F1 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix Meme Review


2021 Bahrain Mems | 9000000 light years late..
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  • risabc
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    Who need girls when we have Dacha's meme reviews!

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    @Elanur Don’t Study Her, She’s Just Stupid.

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    @Clin it is only a joke ;)

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    @Thomas Shelby exactly

  • Bainy
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    Gotta start using more da baby memes

  • Dacha44


    2 uur geleden

    Copy, Understood

  • Hajama Katto
    Hajama Katto5 uur geleden

    For once I really thought that the commentator really said "Mazes🅱️in"

  • DL6UK
    DL6UK5 uur geleden

    Wonder if he ever tried Chess. Russians are quite good in Chess. Perhaps a good alternative for him.

  • GamingGamer01
    GamingGamer018 uur geleden

    Actually Hamilton WAS warned after all his track extends. Plus, the FIA CLEARLY stated that track limits weren't being enforced at 4 unless you overtook someone, which Max did. Also, plenty of other drivers track extended their as well, yet because Hamilton did it everyone starts having a go at him. I'm getting really sick of all this Hamiltom hate now. People just find the most minor reason to pick on him, even if other drivers do the same. If that's your attitude then get out of the sport, because we want proper fans. You're allowed to dislike drivers, but having a go at them every single time they do something as small as breathing is not the sort of attitude we need.

  • wanorak


    5 uur geleden

    Don’t think it’s Hamilton hate, it’s more wanting Max to win and being frustrated with FIA perceived inconsistencies on track limits. I agree though, overtaking off track is completely different to track extending

  • dekacster
    dekacster9 uur geleden

    thats super max is sooo cringe lik ham :D

  • Single Players
    Single Players10 uur geleden

    If I play F1 2021 when it comes out and I don’t hear “Super Max”. I’m gonna cry

  • Rosalie Dollente
    Rosalie Dollente11 uur geleden

    What is the music after the ITS LIGHTS OUT AND AWAY WE GO

  • BonkHonker
    BonkHonker14 uur geleden

    anyone care to tell me what the song from 1:02 to 1:30 is?

  • Sergio Perez
    Sergio Perez20 uur geleden

    We say no for Nikita mazs🅱️in

  • peter pan
    peter panDag geleden

    What I get from this is that Dacha is a salty max fanboi.

  • rubikkaan
    rubikkaanDag geleden

    when i noticed that super max song playing only in the max's car it became much more funny

  • Rene Roux
    Rene RouxDag geleden

    A spin for Mazespin 😂😂😂😭

    LUKE LPDag geleden


  • Anthony Romagnuolo
    Anthony RomagnuoloDag geleden

    Dacha you are the greatest editor ever It’s funny af Lol

  • Maxwell Cook
    Maxwell CookDag geleden

    The "Oh brother, this guy stinks" made me laugh

  • Mateusz M
    Mateusz MDag geleden

    man it is amazing video !!!!

  • Schmiddy
    SchmiddyDag geleden

    Lap 34 Red Bull to Verstappen: "overshoot on turn 4 they're not telling hamilton to stop so we'll do it until they tell us to stop" Lap 38 Mercedes to Hamilton: "stop overshooting turn 4 they're going to give you a black and white flag if you do it again" "well I've been doing it all race" So literally hamilton gets a free pass to cheat 70% of the race up until verstappen does it too to catch up, then hamilton wins by half a second. Great job Race Control 10/10

  • kristina93 ndoj
    kristina93 ndoj2 dagen geleden

    Kimi is ICONIC

  • Coleslaw G
    Coleslaw G2 dagen geleden

    I fucking love the super max edits so much

  • Kaktuzs
    Kaktuzs2 dagen geleden

    deditated wam

  • Rebekah L
    Rebekah L2 dagen geleden

    Pierre's skip, I watched it live, I die every time I see it its amazing

  • All Things F1
    All Things F12 dagen geleden

    What’s the name of the song for when Lewis wins?

  • Potato ٓ
    Potato ٓ2 dagen geleden

    “Maze spin” Sounds about right to me,

  • Timo Sparidaens
    Timo Sparidaens2 dagen geleden

    Lidl wodka? lmao

  • Sebastian Vettel
    Sebastian Vettel2 dagen geleden

    Has Aston Martin actually fans?

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    2:28 wtf LIDL??😂😂

  • Captain Emergency 747
    Captain Emergency 7472 dagen geleden

    Deditaded WAAAAAAAAAM

  • Alex Kainz
    Alex Kainz2 dagen geleden

    Lidl lohnt sich

  • TheKulafix
    TheKulafix2 dagen geleden

    Is there someone who can tell me the song from Kimi Clip ? 01:02 ? Thank you in advance

  • Dj pasca
    Dj pasca2 dagen geleden

    It's very nice lidl Italy 🇮🇹

  • uns1ghtly
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  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt3 dagen geleden

    I think we all got flashbacks when the Haas went spinning across the track...

  • _.:Julian:._
    _.:Julian:._3 dagen geleden

    Carloooosss ! Laaanddoooo !

  • ubestttHD
    ubestttHD3 dagen geleden

    If yuki tsunoda spin its should by yuki tsuspinalla

  • vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt

    3 dagen geleden

    Love it

  • DonaldTrumpsTinyHands
    DonaldTrumpsTinyHands3 dagen geleden

    Mans saying "fock are you doing" got old pretty quick.

