I adopted a cat.

Schlatt adopts a cat.

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AWW! Schlatt talks about how he adopted Jambo, a 6-month old orange tabby. Jambo, or, as jschlatt's twitch chat calls him, Soup, or, Jcat, or, Andrew Yang's Chicken Soup Surprise, is the newest addition to the Jschlatt Family. Jambo has already been getting tons of love on Twitter, where Schlatt's Twitter Alt (still Twitter Unverified) posts frequent photos of the Cute Lovable Kitten for hundreds of thousands of likes. I enjoy seeing all of the angry Quote Retweets on pictures of Jambo, and laugh at your lack of a father figure. I have a cute cat and you don't!

No, this is not a Minecraft Manhunt vs 5 Hunters video (even though I would love to take a break from my 24/7 Dream SMP Minecraft 1.17 stream). TommyInnit doesn't make this video 1000x Funnier. Wilbur doesn't show his cute face and Minx isn't even here to flirt with me. It's just me talking about my awesome Garfield cat who I love more than any of my fans..... just kidding! I genuinely love and care about you guys, and that's the best way that I can describe it. You are like a whole bunch of kittens and I LOVE YOU. Not every creator will feel the same as me, and that's fine, but I'm being genuine every time I say it. My Youtooz plushies drop later this month so you better buy one before they sell out. Maybe even resell them at a 100x markup.


  • travisisbunny19 on Snap
    travisisbunny19 on Snap8 minuten geleden

    I just realized how much Schlatts cat looks like my grandpa's cat..

  • Vadim G
    Vadim GUur geleden

    What’s the background music

  • Max Odom
    Max OdomUur geleden

    Get a dog instead of an idiot cat

  • M Yovino
    M Yovino3 uur geleden

    I’m going to get a cat now

  • Petslions
    Petslions3 uur geleden

    It feels like schlatt recorded the monkey noises

  • Chocolatelover 238
    Chocolatelover 2383 uur geleden

    fun fact: if you die your cat will eat you

  • ShadowChilly
    ShadowChilly4 uur geleden

    when my cat follows me (he is also orange and its a boy) , he follows me meowing cause he wants food..

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte5 uur geleden

    this is what pavlov wanted

  • ExiCill
    ExiCill5 uur geleden

    I'm getting a cat soon :)

  • Eggs Benidict
    Eggs Benidict7 uur geleden

    Jambo is a type of soup

  • Izuku Midoriya Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya Izuku Midoriya8 uur geleden

    My cat looks simular to yours *Hes really annoying* *;-;*

  • Rahul Ramteke
    Rahul Ramteke8 uur geleden


  • skittleman
    skittleman8 uur geleden

    picture 1 is now a meme

  • The Chazzler
    The Chazzler11 uur geleden

    I’ve never seen him show this much affection before

  • Matt Media
    Matt Media12 uur geleden

    cat goes : no cap

  • Lythien Thong
    Lythien Thong13 uur geleden

    He adopted a cat

  • Empire likescats
    Empire likescats13 uur geleden

    I loVe de jambo

  • Martynas B
    Martynas B14 uur geleden

    Father and son

  • Sans Undertale
    Sans Undertale14 uur geleden


  • Madi and Coco
    Madi and Coco15 uur geleden

    Jshlatt and Jcat

  • My Family
    My Family15 uur geleden

    I have an orange tabby too

  • Brittany Wright
    Brittany Wright16 uur geleden

    I clicked faster than angry Pomeranian(aka Bakugo Katsuki) could say DEKKKKU!!!

  • linus geimer
    linus geimer16 uur geleden


  • Delilah Perez
    Delilah Perez17 uur geleden

    Awwwww *dislikes* Jk

  • Emma Rogers
    Emma Rogers17 uur geleden

    i had three cats a fat one and bitch one and a chill one lmao there name s was jasper,oreo,misy and we gave the away lol

  • z_carver79
    z_carver7918 uur geleden

    4:19 lol trying to get his food

  • Mary S
    Mary S18 uur geleden


    CYBERNET1C18 uur geleden

    Play dead with Jambo

  • the true Snom Vish
    the true Snom Vish19 uur geleden

    the year is 2022, Jshlatt dies of a heart attack in his sleep. Jambo lives for 3 weeks off of the automatic feeder and waterer, however after this, the supply of cat food and water is gone. No one has come over to Jshlatts house to check up on him, because he has no one that cares about him. Jambo decides to escape the house to look for sustinance to survive. Jambo finds himself next to a Zoo, and hears the cry of an Ape within the facility. Jambo, unbeleivably hungry, climbs into the monkey enclosure, and becomes one with the funny monkeys. Where Jambo lives the rest of his life.

