I got a DNA test for my cat!

Thanks for checking out BBs results with me! I got the test at Basepaws: basepaws.com/ .

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  • MuDdY MuTt
    MuDdY MuTtMaand geleden

    What happened to the other kitty? You found two right? BB and then another..

  • Hazmi Rasid

    Hazmi Rasid

    11 dagen geleden

    @Gab Smolders how dare he take treasure >:(

  • Uncle Jace

    Uncle Jace

    13 dagen geleden

    @Memento Medium OH FUCK OFF!! It's none of your business!!!!

  • Magic


    24 dagen geleden

    @dilemma08 the cars under her name tho, surely?

  • Liss


    25 dagen geleden

    @J Bird How old are you, kid? Stop projecting your insecurities into someone else, it's really sad.

  • ƛƇӇЄԼƠɄS 07

    ƛƇӇЄԼƠɄS 07

    Maand geleden

    @Magic noo let the guy have the cat jeez

  • Leinad
    Leinad6 uur geleden

    I think it's just because your cat has similar DNA, that doesn't mean your cat has all of those breed as ancestors. it's the same for the DNA test for humans, they are making educated guess while comparing with the DNA of others cats in their Database. But those cats are cool ! This is a nice video !

  • Malin Holmberg
    Malin Holmberg4 dagen geleden

    I have a maine coon ragdoll mix and a Norwegian forest cat maine coon mix, and the floppy posture when being picked up is definetly a ragdoll thing. The latter curls up and attempts to kick you with her back paws if picked up.

  • Dovyeon
    Dovyeon4 dagen geleden

    Just stumbled upon a video and then I see Jacksepticye like wtf

  • Alissa Manuela
    Alissa Manuela10 dagen geleden

    Thats cool that bb has some furless cat genes. I have a sphynx cat so I have deep love for furless cats 🥰

  • Truth_is_the _new_hate
    Truth_is_the _new_hate12 dagen geleden

    The fact that BB' s genetic makeup is so diverse is the likely reason he is so healthy.

  • Kate Panebianco
    Kate Panebianco12 dagen geleden

    5:30 when your friend comes over and your mom is making you do embarrassing medical shit

  • HeyItsCloudy
    HeyItsCloudy12 dagen geleden

    He looks so much like a maine coon and especially how he acts it's insane to think he isn't

  • pabloesco2007
    pabloesco200713 dagen geleden

    So pretty BB to Kitten to an adult Cat ! I love Ragdoll or Main Coon.

  • _VeNoM-_- TEMPERZe
    _VeNoM-_- TEMPERZe13 dagen geleden


  • Lycanthromancer
    Lycanthromancer14 dagen geleden

    So who's the father? :p

  • Liam D
    Liam D14 dagen geleden

    BB looks just like my old cat. Soooooo fluffy

  • Makotroid
    Makotroid15 dagen geleden

    I have the ginger version of BB, and he goes ragdoll when held too.

  • commie cat
    commie cat15 dagen geleden

    when the fuckin peterbald came up i couldn't stop laughing. just imagine BB being a peterbald is just-

  • DarkRubberDucky
    DarkRubberDucky16 dagen geleden

    My cat looks very similar. A lot of "tabby" cats in American are this look. Mine was also a stray from our apartment complex. She's... insane, but adorable. I named her Monkee because of how bonkers she is sometimes. She also likes plastic bags, as I heard in one video that BB does, as well.

  • Beatrix Phoon
    Beatrix Phoon17 dagen geleden

    I had a cat but she died this year. I think mine is Ragdoll cause it looks exactly like one. Her whole-body white with blue eyes. At that time, I was not at home. My siblings were but they did not notice because the balcony door was open for the dog to go out to take toilet breaks. When we notice, we looked everywhere in the house but still no sign of her. We thought that she might have gone out because she likes to go out but we did not let her. Occasionally, we might accidentally let her out but we watched her back in. Before this happens, there were cases of cats that went out then come back a week later. So, we let it be for a week but still no sign of her. We asked the guard downstairs only that we know that her body was seen a week ago by cleaners by the road. I was so sad that I cried for about 2 weeks when I looked at her photos. I still cry occasionally but not so bad. I still miss my cat even now.😭😭😭

