Five Unusual Lamps: Tested and Ranked!


  • why are we always yelling
    why are we always yelling15 uur geleden

    They sell that lumicharge at Costco

  • Two Dudes and a Sasquatch
    Two Dudes and a SasquatchDag geleden

    I know this may be a silly question but, as a fellow bald man: PLEASE tell me what lighting you use to record with. Every light I use shines off my head and causes issues.

  • Sandra Streifel
    Sandra Streifel2 dagen geleden

    I think I’d prefer a plug-in vintage lamp from a yard sale or junk shop!

  • Jarynn
    Jarynn2 dagen geleden

    I like that none of these actually have the ability to illuminate a room.

  • Turd Furgeson
    Turd Furgeson3 dagen geleden

    Did someone fart in the room you’re in

  • Sizzlik
    Sizzlik4 dagen geleden

    Where can i get the poster of the Mandelbrot fractal in the background?

  • Thunder Ring
    Thunder Ring5 dagen geleden

    You didn’t get the official original Lumio book lamp for 225$ the one you got was a knock off

  • maybeMizuki
    maybeMizuki5 dagen geleden

    Out of all of these, I'd only buy the book lamp. Those look just super neat :D

  • Roderick Fernandez
    Roderick Fernandez7 dagen geleden

    I have the ring light but there's a mirror in the middle of it that magnifies it's the same thing just take the mirror away and you got a ring like very nice

    PHOENIX THE RESELLING L1R7 dagen geleden

    You supported/reviewed knock off items

  • marti adams
    marti adams8 dagen geleden


  • Dram Springfeald
    Dram Springfeald9 dagen geleden

    $100 for a lamp that cant even bother to use a memory capacitor or something? It's just a bit of Ewaste

  • Boo Spanyer Cassiopeia
    Boo Spanyer Cassiopeia11 dagen geleden

    I don't need a lamp. Thumbnail got me!

  • Jim Zone
    Jim Zone13 dagen geleden

    Thanks for a good review here, James. As usual your reviews are honest and practical. I liked the lamp that could charge the phone and had a clock on it. However, I'm not willing to pay the price that goes along with it. I did a bit of searching on Amazon and found some similar lamps that are substantially cheaper, however. Thanks again.

  • MrJB
    MrJB16 dagen geleden

    how will it show outdoor temp when its indoor. Lol

  • Lord Zeffo
    Lord Zeffo16 dagen geleden

    Alt title: buying and testing new lights for my recording room.

  • Wishing B
    Wishing B17 dagen geleden

    The corner lamp would be amazing for parties with children.

  • Wishing B
    Wishing B17 dagen geleden

    I have wall outlet motion-sensor /dusk-dawn sensor lights and I use those to light my house at night and only use my main lights for maybe 15 minutes to prep food or for cleaning. My electric bill dropped so low that it was something like $42 in the Spring and Fall. More during heating and cooling but still, I love motion sensor lights.

  • that youtube guy
    that youtube guy18 dagen geleden

    The floor lamp can be made with a 7.99 Walmart floor lamp and a 10 dollar rgb light bulb

  • dannore
    dannore18 dagen geleden

    The book light battery life would depend on what light color it is showing, since not all colors need the same power, putting it on red might give it the longest battery life, but I don't know about the color changing if the moment between the colors have any effect

  • cwuzii
    cwuzii20 dagen geleden

    22 min videos are hard to watch when it’s items as boring as these

  • Francis Stapp
    Francis Stapp20 dagen geleden

    I'm going to shear this video with my moth freinds

  • marc russell
    marc russell20 dagen geleden

    We need more camping lights

  • TwoTailedSponge
    TwoTailedSponge22 dagen geleden

    This lamp review has been... enlightening.

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin22 dagen geleden

    Remotes, and phone-apps to control lamps!!!..... They should call them STUPID lamps instead. I avoid anything that needs a stupid app.You have the bloody lamp in front of you, and you need to pull out your phone, start it, find the app, and then you can turn on the light... Pure Stupidity.

  • Niel Gregory
    Niel Gregory22 dagen geleden

    Those are toys, not lamps.

  • lynndec22
    lynndec2223 dagen geleden

    I bought a set of Alexa-enabled LED light bulbs. I can control color & brightness with my voice, and I’m able to have them in ceiling fixtures (or regular old lamps) and run them on schedules. Worth every penny.

