Game of Thrones - Daenerys and Drogon decimate the Lannister forces


  • Poyraz Kolluoğlu
    Poyraz Kolluoğlu8 uur geleden

    why not burning the red keep down to the ground with the three dragons before they set up the scorpions?

  • Lex Customs
    Lex Customs9 uur geleden

    And he fell.... literally.

  • Lightblinder
    Lightblinder22 uur geleden

    Ahh, the great cardboard walls of King's Landing, one of the wonders of westeros

  • Lucas Souza viegas
    Lucas Souza viegasDag geleden

    O ódio de uma mulher que perdeu seus amigos e filhos. maldito seja o dia q vc foi para westeros dany

  • You Day Maker
    You Day MakerDag geleden

    Captains to their soldiers :- "FIRE" Dragon :- oki , woosh :)

  • Jay B
    Jay BDag geleden

    I wonder how they would name the battle in the book.

  • Madmax
    MadmaxDag geleden

    Karmas a bitch, ain’t it.?? I equate the Lannisters with present-day liberals… Hopefully their Karma comes soon also.

  • Goldfinger
    Goldfinger2 dagen geleden

    How can the dragon destroy castle walls with his fire? is that godzilla or King Ghidorah?

  • NiZzy
    NiZzy2 dagen geleden

    Haine Haine ! FEU Fire

  • Harrison Mundschutz
    Harrison Mundschutz2 dagen geleden

    To be fair season 8 did get me interested in the books, but only because I can hold hope they won’t be a massive let down

  • Rebekah Chapman
    Rebekah Chapman3 dagen geleden

    "The Red Keep has never fallen". How are you queen then? I seem to remember a Lannister army taking it during a certain rebellion.

  • Christo Mac
    Christo Mac3 dagen geleden

    Everyone whining and complaining, I 😘 the simple fact that she decimated EVERYTHING.

  • Jack Opulski
    Jack Opulski4 dagen geleden

    Feels like just wanting to play a chill noob game to relax and getting matched against a gamer who does that all day :'D

  • Ava Sophia
    Ava Sophia4 dagen geleden

    AWSome story

  • Eitan Baranes
    Eitan Baranes4 dagen geleden

    The fact that as soon as one of her dragons burned a child she locked them up, shows you how out of character this episode was.

  • Nirmal Yam
    Nirmal Yam5 dagen geleden

    So the iron fleet was 10 ships?

  • Ibrohimjon Ismoilov
    Ibrohimjon Ismoilov5 dagen geleden

    Taxtlar O'yini

  • Jennifer Tran
    Jennifer Tran6 dagen geleden

    Drogon max level. Everyone got nerfed

  • danila640
    danila6407 dagen geleden

    Зенитчики у них хреновые.

  • Shanzy Gaming
    Shanzy Gaming7 dagen geleden

  • Calvin.m.stalin Stalin
    Calvin.m.stalin Stalin7 dagen geleden

    Why is it so relaxing

  • Oudom Panha
    Oudom Panha7 dagen geleden

    Why dragon is never out of mana

  • JupiterThunderCrash2011
    JupiterThunderCrash20117 dagen geleden

    love love love love love love love this scene 🐉 !!!!!!! 💕

  • Ngaroma Joy
    Ngaroma Joy8 dagen geleden

    The red keep has never fallen it will not fall today 😂😂😂😂 nah it won’t fall today it will burn

  • Lifers Earth
    Lifers Earth8 dagen geleden

    It always makes me wonder why the concept of guns are always out of reach. You would think that someone in Westeros would figure it out.

  • Kratos
    Kratos8 dagen geleden


  • قناة الافق
    قناة الافق8 dagen geleden

    لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله

  • Gloomy
    Gloomy9 dagen geleden

    Idk why I am disappointed from it ending

  • globenstine 1
    globenstine 19 dagen geleden

    season 8: how to ruin a show with emmy baiting nonsense. TV writers are absolute trash. tbf though this is 100% martins fault for taking the better part of a decade on a single book.

  • Emily Sikora
    Emily Sikora9 dagen geleden

    When Tyrion blows up a bunch of ships with wildfire it’s a great victory, when Jon executes his murderers including a 12 year old boy who killed him because they thought it was the only way to protect the watch, it’s justice, when Jon executes a man who refuses to obey him, it’s his duty. Now suddenly any time dany executes someone for doing far worse, any time dany participates in war, it’s insane. Didn’t Arya kill an entire house full of innocents? But she gets to be sympathetic? Jeez

    JAMES PRESCOTT10 dagen geleden

    dani should of just killed them all at the dragon pit there n then with drogon

  • Ankit B
    Ankit B10 dagen geleden

    Imagine nightking taking kings landing with Dany by his side. 😅

  • Simon Levy
    Simon Levy10 dagen geleden

    Imagine the huns and the Mongol warriors overrunning their enemies.

