GALAXY S21 ULTRA: 30+ Tips and Tricks!


  • Ashar
    Ashar4 dagen geleden

    Ran the speed test by turning on and off 5g option. When selected 5g, my network speed registers at about 70 mb download but with the LtE option, it can barely even reach 16 mb download.

  • Colton Adams
    Colton Adams7 dagen geleden

    @43:00 I almost exited the video.... jif (gif) but then ig TAmato taMATO

  • GodSpeed Azul
    GodSpeed Azul8 dagen geleden

    Which app lock app does anyone use??

  • Mike Welsh
    Mike Welsh13 dagen geleden

    Great video, although for about half I thought Quentin Tarantino had a career change.

  • Lemony Snicket
    Lemony Snicket15 dagen geleden

    I' think videos like this concerning a phone screen should be shot in portrait mode rather than landscape mode. Seeing all the screen framed on my phone screen would enhance the experience.

  • John Grimm
    John Grimm16 dagen geleden

    Can I use a pixel 3a 2.0 power adapter to charge my galaxy s21

  • Thefastlane425


    4 dagen geleden

    Yes , pulls the full 18w

  • Enrique Mthupha
    Enrique Mthupha22 dagen geleden

    How are you getting 20hours of battery life?

  • JinoTv
    JinoTv25 dagen geleden

    This phone overheat all the time. Totally not satisfy with this.

  • جاسم tube
    جاسم tube27 dagen geleden

    I want your wallpeper , please, wat is name of wallpeper??

  • Melinda Lee BoLee
    Melinda Lee BoLeeMaand geleden

    Got one for marketing my upcoming Flowerhorn Fish Store and since I needed great resolution, I ended choosing this upgrade of a S21 Ultra, from my a51. DAY AND NIGHT difference. If marketing is as good as the picture quality, then you can call it the S21MoneyShot

  • Robert J Sledz
    Robert J SledzMaand geleden

    Very very boring

  • MadResults
    MadResultsMaand geleden

    I must be the only one that is transfixed on the hair/lint on his thumbnail. I keep thinking it will fall off

  • Dhillan Sood
    Dhillan SoodMaand geleden

    What's that wallpaper you used?

  • leo leonardo III
    leo leonardo IIIMaand geleden

    Learn how to pronounce "gif"

  • Mat Bee
    Mat BeeMaand geleden

    thumb hair thumb hair I CANT STOP LOOKING AT IT

  • EveryThing IOS hacks
    EveryThing IOS hacksMaand geleden

    Just a quick tip in the battery settings if you tap on the graph it will show you which apps are consuming the most battery in my opinion this is important so you know which apps are eating the most battery

  • Man and Dog Photography
    Man and Dog PhotographyMaand geleden

    How did you scratch your screen? Asking so I know what to avoid.

  • Arakz
    ArakzMaand geleden

    Where to get that wallpaper?

  • URSoulSurgeon
    URSoulSurgeonMaand geleden

    Too much google

  • Sebastian Andersen
    Sebastian Andersen2 maanden geleden

    Why man searching for Harry Reems 0:26 lol

  • ExponentGull39
    ExponentGull392 maanden geleden

    Getting it next month for my birthday. Trading in my s8+ on that day

  • Raffaa Khalid
    Raffaa Khalid2 maanden geleden

    You are great 👍, I really like it. Thanks & God bless you 🙏

  • dominic liuzzo
    dominic liuzzo2 maanden geleden

    I hate Samsung for everything they've taken away, but this is still the best phone ever made. From the design to color to the screen.

  • dominic liuzzo
    dominic liuzzo2 maanden geleden

    "...between 'show notifications' and...the other 'show notifications'". Nice recovery

  • dominic liuzzo
    dominic liuzzo2 maanden geleden

    Wow Tim's married? Haven't been here in a while I guess. Congratulations timothy

  • jason banks
    jason banks2 maanden geleden

    I hate that theres no aux but it a very excellent phone

  • Robert Peterson
    Robert Peterson2 maanden geleden

    One of the best videos on this subject. I like it very much but my gosh it is so distracting with all the jerky movement with your right hand while your trying to explain things. Again, excellent video though..

  • Jeff Wahlund
    Jeff Wahlund2 maanden geleden

    Good info! Stop waving your hands around like that. I was getting seasick. :>)

  • GATO 666
    GATO 6662 maanden geleden

    HAD 2 GET ME 1...

  • La Merveille
    La Merveille2 maanden geleden

    It doesn't have an sd card slot for extra storage space, that's what knocked me off.Guess I'll stay with my note 9😏

  • Dan
    Dan2 maanden geleden

    You didn't go over Secure Wi-Fi. It seems you have to pay for that with a subscription?

