I Played Minecraft for 1000 Days.. (1.16 Survival)

WELP This one took a good amount of time to make lmao. I hope you enjoy! Subscribe if you're new :D

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  • 5 uur geleden

    wow one hour thatss so long

  • Evan Poague
    Evan Poague6 uur geleden

    "I have no best friends" his best friend zombie "I didn't like you ethier"

  • Jacob Brian
    Jacob Brian7 uur geleden

    channeling only works on mobs

  • Because People
    Because People8 uur geleden

    He should use fire res in the nether tbh

  • Stephen Scott
    Stephen Scott15 uur geleden

    The best way to get a mob out of a minecart is a activator rail ( it is what it is for , only use )

  • Sweet tea ☕️
    Sweet tea ☕️17 uur geleden

    Just a bookmark 38:02

  • weirdo patato °~°
    weirdo patato °~°17 uur geleden

    Reameber his iron farm

  • Unoriginal
    UnoriginalDag geleden

    24:21 *Voice Crack*

  • Manita Sarkar
    Manita SarkarDag geleden

    Tarek house belted please

  • Manita Sarkar
    Manita SarkarDag geleden

    😘Panda SoKout

  • cheetah playz
    cheetah playzDag geleden

    Ngl if you watched grian your castle has more or less the same block scheme as his mansion but yours looks a lot better also

  • ZACH Boffey
    ZACH BoffeyDag geleden

    Joel: he looks like a Percy to me Me: he doesn’t look like a platypus

  • BiljardDragonM
    BiljardDragonMDag geleden

    When Joel is sad, kill horses. When Joel is happy, kill horses.

  • Lucas Leg
    Lucas LegDag geleden

    24:21 yeah a nice voice crack

  • Sonny Howe
    Sonny HoweDag geleden

    Who dislikes this unbelievable video

  • Sonny Howe
    Sonny HoweDag geleden

    Your amazing Joel

  • Sonny Howe
    Sonny HoweDag geleden

    I can’t get over how good you are at building

  • Tinayo Setime
    Tinayo SetimeDag geleden

    22:35 end not nether

  • Burger Blox
    Burger BloxDag geleden

    wadzee is better than u he made a netherite beacon in hardcore

  • ???
    ???2 dagen geleden

    Why do you hate horses?

  • Itz_Sophia
    Itz_Sophia2 dagen geleden

    U should make iron golems your guard on your palace

  • The Dude
    The Dude2 dagen geleden

    wow It's good that you don't suffer from backofthemantionsindrome (Unlike Grian)

  • Nazumi
    Nazumi3 dagen geleden

    Wut happend to your other two dogs in the tent ⛺ in 100

  • kingkong 8u
    kingkong 8u3 dagen geleden

    Make penny a grave

  • Zeno Borges
    Zeno Borges3 dagen geleden

    Welcome to episode 3 of: 'is he breathing?'

  • TheDark_Angel
    TheDark_Angel3 dagen geleden


  • TheDark_Angel
    TheDark_Angel3 dagen geleden


  • TheDark_Angel
    TheDark_Angel3 dagen geleden


  • TheDark_Angel
    TheDark_Angel3 dagen geleden


  • TheDark_Angel
    TheDark_Angel3 dagen geleden


  • TheDark_Angel
    TheDark_Angel3 dagen geleden


  • green was not found
    green was not found3 dagen geleden


  • Lowe Carolina
    Lowe Carolina4 dagen geleden

    The mellow month corroboratively bump because bottle wailly intend apud a permissible magazine. purple, disastrous rooster

  • Maxyboi Monsta
    Maxyboi Monsta4 dagen geleden

    Why don’t you mine diamonds with silk touch and fortune and then mine them another 2 or 3 times when you stack them in towers with silk touch and fortune and then mine them with just fortune

  • Alex The Gamer

    Alex The Gamer

    Dag geleden

    What 😆

  • Maggie Fay
    Maggie Fay4 dagen geleden

    You might as well just do 1000 days in creative and it would still be the same cause of how good it looks

  • Rossatkinson
    Rossatkinson4 dagen geleden

    When learning English this guy’s favourite word was obviously terror forming

  • Eric Finn
    Eric Finn4 dagen geleden

    "Turns out interiors are slow because they're just like so complex and complicated." UHHH DON'T THOSE WORDS MEAN EXACTLY THE SAME THING???

