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    Hahaha 🤣 the first one was really funny 😂😂 ahhhhh

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    That was the most heartwarming shit I have ever seen ❤️

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    I've always thought it a bit unfair for the lady to have that done to her in public. Too much pressure and sometimes it backfires if she runs away. Luckily for this fellow, she appears to have accepted.

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    That cat's thinking, "Do you know how much fur I could leave on the lovely black gowns and suits?"

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    Cat: 'I need a lap, stat. Put those wooden things down.'

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    Last tune is dragon beliver song

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    First clip. Someone's getting fired.

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    That vas beautiful 😃👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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    #1 sounds like the Aperture Science announcer from Portal 2.

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    I stood up and clapped on that cartwheel.

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    Try this one too :)

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    the worst music in the world here

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    All that cat hair on those black formal dresses! Eek!

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    What's the first song title?

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    2# hell of a star

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    Nope. No crowd at a proposal. If she says no, there are zero witnesses...

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    I witnessed a #1 situation at a performance of Verdi's requiem. When Dies Irae started a lady one row on front of me almost jumped out of her chair...

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    Rumos becsület sorra a jo az a lati sorry es vedd el ami kell es vissza ne add fel a jo az en

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    Ide ora lany ko meg a jo az a lati

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    1:48 I gotta watch my back.

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    Magnificent the acrobatics soprano!

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    Cat lovers in the orchestra.

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    Last one would be funny if she said "No".

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    Ha! I know that soprano personally! =D

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    0:12 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Nice video, thanks :)

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    the surprise public proposal is so self centered and usually unwanted. its always a treat when she runs away crying. now maybe a public consummation..

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    I have never been so happy that I was wrong: I expected something silly, but I enjoyed this video immensely. By the way, anybody knows the composer / name of the first track ?

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    Soprano has mad skills!

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    That's how violinists clap

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    즐겁게 보다가.. 막판 부럽네..🥲

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    The proposal brought me to tears. I wonder if she took off the ring to play, tho? If it’s large it could get a little in the way. Then again, just getting a proposal in front of everyone could be a bit of a distraction , as well. First violin! I hope it sang like an angel that night ♥️🐿🌻

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    Cat knew where to find the highest concentration of cat lovers possible; string section. 🥰

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    That proposal on stage... pfft, what BS, embarrassment. One year later, divorce.

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    congratulations , super cool

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    Please, where i can find the complete version of this piano cover at the end of this compilation?

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    0:37 What country is this? Offcourse it's Turkey(Türkiye)! Cats and dogs heaven! 😃

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    kudos to the soprano . . .

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    02:10 soy la unica mal pensada que creyó que ella le iba a pegar un guantazo en el traste al señor?

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    Q cosa tan espectacular gracias por grabar estos acontecimientos por qe el mundo se está acabando 🙏

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    where did that cat come from!!

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    What a the name of 1:44

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    Передайте Омскому хору, что я хочу, чтобы они исполнили Wellerman немедленно!

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    I liked the last (1#) the most!

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    I noticed that the Phil only had women in the 3rd violins. At least from our view.

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    What is the performance for the first vid

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    Maybe I am a wet blanket here, but I don't see that proposal as romantic, as it is manipulation. Sure, they are in love and not knowing their relationship, he obviously felt she would accept, as they probably talked about getting married. However... she really has NO CHOICE but to accept. If for whatever reason she does not or cannot accept for ANY REASON, the entire situation blows up and is a horrible event for all. No... to me, a proposal is intensely intimate and should be shared only with the couple involved. If you wish, "stage" a proposal after and do your best to make it look authentic.

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    Da fuuuuck? 😁😁😁✊🏿✌🏿

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    I've seen this before but I still get a laugh out of the Firebird Suite, especially the conductor grinning! And the cartwheel? In stilettos no less!

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    That last clip was hilarious.

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    1:59 My girlfriend when I'm eating.

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    I know how the legal thing works with crediting "Imagine Dragons" in the description, but I do find it funny that it's the one song that gets credited as "music in this video."

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    Lucky it was a cat and not a dog in amongst that orchestra. All the dog would of wanted them to do is 'Bach' I'll grab my coat!

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    Not very elegant bt thts the point anyway 😊i love it

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    I wonder why people have to engage the public involvement for a private proposal of marriage. I mean why bring in complete strangers into two people's private commitment? It doesn't make sense. It's like embarrassing her into accepting you for the sake of making the public happy.

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    Some whites are awesome

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    There's always an idiot to embarrass girls with marriage proposal!

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    The Maestro is the Master. All musicians on the stage have to obey and always say 'Yes' to his questions...

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    Catgut strings comes to mind...............

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    Say no say no say no!!! Damn it she said yes. Would have been so awkward.

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    WOW!!! A marriage proposal at the symphony.

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    3:10 so cute 😭😭😭😭 he sure practiced 40hrs

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    She hasn't just hold a note while that cartwheel she even did a little melisma right there...

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    "I have an important question to ask" "Can we get pizza on the way home after work?"

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    Yeah lets all be startled awake. Can someone tell me what the name of that first piece is. I recognize the music but can't remember the name. I'm so frustrated. Ah, found it. It's Stravinsky's Firebird about 30 minutes into the piece. Although I have no idea how anyone could doze off during what came before that part.