FaZe Rug & Brawadis VS The Dobre Twins! ($50,000 Basketball 2v2)

We got called out by Lucas \u0026 Marcus to an intense basketball 2v2 for $50,000...
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Lucas \u0026 Marcus: @Lucas and Marcus
Brawadis: @Brawadis

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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug3 maanden geleden

    Honestly no excuses, but I love to shoot high arcing 3’s. But the ceiling was so low so I had to adjust. Still no excuses, rematch on my court soon though 😤



    11 dagen geleden

    It was the defense you were playing the offense was on point though good job

  • I’m Bryan

    I’m Bryan

    14 dagen geleden


  • Stacy Cuasito

    Stacy Cuasito

    Maand geleden

    Frl tho the only thing you had access to was lay ups or lower shots

  • Caleb Paterson

    Caleb Paterson

    Maand geleden


  • Dirk Blake

    Dirk Blake

    2 maanden geleden

    Im with you there bro

  • Paddling For PTSD
    Paddling For PTSD9 uur geleden

    Lucas and marcos

  • Kgoutdoors
    Kgoutdoors10 uur geleden


  • The lit trio
    The lit trio12 uur geleden

    Lowkey you guys should collab

  • Quinn Wallace
    Quinn WallaceDag geleden


  • Timothy Pena
    Timothy PenaDag geleden

    I bet we all skipped to the end to see hi won lol

  • Xolix
    XolixDag geleden

    Good luck

  • Kaden Albino
    Kaden AlbinoDag geleden

    Lucas and Marcus

  • M-Y13
    M-Y13Dag geleden

    fuck rug a brawdis

  • Ben Playz
    Ben Playz2 dagen geleden


  • Fanuel Tilahun
    Fanuel Tilahun3 dagen geleden

    Lucas has the same kyries as me

  • Forza 4 Gaming
    Forza 4 Gaming3 dagen geleden

    you guys are still better faze rug love you bro

  • Diego Osoria
    Diego Osoria3 dagen geleden

    Im sorry

  • Diego Osoria
    Diego Osoria3 dagen geleden

    You suck

  • tt
    tt4 dagen geleden

    You should be ashamed of yourself are you a phoenix sun fan So how come you can I play basketball what fuck

  • Alvun Bahtijar
    Alvun Bahtijar4 dagen geleden

    I got you good luck

  • Shibre Adam
    Shibre Adam4 dagen geleden

    You guys will win faza rug

  • Ethan Sped
    Ethan Sped4 dagen geleden

    Rug rug

  • godly gaming
    godly gaming5 dagen geleden

    Brawadis carried

  • Laticia Hulinsky
    Laticia Hulinsky6 dagen geleden


  • William BLACKBURN
    William BLACKBURN6 dagen geleden

    dobre twins can't even talk

  • Gangster 968
    Gangster 9686 dagen geleden

    This video made me hate mucus and lucus

  • Tony Bakkar
    Tony Bakkar7 dagen geleden

    I’ll rank them Marcus Lucas Brandon Brian

  • godly gaming

    godly gaming

    5 dagen geleden

    Fax Rug sucks Brawadies carried the whole time

  • Andria Emad
    Andria Emad7 dagen geleden

    Part 2

  • Asher Arnold
    Asher Arnold7 dagen geleden

    No howm is to be taken. Both of you played great. I will always cheer for my guy FaZe rug and brawdis

  • Mindaugas Žiogas
    Mindaugas Žiogas8 dagen geleden


  • Mortal Kombat 11
    Mortal Kombat 118 dagen geleden

    Rug is trash

  • godly gaming

    godly gaming

    5 dagen geleden


  • Cyrus Stahlnecker
    Cyrus Stahlnecker8 dagen geleden


  • Juanita Dominguez
    Juanita Dominguez8 dagen geleden

    I’m sorry freezer but Lucas and Marcus

  • Desiree Pagan
    Desiree Pagan9 dagen geleden


  • Zach YT
    Zach YT9 dagen geleden

    Team dobre brothers

  • Mohamed Doumbouya
    Mohamed Doumbouya10 dagen geleden

    wow this is such a lit match i dont even know whos going to win but im rooting for brandon and brian aka faze rug and brawadis.