  • Non Zamfir
    Non Zamfir24 dagen geleden

    For the first lamp, it lasted nearly 24 hours because you have it on the color cycling setting, where it turns off for a second before changing colors. It won't last nearly as long in a static color.

  • MrAnomic
    MrAnomic24 dagen geleden

    The book light was tested wrong. You had it in the cycle mode which means that it used half as much power usage because the diming would cycle the light from 0% to 100% which means the power usage was actually 50% of the rated value. Thus, if you kept the light on a solid on color you would have used up the batter in about 11.25 hours...which is still good, but not as good as your test would show. I'm just keeping you honest. :-)

  • Jonathan Kelly
    Jonathan Kelly25 dagen geleden

    This is the first of your videos that I have watched and I have to say I am really impressed with your presentation style, interesting and informative. Cracking video, looking forward to watching some more.

  • S Darby
    S Darby25 dagen geleden

    My favorite new light-related thing is the new led multi-colored bulbs that can be controlled through Alexa, with voice, or with the Alexa app. It is so cool! I can tell Alexa to turn it on or off, tell her what color to show (there are many different colors, 10+) and I can also tell Alexa to dim or brighten the light. The bulb fits into any regular lamp. There was an incredible deal on amazon last week and i only paid $1. It is usually $14.99.

  • SimpleOne2
    SimpleOne225 dagen geleden


  • Robyn Harris
    Robyn Harris25 dagen geleden

    Thanks, interesting vid. I recently changed out most of my lighting for Feit Electronics Smart LED Color Bulbs. $10 for 60 watt equivalent, $20 for 100 watt equivalent. Cuts power requirements by over 90%. Controllable by Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Voice, or a Feit Apple/Android app. I’ve only been using it for about a month, so far, but I like it. And standard bulbs can go into any existing lamp. Much more flexible than the custom lamps. Custom effects and dynamic animations are possible, but I haven’t tried those yet.

  • Zenkai76
    Zenkai7628 dagen geleden

    A lot of these lights would annoy me

  • Insane
    Insane28 dagen geleden

    The only reason that app is so bad is because the developers are too busy already putting in the work so that your overpriced lamp will not become a useless piece of garbage once you replace your phone 2y down the line. I'm sure of it.

  • Vgp 1982
    Vgp 198229 dagen geleden

    The only one I would possibly buy is the corner lamp. Just seems like 90 bucks is alot for a bar with some LEDs in it.

  • WoOdY_FrOmDa6iX
    WoOdY_FrOmDa6iX29 dagen geleden

    rich here an idea instead of putting items you review and don't personally use and it just goes in the BONEYARD as you call it and basically goes to waste why not for once show your viewers and subs some love for a chance and pick random people but they pay the shipping fee if they want the item i mean it seems so wrong to have all these products that aren't used that are gonna waste over time such an American way of thinking and im not saying this bc i want an item because i really dont but you got loyal long time viewers that would appreciate some acknowledgment

  • Derick Wolters
    Derick Wolters29 dagen geleden

    there are other rgb corner lights that are cheaper

  • William Dean
    William DeanMaand geleden

    You should do some merch without the cheesy decal of you lol

  • William Dean

    William Dean

    Maand geleden

    Great video though 🤘

  • Andrew
    AndrewMaand geleden

    I kinda like the corner lamp. I may get that one.

  • Roland Fan
    Roland FanMaand geleden

    Book Lamps look like the future to me! Maybe we could repurpose all those hideous Gideon bibles? Put them to good use for once as a helpful light source.

  • MissErikaWoods
    MissErikaWoodsMaand geleden

    @freakin'reviews have you thought of selling your items instead of letting die in the boneyard? I bet people would buy it!

  • No No
    No NoMaand geleden

    the prices on some of these lamps are high enough where it may be worth considering simply getting philips hue bulbs or wyze color bulbs.

  • killkaveh
    killkavehMaand geleden

    I got the floor lamp, they had them on sale for $45 the first one was broken, they sent a new one quick. I already had another light using that app, but the papers don't show the correct light to connect too. Works good as a living room light.

