French Montana - Unforgettable ft. Swae Lee


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  • Ben Soley

    Ben Soley

    5 maanden geleden

    Great music

  • Christien Milino

    Christien Milino

    5 maanden geleden

    Boy they just wanna see french dance bro this click bait bro lol

  • BEL Kal

    BEL Kal

    6 maanden geleden

    B@Muslim United bb

  • ay'a aşık bir mahlukat

    ay'a aşık bir mahlukat

    8 maanden geleden


  • 김연희


    8 maanden geleden

    9⁹ the 6

  • Carlos Cayax
    Carlos Cayax25 minuten geleden

    These people are pro dancers

  • HomieGaki
    HomieGaki38 minuten geleden

    It's still a banger

  • Romina
    Romina52 minuten geleden

    This song is for 4 years ago but I'm still listening to this song cz it's just amazing 👁👄👁

  • Magalie Badette
    Magalie BadetteUur geleden

    This song is a legend 😩unforgettable 🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • Magalie Badette

    Magalie Badette

    Uur geleden


  • debbie brown
    debbie brownUur geleden

    Still makes you want to dance 💃

  • ouday aggoun
    ouday aggoun2 uur geleden

    you are unforgettable I need to get u alone ❤️

  • Kavita Lochan
    Kavita Lochan3 uur geleden

    2021 anyone? This song never gets old😍

  • Brahim Radwani
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  • Lawrence Stephen
    Lawrence Stephen3 uur geleden

    fuckin masterpiece.

  • Markellrain5
    Markellrain53 uur geleden

    I'm back for the 5th time this year

  • Justin BOZZ
    Justin BOZZ3 uur geleden

    When This came out it Was my Best time Of Life....

  • Kiya Anderson
    Kiya Anderson4 uur geleden


  • LOYALTY718
    LOYALTY7184 uur geleden

    This song will always have a good vibes about it .Who's here jamming in 2021 ?

  • irwin jr.
    irwin jr.5 uur geleden

    Still a vibe😍

  • Nathan Muratwa
    Nathan Muratwa5 uur geleden

    Sweet lee team: how many Africans u want Swap lee: yes

  • Chun Ming Ho
    Chun Ming Ho5 uur geleden

    The sour dinghy atypically pour because desert predominantly last following a nebulous rhinoceros. little, brief crayon

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    parallel universe 5 uur geleden

  • Romario Leopoldino Dos Santos
    Romario Leopoldino Dos Santos6 uur geleden

    Muito foda essa música. Ja perdi as conta de quantas vezes ouvi

  • mahad maxamed
    mahad maxamed6 uur geleden

    Wow 12B views

  • Arkadius Killer
    Arkadius Killer6 uur geleden

    ..people to people dealt this fate.

  • Shalala Boomboom
    Shalala Boomboom8 uur geleden

    the vibes this song gives is just different

  • Meme lol
    Meme lol8 uur geleden


  • vic vic
    vic vic8 uur geleden

    I just wanna dance.

  • Director Neva
    Director Neva8 uur geleden

    This song is a hit because the video was shot in Africa trust me .....

  • Alice Phiri
    Alice Phiri9 uur geleden

    Seeing my own African people doing all the movies

  • code shala
    code shala9 uur geleden


  • Gari Ya Miraa
    Gari Ya Miraa9 uur geleden

    Nobody Appreciating the kids Effortless Performance. You all Mean

    DAYA WHITAKER9 uur geleden

    God bless the innocence!!