  • Eden Garden
    Eden Garden11 dagen geleden

    Forever my Queen ❤️💔

  • TheTruthIsGonnaHurt
    TheTruthIsGonnaHurt11 dagen geleden

    So happy that Dany leveled up Drogon’s rate of fire on his Dragon Breath ability.

  • jacky mai
    jacky mai11 dagen geleden

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  • Quincy Roman
    Quincy Roman12 dagen geleden

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  • TheJediMuppet
    TheJediMuppet12 dagen geleden

    Fckn whoops...

  • Valerian Dec

    Valerian Dec

    12 dagen geleden

    They were warned.

  • Bauch Paul
    Bauch Paul13 dagen geleden

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  • Alejandro Maldonado
    Alejandro Maldonado13 dagen geleden

    Explain to me again why this didn't happen in season 7

  • Bd csgo
    Bd csgo13 dagen geleden

    Video should be called: Daenerys and Drogon decimating all dreams and hopes of GoT fans for a good season

  • Park Olly
    Park Olly13 dagen geleden

    The sturdy end angiographically spill because anthony formerly untidy onto a expensive format. tacky, deafening afterthought

  • jgdeleonp
    jgdeleonp13 dagen geleden

    so euron was blasted from an exploding ship, swam like 1 mile to the shore and got right in time to fight Jamie…..? yeah season 8 was one nonsense after another

  • Sardar Khan
    Sardar Khan14 dagen geleden

    You see how the soldiers shout "Fire" instead of "Lose" like they did during Blackwater? The amount of lazy writing in this is insane.

  • Calistin
    Calistin14 dagen geleden

    This whole series was bloody stupid, the only reason peeps went nutty for this was because of how martin like's to gratuitously kill off main characters. He has always done this and even encouraged it when he was only an editor like in the Wildcard series of books.

  • the random dog
    the random dog14 dagen geleden

    Got horses calm even though there's fire everywhere: I'm fine Rdr2 horses steps on a squirrel: f#cking RUN!

  • Uteopia
    Uteopia14 dagen geleden

    That one dragon carried the whole 40 man raid.

  • LoreNMore Reviews
    LoreNMore Reviews14 dagen geleden

    Daenarys was always going to win, her Army had infinite revives, and cloning, and her one Dragon had the power of the other 2 combined.

  • Inceptacon Inceptacon
    Inceptacon Inceptacon14 dagen geleden

    Euron the Dragonslayer

  • KingArthur13th
    KingArthur13th15 dagen geleden

    "Distressingly even" btw

  • UPSC warriors
    UPSC warriors15 dagen geleden

    Only Godzilla can defeat her😂

  • The Real Bancroft
    The Real Bancroft15 dagen geleden

    Euron "kinda forgot" he had good aim

  • Ibrahim Sorie bah
    Ibrahim Sorie bah16 dagen geleden

    My all time top series

  • Kerrigan 01
    Kerrigan 0117 dagen geleden

    And then it fell.

  • Ерганат Асенов
    Ерганат Асенов17 dagen geleden

    Сон мой, это. Невест есть на на земле обетаванной, если чтото то,это горы Казахстана

  • Doc Carter
    Doc Carter17 dagen geleden

    All the silly btch needed to do was to Not murder Missandei. But oh no, she had to be her spiteful, vindictive self...

  • J H
    J H17 dagen geleden

    Still fucking kills me how they brought the Gold Company into the show do this to them -_-

  • Scene Mania
    Scene Mania18 dagen geleden

    Tribute to Mother Of Dragons #Game of Thrones S 3 E4 Khaleesi ending scene 1080p HD

  • darthjump
    darthjump18 dagen geleden

    This show died when it was written to appeal to the masses. It should have stayed medieval and nerdy.

  • Darshan Kharbikar
    Darshan Kharbikar20 dagen geleden

    Itni nakara navy. Dkikkar hai

  • Pablo Zidane
    Pablo Zidane20 dagen geleden

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  • James Taylor
    James Taylor20 dagen geleden

    Tyrion was responsible for Dany's downfall. Every decision he had ever made was poor.

  • Louise Alonzo
    Louise Alonzo20 dagen geleden

    When Daenerys set foot at Westeros, Tyrion should’ve advice to destroy all Euron’s new ships at the beginning, with the Tyrell and Dorne’s navy backing them. They had a big navy at the beginning, they just lost it at one night.

  • Сергей Шамайко
    Сергей Шамайко20 dagen geleden

    Да уж, авиация дело серьезное !))

  • CrniWuk
    CrniWuk20 dagen geleden

    When even Dragons have plot armour you know things have become bad ...

  • Indraneel Dalvi
    Indraneel Dalvi21 dag geleden

    They fucked up this season, is they needed money for Quality season, we would have held a fund raiser.

  • Utkarsh Mahajan
    Utkarsh Mahajan21 dag geleden

    It's so damn unfair. The others have wolfs, or stags or something and then there's the targaryens

  • Abedi Pelé
    Abedi Pelé21 dag geleden


  • da faceman
    da faceman21 dag geleden

    Captain Obvious at 1:38

  • Jose Araujo
    Jose Araujo21 dag geleden

  • Isaiah
    Isaiah22 dagen geleden

    Why is only one ship going should look like the skies of Germany during the allied bombing raids.