  • Owilliams09
    Owilliams0917 dagen geleden

    i didnt even notice who u were until u said ur boyfriends with a picture of sean

  • Dmon !
    Dmon !17 dagen geleden

    If this is similar to human tests then all the regions do not mean the cat (or a person) is very mixed. The company simply looks for genetic markers. You can share similar markers with other countries without being from there. It is simply the likelihood of being there. Do also be careful that results can be biased depending on how little data the company have. For example if not enough data on other countries. I wouldn't be surprised if Asian centric companies would for example show people as being more Asian than other tests. It would be good to take multiple tests from different companies and see how they differ and where they agree

  • Justin Color
    Justin Color17 dagen geleden

    if there's an award for best youtube thumbnail of the year, i nominate this thumbnail

  • Emily Bugg
    Emily Bugg18 dagen geleden

    I have a Siberian cat and I have to say bb has many similar features to her. There also closely related to the Maine coon which is why people probably said he looks like one and for his somewhat large size

  • Simon
    Simon18 dagen geleden

    cats are adorable

  • Kali co.
    Kali co.18 dagen geleden

    When I pick up my cat he would always protest

  • Merlijn Bal
    Merlijn Bal18 dagen geleden

    i asumed it was ragdoll or norwegain at least a part i mean i know alot about cats cuz im interted and i work at a fucking shelter/hotel (asiel/ pension in steenwijk groeten uit meppel btw) so i work with alot of cat and dog breed so you learn alot about every single cat we have

  • Luke Dodd
    Luke Dodd18 dagen geleden

    To be fair, I can really see the Peterbald in BB especially at 14:20 with the slim face.

  • OliDonTV
    OliDonTV19 dagen geleden

    i loved it when bb was on screen

  • RowdyRager -
    RowdyRager -20 dagen geleden

    Beep the kitty nose! My Moka kitty loves it she purrs and gives love bites💚🤗💚🤗

  • Dude with Legs
    Dude with Legs20 dagen geleden

    It took me a while to realize that that's Sean's gf until she said the cat's name.

  • Lily Janssens
    Lily Janssens21 dag geleden

    My cat would try to eat the swabber thing!!!!

  • Sarah Banana
    Sarah Banana21 dag geleden

    BB is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen

  • Majid Tak
    Majid Tak21 dag geleden

    Gab: does your cat not hang there when you pick him up? bb : run kittens , all your humans coming to hang you so their see your reaction ... run kittens , lol

  • ʟuciɴe.
    ʟuciɴe.21 dag geleden

    BB looks exactly like my cat! Like, seriously!

  • Fhdang 897
    Fhdang 89721 dag geleden

    I kind of feel bad for you you've got a big youtuber bf but then people don't really take a look at your channel even though you've got great content and stuff

  • Sampai
    Sampai22 dagen geleden

    BB's breed is FLOOF

  • 13_cmi .
    13_cmi .22 dagen geleden

    All these cats that are fluffy and have that messy greyish brown and black striped pattern completely remind me of the dead cat that I lived with from birth until about ten years later when she passed away. There's some photos of her shot back when they still developed films in one hour at all the stores you could think of that I found. After I found em my face was pretty quickly coated in the salty goodness known as tears. If I can find a good photo I can probably get the negative printed out. I already have a few things on my wall including Saitama with his beautiful shiny egg face but the cat would make everything so much better.

  • Robin Blay
    Robin Blay22 dagen geleden

    Really interesting gabbo nice to know

  • Emily Grey
    Emily Grey22 dagen geleden

    Maybe she could show us her gym routine or something? As she wants to expand her channel from a gaming one :) idk- I was watching silent hill 2 play through and she said about yoga to help migraines 😊 maybe something like that too could be cool

    ANG ARY23 dagen geleden

    Her cat looks like my cat but my cat is 1 yrs old in 2021

  • Generic
    Generic24 dagen geleden

    If Jacksepticeye is your boyfriend......... Then why hasn't he given you a shout out?

