Euro.

  • Cremin Verla
    Cremin Verla2 dagen geleden

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  • Ahmed Khan
    Ahmed Khan2 dagen geleden

    I love you messi

  • Shajith Kunnumbrath
    Shajith Kunnumbrath2 dagen geleden

    Messi power. !!!

  • krishi mishra
    krishi mishra2 dagen geleden

    Forever messi fan

  • it's shyam
    it's shyam2 dagen geleden

    The biggest cheater Sergio Ramos

  • sebastian pierci
    sebastian pierci2 dagen geleden

    Vine a ver a Messi no un partido entero

  • P B
    P B2 dagen geleden

    I don't really watch much football, so I apologize in advance for the ignorant question. I'm just wondering if Madrid is known as a dirty team?

  • 今から論破します。
    今から論破します。2 dagen geleden


  • Mebantei The Boss MTB
    Mebantei The Boss MTB2 dagen geleden

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  • Gabriela Carbajal
    Gabriela Carbajal2 dagen geleden

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  • Martin Merten
    Martin Merten2 dagen geleden

    Messi,,,LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.... he is a Noboddy

  • Антон Пикалов
    Антон Пикалов3 dagen geleden

    Барса стала говном

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  • William Doig
    William Doig3 dagen geleden

    i kind of feel bad for ronaldo

  • Kohinur Begum
    Kohinur Begum3 dagen geleden

    Our dream Messi we love Messi

  • Co Cox
    Co Cox3 dagen geleden

    casemiro is a smug

  • El Olaf
    El Olaf3 dagen geleden

    james berselebrasi seakan" dia menjadi pahlawan di laga itu. so bad:)

  • Ganesh Kotnala
    Ganesh Kotnala3 dagen geleden

    lion is lion

    NINJA GAMING3 dagen geleden


  • Mahboob Morshed Chowdhury
    Mahboob Morshed Chowdhury3 dagen geleden

    ❤❤for messi

  • Smith maker Smith maker
    Smith maker Smith maker3 dagen geleden

    I love barca bcoz of messi

  • Navid Rahi
    Navid Rahi3 dagen geleden

    nice vide editing bro

  • Cao Hà
    Cao Hà3 dagen geleden

    Messi ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • elmer frankel
    elmer frankel3 dagen geleden

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