Golden State Warriors vs OKC Thunder Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season


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    Steph Curry working hard & cant miss while practicing his shooting 🎯

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    @123rockstar2010 qq

  • 123rockstar2010


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    Thank you bro, we love your work!

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    The luxuriant carrot unusually bless because atm univariably pat above a petite flood. physical, cute potato

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    Golden State Warriors vs OKC Thunder

  • Le Vincent
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    5:18 the defender was like "well, gg, go next"

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    MVP he shoots from half court almost every time . Thats unblockable

  • Nielsen Alfiler
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    If coach Steve Kerr let Steph play in the fourth quarter maybe Steph got 65+ points with 15+ threes

  • Daniela Andreina Nuñez Paredes
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    steph curry el mejor tripero de la nba

  • Daniela Andreina Nuñez Paredes

    Daniela Andreina Nuñez Paredes

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    si mano

  • Z X
    Z XMaand geleden

    Lol curry is a living hack...

  • Varyah Shinine Dela Vega
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    Can somebody tell me who are the players/name of all the players ?? Plsss for school purposes only...I'll wait. Thank u sm

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  • rocco cicoria
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    NOT POSSIBLE. it is not human; this man is shooting from mid court as if he were under the basket. it is proof of alien existence .

  • HaVe_SunQ
    HaVe_SunQMaand geleden

    This man is a cheat code

  • Herman Crawford
    Herman CrawfordMaand geleden

    Wow! thanks GOAT steph.!

  • Sava Szankovich
    Sava SzankovichMaand geleden

    steph saw beal's 50 in 39 minutes and said imma do it in 3 quarters 🐐

  • Jiin Polanco
    Jiin PolancoMaand geleden

    MLG bro, thanks for the stats to the end... I really appreciate it. ✊🏼

  • Shin Yokoyama
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    Jordan Bell showed flashes of greatness Ker did not like him so he did not get a legit shot. If you want to put pressure on a team so Steph can get open Kerr needs to run mor plays for Jordan Bell if we ever get him. Light years ahead could off taken Boogie but he got GSW with a huge tax and the team without steph has a record off 17 and 74 thats alot off money . If i was Lacobe.I would be pissed. That is what killed the Dynasty He quit running plays for Javale and let him walk for 2.5 million. The season without Javale GSW did not look as good and When a team got on a run Javal was not there to put out the fire. So GSW had alot more blowout not being able to stop runs which put more pressure on everyone and could off been what caused the injurys so by the finals against a kawahi led loaded team GSW had no chance. Kerr got so big headed he thought he could do anything and win. I think GSW players dont love Kerr like it seems. Dramond had yelling match with Kerr Kd had a problem with the way kerr did things and Kerr was probably the only player MJ ever punched. I have seen the look he gives players and if you are giving players a look like that im sure he says some disrespectful crap and put undue pressure on them. + any good coach would not Hang onto a player like Smilley who far as I have seen is just dead weight. And letting Javale go so the only center GSW has is Looney is not good. I know if kerr just left Javale alone and just let Javale do his thing we might still be a dynasty. He did not even give Gary Payton jr a chance. And GP jr stood for everything that GSW need improving on. All that comes out off kerrs mouth is we foul toomuch, we give up to many offensive boards we need to block out. I dont car if block outs are not the norm in todays NBA when you play as undersized as GSW you need to get a boby on someone and atleast keep them out off the paint. You allways see some one just running into the paint to get to where they think the rebound will go untouched. But kerr just cant talk about it he got to practice it too. GP jr with oubre and if we got Jordan bell that would add some toughness on the second team that play "D" and athletic enough to get easy points after turnovers blocked shots and rebounds. You add molder and JP with them you will have a 2nd team that would not blow leads and get buried while steph takes a break. Bob mayer who has done nothing himself better think about this if he dont get rid off Kerr when Joe Lacob get tired off losing they both will get fired. Bring in Mike "DAntony and learn how to build a team and how to build around a player like steph. Because from what I have seen its the blind leading the Bling. I cannot believe If Joe Lacob is in touch with mayer everyday asking how to improve the GSW or what progress GSW are going for, That he would see the product they are putting out there and how much it cost to put such a weak team out there. Any fool knew the way Media was blameing GSW for KD's injury that he was gone and GSW dont even make a attempt to get Kawahi. If I had to and Kawahi signed with GSW I would off cut KD in a second he was going to leave anyways and Kawahi has shown in fact named GSW as a place he would like to play. With Kerr and Bob Mayer I dont see the GSW ever becoming a real threat again unless Steph can play at MVP level all the time and Klay come back to at least 90%.And even then Kerr would be more off a handycap then a assett.