  • UngusBungusFilms
    UngusBungusFilms20 uur geleden

    I hate those white dogs

  • Brody Nelson
    Brody Nelson20 uur geleden

    should named it jcat

  • TheRandomOrange
    TheRandomOrange20 uur geleden

    Schlatt: "Jambo's got his life, and I have mine" Also Schlatt: "He'll follow me wherever I go, and He'll just uh- He'll just make noise"

  • Wyatt McIntyre
    Wyatt McIntyre20 uur geleden

    haha jokes on you fuckers trying to get a cat, i have a cat who has been around for way to fucking long like, que carajo hermano

  • Payton Peterson
    Payton Peterson20 uur geleden

    i legit got a 43 minute ad about how people are slowly killing cats...

  • cxnbsd jskjhw
    cxnbsd jskjhw21 uur geleden

    The used theory serendipitously connect because swedish randomly unite amid a lively specialist. zealous, accurate stocking

  • Caleigh O’Sullivan
    Caleigh O’Sullivan21 uur geleden

    that cat us is so cute

  • Rasmus Hurme
    Rasmus Hurme21 uur geleden


  • æđķœ
    æđķœ22 uur geleden

    Why does the thumbnail speak everything Jschaltt:alright kitty get ready to pose for the thumbnail The cat: THE F***ING WHAT

  • chi_bonn
    chi_bonn22 uur geleden


  • EnderCrust
    EnderCrust22 uur geleden


  • Red box Animations
    Red box Animations23 uur geleden

    He does look like soup tho

  • Braden Lindeman
    Braden Lindeman23 uur geleden

    Soup is a nub I like it

  • pooo mann
    pooo mannDag geleden

    What the cat doin

  • Ilija Raonic
    Ilija RaonicDag geleden

    I dont care.

  • Ilija Raonic

    Ilija Raonic

    15 uur geleden

    @Just an introvert with internet access got reccomended

  • Just an introvert with internet access

    Just an introvert with internet access

    23 uur geleden

    Then don't watch

  • DaniThe IV
    DaniThe IVDag geleden

    What da cat doin

  • madnesz 246
    madnesz 246Dag geleden

    Cook the fkr

  • Lany T
    Lany TDag geleden

    1:58 "the guns themselves dont kill people" i literally paused the video and repeatedly slammed my face onto my bed

  • EquallyEquator
    EquallyEquatorDag geleden

    I've adopted a kitten from a farm which the cat had 3 kittens

  • I Have No Life
    I Have No LifeDag geleden

    This is my fav vid by Shlatt

  • Isaac Cattelan
    Isaac CattelanDag geleden

    Anyone else come here from justmehabibi’s video lol

  • Eduardo1356


    22 uur geleden


  • marta y ya :/
    marta y ya :/Dag geleden

    rat watching 0:21 :_(

  • I cant think Of an original name
    I cant think Of an original nameDag geleden

    My neighbors cat always comes ip to me and like will randomly sleep in my lap

  • Lukas Cozad
    Lukas CozadDag geleden

    "I am JEALOUS of how easy you have it." *slap*

  • NightmareFun_
    NightmareFun_Dag geleden

    Truly disgusting that some “pet companies” would do such a thing

  • catimations patimations
    catimations patimationsDag geleden

    cat go b o n k

    RION XODDODag geleden

    4:06 "let me out"

  • Cole Pappadakis
    Cole PappadakisDag geleden

    Not only does he live a life of luxury but he’s a tax write off as well

  • Darkie Mod
    Darkie ModDag geleden


  •  ツ Porcelain Family ツ
    ツ Porcelain Family ツDag geleden

    *not jambo being called a bit of an asshole and not being able to eat rolls*

  • idiotic.victoria
    idiotic.victoriaDag geleden

    hi ttalhcsj

  • BGSnake
    BGSnakeDag geleden

    Cutest video ever

  • Coala
    CoalaDag geleden

    Came here for the cat, thats it cute cat btw

  • Mai Waifu
    Mai WaifuDag geleden

    I actually have a white yorkie (pretty rare in sure but idk akc or smn) and we were worried about the “crusty eyed white dog” problem but just washer her face and feeding her blueberries works just fine lol

