Foolio - "Whip Bump" (Official Music Video)


    NLE CHOPPAMaand geleden


  • Carzil Pruitte

    Carzil Pruitte

    Dag geleden


  • Chris Bishop

    Chris Bishop

    2 dagen geleden

    @MundoDaDon lmaooooooooooooooo. promoting murder aint spiritual, period. But you know everything I can tell haha

  • MundoDaDon


    2 dagen geleden

    @Chris Bishop y'all don't kno how being spiritual works 1.It doesn't change who u actually are just see the world for what it actually is 3.its spiritual people smoke people

  • dihh


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  • T†¹² AMV★

    T†¹² AMV★

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  • Tyrone Jones
    Tyrone Jones3 uur geleden

    Whip Bump

  • Keanan Connor
    Keanan Connor13 uur geleden

    The man don’t miss

  • Carmentae Henry
    Carmentae Henry18 uur geleden

    Go crazy

  • Carzil Pruitte
    Carzil PruitteDag geleden

    Ona gang this nigga aint missed yet i fwd

  • Colton Smit
    Colton SmitDag geleden

    🗑 doo doo he needs to stick to gangsta rap fr

  • Mamba Out
    Mamba OutDag geleden

    This slap

  • HipHop Over Everything
    HipHop Over Everything2 dagen geleden

    radio-friendly beat with goon lyrics. DOPE AF 🔥

  • Hanat Hassan
    Hanat Hassan2 dagen geleden

    No talent at all yungeen ace is way better then u

  • Martin McCall
    Martin McCall2 dagen geleden


  • Jeremy Grant
    Jeremy Grant3 dagen geleden

    Errr thang ace do....u do SMH

  • Big Roe
    Big Roe3 dagen geleden Salute

  • Ambet hunter
    Ambet hunter3 dagen geleden

    Good job 👍

  • Valid_eman
    Valid_eman3 dagen geleden

    they hanging with a demon but don’t know it lmao😭

  • Hanaa Paqiou
    Hanaa Paqiou4 dagen geleden

    Bruh dis nigguh foolio got a mask on and a body suit and plays da role Yung bleu! If ALL YALL thank I’m KAP ! 👀👀👀👀 Do ya research all yall getting tricked

  • Antiwon Herron
    Antiwon Herron4 dagen geleden

    This shitt boo boo on god

  • NotAlike913
    NotAlike9134 dagen geleden

    why these rappers gotta hate on whites? i nevr been racist in my life n this shit pisses me off. im from jacksonville and nver bucked a fade in my life

  • Patrick Maye
    Patrick Maye4 dagen geleden

    This hard

  • LostAtSea.
    LostAtSea.5 dagen geleden

    I can hear Uzi in him . . . On my playlist most def

  • Riot R
    Riot R5 dagen geleden

    Foolio a waaaay better artist than Ace, Spinabenz, Whoppa wit da choppa, and Fastmoney Goon and he ain't gotta have everybody and they momma on a track for it to be poppin.....🔥🔥🔥 keep doing ya thing Foolio...and Ksoo aint even a rapper just a fucking straight up crash test dummy fr...🤷‍♀️ I said what I said

  • BRUH Trippin
    BRUH Trippin6 dagen geleden

    That beat so innocent...he ain't had to kill it like that

  • tyrinajordan
    tyrinajordan7 dagen geleden

    He very talented yes I like his voice his swagger I don't care I like his way my prayers go up keep him n the other's stop that n full fill they talent the gifted die young I pray this not happening stop that death wish remove it wow peace praying for

  • killwzve
    killwzve8 dagen geleden

    the likes r down when u dnt diss dead ppl :/

  • BAM2x BlockBoy
    BAM2x BlockBoy8 dagen geleden

    Ok foolio 👌🏾

  • raeshon dunbar
    raeshon dunbar8 dagen geleden

    Dababy or foolio copied eachothers video idea I’m calling it. Cause how the hell they both got a classroom video in the same week 😏

  • Trinity's IMVU stories
    Trinity's IMVU stories8 dagen geleden

    Since he dropped WHEN I SEE YOU he's been my favorite rapper he's music catchy Asf

  • BlueBatmanPlayz
    BlueBatmanPlayz8 dagen geleden

    ? Who you know you gotta stop showing where you live at

  • Diana Thomas
    Diana Thomas8 dagen geleden


  • Professor Finessor
    Professor Finessor9 dagen geleden

    Keep delivering that heat 🔥🔥💯

  • Damian Murray
    Damian Murray9 dagen geleden

    Foolio go pop spina and yungeen make them blunts

  • foolio hard stay mad😂👎
    foolio hard stay mad😂👎9 dagen geleden

    i say whip bump🔥

  • NopeSope GloBe
    NopeSope GloBe9 dagen geleden


  • El Fila Cartel
    El Fila Cartel9 dagen geleden

    10k for designer new Balenci’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • El Fila Cartel
    El Fila Cartel9 dagen geleden


