FIFA 22 | Official Gameplay Reveal | EA Play Spotlight


  • Boneless Cheese
    Boneless Cheese14 minuten geleden

    This game looks similar to something i know Arhhh its just a copy paste of fifa 21 with some new useless things

  • Ergys Mekshi
    Ergys MekshiUur geleden

    😂😂😂😂😂 every year they gas you up and all that happens is they just force you to either pay to win or don't bother

  • Paolo Kennedy
    Paolo Kennedy2 uur geleden

    Fifa passing is an absolute joke sort that out

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini4 uur geleden

    18:22 when did kante become this tall💀😂😂

  • Funinkosi Kheswa
    Funinkosi Kheswa5 uur geleden

    I love FIFA, hypocrites come and criticise here but turn their backs and go buy the game anyway.

  • taproot12
    taproot126 uur geleden

    NO EA, NO! Bare minimum changes, no actual improvements to any single player modes and still no cross play. UT spankers completely ruined this entire game. Shame on everyone who still supports this series.

  • bilinas mini

    bilinas mini

    4 uur geleden

    Wow FIFA 22 Amazing 🎮

  • الركني fM .
    الركني fM .6 uur geleden


  • Poov Poov
    Poov Poov7 uur geleden

    Fifa 22 and

  • Afif Baihaqi
    Afif Baihaqi8 uur geleden

    I hope in the fifa 22 they put all countries national team

  • Danny Sykotic
    Danny Sykotic9 uur geleden

    Obviously not showing the actual gameplay because NOTHING has or will change

  • Giovanni Giorgio
    Giovanni Giorgio9 uur geleden

    18:23 Do u know that Kante is A BIT shorter than Rudiger?

  • The Mellortron
    The Mellortron9 uur geleden

    The shot at 5:40 is the most unrealistic animation I’ve ever seen in my life



    3 uur geleden

    Pavard 2018?

  • The phong droicheat
    The phong droicheat9 uur geleden

    change two clubs of serie a Piemonte Calcio - Juventus Roma FC - As Roma

  • Guna Kalai
    Guna Kalai11 uur geleden

    RIP FIFA 22, if there is no next gen for PC.

  • Florin Boitoru
    Florin Boitoru11 uur geleden

    New brands,but when You play after a few updates its the same like fifa 19,20 and 21,disaapointed by FIFA

  • Vixsu _
    Vixsu _12 uur geleden

    I’m hoping the A.I actually make an effort to intercept the ball when it literally rolls right next to their foot

  • Nchuzi Ikachana
    Nchuzi Ikachana12 uur geleden


  • Tas Mania
    Tas Mania12 uur geleden

    Alter niemals MEHR EA P2W Spiele !! Reine Zeitverschwendung und Geld Verschwendung !!! GELDGEILE EA FIRMA !!1 Scheiss auf Fifa !!! Pro Evo ist GARANTIERT BESSER.

  • Karan Singh
    Karan Singh13 uur geleden

    A man names great midfielders but forgets about Scholes, get in the bin🗑

  • HakxxaW Official
    HakxxaW Official16 uur geleden

    14:38 our animations are slower 15:31 our animations are quicker EA...

  • Thorn
    Thorn17 uur geleden

    Fifa 17 V4

  • Jr. March 99
    Jr. March 9917 uur geleden

    Wow FIFA 22 Amazing 🎮

  • Alonso Arreola
    Alonso Arreola18 uur geleden

    i swear this game isn't fair at all

  • Alonso Arreola
    Alonso Arreola18 uur geleden

    They reward you more with stadium bs then actual players

  • Alonso Arreola
    Alonso Arreola18 uur geleden

    change pay to win on FUT

  • Alonso Arreola
    Alonso Arreola18 uur geleden

    so more pay to win? how can you guys give in like that.

  • Alcántra Bernado
    Alcántra Bernado19 uur geleden

    Why aren't they using any Chelsea players to promote the game? They definitely earned it.

  • wilmer mendoza
    wilmer mendoza20 uur geleden

    Bring back morrow for fifa 22?

  • Essence
    Essence21 uur geleden


  • Sammy The Bird
    Sammy The Bird21 uur geleden

    15:24 : looks around for respond "yeah" "yeah" "yeah" Me: Nope

  • Sammy The Bird
    Sammy The Bird21 uur geleden

    tbh I thought they let players play real games with tracking suits since fifa 14 ... how disappointing. I am so proud of myself, never buying a fifa over the last 6 years

  • WasabiJones
    WasabiJones21 uur geleden

    make the game play faster

  • WasabiJones
    WasabiJones22 uur geleden

    it looks exactly the same as fifa 21

  • Dima Sirbu
    Dima SirbuDag geleden

    They look like anime

  • Michael Wil
    Michael WilDag geleden

    Let's not kid ourselves, this is going to look feel and play exactly the same as the last 2 or 3 FIFA's

  • doliio volay

    doliio volay

    23 uur geleden

    "How much do u listen to your fans" "Our what? What are fans? The only thing we see is walking pots of gold..."