  • Dark Soul
    Dark Soul22 dagen geleden

    Almost 8 years of the series totally got ruined 😏

  • junior juninho
    junior juninho22 dagen geleden

    eternal fire

  • Ehsan Mahdipour
    Ehsan Mahdipour23 dagen geleden

    Daenerys restored the dothrakis from the recycle bin. Put many of iron fleet in freeze mode and burned them all. Then after winning the battle burned people just to provide a childish shock for viewers. The rest was animation and effect.

  • weedwarbler06
    weedwarbler0623 dagen geleden

    Why are people complaining that Drogon was dodging arrows? He got hit the first time the encountered one (just like Viscerion and Rhaegal) in The Spoils of War and learned to dodge them from then on (he dodged the NK's spears too). The only difference was, unlike his brothers, he didn't suffer a fatal wound, which can be explained as it was a smaller scorpion. The writing is totally consistent on this.

  • Akshay Kumar
    Akshay Kumar23 dagen geleden

    Michael : Your dragon's name is Drogon. Daenerys : Yes. Michael : Sounds a lot like Dragon. Daenerys : Maybe that's why he became a dragon.

  • Chris
    Chris23 dagen geleden

    5:11 - either drogon was on a dynamite diet or this this is OP AF

  • Chris
    Chris23 dagen geleden

    Hundreds of scorpions located in cross sections, even if half of the crews just run off, the statistical probability of not a single projectile hitting the target is.... low, to put it mildly.

  • ظافر مسفر
    ظافر مسفر24 dagen geleden

    تنين جميل هل يستخدم البنزين ام الغاز

  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith24 dagen geleden

    There they go again, putting defending troops in front of walls >

  • Brandon Roberts
    Brandon Roberts24 dagen geleden

    What was the point of the golden company again???

  • Rif 55
    Rif 5524 dagen geleden

    One thing about the last two seasons is, visually they were amazing. The story suffered greatly without a reference source, but the quality of special effect and just overall filming of the show was incredible.

  • Al Smith
    Al Smith25 dagen geleden

    I used to take my magnifying glass and burn ants like that...

  • Wordy McWordenstein
    Wordy McWordenstein25 dagen geleden

    Just learn the definition of a word before using it in a title.

  • Marilyn Sanderschytfhi
    Marilyn Sanderschytfhi25 dagen geleden

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  • P Kilan
    P Kilan26 dagen geleden

    One episode earlier three shops ambushed three dragons and killed one of them. In this episode one dragon destroyed huge Navy and killed all Defenders of the city. It is why season 8 is rubbish. I bought HBO to watch GoT and ended up when I enjoyed Chernobyl instead

  • B GT
    B GT26 dagen geleden

    I can’t bring myself to hate on the last season of Game of Thrones. Simply because the show showed that you can indeed have fantasy stories to this level in other formats beyond just a cut down 3 hour at most movie and i for that I am greatful

  • Staghearted
    Staghearted26 dagen geleden

    Horsey no!

  • حزب نازیسم آلمان
    حزب نازیسم آلمان26 dagen geleden

    این فیلم خیلی بده چون یک دختر نفهم، سوار بر اژدها مردم رو سلاخی می‌کنه.

  • Gloria Jessica
    Gloria Jessica26 dagen geleden

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  • Msing8
    Msing827 dagen geleden

    I always wonder why would they think they could win against a dragon? It is weird, how they could had such confidence? How they made they could killed two dragons is already nonsense. It just no way you could kill a dragon by shooting spears at them.

  • hibbidyjibbidyy
    hibbidyjibbidyy27 dagen geleden

    she is an amazing acterss, aloso the lead in the sara connner chronicles

  • Bosna Bosna
    Bosna Bosna28 dagen geleden

    ⚜️⚜️⚜️ BOSNA ⚜️⚜️⚜️

  • SteveJL1983
    SteveJL198328 dagen geleden

    This massacre only happened because cersei had missandai executed Infront of Daenerys, that was the final event that pushed her over the edge. If missandai isn't killed, Daenerys doesn't embrace her crazy "mad queen" side.

  • King Thranduil
    King Thranduil28 dagen geleden

    Always wondering why she did not approach from behind.

  • Troub1e
    Troub1e28 dagen geleden

    The whole show was a waste of time, she could have hid away, let her dragons grow, fly straight to Kings Landing and win.

  • Kirk Douglas
    Kirk Douglas28 dagen geleden

    Stephen King must have written the end of GOT

  • The Stain
    The Stain29 dagen geleden

    Funny thing is, by the time this episode was coming out, i read a post on facebook containing leaks for the ending of got. they were so stupid that i thought they were fake and i got lucky. As soon as i watched this episode, i realized how wrong i actually was.

  • Arnd Hauk
    Arnd Hauk29 dagen geleden

    Air superiority is everything 😂🚀