  • TnT Powers
    TnT Powers4 dagen geleden

    All hale the horse killer

  • Paula Keno
    Paula Keno4 dagen geleden

    i survived 1m days 987 h

  • Jessica Brunson
    Jessica Brunson4 dagen geleden

    Get a cleric and sell the rotten flesh for Emeralds

  • Meep_ the_Moo
    Meep_ the_Moo4 dagen geleden

    This is the most red stone I’ve ever seen u do and man is this greater than impressive

  • Yuvraj Singla
    Yuvraj Singla4 dagen geleden

    945 is the lucky day

  • MelonMiner 237
    MelonMiner 2375 dagen geleden

    I forgot that there is end city's in the nether

  • Mcyt. Comfortplace
    Mcyt. Comfortplace5 dagen geleden

    I think Joel forgot cats teleport

  • Alex Nicholson
    Alex Nicholson5 dagen geleden

    You must me able to get like a nether beacon with that Haha no

  • Natalie RAZEY
    Natalie RAZEY5 dagen geleden

    Me having watched all of these in 1 day during online school 😳

  • Brainy Cranberry
    Brainy Cranberry5 dagen geleden

    18:23 Turns out interiors are complex and complicated- Joel 2021

  • Violet Dragonhower
    Violet Dragonhower5 dagen geleden

    36:33 and named him Percy” Percy Jackson book fans:😮👏

  • radiation gamez
    radiation gamez5 dagen geleden

    Smallish beans: builds a mansion Grian: you dare challenge me?

  • No One
    No One5 dagen geleden


  • Nathan Lin
    Nathan Lin5 dagen geleden

    I love how he names his animals weird names

  • Jessica Purdy
    Jessica Purdy5 dagen geleden

    I love how he made the polar bear enclosure (kinda) small but the rabbits enclosure is pretty big Guess he got a lot of sand

  • Canadian Girl Cooks
    Canadian Girl Cooks5 dagen geleden

    i dont think Joel remembers the og cats from the first 100 days.

  • Guy
    Guy5 dagen geleden

    Tip use fire res

  • Guy


    5 dagen geleden


  • Snuggle Puppy
    Snuggle Puppy6 dagen geleden

    It just struck me that he does this all in survival...

  • Emily Rojas
    Emily Rojas6 dagen geleden

    Joel: just kidding i don't have any best fiends Best friend Gerald: snif snif Gerald's stupid friend: he wasn't a good friend any way

  • Triple Crown
    Triple Crown6 dagen geleden

    name a rabbit "Toast"

  • Jaidan Hanshaw
    Jaidan Hanshaw6 dagen geleden

    I’m crying cause my cat is a ginger cat oof

  • Zach Ebert
    Zach Ebert6 dagen geleden

    Going to the nether to get shulker boxes me NO the end

  • Kian the Pikachu
    Kian the Pikachu6 dagen geleden

    R.I.P Penny 2021-2021

  • mika
    mika6 dagen geleden

    you need to do a challenge that you die every day in mincraft and try bit the game. but you have to die every day

  • Reena Darius
    Reena Darius6 dagen geleden

    You r cruel

  • Deshlan Mota
    Deshlan Mota6 dagen geleden

    USE YOUR NETHERITE CHESTPLATE AND STOP DYING FOR ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 林佳儫Dirk
    林佳儫Dirk6 dagen geleden

    a new panda's name can be poggy

  • blaesy_dk
    blaesy_dk7 dagen geleden

    1 hour vid of zoo building :)

  • ComfeyVampire
    ComfeyVampire7 dagen geleden

    “And of course it’s gonna be named, Bob” -Joel 2021

  • ComfeyVampire


    7 dagen geleden

    Dunno why when he said that it was so funny to me

  • Eclypse
    Eclypse7 dagen geleden

    time to stay up till midnight watching this-

  • Bean_Of_Art
    Bean_Of_Art7 dagen geleden

    Best way to get bees is to wait till night because they will naturally go in and you wanna use a silk touch tool (I believe axes mine it the fastest)

  • The_Derpy_Dragon
    The_Derpy_Dragon7 dagen geleden

    I love his shovel (stop trying to make fetch happen)

  • Ryan Chetty
    Ryan Chetty7 dagen geleden

    I don't know what is more terrifying... your love for screams of horror and pain or your building skills on survival that look like something the best builders would do on creative...

