If Everything Was Like Among Us 9

Among us in real life in the airship map! Guess who the imposter is and let us know if you guessed correctly. This is a part 9 to our If Everything Was Like Among Us vid. Which person do you relate to the most?

Thank you to our neighbor Bruce for letting us film in his 727 airplane! To visit his airplane home go to www.airplanehome.com/

And thank you to Stevo for helping us film our last video, You Choose! stevoteague?igs...

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  • Itz_Icebear
    Itz_Icebear9 minuten geleden

    I like your cut g (smack)

  • Dragon Gamer123
    Dragon Gamer123Uur geleden

    shiloh at the end:yeah its big brain time 9999999999999999 iq mode:activated i didnt copy this comment i just got the idea cuz i saw a comment just like mine but that was after i got the idea

  • Slime Games
    Slime Games2 uur geleden

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  • Nathan
    Nathan2 uur geleden

    Map: AirShip

  • Daniel Alvarado
    Daniel Alvarado3 uur geleden

    Any way I’m not subscribing your channel

  • Hyang Kim
    Hyang Kim3 uur geleden

    The papers say nothing on them BRUH

  • Eugerta Teqja
    Eugerta Teqja3 uur geleden


  • Louis-Philippe Leroux
    Louis-Philippe Leroux4 uur geleden


  • RoseBudG
    RoseBudG4 uur geleden

    The little girl is sooo cute omg

  • naruto and sasuke
    naruto and sasuke4 uur geleden

    y is yellow sooooo fine

    ANGEL ESCOBAR BERNABE4 uur geleden

    gum on elijah phone reported 0:23

  • SuPrEmE GoAt
    SuPrEmE GoAt5 uur geleden

    Deion $435

  • Lazaro Nunez
    Lazaro Nunez5 uur geleden

    When is among get 12 coming out

  • Gurpartap Singh
    Gurpartap Singh6 uur geleden

    Brown in unlucky

  • BlueGuyMiniToon
    BlueGuyMiniToon6 uur geleden

    3:04 *MAJOR AIR*

  • Tania Burns
    Tania Burns6 uur geleden

    I downy think you kan yolk in amumngus 🤣🤣🤣 I love the jester mod 🤣🤣🤣 Shawr task lol dark green said I wing it 🤣🤣🤣 ❤️❤️❤️ love the vides thow 💕💕💕red is always sus why is the er ship somold

  • Austin Gaming
    Austin Gaming7 uur geleden


  • mahendra Mishra
    mahendra Mishra7 uur geleden


  • mahendra Mishra
    mahendra Mishra7 uur geleden

    A real airplane

  • mahendra Mishra
    mahendra Mishra7 uur geleden

    Red sus

  • Sans
    Sans7 uur geleden

    part 10 plssss

  • Pey Pey
    Pey Pey7 uur geleden

    The way she slap him

  • Ashton Summers
    Ashton Summers7 uur geleden

    Jocelyn:he’s just being silly *slaps*

  • Sofi_juega
    Sofi_juega8 uur geleden

    Me too

  • CGA Chester's Gaming Adventures
    CGA Chester's Gaming Adventures8 uur geleden

    Red is 1% sus because blood 🩸 color

  • Mega_blox44 YT
    Mega_blox44 YT8 uur geleden

    I wonder how painful it is to be drop of the plane.

  • ItsMeMineFox
    ItsMeMineFox9 uur geleden

    Shiloh! I had a dream playing in one of these you you guys, Micah was chasing me, and I called a meeting, and I got thrown out because no one believed me. When I got out there, I was with Alasandra. We were the two shorties! I wish I could play with you guys. It would be a dream come true! Literally!

  • Christian Weibin Lai
    Christian Weibin Lai9 uur geleden

    Shiloh is an impostor she smiling

  • Derek Cote
    Derek Cote9 uur geleden

    Cool like your video

  • laserpointr
    laserpointr10 uur geleden


  • JoshPlayzGC
    JoshPlayzGC10 uur geleden

    3:05 uh, that clearly wasn't "nicely", as Jocelyn said

  • Kassidy Santanello
    Kassidy Santanello12 uur geleden


  • Abhajit Kaur
    Abhajit Kaur12 uur geleden

    William: she took the smartest people out first first me Me : you weren’t even thrown out by her

  • Muchu Kaingu
    Muchu Kaingu13 uur geleden

    Elijah at the start is llooking sus

  • Harrissebastian Esmero
    Harrissebastian Esmero15 uur geleden


  • Evana mariam Bijo
    Evana mariam Bijo15 uur geleden

    Can you please make a song “CRUDE IMPOSTER “

    ANGEL ESCOBAR BERNABE15 uur geleden

    food stains on josiah´s white suit reported 10:23

  • Tyler Carr
    Tyler Carr20 uur geleden

    Ok purple sand posture she's talk she's talking too much

  • [break time]
    [break time]21 uur geleden

    7:35 is funny!

  • Dark Viper
    Dark Viper21 uur geleden


  • Jessikah Taylor
    Jessikah Taylor23 uur geleden


  • crazy Larey
    crazy Larey23 uur geleden

    It’s true so stupid

  • K Sundset
    K Sundset23 uur geleden


  • Jose Sandoval
    Jose Sandoval23 uur geleden


  •  Robert Barrotta
    Robert BarrottaDag geleden


  • Amanda Terry
    Amanda TerryDag geleden


  • RGCJ Perfect
    RGCJ PerfectDag geleden


  • RGCJ Perfect
    RGCJ PerfectDag geleden


  • Jonah Hicks
    Jonah HicksDag geleden


  • Dark Viper
    Dark ViperDag geleden

    6:54 Him is just being silly

  • Baddu Aasha
    Baddu AashaDag geleden

    Some people think this is cringe,I can’t see y it is great!