  • Libby Orr
    Libby Orr24 dagen geleden

    Well, fun thing I found out was main coon cats are descended from Norwegian forest cats. Also another, but google said it's an unknown extinct cat, but still. I thought that was really neat. I had an adorable tiny kitten that I found in my backyard, she kept growing....and growing. She was 25lbs and still getting bigger, not fat just muscle. That was a big cat, and I started looking up what breed she could be. My other cat is Balinese, rag doll,and we have two Turkish angoras. The house is never quite and I love it, they're all so talkative it's so cute!

  • Ally B
    Ally B24 dagen geleden

    I have 3 cats, one is a ragdoll the others are not and yes, only my ragdoll cat flops like that when you pick him up. The others try to get away instantly haha

  • Lily M
    Lily M24 dagen geleden

    Cats can become preggo with more than one male. So might be a mix there.

  • Marcus (Ati)
    Marcus (Ati)24 dagen geleden

    BB is fucking everything of all beautiful cat breeeds

  • Marcus (Ati)
    Marcus (Ati)24 dagen geleden

    Norwegian i think too i had one back in the days

  • Roxanne
    Roxanne25 dagen geleden

    BB is so cute!!

  • maiszu
    maiszu25 dagen geleden

    I have a ragdoll and BB reminds me so much of him 😊

  • Sisko MaSu
    Sisko MaSu25 dagen geleden

    I always assume that BB is Siberian 😬

  • Alexis 4bro_4sis
    Alexis 4bro_4sis25 dagen geleden

    I was thinking Norwegian forest cat or Ragdoll because that's the breed my Nan has his name is Simba and he looks just like BB❤️😊

    AMAAN KHAN25 dagen geleden

    BB is love❤️ .I love Cats❤️

  • Gunnar Positive
    Gunnar Positive25 dagen geleden

    Honestly just watching your videos always makes me smile, I like watching your and shauns videos a lot :)

  • Satoshi
    Satoshi26 dagen geleden

    BB is a whole new species of cat

  • Mac Wilson
    Mac Wilson26 dagen geleden

    I would die for BB

  • StealthyGamerGirl
    StealthyGamerGirl26 dagen geleden

    That was so interesting. My cat, Tibby, was a tabby. She meowed just like that and was always st my feet. On my lap. Was always very need. ( she's no longer with. I had her fir 20 years). She only sat with me. It wasn't until we lost our other cat, Marmalade, that she started comforting and being with other members of my family. She was a very fussy cat. But very loving too. Miss her terribly

  • B3 Yumi Cruz
    B3 Yumi Cruz26 dagen geleden

    Try mixing BB with other cat pics and try to deduce BB

  • B3 Yumi Cruz
    B3 Yumi Cruz26 dagen geleden

    Jack as tall as boom arm

  • B3 Yumi Cruz
    B3 Yumi Cruz26 dagen geleden

    BB: star of gab's channel BB: meows at jacks door

  • Kristina Knapp
    Kristina Knapp27 dagen geleden

    Ragdolls are amazing cats. My baby is a blue lynx ragdoll. Don't know if she's full but she really is the sweetest animal. And it's the breed. Sadly, I found out on Saturday that she has cancer. She's 12 years old and I've had her since a kitten which I had adopted her from a local vet that would get kittens that were usually strays. Always adopt, you would be amazed at the beautiful animals that need homes and it's amazing how much love they have to give.

  • Ebby Osgood
    Ebby Osgood27 dagen geleden

    i have siberian cat, she has tabby fur like BB, the mane and the lynx tips. They are related to maine Coone and norwegian, who are all related to wild farm cats. "breeds" are basically jut huumans interfering and selectively breeding traits. BB is beautiful

  • HaikuMarionette
    HaikuMarionette28 dagen geleden

    It was so interesting learning about more cats breeds. He is so cute, sadly he’s separated from his sister though : (.

