Four Angry Irish Youtubers play Mario Party together

The Irish Lads are back, and we're all screaming at each other
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  • RTGame
    RTGameMaand geleden

    THE LADS ARE BACK I'm also learning Magic the Gathering when this comment is 45 minutes old, I'm competing in a tournament Friday and I've only just started playing

  • T teg Egg

    T teg Egg

    22 dagen geleden

    I just want the channel back

  • Tigerfun86


    23 dagen geleden

    Are you still competing in that tournament?

  • Way,deb


    Maand geleden

    How was the tournament

  • Bob Bob

    Bob Bob

    Maand geleden

    We need more of the lads

  • Ghosted


    Maand geleden

    How did none of u lag, maybe you did pay toadette under the table

  • Spencer Sonnefeld
    Spencer SonnefeldUur geleden

    Toad as a topic in Mario Party always ends up cursed.

  • SNN95
    SNN954 dagen geleden

    I am agreed with the majority of the chats.

  • Ninjassauro JR
    Ninjassauro JR5 dagen geleden

    30 Minutes of these guys is not enough!

  • FYairc
    FYairc6 dagen geleden

    I love it when these lads are together

  • Sebastiaan Kittel
    Sebastiaan Kittel7 dagen geleden

    What a fucking upset indeed

  • Sumo Studios
    Sumo Studios9 dagen geleden


  • Caden Edwards
    Caden Edwards10 dagen geleden

    All my homies hate Nogla

  • Kamila Blondin
    Kamila Blondin11 dagen geleden

    Next time bring minx with terroriser omg pls

  • Jack Hildebranski
    Jack Hildebranski12 dagen geleden


  • is this what consequences feel like?
    is this what consequences feel like?12 dagen geleden

    Outside Xtra 🤝 Irish Lads Bullying Monty Mole in Super Mario Party

  • Daxee
    Daxee12 dagen geleden

    This was the best video I’ve watched in a long time

  • seajelly
    seajelly13 dagen geleden


  • Slept In
    Slept In13 dagen geleden

    Nogla, smitty and his channel miss you. Please visit us sometime soon.

  • Cem Altun
    Cem Altun13 dagen geleden

    hooray its jacky boi

  • RandomMarcus92
    RandomMarcus9214 dagen geleden

    Jack: “Kids are stupid!” Idk why that made me laugh. XD

  • MrTrubbol
    MrTrubbol15 dagen geleden

    Irish youtuber dungeons and dragons

  • WildCard XXII
    WildCard XXII15 dagen geleden

    Today I learned Daithi can't count

  • tinax
    tinax15 dagen geleden

    30:37 - 30:46 THAT MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD YES KEVIN YOU'VE DONE IT oml I swear kevin can be extremely wholesome sometimes (through all of the fire and burning down entire forests)

  • J.M. Music
    J.M. Music16 dagen geleden

    donkey sean

  • joshua allen
    joshua allen17 dagen geleden

    " I saved my money and moved real slow"

  • Thunderstar
    Thunderstar18 dagen geleden

    That last turn was the most dramatic turn in all of Super Mario party history. Only to lead into the biggest upset in history

  • Christopher Harris
    Christopher Harris19 dagen geleden

    I’m Irish as well

  • Peter Souza
    Peter Souza20 dagen geleden

    Why do gamers on the internet always sound like this🥴🤣 All the giggling and the smirky jesters 😏😬

  • thp nmh
    thp nmh20 dagen geleden

    The rich meteorology suggestively possess because alley consistently pick over a enthusiastic maid. elfin, instinctive orchestra

  • Cyril Jones
    Cyril Jones21 dag geleden

    13:46 That damn meme bro, it makes me fucking laugh EVERYTIME

  • Aperturenc
    Aperturenc21 dag geleden

    Reminds me of the time I played Super Mario party with 2 other friends. one dude complained the entire time because we would steal the star right before he would be able to reach it. He managed to get a few stars in the last few rounds but was still unable to beat me and my other mate. when it came round for the bonus stars he got both of them and took first place. TLDR: Complain the entire game in order to win.

  • ImpossibleCakePro
    ImpossibleCakePro22 dagen geleden

    "Yer a thief of joy" is my new favorite insult

  • Raphael DaGamer
    Raphael DaGamer22 dagen geleden

    I did the voice and said "Well of course we can do the voice. Who can't do the voice? Clearly not Kevin."