  • Chrisshaun Martin
    Chrisshaun Martin10 dagen geleden

    Drop some more stuff

  • Chrisshaun Martin
    Chrisshaun Martin10 dagen geleden


  • Rob Hudson
    Rob Hudson10 dagen geleden

    Hard in Maine 🤞

  • J T
    J T10 dagen geleden

    He ride with Trump , I ride with him period.

  • zen headshot

    zen headshot

    8 dagen geleden

    Trump is a real gangsta

  • ReZe_Laxp
    ReZe_Laxp10 dagen geleden

    This is fye

  • cringe videos here
    cringe videos here11 dagen geleden

  • cringe videos here

    cringe videos here

    11 dagen geleden

    @Rookie Video you buggin

  • Rookie Video

    Rookie Video

    11 dagen geleden

  • otb Eli
    otb Eli11 dagen geleden

    Drop that on lock law... support from both side..... from Chicago

  • Kyle J
    Kyle J11 dagen geleden

    Ignorance at it's finest. Straight garbage 🗑️

  • Nick Odellick
    Nick Odellick11 dagen geleden

    If foolio goes main stream I might have to just never listen to music again

  • Rookie Video

    Rookie Video

    11 dagen geleden

  • Byzui YT
    Byzui YT11 dagen geleden


  • Rookie Video

    Rookie Video

    11 dagen geleden

  • cordero mason
    cordero mason12 dagen geleden

    Free me I go to jail tomorrow y’all better have my shit at ah million views in 45 days. BFL_MACK- Have You Ever an ***** $+@p on me

  • Tee Blacc
    Tee Blacc12 dagen geleden

    My dawg gettin dame near 3 mil a vid came long way big bro I remember when it was just 50 k ery 3 months

  • Rookie Video

    Rookie Video

    11 dagen geleden

  • Dalton Pollard
    Dalton Pollard12 dagen geleden

    Foolio I went to north western middle off 45th real shit

  • Abdullah Sediqi
    Abdullah Sediqi13 dagen geleden

    Please do a concert in San Diego people love you out here bro!

  • Rookie Video

    Rookie Video

    11 dagen geleden

  • Fuck All That
    Fuck All That13 dagen geleden


  • Dayshon Creighton
    Dayshon Creighton14 dagen geleden

    I like perks guns

  • Rodexell man

    Rodexell man

    13 dagen geleden


  • Nick Arsenault
    Nick Arsenault15 dagen geleden

    Julio got 2021 on lock 🔥

  • Rookie Video

    Rookie Video

    11 dagen geleden

  • Kyle J
    Kyle J15 dagen geleden

    *I'm the shit like #2 but #1* -Foolio 2021

  • dme123
    dme12315 dagen geleden


  • YKB_Gorilla Gaming

    YKB_Gorilla Gaming

    2 dagen geleden

    @dme123 oh my fault u talkin lyrics i thought u was talking flow

  • dme123


    2 dagen geleden

    @YKB_Gorilla Gaming Stole her heart, Tay-K, I'm on the run (Skrrt, gone) I like Percs, guns We love shootin' opps up 'cause it's fun (Graah, graah, graah) Boy, you broke as fuck, ain't got no funds (Ain't got no funds) I'm the shit like number two but number one (But number one) Thats Some 2012 Sosa Type Lyrics Also The Delivery

  • YKB_Gorilla Gaming

    YKB_Gorilla Gaming

    2 dagen geleden

    Nah i think u trippin it ain't sound nothing like 2012 keef

  • Rookie Video

    Rookie Video

    11 dagen geleden

  • bodiedbyzukafu
    bodiedbyzukafu15 dagen geleden

    Spinabanz dissed yo moms 😐

  • Spin The block
    Spin The block15 dagen geleden

    i like perks, gunssssssss

  • Grayson Escamilla
    Grayson Escamilla16 dagen geleden

    Yo prints all on them shells 😭

  • vasteras67
    vasteras6716 dagen geleden

    He reminds me of von

  • Rookie Video

    Rookie Video

    11 dagen geleden

  • tails the fox miles per hour
    tails the fox miles per hour16 dagen geleden

    I feel like von should been on this song

  • tails the fox miles per hour
    tails the fox miles per hour16 dagen geleden

    He mentioned tay k 🔥🔥🔥🔥👈

  • TopToGoated🐐💤
    TopToGoated🐐💤16 dagen geleden

    Best Song Out That Foolio Made👌🏾💚

  • Mista 808
    Mista 80816 dagen geleden

    Foolio look like the kid in school that would finish the big bag of sour skittles in 15 minutes

