Happier Than Ever


Billie Eilish - “Happier Than Ever”
The new album, out July 30
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  • mari
    mari48 minuten geleden

    Me to my family

  • Lauren Ashley
    Lauren Ashley2 uur geleden

    the twerking comments are so annoying literally on every music video

  • Lexsokoo J
    Lexsokoo J2 uur geleden

    nldron.info/work/video/mGN4hMTAiYnckWQ 🤔🔥🔥🔥

  • Kaan Erdogan
    Kaan Erdogan2 uur geleden


  • Jillia Oak
    Jillia Oak2 uur geleden


  • Akerrah Daley
    Akerrah Daley2 uur geleden


  • No No
    No No2 uur geleden

    *questioning my sexuality twerking*

  • Ariana Garcia
    Ariana Garcia3 uur geleden

    *Cries and starts to twerk* IM SORRY-

  • Emily Llewellyn
    Emily Llewellyn3 uur geleden

    This is so gooooood

  • ilovehimsomuch
    ilovehimsomuch4 uur geleden

    ‘When I’m away from u I’m happier than ever’ me to my family 👹😚

  • Claudio oscar Wagner
    Claudio oscar Wagner4 uur geleden

    Te amo billie

  • _Nikki _ Name_
    _Nikki _ Name_4 uur geleden

    I don't like your hair now😢

  • Julieta Wapetona
    Julieta Wapetona4 uur geleden

    Guys stop *twerks*

  • Ava Scott
    Ava Scott5 uur geleden


  • Reemas Shehata
    Reemas Shehata6 uur geleden

    why only 15 secs :(

  • Noel.p
    Noel.p6 uur geleden

    stop twerking omg- *twerks*

  • Evie Walters
    Evie Walters6 uur geleden

    Boring lol

  • Abraham UwU
    Abraham UwU7 uur geleden

    thanks Billie eilish

  • barry benson
    barry benson7 uur geleden

    me to everyone

  • Kéren forbin
    Kéren forbin7 uur geleden

    Don't forget, God loves you and He wants you to be save. So please repent of your sins and accept Jesus as your savior, believe in him because Jesus is coming back soon.

  • CloeJBrook
    CloeJBrook7 uur geleden

    That was the best 15 seconds of my life!

  • mimi
    mimi8 uur geleden

    Me to my dad

  • cashy KE
    cashy KE8 uur geleden

    Why didn't I ever hear this b4😰🥺I love how lazy her voice sounds

  • dante e. benitez
    dante e. benitez8 uur geleden

    Me to my parents:

  • Dylan Paterson
    Dylan Paterson8 uur geleden

    yt commets r just annoying everyone stop twerking-

  • Pluto
    Pluto9 uur geleden

    Me to everyone accept from my loving gf

  • Andrea Trinidad
    Andrea Trinidad9 uur geleden

  • Boh Boh
    Boh Boh9 uur geleden

    I can’t believe it

  • Hai
    Hai10 uur geleden

    We came to lose the iconic billie but i’m so glad she’s finally happier

  • ariana daydreamin`
    ariana daydreamin`10 uur geleden


  • H_smoke all the pain away H_ idgaf
    H_smoke all the pain away H_ idgaf11 uur geleden

    Ughhh 🥵🥵🥵👑👑👑👑

  • كرار داوود
    كرار داوود11 uur geleden

    What is hair like you are a bird?

  • [DID SYSTEM] cardan greenbriar
    [DID SYSTEM] cardan greenbriar11 uur geleden

    billie why are we twerking . i will twerk too but why

  • Arindram Hatibaruah
    Arindram Hatibaruah11 uur geleden

    I have been waiting for this song for so long 😭😭 I wanna listen the entire song

  • Veronicaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Veronicaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa11 uur geleden

    me to my father:

  • Aidan Diya Al Din
    Aidan Diya Al Din12 uur geleden

    Depressed twerking

  • Akumanusia Keong
    Akumanusia Keong12 uur geleden

    When I'm away from you I'm happier than ever

  • vincenzo Giambanco
    vincenzo Giambanco13 uur geleden

    I love so much billie, you will heal my pain. Kisses baby!

  • Janu san
    Janu san14 uur geleden

    Bro, stop the twerking

  • Kiana Rahatlu
    Kiana Rahatlu14 uur geleden


  • Sumiati Jaya
    Sumiati Jaya15 uur geleden


  • Bhoomi Soni
    Bhoomi Soni15 uur geleden

    Me to my negativeness

  • A
    A16 uur geleden

    *heartbroken twerking*

  • 东方红
    东方红17 uur geleden

  • Бог есть Любовь
    Бог есть Любовь17 uur geleden

    Dear friends, please watch this video and think about what has been said This man speaks the Truth nldron.info/work/video/hGOHk6mwh5aVa4E

    PORCH PONE18 uur geleden

    Top 20 English Songs 🎵 Hits of 2020 | Porch Pone Productions:nldron.info/film/PLNuhBB5Sk6vYH5hpTkUZRFWI8Eg-789Sd.html

  • Cassie


    16 uur geleden

    y love you

  • Meli Yay
    Meli Yay18 uur geleden


  • Munifahsyari Fudin
    Munifahsyari Fudin20 uur geleden

    Idk why am i twerking😩🤚

  • Sammy Freedom
    Sammy Freedom20 uur geleden

    When it coming out???????