  • Q8groot
    Q8grootDag geleden

    Fifa is coming in 1/10😉😉😉😉

  • Tsaliteam 2009
    Tsaliteam 2009Dag geleden

    Everyone: where is platini we need him as an icon Me: where is robinho and romario, EA DO SOMETHING

  • LeBoogieman
    LeBoogiemanDag geleden

    Never buy games from EA. If you have a problem with account recovery on origin, or sudden ban for no reason, the support will ignore you and instamark as resolved. Up vote this comment plz, im having my way of revenge by internet reviews.

  • Raúl León
    Raúl LeónDag geleden

    EA Sports why you don't create a beach soccer video game. I would like because nobody has created a recent one.

  • Alex Costa
    Alex CostaDag geleden

    Working there for over several years give us career online

  • Asy Raff
    Asy RaffDag geleden

    Just for ps5 not for ps4

  • Gabriel Ueslen
    Gabriel UeslenDag geleden

    I hope FIFA 22 Mobile is also very good

  • Gabriel Ueslen
    Gabriel UeslenDag geleden

    fifa 22 looks like it's going to be great the trailer was fantastic i really liked the trailer hopefully the game is very good congratulations EA sport for the work

  • Clifford Morris Asefuah
    Clifford Morris AsefuahDag geleden

    Bring back FIFA 17 penalty intelligence and system✔✔✔✔

  • HAOSRecordsOfficial
    HAOSRecordsOfficialDag geleden

    Is it me or the game actually looks worse?? I had the feeling I'm watching a fifa 99 presentation. 😅

  • Brown Will
    Brown WillDag geleden

    Almost 3K comments and for the past 8 mins I've been scrolling everyone of these comments are Negative... Gotta do better EA..

  • muhammed waqas
    muhammed waqasDag geleden

    you should learn from your old fifa

  • Mooemoney
    MooemoneyDag geleden

    18:22 Kante is 6'2 how realistic 😁😅ihaven't bought a FIFA game for years still play FIFA 17....

  • Tea enjoyer
    Tea enjoyerDag geleden

    Fifa bad 47k likes Proceed to buy the game

    ICONICBOYDag geleden

    why so many dislikes

  • fabs1887
    fabs1887Dag geleden

    "How much do u listen to your fans" "Our what? What are fans? The only thing we see is walking pots of gold..."

  • Lihle Mofenyi Msiza
    Lihle Mofenyi MsizaDag geleden

    Ea Why Don't you put this hypermotion and features on Nintendo u need to realize that this is not only a great chance to make some money but stop treating us like foools

  • Isaac Bottrell
    Isaac BottrellDag geleden

    Bored and tired of waiting for pro clubs to evolve in fifa 😴

  • Isaac Bottrell
    Isaac BottrellDag geleden

    efootball > fifa

  • MSE


    Dag geleden

    After that gameplay trailer you think that? DLS looks good compared to that clusterfuck.

  • Bo Georgiev
    Bo GeorgievDag geleden

    These guys are digging a whole so big , sooner or later they will get found out and will fall in it . The sooner the better

  • BRANX !
    BRANX !Dag geleden

    Next gameplay ps4 and xbox one

  • Anirudh Prabhakaran
    Anirudh PrabhakaranDag geleden

    Hope they will bring some improvement in mobile also.....

  • H C
    H CDag geleden

    FIFA 22 powered by football.. as opposed to the other games powered by cricket?

  • Manuel
    ManuelDag geleden

    but will you be able to play from xbox one to fifa 22?

  • Gürkan Uçar
    Gürkan UçarDag geleden

    Talk talk talk. Gameplay? No gameplay yes talk!!

  • Alex Rowntree
    Alex RowntreeDag geleden

    hi ea thanks for everything love you guys thanks

  • staticbb
    staticbbDag geleden

    The technology they described is legit and state of the art (relative to the industry). It's a good step forward but in the gameplay they show it looks brutally the same.

  • DeBuDDi
    DeBuDDiDag geleden

    wow, some new animation

  • Matthew Voyle
    Matthew VoyleDag geleden

    Can we have a video explaining all the changes you have made with pro clubs? Possibly the best game mode on the game and never gets any love. The defending by the ai is shocking, and there’s 1 OP meta build and if your not using that then your player is redundant. So much could be improved but yet nothing mentioned on it at all

  • Rahma Osman
    Rahma OsmanDag geleden

    fifa 22 we need arabic commentary please

  • Trumpet Music
    Trumpet Music2 dagen geleden

    So will the Hypermotion get rid of the terrible skating that Fifa always had? Also, is the ball now going to travel faster than the players?

  • robien hult
    robien hult2 dagen geleden

    Gonna be giod first week, then comes the first update, everything will feel delayed, cant turn, cant defend, and so on, this is just bullshitvideo FIFA 22 edition, will be pay to win and they will only care about people wasting their money on their gambling

  • Koziołek
    Koziołek2 dagen geleden

    Gambling simulator 2022

  • gioyu comi

    gioyu comi

    2 dagen geleden

    Make a proper fee for 22 In playstation 5 should be good graphic or no lalso ship graphic

  • Koziołek
    Koziołek2 dagen geleden

    Ea again have fans as a dumb persons.