  • Bo
    Bo2 maanden geleden

    Can u stop moving your right hand around when on what buttons your hitting your to fast, Do you have to wave your hand around all the time, Its irritating ,You know what your explaining you've got to remember your trying to explain to others, Slow down.

    SHIVENDHRA SOMANAIDU2 maanden geleden

    Im the 200th comment yeahhh

  • Ralf Raabe
    Ralf Raabe3 maanden geleden

    a lot of tips, but where are the tricks?

  • Carrol Watsons
    Carrol Watsons3 maanden geleden


  • iyel.jam
    iyel.jam3 maanden geleden

    He just basically went through all the settings and here I am, holding my phone and stumbling through each of them while having to pause the video ever so often coz I need to think this through aaaand he's not holding up for me. Slow down dude, these are important choices! Great video though.

  • Angela Garutti

    Angela Garutti

    16 uur geleden

    Lol I got u im lk that sometimes too

  • Maya A
    Maya A3 maanden geleden

    I loved loved loved your tips! keep em coming! Just got the phone yesterday.

  • Diane Ridpath
    Diane Ridpath3 maanden geleden

    Why won't it let me enable presidential alerts? How do I enable that?

  • hkiller57
    hkiller573 maanden geleden

    why would you get hate for defaulting to chrome over samsung internet? ive always done that on all my samsung devices

  • Sherry Swanson
    Sherry Swanson3 maanden geleden

    Great points, explanation...learned a lot. Tiny thought...did you watch your video and notice how much your right hand's movement was maybe a teeny tiny distracting by moving so much? Just a thought...but great information was given/demonstrated. Thanks.

  • 緑閃光
    緑閃光3 maanden geleden

    Where did you get that wallpaper from?

  • Hobert Gray
    Hobert Gray3 maanden geleden

    The intelligent features on my phone is grayed out and won't let me change them?

  • Mr. Manners
    Mr. Manners3 maanden geleden

    Note 4 Curve

  • Between Hikers
    Between Hikers3 maanden geleden

    I watched your video but I can't get the Edge lighting style to work. Any idea why? Thank you!

  • John Kuehner
    John Kuehner3 maanden geleden

    What about custom icon packs without having to use a different launcher?

  • Hyperion
    Hyperion3 maanden geleden

    Where can I find that wallpaper?

  • Praveen Kumar
    Praveen Kumar3 maanden geleden

    Wallpaper is excellent bro can u share the link

  • Gamer Hudson
    Gamer Hudson3 maanden geleden

    meh i like edge better than chrome now

  • Hokst91
    Hokst913 maanden geleden

    Hey, have had my s21 ultra for a month now and i can't find where disable the notification for sending a text or a snap, it even vibrates or makes a sound when i press play on a song in the Spotify app. I love the phone but the notification sound or vibration when sending or playing a song is an annoyance...

  • Corey Davis
    Corey Davis3 maanden geleden

    "I'm going to get a lot of hate for this, but I prefer Chrome over Samsung internet..." Every Samsung user ever: "People actually use Samsung internet?"

  • Corey Davis

    Corey Davis

    Maand geleden

    @Stephanie Gonzalez Hey thanks for mentioning ECOSIA, never heard of them. Very cool.

  • Stephanie Gonzalez

    Stephanie Gonzalez

    Maand geleden


  • James West

    James West

    Maand geleden

    I love Chrome but google is evil. Please give duckduckgo a try.

  • EveryThing IOS hacks

    EveryThing IOS hacks

    Maand geleden

    @Cowboy Church have you tried disabling it through the settings

  • Cowboy Church

    Cowboy Church

    3 maanden geleden

    Me too I hate samsung internet. Wish you could just uninstall it.

  • ronggo bawono
    ronggo bawono3 maanden geleden

    my ultra is suck on identifying fingerprint, is ultrasonic blah compromised since I used tempered glass?

  • samurai90519
    samurai905194 maanden geleden

    Does anyone recommend using a Google camera APK and if so which one

  • Metella44
    Metella444 maanden geleden

    geez - stop flipping you hand around all the time - every second ! I know you want to keep movement on the screen but tone it down - gave me a freaking instant headache and I wanted to watch to the end - stopped 3 mintues in - then had to turn video off ....

    ANTIHERO4 maanden geleden

    Bro you've got something stuck in your fingernail lol

  • Theobmark Phanith
    Theobmark Phanith4 maanden geleden

    Is there who having it on Exynos Chipset? How was your experience? I want to get one of this but my country only have Exynos version!

  • Alex
    Alex4 maanden geleden

    It was called galaxy note edge 🤣 silly phone, which started all the curved edges!