  • Search for New world's
    Search for New world's10 uur geleden

    It's not a song , it's an Anthem ❤️❤️🙏🏼

  • Zon3OnAgar
    Zon3OnAgar10 uur geleden

    This song reminds me of my dad he left me so I get sad:(

  • Zon3OnAgar


    8 uur geleden

    @Jamar Bosman thnx though ❤️

  • Zon3OnAgar


    8 uur geleden

    @Jamar Bosman it’s all good bro i just miss him sometimes

  • Jamar Bosman

    Jamar Bosman

    8 uur geleden

    My condolences 🕊️

  • christopher kalwanga
    christopher kalwanga10 uur geleden

    super vedeo

    YBK THEGREAT10 uur geleden

    Lets see how many are still listening to this SONG!!! ALL THE WAY FROM SOUTH AFRICA

  • Reverent
    Reverent11 uur geleden


  • Teboho Moloi
    Teboho Moloi11 uur geleden

    Sometimes when things seem not so great, I remember that smile at 1:10..😁😁

  • Jimi James
    Jimi James12 uur geleden

    French Montana is pussy but this song is cool

  • Coding Geeks
    Coding Geeks12 uur geleden

    Dear reader, I don't know you and you don't know me. Probably we are not even living in the same country. We look different. We speak different languages. Maybe we are from entirely different generations. We are just complete strangers. But there is something that connects us. We both have great taste in music......... Thanks for being here. God bless you, whoever you are.....

  • Demisha Johnson
    Demisha Johnson12 uur geleden

    I am going to say this song is the shit

  • Jamar Bosman
    Jamar Bosman12 uur geleden

    My culture is beautiful 💪💙🌏 the dancing n swag. It all started at home.

  • Junglee Sher
    Junglee Sher14 uur geleden

    🎵Black live matters 🖤

  • Jan Ghost
    Jan Ghost14 uur geleden

    Still the best song for me!!!

  • Rools X
    Rools X14 uur geleden

    Greatest song

  • Christián Blanco
    Christián Blanco16 uur geleden

    This song will always remain "Unforgettable"

  • Neha Vaid
    Neha Vaid16 uur geleden

    This is y Africa is MOTHERLAND

  • Bigg Gee
    Bigg Gee17 uur geleden

    Those villagers look like they're one potato short of just completely cannibalising all of the ones who are dancing/singing (the paid ones, you can see which ones aren't paid if they're frowning)

  • yash mahindrakar
    yash mahindrakar17 uur geleden

    Anyone, 2022 in advance?

  • It’s Ryan
    It’s Ryan17 uur geleden

    Nostalgia of 2017🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Amina Farax
    Amina Farax18 uur geleden

    Let's be honest its 2021 July 27 who is listening this unforgettable song

  • Dedan Kimathi wa Kanyoro
    Dedan Kimathi wa Kanyoro18 uur geleden

    I can see Kabaka (King) Mwanga's man made lake in the back ground

  • This idiot
    This idiot19 uur geleden

    0:49 0:58 3:20

  • husned nour
    husned nour19 uur geleden

    may GOD help my country Uganda

  • The Real Rose
    The Real Rose19 uur geleden

    It’s official I gotta go to Uganda

  • The Real Rose
    The Real Rose19 uur geleden

    Omg the ghetto kids are my favorite I’ve been a fan ever since the follow follow me video

  • Isaac Sandys
    Isaac Sandys19 uur geleden

    This song is unforgettable 😎🤘

  • sharper image
    sharper image20 uur geleden

    Song,has longevity,no doubt 🧐

  • Niveah Lewis
    Niveah Lewis20 uur geleden

    Crazy how I know the whole song by heart 🥰

  • Niveah Lewis
    Niveah Lewis20 uur geleden

    The memories 🥺

  • Man Erick
    Man Erick20 uur geleden


  • Sanem Kan
    Sanem Kan20 uur geleden

    2021 😎

  • Natron Fa†u'MallaFalla
    Natron Fa†u'MallaFalla20 uur geleden

    Miss my Ex 😪

  • Goi Made This!
    Goi Made This!21 uur geleden

    It's August One Let's See How Many People Are Here In August! Take Care See You In September!

  • Kagoro Joash
    Kagoro Joash22 uur geleden

    2021 still here. Much love from Ugandaaaaaaaa 🇺🇬

  • Rv Chick
    Rv Chick23 uur geleden

    This song is unforgettable ❤️.