  • Daniel Blois
    Daniel BloisMaand geleden

    All smart devices require a 2.4 ghz

  • Kip Paseo
    Kip PaseoMaand geleden

    They sell a version of that ring light at 5 below for $10

  • Alexis Englade
    Alexis EngladeMaand geleden

    I have a lamp from Walmart for 20 dollars that I have been having for 3 years and it charges my phone and it dims

  • nom3n nescio
    nom3n nescioMaand geleden

    you know lumi is finnish word for snow

  • Tia Maria Vesel
    Tia Maria VeselMaand geleden

    Im sorrx but that lumicharge is soo ugly. Cant imagine looking at that every day

  • Steve C
    Steve CMaand geleden

    You paid way too much for this stuff, it's a lot cheaper at Goodwill!

  • MetaDaKing
    MetaDaKingMaand geleden

    bro, up your shirt game

  • Diane Was Here
    Diane Was HereMaand geleden

    You know James I like your reviews they are informative and I would imagine that they save many people from buying something that they might regret later but I feel that your channel isn't growing as fast as it should be and I think its because of the name of the channel. I think you should consider using your own name James White Reviews. It gets your name out there even more and it sounds more reliable than Freakin Reviews which honestly sounds like something some Punk kid would come up with. No shade just saying you should have more subs and that might be why. This is meant to be just constructive criticism so I hope that's how you take it.

  • Random Acts of Video
    Random Acts of VideoMaand geleden

    The only one I liked was the Booklight

  • REexpert44
    REexpert44Maand geleden

    Gotta say im digging that ring lamp.

  • SB C
    SB CMaand geleden

    Lamp1. A fun Gadget, but only a Gadget Lamp2. Dust Magnet Lamp3. Belongs in a Modern Art Gallery Lamp4. it works... but when the App gets discontinued, is useless Lamp5. interesting idea

  • Aryanna Carli
    Aryanna CarliMaand geleden

    The elastic dance immuhistochemically preach because beech happily precede lest a squalid cheque. cloistered, aloof arm

  • AirplaneRandy
    AirplaneRandyMaand geleden

    Do you read the comment section? Can you look into sun lamps? Anything that imitates sunlight. An artificial window would be cool too.

  • Karin Cope
    Karin CopeMaand geleden

    The book lamp battery might last even longer if not on a colour changing mode .

  • mlrz24
    mlrz24Maand geleden

    Home Depot has a lumicharge knock off with wireless charging for $30

  • Chromwell A
    Chromwell AMaand geleden

    The ring light is a pretty decoration, I like it.

  • Katie M McReynolds
    Katie M McReynoldsMaand geleden

    #1 The Book ❤❤❤👍👍

  • DJMinor5000
    DJMinor5000Maand geleden

    Oh please! Five totally useless, cheap crap-quality Chinese products that will be extinct in no time. When I hear “Amazon”, I know it’s a scam. It’s funny how this scammer presenter tries to justify these useless products. Anyone who believes any of this garbage needs to have their heads examined!

  • Camer0nV


    19 dagen geleden


  • traderjoes
    traderjoesMaand geleden

    The "floor lamp" is a modern touchier and I thininit would be the most effective as a lamp. But the madness of the app would drive me nuts.

  • A Wol
    A WolMaand geleden

    I tried a cool lamp, alarm clock, date viewer gadget: my cell phone.

  • A Wol
    A WolMaand geleden

    I wonder how many cycles the battery in the book lamp can be charged before it loses efficiency...

  • Simon Wang
    Simon WangMaand geleden

    The false familiar famous thunder physically lock because bed intialy cough anenst a offbeat kale. vagabond, elated seed

  • ucity metalhead
    ucity metalheadMaand geleden

    That lumicharge looks weak and no battery backup is just silly besides i found brighter swing arm lights for less money.

  • Galli0
    Galli0Maand geleden

    I saw a lamp you can put on a coloured base and then squeeze the silicone lampshade and it'll pic up the colour of wbat you put it on, idk if it was just made too look like it in the video (as in every squeeze gives another colour and they just chose stuff that fit that) but that would be an awesome lamp to review

  • Michael Barnett
    Michael BarnettMaand geleden

    I have two of the corner lamps and while cool they were a huge rip off. The remote sucks

  • Darrell Boyd
    Darrell BoydMaand geleden

    Will the LumiCharge charge Android phones in SuperFast Charge mode?

  • Chad Crigger
    Chad CriggerMaand geleden

    Thanks I liked them all . Corner light is my favorite, think I am going to order it right now

  • AwesomeLorenzoBros
    AwesomeLorenzoBrosMaand geleden

    Do you ever return a product that is either bad or you know you wont use again?