  • Hos_ Yoshi
    Hos_ Yoshi22 dagen geleden


  • chumlum
    chumlum22 dagen geleden

    My kind of party. Incredibly stressful and emotionally draining.

  • matthew Vandergrift-Jones
    matthew Vandergrift-Jones23 dagen geleden

    Dislike for daisy hate

  • Endergamer
    Endergamer23 dagen geleden

    Me after a night with the boys 8:44

  • Pen the Clickety
    Pen the Clickety24 dagen geleden

    16:48 I’m Close

  • Grim
    Grim24 dagen geleden

    this video has a bigger twist ending than any of the avengers movies

  • RadicalShuz
    RadicalShuz24 dagen geleden

    Bruh daithi was an underdog in this game lmao

  • Firan25
    Firan2524 dagen geleden

    "I hate Daisy cus she exists..." ...I'm sure there is some greater underlying explanation as to why he hates The best girl in the game. But seeing as he is a Heretic... ~Loads bolter with malicious intent~ Seriously, I get people hate characters, I just want a better reason than "just because."

  • FlamingAtheist
    FlamingAtheist24 dagen geleden


  • Cosmo 11
    Cosmo 1125 dagen geleden

    12:01 Best freakout in the video.

  • Microwave Man
    Microwave Man25 dagen geleden

    the irish enter the ring

  • Matthew Anakin
    Matthew Anakin26 dagen geleden

    Everyone: *yelling* Seán: SHEEEEEEEEEEEESH

  • Jacky Kong
    Jacky Kong26 dagen geleden

    The yielding foundation retrospectively rub because size nutritionally guess amongst a shrill beginner. momentous, afraid goat

  • Brooke Hinckley
    Brooke Hinckley27 dagen geleden

    oh my god this video cheered me up so much. at the start I was all upset, but by the end i was laughing along with them :)

  • K-kold Gaming
    K-kold Gaming27 dagen geleden

    you hate daisy?! but she's miss tomboy princess...

  • Pagawn
    Pagawn27 dagen geleden


  • Punny Person
    Punny Person27 dagen geleden

    Toad in bed is the reason we should legalize murder

  • Ne
    Ne27 dagen geleden

    I love you Daniel but your hatred of daisy? Pretty homophobic, ngl.

  • gojijynx
    gojijynx27 dagen geleden

    30:40 had me absolutely fn ROLLING

  • DC Irishman
    DC Irishman28 dagen geleden

    I'm Irish and anytime I watch a video with these five my accent gets stronger.

  • Sid Reilly
    Sid Reilly28 dagen geleden

    The entire population of Ireland, roaring at each other in Mario Party.

  • JosepiThe13th
    JosepiThe13th28 dagen geleden

    Jack: Is using DK. Also Jack: Doesn't use the DK block, even though it's like the second best dice block in the game.

  • A Google User
    A Google User28 dagen geleden

    Remember when stars cost 20 coins? but they stupified the game for idiot millennials who said it was too hard on their feelings :(

  • Vo1dG4mer
    Vo1dG4mer29 dagen geleden

    tboi when

  • StorewideBoss69
    StorewideBoss6929 dagen geleden

    27:51 I didn’t know Jacksepticeye was reaper jeez.

  • Pix
    Pix29 dagen geleden

    Ok so heres who's who: RTGame/Dan: Luigi DaithideNogla: Mole CallmeKevin: Waluigi Jacksepticeye/Sean: Donkey Kong

  • Anchovy Bushwack
    Anchovy BushwackMaand geleden

    Ah, I see you're a man of _crumble_ as well

  • Jayden Dan Dominquez
    Jayden Dan DominquezMaand geleden

    it's be funnier if they were from all 4 of the irish regions

  • presofcamelot
    presofcamelotMaand geleden

    RT at the end had a Harem of: the princess, A business man, a ghost, and an actual Goddess...Nice

  • Anya Warrior
    Anya WarriorMaand geleden

    16:47 my friends and i thought of this ages ago and it resulted in the most unholy inside joke ever created.

  • Scunt
    ScuntMaand geleden

    i realized something. the line that peach said when it rolled on her in the beginning is a reference to the peach game where peach becomes the main character instead of mario.