  • Frances Duffy
    Frances DuffyDag geleden

    “On top of the f$cking ceiling” the most intelligent quote of the century

  • Epic Viber
    Epic ViberDag geleden

    jschlatt is literally about to be dream of youtube cuz of this cat

  • Tinoob
    TinoobDag geleden

    As a geometry dash player, that hoodie... :(

  • *Georgi* :^
    *Georgi* :^Dag geleden

    Jambo j=Jschatt ambo=Ranboo

    ZARA IS LOSTDag geleden

    Jschlatt: i wasn’t gonna get one of those white dogs with black shit in their eyes, that every rich girl has Also Jschlatt: 1:22 - 1:26

  • lamb sauce
    lamb sauceDag geleden

    kill it. jk

    DARYLLPLAYS YTDag geleden

    Tell it its addopted NOW

  • Teri Miller
    Teri MillerDag geleden

    Alternate title: I bought a cat for a tax write-off

  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan RodriguezDag geleden

    The thumbnail is cutr

  • Jayden Hayward
    Jayden HaywardDag geleden

    rat after watching this video: *sad Rat noises*

  • tinycrash
    tinycrashDag geleden

    Bro you call that a bath tub?!? I call that a jacuzzi

  • Diana Frida
    Diana FridaDag geleden


  • Potato
    PotatoDag geleden

    0:24 Holy shit, I'm fully convinced that's a picture of my dog

  • Passive Playz
    Passive PlayzDag geleden

    something i tend to notice about people n the perfect pet for em. extrovert: dog interovert: cat

  • ☭Ddarkon☭
    ☭Ddarkon☭Dag geleden

    cats with me: *attack him bois*

  • Hehe Boi
    Hehe BoiDag geleden

    2:09 jsChatt : I am jealous about how easy you have it. Cat : yu wan pettys?

  • arun shyam
    arun shyamDag geleden

    rip floof

  • lila
    lilaDag geleden

    the 3am animal crossing music is really gettin me

  • CJammyMan
    CJammyManDag geleden

    "recently found out there was a bathtub" really got me

  • Little Panda
    Little PandaDag geleden

    I was expecting the feeder to say : "COME GET YOUR FOOD YOU PIECE OF SHIT"

  • Aqua
    AquaDag geleden

    Her cat looks like someone took a shovel to a pair of bear testicals

  • Goggles_Drowned
    Goggles_DrownedDag geleden

    This video shouldn’t have made me smile as much as it did-

  • ANMOL.K-_- 10B
    ANMOL.K-_- 10BDag geleden

    the perfect video time

  • A certain type of Seth
    A certain type of SethDag geleden


  • Simply Sixrra ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    Simply Sixrra ʕ•ᴥ•ʔDag geleden

    s o u p

  • AlexTheMemeBoi
    AlexTheMemeBoiDag geleden

    1:04 *crunch*

  • Megan Ann
    Megan AnnDag geleden

    we need another jambo video. we need more jambo content. pls. pls schlatt

  • Большой Боб
    Большой БобDag geleden

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  • MythicRelay
    MythicRelayDag geleden

    Pedro pascal gets a cat

  • Ralph Christian I. Cruz
    Ralph Christian I. CruzDag geleden

    we are the same cat spoiled but my cat is black

  • Pogchamp
    PogchampDag geleden

    the dislikes are from the rich girls that have them white doggos with shi- in their eyes

  • rib cage
    rib cageDag geleden

    i dont think leaving him by himself is a good idea the pope might suddenly start to move and strangle jambo

  • Ling Qiu
    Ling QiuDag geleden


  • Maverick Tjo

    Maverick Tjo

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  • Ling Qiu

    Ling Qiu

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    TechnoPOGDag geleden


  • xDestroyr69x _
    xDestroyr69x _Dag geleden

    Schlatt and his cat Ambo

  • StonePython
    StonePythonDag geleden

    Looks like soup

  • swag
    swagDag geleden