  • Uriah Pasley
    Uriah Pasley2 dagen geleden

    Attacking tactics you can set your tactics to attacking... tactactac tic🤯🤯😵😵😵

  • Abdullah Abdul Rahman
    Abdullah Abdul Rahman2 dagen geleden

    They are just like iPhones

  • Felipe Araujo
    Felipe Araujo2 dagen geleden

    Espero que os HANDCAPS do utimate tenha melhorado.

  • Marlon Aguilar
    Marlon Aguilar2 dagen geleden

    Es mejor ganar 1 a 0 q 10 a 0 q me cueste ganar no meter goles fáciles estamos jugando fulbol no muñecas entiendan q marquen como hombres

  • Pouyah Sholeh
    Pouyah Sholeh2 dagen geleden

    Its a game let us smash goals from long distance give us big scoring games with smooth gameplay.

  • Marlon Aguilar
    Marlon Aguilar2 dagen geleden

    Q el juego sea de verdad meter goles fáciles aburre así como el fifa 19 era el mejor la defensa marcaba bien los delanteros no se iban tan rápido

  • Marlon Aguilar
    Marlon Aguilar2 dagen geleden

    Q los jugadores no de desorienten q marquen como hombres de verdad nadie quiere regates ni lujos

  • Marlon Aguilar
    Marlon Aguilar2 dagen geleden

    Póngale precion a los jugadores que marquen de verdad

  • gimlikos84 Kos
    gimlikos84 Kos2 dagen geleden

    Im here after Konami gave up to EA. From now on its only Fifa game.

  • RECKZ 1
    RECKZ 12 dagen geleden

    Make career longer till like 2040 Like so EA can see

  • Kangaroo9197
    Kangaroo91972 dagen geleden

    This pre-release videos from EA are better than any cabaret. They can describe new alleged features with as many fancy words as they please (while the game looks exactly the same), but one thing is clear: the last 5 years of FIFA releases brought the worst versions in the whole game series. One being worse than the other. FIFA 22 will be a terrible and disgusting football game. Nevertheless, EA will make tons of money once again. This is the reason why they will never need to bother about creating a qualitative and fair FIFA game. Have fun. PS: 14:35 those multi-touch animations are great. No defender on earth would retreat himself back to his own defense while giving the attacker that much time to receive the ball, control it, move around and start pushing forward.

  • Theo 27
    Theo 272 dagen geleden

    and the servers?

  • KevinGame3
    KevinGame32 dagen geleden

    Lies It’s just gonna be a copy and paste entry of last year’s game with the same buggy mess the same microtransactions infested and I’m not paying $70 for a microtransactions infested mess and The reason why I spent $70 for a next gen version of scarlet nexus However this next GEN version is $10 cheaper

  • Andzelo Goral
    Andzelo Goral2 dagen geleden

    And you just want to make a sport from kits to take money

  • Andzelo Goral
    Andzelo Goral2 dagen geleden

    Make a proper fee for 22 In playstation 5 should be good graphic or no lalso ship graphic

  • Andzelo Goral
    Andzelo Goral2 dagen geleden

    AA just one to make money

  • Andzelo Goral
    Andzelo Goral2 dagen geleden

    And always to fifis so ship to play with this game because he a sport make a so schicht

  • Andzelo Goral
    Andzelo Goral2 dagen geleden

    Not in like playstation 5 the station 5 is so schytte because you dont make coffee good to be lax really serious

  • Andzelo Goral
    Andzelo Goral2 dagen geleden

    Fifaa 22 was gonna be grafik like in playstation 4

  • Sonny
    Sonny2 dagen geleden

    It’s nice to see FIFA 17 making a return.

  • John bello
    John bello2 dagen geleden

    F... Of fifa

  • Emre Çakmak
    Emre Çakmak2 dagen geleden

    Pls for android fıfa 22 no fifa mobile uptade

  • Albion Ismajli
    Albion Ismajli2 dagen geleden

    For real FIFA players who have played for ages and actually know the game, seeing this is very sad.

  • Fahim Afif
    Fahim Afif2 dagen geleden

    Still playing fifa 18

  • kid michikatsu
    kid michikatsu2 dagen geleden

    *agggreeed broo*

  • MegaSwagKid
    MegaSwagKid2 dagen geleden

    Please make some changes to pro clubs barley anything has changed in years

  • Şenan Deniz Hava
    Şenan Deniz Hava2 dagen geleden

    Ya bilader gene l1 ile adam kacirip ucgen aticaz birebire kalincada bridge ile adam gecicez niye bu teknolojiye bu kadar para harciosunuzki 😂

  • Brad Mihai
    Brad Mihai2 dagen geleden

    sam rivera is the worst thing ever happened to fifa.