  • James Myers
    James Myers4 maanden geleden

    Hand movements are annoying

  • Bat Jeff Cunningham
    Bat Jeff Cunningham4 maanden geleden

    I got one 2 weeks ago and I now barely get to this video lol

  • Selina Stricklin
    Selina Stricklin4 maanden geleden

    How do I get this side back button you have on the right side of the screen???

  • Greg Shovlin

    Greg Shovlin

    4 maanden geleden

    It's a gesture navigation option. So instead of the three bottom buttons you can choose to use gestures to navigate instead

  • sodisheveledcrew
    sodisheveledcrew4 maanden geleden

    That hair stuck on his thumb bothered me the whole time.

  • ben hill
    ben hill4 maanden geleden

    Finally...actually useful tips not just general garbage 👏👏

  • Dan Yang
    Dan Yang4 maanden geleden

    The intelligent fertilizer enzymatically dream because snail increasingly step near a understood tower. overrated, loose occupation

  • The TRUTH
    The TRUTH4 maanden geleden

    Love mine.

  • wpl epg
    wpl epg4 maanden geleden

    The nervous saturday comparably hum because stock clasically nest since a draconian oatmeal. crabby, tacit fact

  • Terenzo Apache
    Terenzo Apache4 maanden geleden

    Good Vid, keep up the good work. Love your VIDS👍🏽

  • Nore H
    Nore H4 maanden geleden

    Got mine yesterday any tips for pictures. I take alot of my kids, thats mainly why I got yhe phone good camera BUT they all come out grainy and blurry and I am just not a fan. My lg v40 did a good job....with pictures so any advice would be great!

  • king khi
    king khi4 maanden geleden

    Just got mine today

  • guneet chadha
    guneet chadha4 maanden geleden

    Great video, thanks so much

  • oxjuliaaaxo
    oxjuliaaaxo4 maanden geleden

    Already in bed with Muddy Buddies. When it syncs all your old settings you kinda lose that 'new' excitement.

  • Enrique Mthupha

    Enrique Mthupha

    22 dagen geleden

    This is so true... I totally agree

  • Richard Mauro
    Richard Mauro4 maanden geleden

    Video Tip... Turn off auto focus when you record like this. The focus finding makes watching your screen difficult.

  • Cristal Rodriguez
    Cristal Rodriguez4 maanden geleden

    How do you put different sounds for each app

  • Jason Gathers
    Jason Gathers4 maanden geleden

    My note 4pen works with it too

  • Nathan Hawthorne
    Nathan Hawthorne4 maanden geleden

    39 downvotes because of his pronunciation of "Gif"

  • Eduard
    Eduard4 maanden geleden

    Great video, thanks for the info. I think it makes sense that they offer a very limited version of the S pen. They want to keep the note series relevant.

  • Rinfushimoto Ogun
    Rinfushimoto Ogun4 maanden geleden

    Leaving pixel for samsung. Not buying a mediocre phone like the pixel 5

  • Dan Dawson
    Dan Dawson4 maanden geleden

    I'm seriously considering purchasing one of these. The specs are clearly very impressive on paper. So far from what I see, I love the camera on this device. All of these customizable options are very attractive. I'm coming from a Pixel 2xl, and I love stock android apps, which I see I can freely use on this device. I also love how clean stock android is, and wanted to know from someone that has this device already, how the "bloatware" is on this? Is it possible to uninstall the bloat? Can you turn it all off? Just curious! Also curious if its possible to have call screening, which is an option I like on my Pixel 2xl. The Pixel 5 just doesn't seem like a big enough leap for me to throw down the amount of money it costs., so I've already counted it out of my options.

  • All Ebike

    All Ebike

    Maand geleden

    Nova Launcher eliminates bloatware... Well... You can set it aside...

  • Siafu Linux

    Siafu Linux

    Maand geleden

    The device will obviously come with Samsung apps and Google apps that both kind of do the same things. I don't think you can uninstall the Samsung apps from within the phone but you should be able to do so using ADB.

  • Your Mother should of swallowed
    Your Mother should of swallowed4 maanden geleden

    So I take it this wouldn't be the right channel on De-Googled devices?

  • Tony House
    Tony House4 maanden geleden

    Looking at this video on my s21 Ultra 🔥🔥🔥

  • SO-CAL MOM 06
    SO-CAL MOM 064 maanden geleden

    Thanks for all the great info. This is the first time i have "EVER" had anything other than a SAMSUNG NOTE but I'm loving the S21.......

  • Txnmia 86
    Txnmia 865 maanden geleden

    Thank you for pronouncing gif correctly.

  • Faizan Tahir
    Faizan Tahir5 maanden geleden

    Where did you get that clock widget on your home screen from? From what I can see, it's not a stock widget?