  • Dragnmastralex
    DragnmastralexMaand geleden

    did you test to see if the lamp would work with the charger plugged in?

  • Donteatacowman
    DonteatacowmanMaand geleden

    I'm kinda skeptical about some of these lamps - I want to say the "made in China" ones but that's too broad and not accurate. Just the ones that Amazon sells that are usually under a bunch of different brand names drop-shipping the same product. Seeing that light-cycle (which I think is the same as in a lot of dollar stores?) and USB-only are red flags, and I had a lamp that I had to get rid of due to the high-pitched whining issue. I wonder what the charge life/setc is going to be like after a month or so of use, but that's why you make update videos. :)

  • J K
    J KMaand geleden

    This was definitely illuminating.

  • anonymous mc
    anonymous mcMaand geleden

    Amazon is le enemy

  • Hownottoadult 101
    Hownottoadult 101Maand geleden

    Lumicharge definitely sounds awesome till you hear the price

  • Steve F
    Steve FMaand geleden

    The Lumicharge is currently for sale on there website for $29 !!! Wow now Thats more like it.... UNTIL.... I tried to buy one for myself on their website, (i live in the UK) and then saw the Shipping cost....$117 effin dollars!!!! Oh well, thats the end of THAT idea! 😡

  • Brian Scanlan
    Brian ScanlanMaand geleden

    That LumiCharge looks pretty sweet, but i wish it didnt have that lightning bolt logo. Kinda ruins the minimalist aesthetic. Keep up the great videos!

  • K W
    K WMaand geleden

    I was sufficiently dazzled.

  • ASL 4 Life
    ASL 4 LifeMaand geleden

    You can get a massively bright, flexible wireless charging lamp in the $15 range at Walmart. Not all the bells and whistles of the $99 one, but it does what you need it to.

  • M Mitchum
    M MitchumMaand geleden

    Floor lamp is $45 for prime day

  • Julius Baumgart
    Julius BaumgartMaand geleden


    COMRADE BEAVERMaand geleden

    I’d buy the floor ⭕️ light

    COMRADE BEAVERMaand geleden

    $99 🤣

  • Tommy Crosby
    Tommy CrosbyMaand geleden

    The book is a cheap clone of the original one that was launched on Kickstarter years ago. The color feature is obviously a very cheap attempt to add RGB to a product.

  • Sneaky Shart
    Sneaky ShartMaand geleden

    Why would you test the book light on the setting where it turns on and off? It also could be possible different colors use different amounts of battery.

  • Gail Gurman
    Gail GurmanMaand geleden

    The LumiCharge sounds really cool except for one thing. I think that losing the time/date whenever it's unplugged is a big con. One of the best things about my (now old) clock radio is that has a backup battery, so if it loses power, it will hold onto the time, radio presets, and alarm settings for at least six hours. These days, most devices that people use to check the time have a way of instantly getting the time and date over the internet. How annoying it would be to have that one clock have to be reset every time you move it or experience a power outage.

    CRAZY CHIPMUNKMaand geleden

    The book lamp is a lighted slinky

  • Diamond claw
    Diamond clawMaand geleden

    You should review hydration backpacks .

  • pstar7
    pstar7Maand geleden

    so red light district aaaee red colour is red light district

  • Stephen Piedra
    Stephen PiedraMaand geleden

    Definitely buying the book

  • Lindsay R
    Lindsay RMaand geleden

    This is probably kinda creepy and I don't mean it that way but I just wanted to say you have very nice fingernails!! I never noticed them before but you had some closeups and you could be a hand model! :P Love your channel

  • Andre Bilodeau
    Andre BilodeauMaand geleden

    another lamp that is going in he landfill when the led bulb burns out

  • Maddie Sanchez
    Maddie SanchezMaand geleden

    the floor lamp app is wierd to use till you get used to it and then its not hard but i have the app for other lights i have

  • Stephanie Rae
    Stephanie RaeMaand geleden

    14:43... Ohhkay Mr Freakin... I see you 😜📻

  • noah miller
    noah millerMaand geleden

    Review a sunset lamp

  • DonEstoppel
    DonEstoppelMaand geleden

    "Actually" count: 23 "Actually" frequency: 0.97

  • Dale DeWitt
    Dale DeWittMaand geleden

    If I was a mary jane plant I'd be pissed.

  • Massimo Tava
    Massimo TavaMaand geleden

    Try the dyson one