HIGHLIGHTS | Brazil v Canada Women's National Team - International Friendly


  • Nigel Wallace
    Nigel WallaceMaand geleden

    Thanks for wasting my time on a draw game with absolutely no highlights to show. Reminded me of children playing soccer and not know what the hell to do



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  • K Morrison
    K MorrisonMaand geleden

    All these people actually talking about the game, and I’m here just wondering why the Brazilian’s changed from white socks to blue socks half way through it

  • K Morrison

    K Morrison

    29 dagen geleden

    @Dian Rong huh, didn't know that, thanks

  • Dian Rong

    Dian Rong

    Maand geleden

    Often refs don't allow teams to have the same colour socks so that could be why

  • Jorge Einzbern Souza
    Jorge Einzbern SouzaMaand geleden

    As a person who lives in Brazil and is half canadian I gotta say its football is very good thou, I hope the mens get qualified for the world cup, and the womans goes to at least the plays off on the olympians 👊🏽🔥🇧🇷🇨🇦

  • $
    $Maand geleden

    Like other side no finishing, but the team looks the most balanced i have ever seen it. 0-0 with brazil probably wouldn't have happened in the past. Yes finishing is bad, but the teams quality has gone up.

  • Scott Johnstone

    Scott Johnstone

    Maand geleden

    ok let's look at past 10 years, Canada has always been in top ten, the other countries are catching up and passing Canada. The reason Canada and the US Squads were better is because of the colleges in the states 30 years ago had to promote women's sports and Soccer was one of the cheapest so girls from around North America had the upper hand on the rest of the world, the rest of the world has caught up. The problem with Canada is they still play a forward who is way past her prime.

  • SEA N
    SEA NMaand geleden

    Great shape and good movement but they couldn't finish their supper.

  • Joseph Fernando - Piano ♫
    Joseph Fernando - Piano ♫Maand geleden

    Man that would have been amazing to score at the end, how often do you see a goal where the buildup starts with a Cruyff turn from the goalie...

  • Robert B
    Robert BMaand geleden

    Canada womens team, 7 games in 2021 have scored 6 goals total, all goals scored in 3 of those games (all wins), 4 of the games without a goal (two ties, two losses). Less than a goal a game average isn't great, definitely need to focus on scoring in practices if I were coach, though they are getting in scoring position during games - just no lethal finishing. This game vs Brazil had some entertaining highlights both ways, an improvement from losing to them last time 2-0 on Feb 24. Fleming always showing some skills or a good shot...

  • JMorfz l
    JMorfz lMaand geleden

    Greetings from Brazil! I'm a big fan of the canadian national football teams,wish best of lucky for you in the men's qualifiers, we'll be waiting for you in the world cup!👋👋👋

  • DeeKay


    Maand geleden

    @yazan Topaji lmao

  • yazan Topaji

    yazan Topaji

    Maand geleden

    We're doing great aren't we. 7-0, 3-0, 5-0. Brazil you better watch out😂😂

  • DeeKay


    Maand geleden

    We cant wait to get destroyed by your Mens national team in the world cup lmao

  • Robert Felton
    Robert FeltonMaand geleden

    Got to be careful when you say Brazilian.