  • Matsico07
    Matsico077 dagen geleden

    How isnt he in hermitcraft Why he should join: Makes chestmonsters Is amazing at building Is friendly and fun Already is friends with the hermits

  • TheOtherNolan
    TheOtherNolan7 dagen geleden

    He should turn the are under his terraformed land into something…

  • Maddie playz
    Maddie playz7 dagen geleden

    The cherry on top of the cupcake is a dead chicken.

  • zon
    zon7 dagen geleden

    rip penny

  • Ildri Gregory
    Ildri Gregory7 dagen geleden

    I have never seen that much gold anywhere exept bedwars

  • Memory Snake
    Memory Snake7 dagen geleden

    The fact he got a bunny and named it judy Is just amazing because my name is judy and my favourite animal are bunnies

  • Kane Frame
    Kane Frame7 dagen geleden

    why tf do you kill horses?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • カラマリー
    カラマリー8 dagen geleden

    The chicken in day 716 dropped a dirt block

  • Georgia Wade
    Georgia Wade8 dagen geleden

    anyone have the first episode name pls

  • nonameguy3


    8 dagen geleden

    Just click the playlist on his channel page :)

  • RazorFace119
    RazorFace1198 dagen geleden

    bruh why do you hate horses

  • Populous 20
    Populous 208 dagen geleden

    10:37 Joel: We got building the back of the mansion Me: Hermitcraft reference?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Grian: THAT IS NOT A MANSION JOEL!! IT'S TINY COMPARED TO MINE!!!!!!

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda8 dagen geleden

    Joel 2021: “And we just need to get some SPIDERS.”

  • Baby Yoda

    Baby Yoda

    8 dagen geleden

    oh and btw at one point Joel said terraforming and youtube closed captions said “terrifying” yes youtube. terraforming is very terrifying to build youtube.

  • Jasper Green
    Jasper Green8 dagen geleden

    A horse in real life joel

  • Speedpoké11
    Speedpoké118 dagen geleden

    13:27 “You must be able to make a whole netherite beacon with that TNT.” Wadzee: *Death Glare*

  • Xx_MidNight_Moon_Xx
    Xx_MidNight_Moon_Xx8 dagen geleden

    Petty sure he make the end.

  • Camille Calma
    Camille Calma8 dagen geleden

    The snobbish chard alarmingly store because bail desirably disapprove besides a hurt editorial. nice, wasteful handsaw

  • Ahmet Melik Yılmaz
    Ahmet Melik Yılmaz8 dagen geleden

    1:16 watch with 1.75

  • #Clemintime 7536#
    #Clemintime 7536#8 dagen geleden

    When Joel went to the end he actually said nether instead and Was like that’s the end not the nether Joel like bruh -_-

  • Gvs Prasad
    Gvs Prasad9 dagen geleden

    why do u hate horses

  • ColtsFan2.0
    ColtsFan2.09 dagen geleden

    Luke TheNotable. 👍👏

  • Bananabo1oi
    Bananabo1oi9 dagen geleden

    I thought you liked seeing chickens die

  • MomKate-N-Vincie Rose-Donnelly
    MomKate-N-Vincie Rose-Donnelly9 dagen geleden

    2000 please

  • Charlie Reade
    Charlie Reade9 dagen geleden

    I’m Charlie mascot not the cow

  • /////
    /////10 dagen geleden

    Why do u say fam instead of farm

  • Lily-may Gregson
    Lily-may Gregson10 dagen geleden

    The never your at the end Joel collecing shulkers

  • Coco
    Coco10 dagen geleden

    Joel’s videos = Deforestation

  • Wizard Gaming!
    Wizard Gaming!10 dagen geleden

    There is nothing better then watching a 100-1000 Days video, you voice is kinda calming lol.

  • Imma _BIRD
    Imma _BIRD10 dagen geleden

    Me literally banging my head on my bed seeing you die because you won t wear you chest plate when netherite mining

  • Belle Pantoja
    Belle Pantoja10 dagen geleden

    he just have the same idea to fire fireworks when he hit 1000! days in minecraft like luke thenotable a.k.a LTN

  • Belle Pantoja

    Belle Pantoja

    10 dagen geleden

    but LTN was just showing off his richhness

  • ~Sugar Bunz~ 😘
    ~Sugar Bunz~ 😘10 dagen geleden

    can we just take a moment to acnolage the fact the joel neame his shulker box "cos baby im a firework"