Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts


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  • pig lover
    pig lover3 uur geleden

    You have to let it cool down then take it okk

  • pig lover

    pig lover

    3 uur geleden


  • Nick Green
    Nick Green5 uur geleden

    Gotta clean the surface first or glue will never stick to that crust bucket. Theirs a professional version of this called a glue puller.

  • Aidan Lagaly
    Aidan Lagaly5 uur geleden

    Maybe he should wait for the glue to dry

  • richard gutierrez
    richard gutierrez9 uur geleden

    That is my dream car

  • Lower Five
    Lower Five9 uur geleden

    this is the guy that will tell you that he forgot what he wants to say.

  • scarysorrow
    scarysorrow10 uur geleden

    wait for the hot glue to dry. then pull them off

  • Dog Ear’s
    Dog Ear’s11 uur geleden

    Try a plunger in think

    INVISIBLE GAMEING17 uur geleden

    They dent bro not that you have f out the car

  • King Awesome3452
    King Awesome345217 uur geleden

    Well wait for it to dry first

  • Little Ricer
    Little Ricer18 uur geleden

    It not cap the car you are using is a much older model which at that time they were 100% Metal bodypart.The car he used is about 60% metal some the parts are made out of hard plastic that why it able to tick,

    SODO_KUN18 uur geleden

    Let it dry

  • Tech360
    Tech36023 uur geleden


  • SkullCrusher 6025
    SkullCrusher 6025Dag geleden

    Well tbh the guy did tug on it quickly rather than just trying to pull it.

  • Alex_ Moonrose
    Alex_ MoonroseDag geleden

    He's The type of guy that would go to an store and buy nothing

  • Jase Ward
    Jase WardDag geleden

    Gota let the glue dry before you pull it


    Let. It. Dry

  • Dainis Ribačuks
    Dainis RibačuksDag geleden

    You have to use boiling water then use a plunger to fix the car damage

  • Khalil Manayan
    Khalil ManayanDag geleden

    Let it dry first bruh

  • Valliantson Ricardo tjung
    Valliantson Ricardo tjungDag geleden

    Why dont just put hot water then use plunger insted a glue stick?

  • Cindy Daniel
    Cindy DanielDag geleden

    Take a ketal and hot water and a plunger and put the hot water on the dint and put the plundger on and pull

  • J.B.M
    J.B.MDag geleden

    RIP at the car

  • Riley Gouws
    Riley GouwsDag geleden

    You should use a toilet puncher

  • BragCrayfish
    BragCrayfishDag geleden

    It's 5 minute crafts, what else did you expect?

  • Ythan King
    Ythan KingDag geleden

    You did not let the glue sticks dry. DUH💩

  • Birdie Buddies
    Birdie BuddiesDag geleden

    Didn’t work ☹️

  • Layan -
    Layan -Dag geleden

    You have to wait till it dries and then you’re gonna take it off

  • MasterJet YT
    MasterJet YTDag geleden

    You need to take it stick within 30sec or less

  • InLoveWithThat Panda
    InLoveWithThat PandaDag geleden

    It's hot water and plunger

  • Tanveer Akhtar
    Tanveer AkhtarDag geleden

    Ur doing it wrong let the glue dry at least duh 🙄

  • GNX _logical
    GNX _logicalDag geleden

    Use a hair dryer

  • Rameses Ray Rivera
    Rameses Ray RiveraDag geleden

    It didnt dryed yet

  • jjmcwill
    jjmcwillDag geleden

    I just tried this A month A ago and had the same results. Does not work.

  • ManD Productions
    ManD ProductionsDag geleden

    Bro... melt the glue sticks together, right by qhere your pulling the dent.... also let it dry

  • LlamaYT
    LlamaYT2 dagen geleden

    Dude you need to try to put boiling water on the car then pull the dents out with a toilet plunger

  • kiwi luv
    kiwi luv2 dagen geleden

    Try a plunger put it on the dent the yank it

  • Alyssa Lozada
    Alyssa Lozada2 dagen geleden

    try boiling water and a plunger 🪠

  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager2 dagen geleden

    You need to let it dry on the car i think

  • Loganiclogan's
    Loganiclogan's2 dagen geleden

    Because you doing so fast you didn't even let him dry in 2-3 minutes with the car and gule sticks

  • Crack Head
    Crack Head2 dagen geleden

    Pretty sure you gotta let it dry

  • Meris Hajdarevic
    Meris Hajdarevic2 dagen geleden

    Leaw it to get coald

  • viplav nagpal
    viplav nagpal2 dagen geleden


  • Albaedo
    Albaedo2 dagen geleden

    Trusting 5 minute crafts would be the greatest mistake of your life.

  • Soda Lover
    Soda Lover2 dagen geleden

    5 minute caps

  • Melody Salas
    Melody Salas2 dagen geleden

    He did it wrong... He had to wait for it to dry

  • Olive oil
    Olive oil2 dagen geleden

    U should try hot water and a plunger

    SARGE2 dagen geleden

    Toilet plunger would've been better probably.....

  • ZiyadRobloxGamer
    ZiyadRobloxGamer2 dagen geleden

    Don't ever trust 5 minutes craft.