  • Shauna Jones
    Shauna Jones28 dagen geleden

    my cat is half ragdoll, she looks like a common cat but she has a lot of the traits but she absolutely will not do that ragdoll hang thing so it’s really strange that BB does that!

  • Cet
    Cet28 dagen geleden

    BB a young cat and he ✨chonky✨my cat was 15 and a tabby cat but he was skinny.

  • Tick
    Tick28 dagen geleden

    Are you and Jack still together?

  • Jynxie Rose
    Jynxie Rose28 dagen geleden

    I'm rewatching your Resident Evil: 0 playthrough where BB and his sister are super rambunctious as kittens! They're such little boogers! I think this was such a great idea to branch out to other content too, and ESPECIALLY the amazing BigBoss content!!! Such a handsome boi! You're such an awesome Cat Mom

  • Skyblaze Healerice
    Skyblaze Healerice28 dagen geleden

    14:06 oh my gosh 😂 i can't stop reading that as real Bramblestar and the Imposter from warriors LOL

  • Daniella Schaening
    Daniella Schaening28 dagen geleden

    this is making me want to do it for my cat even though she is straight up street cat so I know there's going to be nothing conclusive XD. but even though she's a tortoise shall, i feel like there is some siamese in her. Her face structure and personality seems a lot like simese.

  • Psycho Diary
    Psycho Diary28 dagen geleden

    Cats collect the best kind of people together.

  • Psycho Diary
    Psycho Diary28 dagen geleden

    Why does this feel like when you're playing a video game and you have a pet you can boost their level and manage their skills 13:07

  • Psycho Diary
    Psycho Diary28 dagen geleden

    People: Eeew hairless cat This lady: It's a cool cat YES THANK YOU

  • Psycho Diary
    Psycho Diary28 dagen geleden

    You're so relaxing and funnn, more of this kind of videos pleaseee I can listen to you all day while working on something

  • cherryhile
    cherryhile28 dagen geleden

    Random fact: if there is a lot of a breed in your pet but you can't see it, it's most likely that those traits are suppressive - they often only come out if both parents have the traits (even if they are hidden on the parents)

  • Hannah Carter
    Hannah Carter28 dagen geleden

    Maybe it's just the lighting and angling, but I can see the Peterbald pretty well at 14:11. Check out the cheek bones, slanting of the eyes, and the length:width proportions of his face at the top, cheeks, & chin. Also, yes, ragdoll cats are unique in just how floppy they are when you pick them up. Most cats I've known tend to stiffen up and start protesting after a bit in a best case scenario, or go berserk immediately in a worst case scenario.

  • J F
    J F29 dagen geleden

    Wow, when did you get hot, Gab?

  • 꽃은방울
    꽃은방울29 dagen geleden

    BB is so pretty ;~; I think another cool video idea would be about fashion. Like your fav go-to clothes (for going out or just lounging) or maybe like... how you used to dress.. orrrr... what sort of clothes you wanna try wearing, but never got around to? If that makes sense.

  • Klynt Clubb
    Klynt Clubb29 dagen geleden

    i have tortes shell cats and they are so cute and and annd love being cuddled and scratched behind the ear and i love them so much and truly miss the one who died a bit ago named loona if you want a run down on their names loona was the one with the many quarks and brown fur kimber has black with little orange splotches around her (BTW all of them are female and are spayed and declawed and are from the same lieder.) and she is the smart one and finally Dingel the mix of the other two with gray fur and the one who we suspect to be their father Garfield who is an outside cat (not by my choice) and he is orange and white he truly loves us and is not neutered or declawed because well hes an outside cat and i think of him as the elder who has the good parts of Dingel Kimber and Loona and i love them all and i hope you all do to

  • Klynt Clubb
    Klynt Clubb29 dagen geleden

    BB was like mooooommmm not in front of my friends

  • Lucyboy
    LucyboyMaand geleden

    Meowster Worldwide

  • Alson Dacosta
    Alson DacostaMaand geleden

    i see cat i click

  • Dane Reads
    Dane ReadsMaand geleden

    I'm lovin' the adopt don't shop message

  • Cats&Chamomile
    Cats&ChamomileMaand geleden

    BB is so cute!! Also, thank you sm for still recommending people to adopt! As someone who volunteers for a cat rescue it means a lot. Adopt dont shop

  • Sofia8687
    Sofia8687Maand geleden

    This video made me soooo happy ☺️☺️☺️

  • Heather S.
    Heather S.Maand geleden

    So many cats are inbred and a variety of breeds, making them in general "tabby". Bb is beautiful!