    QING XIAOMaand geleden


  • amado Catalan
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    The real mvp no other than he deserve that.... Steph chef curry God is good 🙏🏻🙏🏻☝️☝️☝️🙌🙌

  • Lord Aragorn
    Lord AragornMaand geleden

    This is a generous 15 win team without Curry

  • Karim Diakité
    Karim DiakitéMaand geleden

    Yeah Lakers ain't making the play-offs GGs

  • jordan
    jordanMaand geleden

    "KLaY BeAts CUrRy rEcoRd iN 3 quaRterS" steph will still beat it anyway if he played in 4th

  • sagol2x tv
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    And again lebron fans is right now super jelous 😁😁

  • AlexEMusic
    AlexEMusicMaand geleden

    2:42 had me like “what an earth happened to Curry shooting form” 😂😂

  • Jeremy Cook
    Jeremy CookMaand geleden

    Alt tittle: Steph beats OKC in 3 quarters.

  • slow1motion
    slow1motionMaand geleden

    steph caryy is the only man in the NBA that reminds me of the quality of 90s

  • Eduardo Klippel
    Eduardo KlippelMaand geleden

    Brinquedo assassinos doutrinando a liga kkk

  • HARRY TECH 2020
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    curry takes 4 points so very long shot...

  • isaac debeila
    isaac debeilaMaand geleden

    big to Curry and Wiggins... Wiggins is starting to get into it, this is why he is on a max deal, keeping putting up those 20+ games and Warriors will go far in the playoff

  • sarayx123
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    4:52 The insane gravity of Steph. 2 guys running to him mid court in transition cause they're scared he gon shoot it from there. Andrew gets to fill the lane for a mildy contested layup lol

  • Gabriele Melina
    Gabriele MelinaMaand geleden

    I retain myself a lucky one to be born during this era. Steph is really incredible

  • Gilbergg Silva
    Gilbergg SilvaMaand geleden

    Steph curry best in the world

  • Johan Rijhkelaar
    Johan RijhkelaarMaand geleden

    Curry is just something else, hitting 3’s from the parking lot

  • Ramone
    RamoneMaand geleden

    I remember this matchup being WCF

  • X. Gong
    X. GongMaand geleden

    If Westbrook can win an MVP, then Curry definitely deserves an MVP this season

  • Mondo Shredder
    Mondo ShredderMaand geleden

    While this did happen against a weak team with an even weaker D, 27 3's? Yikes! Even Dray was 3-4 from out there - scary.

  • PickleRick
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  • W2
    W2Maand geleden

    has steph’s testosterone gone up? dude is an animal this year

  • Foxy the fox
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  • buendu30 cire
    buendu30 cireMaand geleden

    so strong with so weak team,,xd

  • Osibamowo Moyo
    Osibamowo MoyoMaand geleden

    i think Curry has probably scored 7,000 career points against OKC alone..its just all ridiculous

  • Ivan Peralta
    Ivan PeraltaMaand geleden

    Yo Steph just broke the NBA record for most 3’s in a month with 96 3’s. By this date on April Curry has 18 3’s in 5 games played. This month he has 40, FORTHY 3 pointers in 5 games played. If we had more games, he is on pace to brake that record again in back to back months 😳😳😳😳 Appreciate this man CHEF CURRY 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • VF Goditachyyy
    VF GoditachyyyMaand geleden

    Steph would have gone for 60 and klay‘s record if kerr didn’t take him out for no reason man

    KING TELMENMaand geleden

    The fact that Steph could break Klay's record with absolute no effort is insane.