  • Kingboy_064 Jr
    Kingboy_064 Jr10 dagen geleden

    That’s funny when faze rug miss his shots at his house

  • Hesham Alkhanshali
    Hesham Alkhanshali10 dagen geleden

    5:05 look at all those chickens

  • Chantal Hicks
    Chantal Hicks10 dagen geleden

    Lucas and Marcus you’re insane

  • Zachary Owens
    Zachary Owens10 dagen geleden

    Yall should have a rematch but on Lucas and Marcus' court

  • Brandon Oh
    Brandon Oh10 dagen geleden

    Plz win I hit the bell subscribed and liked the vid so you can get luck faze rug

  • Brandon Oh
    Brandon Oh10 dagen geleden

    Faze rug is gonna win

  • balmo007 Balmforth
    balmo007 Balmforth10 dagen geleden

    Oooogggaaaaaa booooooggggaaaaaaa ggggiiiiiivvvvvvvveeeeee rrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuguggggggggg llllllllluuuuuuucccccckkkkkkk!!,!,!,!l!.!,!

  • Sulaiman plays games
    Sulaiman plays games10 dagen geleden

    Bro I feel you I always get destroyed by my big brother and he is TALL☺️

  • TRS Flanggxz
    TRS Flanggxz11 dagen geleden


  • Sire Walker
    Sire Walker11 dagen geleden

    team faze go come back

  • Amy Brockney
    Amy Brockney11 dagen geleden

    I needed some positivity today so the first thing i did is look for a video from the one n only Rug! Thanks Brian u always brighten up my day ❤

  • Nikos Williams
    Nikos Williams11 dagen geleden

    Rug winning

  • FaZe turtle8
    FaZe turtle811 dagen geleden

    The twins only shoot one handed and that's why they won

  • Roberto Guerrero
    Roberto Guerrero12 dagen geleden

    Faze rug

  • Hayden Garner
    Hayden Garner12 dagen geleden

    Thats not far out in twins its still there ball faz rug disentangle even have the ball for two seconds

  • Jeffrey Benavente
    Jeffrey Benavente12 dagen geleden

    i watch those guys to

  • Richard Guajardo
    Richard Guajardo12 dagen geleden

    I am going for the dobre twins bc they got more talent at basketball

  • Julkar nain Rafi
    Julkar nain Rafi12 dagen geleden

    Can anyone tell me please faze rug brother Muslim or not

  • Shannon Frankovich
    Shannon Frankovich12 dagen geleden

    For Rug

  • Papa Doudou Gueye
    Papa Doudou Gueye13 dagen geleden

    Rug I like those shoes

  • Pamela Peterson
    Pamela Peterson13 dagen geleden

    You suck

    A THE ANIME FAMILY 202113 dagen geleden

    That was some crazy defense and shots

  • Dhdhdhdbxb
    Dhdhdhdbxb13 dagen geleden

    Good luck

  • Vicki Sulley
    Vicki Sulley13 dagen geleden


  • Jennifer Smith
    Jennifer Smith14 dagen geleden

    Rug I thought you were good your brother carried the team all Game

  • Smidge
    Smidge14 dagen geleden

    When you shot 3’s you and your brother didn’t go for rebounds that’s a reason you lost could have got a lot of point from the rebounds

  • Roblox Gamer
    Roblox Gamer14 dagen geleden

    Dobre twins yt is so trash And they did so much double dribbles DIBRE SUCK I HATE THEM THERE TRASH THE RUG TEAM SHOULD ALWAYS WIN I HATE DOBRE

  • Peyton Dela Cruz
    Peyton Dela Cruz14 dagen geleden

    Me here with my eight year old life 😀⚽️🍔pet turtle🐢

  • Roblox Is A Sport
    Roblox Is A Sport15 dagen geleden

    Rug and Brawadis for sure are better but Marcus and (I forgot sorry) are better with defense