    MANTRAMaand geleden


  • Tobilike bacon
    Tobilike baconMaand geleden

    bb is the same age as my cat

  • Connor Litner
    Connor LitnerMaand geleden

    My cat looks exactly the same but I don’t know what breed it is

  • Frekat
    FrekatMaand geleden

    Thank you SOOO much for the shout out about shelter babies. So many need love and a second chance.

  • Annie Messer
    Annie MesserMaand geleden

    oh my goodness when i did basepaws on my cat, it was still starting out and there was a strip of tape that they also used that you put against the fur and ripped off to get some roots in there. i am so glad to see they're not doing that anymore, it didn't seem to hurt her but it was definitely traumatizing for me to have to do that lol

  • BOTKILLING rampage
    BOTKILLING rampageMaand geleden

    She is so calm and chill Meanwhile javk in the other room:- BIG BOOBA LADYYY OOO MAA GAWWWD AAAAAAGHHHH

  • JD Infinite
    JD InfiniteMaand geleden

    Are you stupid?

  • EREN Kavilcioğlu
    EREN KavilcioğluMaand geleden

    BB is the cutest cat. CHANGE MY MIND

  • Renee Trevino
    Renee TrevinoMaand geleden

    Me: Yeah bb definitely has Maine Coon in him *watches video* Me: whale then 😅

  • idianale
    idianaleMaand geleden

    i can see the peterbald in bb's facial structure and eyes

  • Haiden Crowder
    Haiden CrowderMaand geleden

    BB is definitely a tabby!! Or like my sister likes to call them Tammy. Both of my babies are tabby’s and I’ve confirmed i’m In love with tabby’s!!! The prominent “M” on his head indicates that!! Tabbies are my favorite and I plan to one day own all the colors!!!

  • sevvetti
    sevvettiMaand geleden

    Siamese cats like to talk a lot :) so if BB talks a lot, then they can definitely be Siamese.

  • Michaella Braid
    Michaella BraidMaand geleden

    BB is the cutest cat on the internet

  • rhokitten
    rhokittenMaand geleden

    Maybe I should get mine tested for genetic diseases. They are from a feral colony on my grandmother's porch and we thought maybe their uncle was their dad. Probably not good for them.

  • wyamesart
    wyamesartMaand geleden

    BB looks so much like my tabby kitty :)

  • Shona Fraser
    Shona FraserMaand geleden

    Fun facts about breeding things! The reason a lot of the breeds have high % DNA match but don't look much like BB is because a lot of the "appealing" physical traits like light fur/hairless/pointy facial stricture are all recessive genes so when cats are mixing while breeding these get bred out very quickly in appearance even if the genes are still present. Similar to ginger humans.

  • Dreamers Arcadia
    Dreamers ArcadiaMaand geleden

    Ragamuffin's are a cousin breed of Ragdolls and they have all of those traits. Friendly, follows around house, talkative, meezer, ragdoll physics. They can have any coloured eyes as well. A lot of places will only let you select the breed Ragdoll even if they are in fact a Ragamuffin! Honestly whenever I saw BB I KNEW he had Ragdoll and/or Ragamuffin in him. Source: I own a purebreed Ragamuffin haha

  • Sabina Lazri
    Sabina LazriMaand geleden

    this is my first time watching a video of yours and wow your voice is so calming!

  • I Don’t Know
    I Don’t KnowMaand geleden

    Wait, what does BB stand for? Does it stand for anything?

  • Shashwat Singh
    Shashwat SinghMaand geleden

    I want a cat now