  • rara rara
    rara rara21 uur geleden


  • - Randöm_Z -
    - Randöm_Z -21 uur geleden

    How come a 15 second long song with 9 words is still so emotional i-

  • Layna V
    Layna V21 uur geleden

    me to my parents:

  • Tiffany Fu
    Tiffany Fu21 uur geleden

    Why are all of you twerking

  • Henry Lopez
    Henry Lopez21 uur geleden

    She doesn’t look happy only JESUS CHRIST can bring true happiness ✝️🙏🏼✋🏼

  • Jonathan Nguyen
    Jonathan Nguyen21 uur geleden

    lol the video so short but music sounds good

  • Lonely_ Pickle
    Lonely_ Pickle21 uur geleden

    *bisexual dice roll*

  • iiCloudyii
    iiCloudyii21 uur geleden

    Why is everyone twerking? *twerks* TELL ME?

  • Tati
    Tati21 uur geleden

    *Me to my dad's side of the family*

  • Caleb
    Caleb22 uur geleden

    When I’m away from my dumbass friend I’m happier than ever

  • fairynai
    fairynai23 uur geleden

    can y’all stop twerking this song is more of a sit down and think

  • Fabi gamer
    Fabi gamer23 uur geleden

    y love you

  • mimi
    mimi23 uur geleden

    Its just a 15 scound but the lyrics make me cry

  • Sascha G
    Sascha G23 uur geleden


  • - MafeToon -
    - MafeToon -23 uur geleden

    My face when I want to have friends:

  • Peach
    PeachDag geleden

    so did you happy?

  • naz
    nazDag geleden

    *sad twerking*

  • Jeanne Roy
    Jeanne RoyDag geleden

    sa couleurs de cheveux est tellement belle!

  • Flash Gordon
    Flash GordonDag geleden

    Billie I know my opinion means nothing but PLEASE STOP TALKING LIKE YOUR BLACK! Every thing about you is the whitest thing possible, you have a Leave it to Beaver family, you have both parents, your parents and you talk to each other about your feelings, you grew up sheltered and not poor, you probably went to a 99% all white school, you make the whitest music. Please , your cool the way you are you don't need to put on a image to be cool

  • Kale salad Kalia
    Kale salad KaliaDag geleden

    this hits different when your in a toxic friendship

  • Melony Hurtado
    Melony HurtadoDag geleden

    Anybody else keeps thinking she's wearing a wig but you remind yourself that it's actually her real hair..... Ok, just me¯\_(ツ)_/¯⁘

  • ZzSparkzZ
    ZzSparkzZDag geleden

    Omg she reminds me of a grown up version of the little girl from Poltergeist 😳

  • lexie cox
    lexie coxDag geleden

    the 15k dislikes make me mad even though its so short its so calming what

  • B E R G Ü Z A R S O F T Y
    B E R G Ü Z A R S O F T YDag geleden


  • José Gouveia
    José GouveiaDag geleden


  • Emilio Daza
    Emilio DazaDag geleden

    Does someone else think that this is gonna be one of the best songs by Billie?

  • Malina Sx
    Malina SxDag geleden


  • 『 Zeeyn 』
    『 Zeeyn 』Dag geleden

    *weird twirking cause people doing it*

  • WotYouWant
    WotYouWantDag geleden

    Why are you changing yourself every year

  • Deadlyassassin.2.0
    Deadlyassassin.2.0Dag geleden

    When I'm away from music, I'm sadder than EvEr~

  • Victor Ruiz
    Victor RuizDag geleden

    When I’m away from you I’m happier than ever Wish I could explain you better, wish it wasn’t true…

  • Saba Park
    Saba ParkDag geleden

    The amount of times that i watched this is unhealthy

  • mel's pity party
    mel's pity partyDag geleden

    *confused twerking cause everyone else is twerking?*

  • ꧁Hoshimi_ Chan꧂
    ꧁Hoshimi_ Chan꧂Dag geleden

    Why twerking? *twerks aggressively*

  • Priyangu
    PriyanguDag geleden

    My mind has momentarily lost the meaning of the word twerking reading all the comments, what a weird word bye

  • Cecilia F
    Cecilia FDag geleden


  • Andrew Watts
    Andrew WattsDag geleden

    **annoying *Janae* twerking**

  • the hostle. TMA
    the hostle. TMADag geleden

    It's amazing what the ppl on tiktok have created just from this on 15 second clip

  • the hostle. TMA
    the hostle. TMADag geleden

    Me @ school:

  • Revali
    RevaliDag geleden


  • Melisssa ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    Melisssa ʕ•ᴥ•ʔDag geleden

    *depressed twerking*

  • Boi Craft
    Boi CraftDag geleden


  • Victoria Quintero 8
    Victoria Quintero 8Dag geleden

    To my mom

  • Grumpy_avocado
    Grumpy_avocadoDag geleden

    *starts twerking in cursive*

  • This is an emergency
    This is an emergencyDag geleden

    Me to school

  • Xebrantai Records
    Xebrantai RecordsDag geleden


  • Xebrantai Records
    Xebrantai RecordsDag geleden


  • Lmao Hahha
    Lmao HahhaDag geleden

    shes perfect-

  • elyse henwood
    elyse henwoodDag geleden

    this made me cry idk why she has come so farrr

  • elyse henwood
    elyse henwoodDag geleden

    who else just listens to this song non stop-

  • Phoenix Yang
    Phoenix YangDag geleden

    THIS COMMENT SECTION- IM DYING- ok ill twerk too then