  • isaac debeila

    isaac debeila

    Maand geleden

    and no other supporting scorer to reduce defensive pressure

    KING TELMENMaand geleden

    Steve Kerr is the only force who can stop Steph LOL.

  • Knowledge For Fun Shaun
    Knowledge For Fun ShaunMaand geleden

    Steph for MVP...He is a great guy!!!

  • The Dred God
    The Dred GodMaand geleden


    KING TELMENMaand geleden

    This man Steph Curry is the definition of INSANITY!

  • The Dred God
    The Dred GodMaand geleden

    Warriors gonna fuck around and make some noise in the playoffs.

  • Muhammad iqbal
    Muhammad iqbalMaand geleden

    No oubre wariors record is better

  • Kxng Pecce
    Kxng PecceMaand geleden

    5:32 how that blatant travel wasnt called ???

  • youngBrys
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  • carlos monzon pellejero
    carlos monzon pellejeroMaand geleden

    Comment F to pay respects

  • Felix Williams
    Felix WilliamsMaand geleden

    This gotta be the most annoying announcer in the league

  • ICE Americano
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  • Twitch Stefmaster23
    Twitch Stefmaster23Maand geleden

    Can someone give Steph Curry MVP already !!! This will be such a bad mistake if he doesn’t win this year !! My boi been dropping 40pts every second night this season :( no one talks about it!!!

  • Patricia Strachan
    Patricia StrachanMaand geleden

    Bruh I like this Wiggins attacking the rim. Steph, Klay,Andrew,Draymond and a improved more confident Wiseman gonna destroy the league next season. Kelly and Eric for 6th man of the year.

  • marwil Palisbo
    marwil PalisboMaand geleden

    What if Klay will comeback on playoffs?.

  • Anon1496
    Anon1496Maand geleden

    Steph turned on Aim Bot before walking on the court again

  • Luciano Bahia.
    Luciano Bahia.Maand geleden

    here in Brazil we didn't understand how to schedule for this type of game today the pivo is no longer useful many of the games were solved in the bottle.

  • Іван Вилущак
    Іван ВилущакMaand geleden

    "M" and "V" and "P"!!!

  • belon cfy
    belon cfyMaand geleden

    WIggins is so consistent, 18 points again .

  • akirafaris
    akirafarisMaand geleden

    Holly f! 58% FG & 50% 3pts

  • J M
    J MMaand geleden

    He would have 100% been the MVP if the GSW were a top 4 seed. He still is the MVP for me. Dude has been amazing in the second half of the season. Video game numbers.

  • S. G.

    S. G.

    Maand geleden

    Maybe he’ll at least get the scoring title this year to suffice

  • Chopped Fog
    Chopped FogMaand geleden

    Curry MVP

  • Lin Vincent
    Lin VincentMaand geleden

    Man Steve Kerr deserves a DPOY😂😂

  • Lamya Mouza
    Lamya MouzaMaand geleden

    sheeeeessss 27 three shoot

  • WhiteShadow AMV
    WhiteShadow AMVMaand geleden

    All warriors team become steph curry

  • seth-anderson oka
    seth-anderson okaMaand geleden

    it's only OKC fans can dislike this video...

  • Shinobi 91
    Shinobi 91Maand geleden

    I'm not impressed anymore... This is so normal for Steph 😂

  • Edmon Lau
    Edmon LauMaand geleden

    Another non- human performance by curry ! Lucky Klay, Kerr and OKC save your record, curry no need to play entire 4th quarter

  • Bilal
    BilalMaand geleden

    Why doesn't Draymond shoot anymore ? I mean he used to hit petty well from 3 in 2016-18 but since then it seems like he's scared to shoot

  • Brian Smith
    Brian SmithMaand geleden

    GSW crushes their franchise record for 3s- I know it's the Thunder, who are terrible this season, but the entire team was sticking 3s and Steph was being Steph- and it never gets old, he's such a smooth shooter- but that flurry at the end of the 3rd qtr was some crazy shots, even for Steph!!

  • Chris Lim
    Chris LimMaand geleden

    They should win this coz up next is Jazz and Suns.