  • Faizan Tahir

    Faizan Tahir

    3 maanden geleden

    @Gary Jones I didn't, no. Sorry

  • Gary Jones

    Gary Jones

    3 maanden geleden

    Yeah I want to know that as well. Did you find out?

  • S A
    S A5 maanden geleden

    Can anyone tell me about heating problems

  • CherrySwirl Chale

    CherrySwirl Chale

    4 maanden geleden

    That's mainly with the Exynos variation, especially when using the camera app. SD seems to be fine, which is what I have.

  • Varun Rustogi
    Varun Rustogi5 maanden geleden

    Hi how to get that cool wallpaper.. Gave Superb 👌🏼 look to the ultra

  • gthisgirliswild
    gthisgirliswild5 maanden geleden

    Does it support RCS messaging or is it enabled?? I have the galaxy s20 ultra 5g and it doesn't give me the option to enable it, I'm with AT&T. Btw my s9+ was able to do so

  • shock7258
    shock72585 maanden geleden

    it is a cost of a car

    JOSE LUIS GARCIA5 maanden geleden a ver si os gusta este vídeo que he hecho con el Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra.

  • From My Point Of View
    From My Point Of View5 maanden geleden

    Definitely tweaked a few settings after watching your video👌🏾

  • Swapnil Prasad
    Swapnil Prasad5 maanden geleden

    S21 ultra is the best phone I've ever used 📱

  • Elle
    Elle5 maanden geleden

    I'm I'm glad I finally know how to disable notifications when swiping down, it made me go crazy how I always had to swipe up to get to the app drawer and click on the search bar to search smth... holy shit.

  • Just Nature's Music
    Just Nature's Music5 maanden geleden

    Thanks for the tips! I got my S21 Ultra, but I'm having issues with smooth slow motion recording. Not Super Slow Motion, just normal slow motion, it's like the clip is lagging a few frames every now and then. I've updated all software, did a factory reset, nothing works. Any tips for that?

  • Daniel Moore
    Daniel Moore5 maanden geleden

    Watching on my s10+

  • Joshua Nf
    Joshua Nf5 maanden geleden

    I want to wait until the next note come out but I might just get the s21 ultra.

  • mustafazworld


    3 maanden geleden

    I got it and it is pretty cool

  • mustafazworld


    3 maanden geleden

    The next note is not coming till next year because of the chip shortage

  • Adam Goebel
    Adam Goebel5 maanden geleden

    Video is a little long.

  • Phillip Pugh
    Phillip Pugh5 maanden geleden

    Yeah ....maybe you should just stick to a pixel phone....just saying

  • Top Secret
    Top Secret5 maanden geleden

    just me getting motion sick from the phone bouncing around?

  • Eduard


    4 maanden geleden

    You might wanna get an eye check up if you get motion sickness from that. Not even kidding about it.

  • Howard Osborn
    Howard Osborn5 maanden geleden

    I'm not sure? When I set chrome as my web it seems I got ad pop ups it that possible?

  • Colin Dissanayake
    Colin Dissanayake5 maanden geleden

    Just got one literally an hour ago .. already love it and now I'm here already lol

  • Drew


    Dag geleden

    Just got mine about an hour ago as well, lmao. Love it so far, upgraded from s9+

  • Gigi Anne C

    Gigi Anne C

    11 dagen geleden

    I just got mine as well. I really love it

  • Nicholas Negron

    Nicholas Negron

    Maand geleden

    @Duy Hưng snapdragon Version

  • Motorsports 3

    Motorsports 3

    Maand geleden

    @Colin Dissanayake how does it perform I heard the exynos version overheats when gaming and is slower then the snap dragon 888 which is the one I have

  • fowlfables


    2 maanden geleden

    Same here!

  • Skrirrex
    Skrirrex5 maanden geleden

    Why didn't you show or talk about the UHQ Upscaler on the sound settings? I see that's it's grayed out for you too when you showed the settings. How do I enable that?

  • Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan

    5 maanden geleden

    You can enable it when headphones are plugged in

  • Elysia Skye
    Elysia Skye5 maanden geleden

    Thank you for the tips. I'm having a hard time getting my Rode lav mic to work. I've swapped out the adapters and tried alt mics as well. The only thing that has worked is a Samsung set of old wired headphones (with my USBc adapter). Any tips on getting my Rode lav to record easily with the USBc adapter? I've lost hours of my life trying to get it to work.

  • Jaime Ortiz
    Jaime Ortiz5 maanden geleden

    Interestingly enough I have a s21 ultra, on the latest update, and I have google messages on the latest update and it tells me on my settings that Google messages doesn't support bubbles. Bummer!