  • Gwokamole
    GwokamoleMaand geleden

    I like the part where they are irish

  • Luke Cuddy
    Luke CuddyMaand geleden

    That was amazing. The end - *Chefs kiss*

  • Charles Thurber
    Charles ThurberMaand geleden

    The only point of contention I would ever have with RT is that Daisy is my favorite Mario character. XD

  • Random back_ground_guy
    Random back_ground_guyMaand geleden

    I really want them to make group channel

  • BreeStake Bobba
    BreeStake BobbaMaand geleden

    Ive destroyed friendships with Mario party, im surprised theyre still friends

  • Dr. Pepper
    Dr. PepperMaand geleden

    Kevin and Dan : *fighting for 1* Sean : *chilling in his golden pipes* Dahti : "truth is, the game was rigged from the start"

  • Zedlyfier
    ZedlyfierMaand geleden


  • Mega Sparkle Goomba
    Mega Sparkle GoombaMaand geleden

    That end was such a plot twist.

  • Baseball Magic5051
    Baseball Magic5051Maand geleden

    16:50 BRUHHHHH

  • Cringe isn't my Insanity
    Cringe isn't my InsanityMaand geleden

    Dont forget me I'm irish I praise the POTATO GLORIOUS POTATO

  • sparky4845
    sparky4845Maand geleden

    Please do another one! This was so funny!

  • Simon Schnedl
    Simon SchnedlMaand geleden

    Nintendo: Mario Party is a fun game for the whole family! The family:

  • AlohaKeala
    AlohaKealaMaand geleden

    The bonus stars are just like dumbledore giving griffindor points after slytherin won the house cup.

  • owo uwu
    owo uwuMaand geleden

    I'm very entertained

  • Wight24
    Wight24Maand geleden

    That ending though.

  • mistahhbean gaming
    mistahhbean gamingMaand geleden

    i knew i heard terroriser at the beginning

  • neoselket
    neoselketMaand geleden

    This makes me miss key quest

  • Bub Mythikal
    Bub MythikalMaand geleden

    Half of the entire video i was trying to figure out who was who.

  • DyscoT
    DyscoTMaand geleden

    That's the best ending ever

  • Lucas C
    Lucas CMaand geleden

    I just realized the type of mini game you play depends on what space everyone is on

  • Gl4zy
    Gl4zyMaand geleden

    Good God i get angry at Mario Party just watching this video.

  • Max Haro
    Max HaroMaand geleden

    I still don’t understand how I have over 150 hours in Mario party

  • Shukhada
    ShukhadaMaand geleden

    I love their pa-erty

  • wed
    wedMaand geleden

    i want my money back

  • jax rammus
    jax rammusMaand geleden

    when you do nothing but bitch the whole game so the game hands it to you XD

  • Brallant P.
    Brallant P.Maand geleden

    Not even the patriot’s combat was that legendary

  • Lo & Noodle
    Lo & NoodleMaand geleden

    I don't know how to say this without sounding rude, but what is the NLdron for the guy with the high pitch voice LOL

  • coolchrisable
    coolchrisableMaand geleden

    i thought yall was playing the og mario party XD

  • Tom Bixby
    Tom BixbyMaand geleden

    Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed that

  • Shayne Moak
    Shayne MoakMaand geleden

    He he did it he finally won

  • Cobster921
    Cobster921Maand geleden

    Videos like this make me proud to be Irish

  • Robert
    RobertMaand geleden

    even to this day with the most recent title, no matter how big or small the boards are, mario party's still mario party.

  • songjun w
    songjun wMaand geleden

    dia dhuit, All Erine NLdronr.

  • HUE Link the chosen Hero
    HUE Link the chosen HeroMaand geleden

    Chig Bungus

  • Dylan Myers
    Dylan MyersMaand geleden

    Proposal: now the eboys are gone, make the eBuachaillí with kev and jack

  • Moon Jam
    Moon JamMaand geleden

    Kevin being Waluigi is so on brand 😂

  • Thewaterspirit57
    Thewaterspirit57Maand geleden

    Everyone is soooo freaking competitive towards Dan XP And he’s all like, “good game lads”

  • Mishiranu hito
    Mishiranu hitoMaand geleden

    As soon as I heard Jack, I stopped the video. I'll pass on this channel's content. I don't support shills who manipulate children for profit.

  • JoyIsntFunny


    18 dagen geleden

    Context please?

  • Sophia Hannah
    Sophia HannahMaand geleden

    i love being irish 😂

  • Riding my Ice bike
    Riding my Ice bikeMaand geleden

    Waluigi is a superstar!