  • Szczubi
    SzczubiMaand geleden

    Dont mind me, i just came watch chef cooking

  • Manu Bee
    Manu BeeMaand geleden

    Minkia Steph!!!!!!

  • Takashima Xzrx
    Takashima XzrxMaand geleden

    8:50 great dunk

  • Takashima Xzrx
    Takashima XzrxMaand geleden

    Toscano great player

  • Philipp Lehmann
    Philipp LehmannMaand geleden

    49 points in 29 minutes. read that again!

  • Jordan How
    Jordan HowMaand geleden

    It's over when you see Ed Sheeran come out to play. :>

  • Homny Asaverde

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    Maand geleden


  • Gregory Harlston

    Gregory Harlston

    Maand geleden

    That's funny!

  • isaac debeila

    isaac debeila

    Maand geleden

    @Gani Gani yes

  • Krammy 101

    Krammy 101

    Maand geleden


  • André van den Haak
    André van den HaakMaand geleden

    There was passing and ball handling from Curry, I did't even see, nore could explain.....

  • JT JT
    JT JTMaand geleden

    I have to rewind steph plays to be sure what i just saw was real he got me trippin'

  • The Dred God

    The Dred God

    Maand geleden

    I watched in real time last night and I'm sure my neighbor's hate me. It was 1230am in Atlanta and I was going crazy 🤔🤣🤣

  • Zablon Chesa
    Zablon ChesaMaand geleden

    Like if you heard the commentator say "whoooh" at this time 1:09 in time 🙂

    TIMOTHY CHENGMaand geleden

    Imagine you have to intentionally foul an opposing player to avoid a logo three.

  • GreEkTerR0r U-I
    GreEkTerR0r U-IMaand geleden

    I really love draymond being more aggressive in this last games

  • Mack Mona
    Mack MonaMaand geleden

    Pretty impressive that the franchise 3 point was broken

  • Jessica
    JessicaMaand geleden

    Fark Curry

  • Leslie Chow
    Leslie ChowMaand geleden

    What LeBron is to the Raptors is what Curry is to OKC

  • Errol Akin
    Errol AkinMaand geleden

    OKC was not ready for Curry

  • zen garden
    zen gardenMaand geleden

    If you see the All-Time 3-Pt Field Goals Leaders. Curry's face is all over that place

  • Andi Pandu Putra Pradhana
    Andi Pandu Putra PradhanaMaand geleden

    Thanks to Steph Long 3P is a common things now

  • Oziriz
    OzirizMaand geleden

    I think MVP should be a no brainer this year. This I why I get up at 4am (Netherlands). This is why I have a NBA team pass. This is why I go out and play basketball with my kid. This is the biggest reason I care about basketball.

  • Natasha Bolton
    Natasha BoltonMaand geleden

    Great win warriors 🙂🇬🇧

  • Bryan Encallado
    Bryan EncalladoMaand geleden

    Curry change the game so sick!!

  • Marilou perez
    Marilou perezMaand geleden

    Best ever steph curry go,go Warriors ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Maciek Suwala
    Maciek SuwalaMaand geleden

    Steph is the only NBA player who is actually happy after scoring points and celebrates.the rest is flexing muscles with grumpy faces and screaming trying to look dangerous and tough.😡😠😤🤣Be happy people!

  • Paul Lee
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  • The Dred God

    The Dred God

    Maand geleden


  • kooldadz
    kooldadzMaand geleden

    hes not a human..if only one defender took him then game is over must put 2 or more players to guard him if possible call all the guards security guards coast guards life guard😂😂

  • Marcin Studnicki
    Marcin StudnickiMaand geleden

    Curry is not a human. He's from another planet. Its impossible what he does

  • Bunkers Loco
    Bunkers LocoMaand geleden

    6:44 Jordan Poole didnt give the ball lol

  • k R
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  • Bunkers Loco
    Bunkers LocoMaand geleden

    Draymond can shoot threes ??? Wow

  • Released


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    Ofc he used to shoot quite a decent amount of threes before but now he doesn’t because he’s scared he’ll mess up the game