  • Leslie Nowlin
    Leslie Nowlin15 dagen geleden

    U got this

  • Leslie Nowlin
    Leslie Nowlin15 dagen geleden

    FaZe for life

  • FaZe barnett
    FaZe barnett15 dagen geleden

    Rug/brawadis go brawadis and rug

  • FaZe barnett
    FaZe barnett15 dagen geleden

    FaZe and brawadis team gonna win

  • Anthony Ruiz
    Anthony Ruiz16 dagen geleden

    Bro the hole intire game all I heard was “yes sir”

  • Juan Ramirez
    Juan Ramirez16 dagen geleden

    Good luck

  • Juan Ramirez
    Juan Ramirez16 dagen geleden


  • Berry-path 3
    Berry-path 316 dagen geleden

    Dobro twins cheated cuz they shot and hit the roof and got the ball

  • Errol Harrison
    Errol Harrison16 dagen geleden

    how much are you going too

  • Errol Harrison
    Errol Harrison16 dagen geleden

    hinstantly Lucas and marcus

  • Lulonke Mqela
    Lulonke Mqela17 dagen geleden

    I'm sorry Faze Rug,but dobre twins going to win

  • Soccer-bros
    Soccer-bros17 dagen geleden


  • Shaquan Birch
    Shaquan Birch17 dagen geleden

    dobre twins win subscribe to the dobro brothers

  • N&K vlogs
    N&K vlogs17 dagen geleden

    I was calling Brandon blue trunks lol😂😂

  • Shermiah Coleman
    Shermiah Coleman17 dagen geleden

    Faze ruggggg

  • liam gonzales
    liam gonzales17 dagen geleden

    i've never seen so much foul

  • Argeenel Ibarra
    Argeenel Ibarra17 dagen geleden


  • liam gonzales
    liam gonzales17 dagen geleden

    i was team rug from the beginning

  • Dylan Rana
    Dylan Rana17 dagen geleden

    Dobre rule

  • HayleelovesNRL
    HayleelovesNRL17 dagen geleden

    Lucas and Marcus will win sorry ruggie

  • Cherry shivarathri
    Cherry shivarathri18 dagen geleden

    man its ok you lose and shout to dobre brothers

  • kebra demo
    kebra demo18 dagen geleden


  • Gamerhub
    Gamerhub18 dagen geleden

    Come on

  • J.D Parker
    J.D Parker18 dagen geleden


  • Shemar Johnson
    Shemar Johnson19 dagen geleden

    Dobre twins

  • Oroscoal85
    Oroscoal8519 dagen geleden

    The true magic coincidently desert because gold radiographically order minus a fearful fearless fertilizer. mature, whispering slime

  • Abdullah feroz
    Abdullah feroz20 dagen geleden

    i am sure that rug and brawadis is going to win

  • Nyanpansu HAI!!
    Nyanpansu HAI!!20 dagen geleden

    This is so random

  • Marie Castro
    Marie Castro20 dagen geleden

    for sure you can beat them you had to warm up first

  • Alex Rosa
    Alex Rosa20 dagen geleden

    DOBRE sorry faze

  • Daniel Blacks
    Daniel Blacks21 dag geleden

    Dobre twins was goood mirr

  • Emanuel Shvets
    Emanuel Shvets21 dag geleden

    dude they ran out of ideas for ads

  • Tris An
    Tris An21 dag geleden

    Faze rug is my vote

  • Nathan Cruz
    Nathan Cruz21 dag geleden

    Lol my two favorite youtubers are going against each other

  • Amrit malhi
    Amrit malhi21 dag geleden

    I was only watching this cuz I knew that Dobre army is always lit :)

  • Laila Kori
    Laila Kori22 dagen geleden

    You gas going to lat them wan

  • Laila Kori
    Laila Kori22 dagen geleden

    You are going to do thes rug 🥘🥘🥘🥘🥘

  • August Autin
    August Autin22 dagen geleden

    Lucas and Marcus are gonna win

  • JNT Boss
    JNT Boss22 dagen geleden

    Bruh this is so unfair because the roof keep blocking faze rug and brawadis from shooting 3's