  • InterGalactic Legend
    InterGalactic LegendDag geleden

    Shiloh at the end be like: time for 5k iq play

  • Braylon Gandy
    Braylon GandyDag geleden

    Y Julie

  • Sandra Paul
    Sandra PaulDag geleden


  • Sandra Paul
    Sandra PaulDag geleden

    I Heat when Imposters ein!😡

  • Zamian Khaleq
    Zamian KhaleqDag geleden

    “We are now nice imposter Throws out anyway

    DEBESH DEBDag geleden


  • Tonya Holman
    Tonya HolmanDag geleden

    Among us Episode 9

  • Noah Ritter
    Noah RitterDag geleden

    Because she always makes it and succeeds at the end

  • Daniel Alvarado
    Daniel AlvaradoDag geleden

    Booo boo booo Shiloh loser

  • InsantCore
    InsantCoreDag geleden

    The fun thing about this is we get to to guess who is the impostor

  • qujhumo lesehke
    qujhumo lesehkeDag geleden

    The political growth temporarily hang because sunday booly satisfy between a plausible organization. nonstop, robust colombia

  • InsantCore
    InsantCoreDag geleden

    Red Sus!! *That is racism just because he's red doesn't mean he's sus*

  • pupuliini300
    pupuliini300Dag geleden

    Elijah do a song called doing tasks in the dark

    AMEERA ALBUARKIDag geleden

    Make a song abut I am a mini imposter ? Pls

  • Sarah Aly
    Sarah AlyDag geleden

    I love your videos

  • “I love pizza”
    “I love pizza”Dag geleden

    Shiloh and bros are you still in vacation

  • this channel is CLOSED
    this channel is CLOSEDDag geleden

    Shiloh is medic

  • Paulette Cazarez
    Paulette CazarezDag geleden

    Make more among us video’s

  • Raymond Ducharme
    Raymond DucharmeDag geleden

    Yellow sabotage lights

  • Sang Pham
    Sang PhamDag geleden


  • XxDangerWolfGachaxX
    XxDangerWolfGachaxXDag geleden

    Kinda wanna see them in a made up map or hide and seek

  • Thefnfpro
    ThefnfproDag geleden

    I been checking each day for the 10th

  • Noah Ritter
    Noah RitterDag geleden

    I thought they would vote out Shiloh out on first meeting

  • Noah Ritter
    Noah RitterDag geleden

    Man it just came to me in episode six Elijah was doing vending machine task but everybody thought it was a fake task. And Judah’s doing a burger task and I am like “ Isn’t that a little sus that he is having food break rather than doing tasks”. Judah is saying that is a real task that is exactly what the imposter would say

  • JaydenTrill
    JaydenTrillDag geleden

    Every something of the one I can go to drop me off and then go get to my home

  • Jayden is cool
    Jayden is cool2 dagen geleden


  • Hattan Ziyad
    Hattan Ziyad2 dagen geleden

    I will give you a sneak peak of the new Among Us character. Yes name is called Grey

    JACK O'NEILL2 dagen geleden

    Joslin is so cute

  • Sis and bro Gaming
    Sis and bro Gaming2 dagen geleden

    Mini crewmates dance is so cute🥺🥰🥰❤️

  • fnc dereck
    fnc dereck2 dagen geleden

    When justin slaps green in the face hhahahahahahaha

  • Christina Nguyen
    Christina Nguyen2 dagen geleden

    Hey can u Make another one of u choose But we are imp

  • Khanom Sunarun
    Khanom Sunarun2 dagen geleden


  • Tonia Rogers
    Tonia Rogers2 dagen geleden

    Red not sus

  • Brayden Cataldi
    Brayden Cataldi2 dagen geleden

    doesnt it hurt to jump on the wing of the plane

  • J. Alexander Scott
    J. Alexander Scott2 dagen geleden

    William is dumb

  • Bebe Wolfs:b
    Bebe Wolfs:b2 dagen geleden

    When Elijah William and Mary I think where out it was the American flag colors 🇺🇸

  • Krizia Costa
    Krizia Costa2 dagen geleden


  • ismaeel almomani
    ismaeel almomani2 dagen geleden

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha the baby is so cute

  • Little mushroom
    Little mushroom2 dagen geleden


  • Nitu Azad
    Nitu Azad2 dagen geleden

    2:40 most funny scene

  • Nitu Azad
    Nitu Azad2 dagen geleden

    Is that plane urs

    DURU DENİZ AK2 dagen geleden

    Do a song called “Doing Tasks In The Dark” with elijah !!!

  • Eliel Ortiz

    Eliel Ortiz

    2 dagen geleden


  • Talia Ahmed
    Talia Ahmed2 dagen geleden

    The dark green person and the yellow are the impostors

  • Real Martinaj
    Real Martinaj2 dagen geleden

    The best player is Shiloh

  • Muhammad Fairuz
    Muhammad Fairuz2 dagen geleden


  • Troy Tolbert
    Troy Tolbert2 dagen geleden

    I wanna meet you guys

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    Shadow FN2 dagen geleden

    Hi man