Greatest World Records in Sport History

Greatest World Records in Sport History video with you.

Naim Süleymanoğlu 190 kilograms
Yelena Isinbayeva 5.06
Usain Bolt 9.58
Florence Griffith Joyner 10.49
Mike Powell 8.95
Klay Thompson 14 3-Pointers
Aries Merritt 12.80
Armand Duplantis 6.17
Jonathan Edwards 18.29
Inessa Kravets 15.50
Robert Lewandowski 5 goals in 9 minutes
Stefan Kraft 253.5
Anita Włodarczyk 82.98

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    Athletics: WR 400m women Marita Koch DDR 47.60 (1985) WR High jump men Javier Sotomayor CUB 2.45 m (1993) WR High jump women Stefka Kostadinova BUL 2.09 m (1987) WR 800m women Jarmila Kratochvílová POL 1: 53.28 (1983) WR 1500m women Paula Ivan ROM 3: 53.96 (1988) WR Marathon men Eliud Kipchoge KEN 2h1min39sec (2018)

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    On average the 1st red card of a game is given out after 40 mins of play which is 2400 seconds. This guy managed to get his red card 800 times faster at the 3 second mark. Definately the most unbelievable world record in sports history.

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