  • EBS Algemeen
    EBS AlgemeenDag geleden

    its so hard ❤🎵😓💖❤


    سير الله يعطيك الخير خويا لعزيز اغنية قمة

  • Areli Gutierrez
    Areli GutierrezDag geleden

    Who Listened To August 2021

  • Tina Womack
    Tina WomackDag geleden

    Where did they go to make this video? The kids were so happy and amazing.

  • Jamar Bosman

    Jamar Bosman

    8 uur geleden

    Uganda Africa 🌍💪💚

  • Teddy Hinton
    Teddy HintonDag geleden

  • Asier Iparraguirre
    Asier IparraguirreDag geleden

    Lets be honest, this is Swae Lee's song

  • Anguzu Keith
    Anguzu KeithDag geleden

    Who else is watching this now ?

  • luis lopez
    luis lopezDag geleden

    Damn bro...swae killed this....french who???? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • carla7399
    carla7399Dag geleden

    Who is gonna still be watching this is masterpiece in 2022?

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan HernandezDag geleden

    You don't forget the people that's not with us may they prosper

  • Emerson Martinez
    Emerson MartinezDag geleden

    Aye 🔥 outfits French and swae

  • Emerson Martinez
    Emerson MartinezDag geleden

    🔥 music video love ❤️ this music video sm so nice kind sweet generous genuine and ayo their to nice wit the moves so smooth wit it

  • Emerson Martinez
    Emerson MartinezDag geleden

    The title/caption is the reason why this song is made by the one and only french the 🐐 and swae

  • Andres Mendoza
    Andres MendozaDag geleden

    The able delete functionally brake because input superiorly reflect despite a earthy pyramid. sloppy, clear hallway

  • Twenty Fortress
    Twenty FortressDag geleden

    SUMMER 2021!!!!

  • Mushap Şimşek
    Mushap ŞimşekDag geleden

    Türk varmı 🇹🇷

  • Mr Man
    Mr ManDag geleden

    @Key Epic you can still make life amazing rn

  • Monique Davis
    Monique DavisDag geleden

    wow this was 4 years ago really don’t feel like 😢😭

  • Sessman
    SessmanDag geleden

    This song bring good memories to me tbh THIS IS AN 💖💖💕UNFORGETTABLE MASTERPIECE💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Nitrogen Penguin
    Nitrogen PenguinDag geleden

    How'd this guy get into Uganda with literally no one realising

  • ѕнαи ƒιαz
    ѕнαи ƒιαzDag geleden

    You a king if listening in 2021😂

  • Kin Sacon
    Kin SaconDag geleden

    Those are still here 2021 give me some likes

  • Dṵḉǩ Yi
    Dṵḉǩ YiDag geleden

    So, "Te Bote" had stolen Unforgettable's beat?

  • Chaneltalla Wray
    Chaneltalla WrayDag geleden

    Black people will not be Arab she will be blue Angel I am going to Hell it's Hell fire hurting a Arab but yes everyone will be going to the same heaven .

  • Chaneltalla Wray

    Chaneltalla Wray

    Dag geleden

    Black people will not be Arab they will be blue angel it's hell fire hurting a Arab and yes I will be going to Hell everyone will be going to the same heaven for what has happened to Samira she has a white mommy as my eggs are empty .

  • Vishal Jaiswal
    Vishal JaiswalDag geleden

    The Leg guitar kid got crazy moves and present through out the video.

  • Mustapha Trabelsi
    Mustapha TrabelsiDag geleden

    لي راه يقرا 👀في التعليق اتاعي 💬خلي اشتراك 😘 ربي يخليلك الوالدة 👵ولله دعوة 🤲من قلبي ❤️ نحبكم قانون ✌️😍💖

  • Sayed Zahran
    Sayed ZahranDag geleden

    Poor guy Montana waited with smiling almost 2 mins to start his line

  • Dobby
    DobbyDag geleden

    2050 : still listening

  • NewDjRemixSong Com
    NewDjRemixSong ComDag geleden

    LOVE FROM INDIA❤️❤️❤️😍😍😘😘😘

  • shawna tallman
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  • Allergic to Water
    Allergic to WaterDag geleden

    Feel good song.