  • And people say I need a life
    And people say I need a life2 dagen geleden

    You gotta let them get cold again before you start pulling

  • And people say I need a life
    And people say I need a life2 dagen geleden

    You gotta let them get cold again before you start pulling

  • king joe neal
    king joe neal2 dagen geleden

    ur getting killed😬😬😬😬😬

  • iiKandi Apples
    iiKandi Apples2 dagen geleden

    I think you have to keep it on longer and you don't have the right brand

  • Sara Sutter
    Sara Sutter3 dagen geleden

    Get boiling water and pour on the dance of the car and then get a plunger and and like pull out the dance

    JUAN CARLOS3 dagen geleden

    😀😀😀😀 you

  • bebo crusader
    bebo crusader3 dagen geleden


  • Tiinty
    Tiinty3 dagen geleden

    Bro didnt even give it time

  • Jax Lamorie
    Jax Lamorie3 dagen geleden

    What iq do you have LSU the glue dry

  • jaydenVLOGS
    jaydenVLOGS3 dagen geleden

    Use a plunger

  • Garr_tt 99
    Garr_tt 993 dagen geleden

    let it dry

  • Kompfejs
    Kompfejs3 dagen geleden

    Use a plunger

  • b1gg3r sp1nn3r
    b1gg3r sp1nn3r3 dagen geleden

    You gotta let it harden first

  • SelinaBxrry
    SelinaBxrry3 dagen geleden

    Of the comments 99% Hes the type of guy 1% Absolutely random stuff

  • I'm a fan Bro
    I'm a fan Bro3 dagen geleden

    This is the that looks up and down when he is crossing the streets

    BIG_BACKDAVID3 dagen geleden

    Bro u need to let it froze

  • Amitabha Sharma
    Amitabha Sharma3 dagen geleden

    Pathetic video

  • Erza Scarlet
    Erza Scarlet3 dagen geleden

    Don't trust 5 minute crafts 😂

  • Georgi Vatev
    Georgi Vatev3 dagen geleden

    What did this guy do to y'all, he was just wondering if it's real or cap

  • Okay
    Okay3 dagen geleden

    That means your car is high quality 🤣

  • Kafi Wafa
    Kafi Wafa3 dagen geleden

    Kuranggareng cengoh

  • Rick Johnson
    Rick Johnson3 dagen geleden


  • Carson Stanley
    Carson Stanley3 dagen geleden

    Wait longer

  • Sam Galaxy
    Sam Galaxy3 dagen geleden

    Wait untill it sticks.

  • Kaona Shala
    Kaona Shala3 dagen geleden

    I think u should wait till glue dry and may be it will work

  • Julio Torres
    Julio Torres3 dagen geleden

    You should try bolt water and a plunder

  • Pauline Layacan
    Pauline Layacan3 dagen geleden

    Maybe it didnt work because u didnt make the hot glue dry enough

  • vBlackoutMC
    vBlackoutMC3 dagen geleden

    Dont trust 5 minute craft

    PUTRA IS3 dagen geleden


  • Faith Goble
    Faith Goble3 dagen geleden

    I think you were supposed to let the glue sticks dry and glue on to the car, then pull away I might be wrong tho

  • some random duck on the internet
    some random duck on the internet3 dagen geleden

    guys it was requested so stop making fun of him you warm toilet seats

  • Idk What to write
    Idk What to write3 dagen geleden

    Stop the 🧢 No way that happen bro ima watch tho 👁👅👁

  • Jimmy Jet
    Jimmy Jet3 dagen geleden

    That wus a fel

  • Gachagirl Robloxlife
    Gachagirl Robloxlife4 dagen geleden

    Try the plunger hack

  • Ashley Milam
    Ashley Milam4 dagen geleden

    Ok doke

  • ScottLynn Torres
    ScottLynn Torres4 dagen geleden

    You have to let it sit for a bit and then pull it

  • htjfjgjgbcgcgtusryd rajono xfywrtxtfxfywfyxetxrywg
    htjfjgjgbcgcgtusryd rajono xfywrtxtfxfywfyxetxrywg4 dagen geleden

    5 minutes craft is fake

  • Ken
    Ken4 dagen geleden

    This is the type of guy to sleep with a ruler to see how long he slept.

  • Gamingguy242


    8 uur geleden

    Bruuuuuh ☠️

  • Camden Smith

    Camden Smith

    2 dagen geleden


  • Carmi Harkleroad
    Carmi Harkleroad4 dagen geleden

    Your suppose to let it dry

  • Hayla Parker-Fields
    Hayla Parker-Fields4 dagen geleden

    Use a Bathroom plunger

  • Miguel Gramillo
    Miguel Gramillo4 dagen geleden

    just get a plunger

  • supergamergirlYT playz
    supergamergirlYT playz4 dagen geleden

    Comment section rn: 50% this/he is the type of guy... 40% he is the reason why... 10% other...

  • Voidzy
    Voidzy4 dagen geleden

    if you really want to fix dents 1. don’t let them happen and be careful with your care 2. if you got a dent while being careful ( accidents happen ) use hot/boiling water and a plunger

  • John Ferreras
    John Ferreras4 dagen geleden

    Just let it dry

  • Rochelle Emerson
    Rochelle Emerson4 dagen geleden

    don't trust 5 minute crafts!!!

  • cayden
    cayden4 dagen geleden

    Wouldnt a plunger make more sense

  • Tim Schilder
    Tim Schilder5 dagen geleden

    Next time u have to wait when it is hard try it than

  • Marcin Ozimek
    Marcin Ozimek5 dagen geleden

    Let the glue dry

  • Ethan Spagnola
    Ethan Spagnola5 dagen geleden

    Should try the pluger and hot water thing

  • gopnik in MINECRAFT
    gopnik in MINECRAFT5 dagen geleden

    I'm telling ya those 5 minute craft are in to something

  • ahmed alnaqbi
    ahmed alnaqbi5 dagen geleden

    The glue type isn't too strong

  • Glass Glass
    Glass Glass5 dagen geleden

    Dry it on the dent for 30mins and boom