  • Rookie Video

    Rookie Video

    11 dagen geleden

  • Keyonte Dorch
    Keyonte Dorch17 dagen geleden

    Rip biby live long bibby

  • Mars
    Mars17 dagen geleden

    "im the shit like number 2 but number 1" RANK 1 LYRIC

  • ISwagDiFferentI
    ISwagDiFferentI17 dagen geleden

    Ian gon lie if foolio die I’m done wit the rap industry

  • XenDamian-_-
    XenDamian-_-17 dagen geleden

    When the rap song dont match the video

  • Plak-ket-ket-ket-ket
    Plak-ket-ket-ket-ket17 dagen geleden


  • Paul Luse
    Paul Luse18 dagen geleden

    I like Perks.. Guns... We love shooting opps up , cuz its fun🔥💯

  • Present Loops
    Present Loops18 dagen geleden

    Ight idk why this actually fire 😂🔥

  • Theresa Dewey
    Theresa Dewey18 dagen geleden

    Nle choppaYou the best

  • Theresa Dewey
    Theresa Dewey18 dagen geleden

    Boy no funkin fines

  • NjAllday
    NjAllday18 dagen geleden

    He liked that sweatshirt lol

  • Antiwon Herron
    Antiwon Herron18 dagen geleden

    That shitt lame

  • 251Joey
    251Joey18 dagen geleden

    Foolio going to the top! I just wish he would leave them streets alone. All the real ones getting gone before they take off. Homie got them story telling skills like Von.

  • Bookiemooks
    Bookiemooks19 dagen geleden

    Hard , I like whip ..., bump!

  • Gunissues
    Gunissues19 dagen geleden

    I’m the shyt like number 2 but number 1😭😭 hard af

  • Isabel Garcia
    Isabel Garcia20 dagen geleden

    Drake wanna get on the remix so bad

  • Rob Da 5 8
    Rob Da 5 820 dagen geleden

    These guys really make warm, friendly, sweetheart drill killer music

  • B!G Ghost
    B!G Ghost20 dagen geleden

    Straight Gas⛽💥 Im in Ga bumpin fam‼

  • Marke3s
    Marke3s20 dagen geleden

    🔥 I fw this flow

  • Moses James
    Moses James20 dagen geleden


  • Et 23
    Et 2320 dagen geleden

    I need another foolio and big scar song matter fact I want a mixtape lol

  • JohnnyMadeIt
    JohnnyMadeIt21 dag geleden

    my man playing gta in real life 🔥

  • ISNAGZZ-_-2k
    ISNAGZZ-_-2k21 dag geleden

    Ok but like why can’t I stop playin this

  • Darealkingc
    Darealkingc21 dag geleden

    Don’t die bro

  • Lenz dupont
    Lenz dupont21 dag geleden

    CUZZZ ITS FUNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crook
    Crook21 dag geleden

    yes im happy he dropped a banger w all this hype bro bouta blow

  • Cozy j
    Cozy j21 dag geleden

    Terrible no hate to this guy just the tone is corny and overused

  • Jason MF

    Jason MF

    21 dag geleden

    I like foolio music but damn this is bad

  • Preezy Patel
    Preezy Patel22 dagen geleden

    Need this to blow up

  • Teezy Kash
    Teezy Kash22 dagen geleden

    We Finally Rich Now The World Ours - Rich The Kid

  • alex jones
    alex jones22 dagen geleden

    Whip your bump

  • Cam101 561
    Cam101 56122 dagen geleden

    Claim your, here before tiktok ruined it ticket here!

  • CorksFN YT
    CorksFN YT22 dagen geleden


  • Jay G
    Jay G22 dagen geleden

    This track shows how smart this man is.

  • icy carty
    icy carty22 dagen geleden

    foolio hard asf!!!!!

  • The Young Athlete 😎
    The Young Athlete 😎22 dagen geleden

    This shit go hard no cap. 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  • Raliem
    Raliem22 dagen geleden

    man, this beat goes hard. big up

  • The last Michael
    The last Michael22 dagen geleden

    Bruh 🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith22 dagen geleden

    Very catchy

  • RBM KJ
    RBM KJ22 dagen geleden

  • RBM KJ
    RBM KJ22 dagen geleden