  • Bondan Kai
    Bondan Kai3 dagen geleden

    "F1 bahme 2021 rain GP mes"

  • Pay
    Pay3 dagen geleden

    Nikita Mazespin

  • Karben Feibar
    Karben Feibar3 dagen geleden

    I swear Mazepin is the new Yuji Ide

  • Sheldon
    Sheldon3 dagen geleden

    Have a feeling Mazespin is going to be memed a lot this season 😂

  • Jude.fishing
    Jude.fishing3 dagen geleden

    What song is played when the race starts?

  • Ionel Grumet
    Ionel Grumet3 dagen geleden

    And it is one thing to go from the track limits, and another thing is to pass someone outside the track limits, and yeah, i am not a Ham fan or something else, i like Alpine, but this race really was a disaster, Alpine was slow and without Alonso's DNF , i don't think that Alpine could done something...

  • Ionel Grumet
    Ionel Grumet3 dagen geleden

    Hating someone is stupid, why you didn't show how Mick spinned ? And yeah that's readhead guy is so ugly and stupid, damn... I am not a Maz fan, but anyway where you and where is he, if you are not rich is your problem, yeah this is painful, but anyway , Gro and Mag were better than we thought ( the car they raced with was a piece of ... Garbage )

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty3 dagen geleden

    #longestcommentever #havetoretypeit

  • MNAIRN42
    MNAIRN424 dagen geleden

    when the haas went towards the barrier i shouted fuck not again.

  • Sbottono
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    Aaaah yes! Finally the rawe ceek in Bahrain!

  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    3 dagen geleden

    5:46 song?

  • Günther Steiner
    Günther Steiner4 dagen geleden

    8:37 when you hear “yo hey, yo hooo!” You know shits about to happen.

  • Richardson richly
    Richardson richly4 dagen geleden

    That samsung sound is so cursed😂

  • Richardson richly
    Richardson richly4 dagen geleden

    5:13 omg hes literally me

  • Mal Roffey
    Mal Roffey4 dagen geleden

    Love it

  • Kristers Andersons
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    XD Bottas gear box: FUC U

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    No, no I don't think I will

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    No I don’t think i will

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  • irma lopez
    irma lopez4 dagen geleden

    Imagine being a driver next to Mazepin or Mazespin and you all of a sudden hear the hardbass turn on then after a few moments you know you are on a super thin line of being spun or seeing him spin but you think he's not dirty so you probably are just gonna see him spin.

  • Joost Wasbauer
    Joost Wasbauer4 dagen geleden

    I love you!

  • Dem1111
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    what’s the name of the intro song lelel

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    BAX coin going to the moon and F1 starting is all I need.

  • Adarsh Inginshetty
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    The Blyat continues...

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    What a good friend ????

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    Thanks MazeS🅱bin keeping hardbass memes alive

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    5:46 song?

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    I have already watched this like 10 times lol

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    9:20 I literally lost it 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Marley Gharbaran
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    4:08 i was littairly waiting for that

  • Appeltje Anouk
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    Sharl legrer

  • Appeltje Anouk
    Appeltje Anouk5 dagen geleden

    I'm afraid I'll never forget the average penis size of a beaver.

  • Lenox
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    The Videos are verry good

  • nlp
    nlp5 dagen geleden

    Dear Dacha44 (are you mazespin's son? what's up with the russian bro), this was by far the best meme review i've ever seen, much better than gross jean's anyway. pls do keep uploading vids because they really are the best. nice work bro.

  • johnattack
    johnattack5 dagen geleden

    My hand automatically wanted to dislike because of verstappen's penalty.

  • Aaron ScottBoy
    Aaron ScottBoy5 dagen geleden

    4:05 8:39 SUPER MAX!!!!!!!!!!

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    LOVE the videos so funny

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    please mention the music dude pleaseeeeee

  • Lozza
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    @Dacha44 what was the music you used for the lewis vs max section?

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  • 07EMGEE
    07EMGEE5 dagen geleden

    so happy he put rawe ceek in there

  • M1chiman
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    The editing in this one is genuinely great, I love it

  • Hobosloth 28
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    Whats the verstapin song meme?

  • Gavin
    Gavin5 dagen geleden

    You guys are so brain dead with your double standard hate, literally took lando Norris to explain it to you for you to understand

  • I dont have A clue
    I dont have A clue5 dagen geleden

    What is the name of the song in the race start?

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  • butterbrod
    butterbrod6 dagen geleden

    The stewards arent happy about your fictional interpretation of track limits

  • Gab F1Adventures
    Gab F1Adventures6 dagen geleden

    Don't lie when mazepin crashed u thought of grojean's crash

    KÓBALAA ShijiKiŁÓWZ6 dagen geleden


  • Ryan
    Ryan6 dagen geleden

    1:32 the next torpedo

  • Horror Club
    Horror Club6 dagen geleden

    On God I swear if/when Mazespin is getting lapped by Hamilton and Verstappen during an epic battle of F1 gods and screws that epicness up for the fans and HAM/VER, dude needs to have his license stripped asap by the FIA.

  • Lucky Jacob
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    Just traditons

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    I don't know, this make laugh me over and interest,..😂

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    finally got the chance to watch this

  • Yuvraj Singh
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    I am watching 6:00 again and again 😂


    guys please tell me if i am not the only one that their first read RAWE CEEKin the 0:05

  • Emiliano Hubera
    Emiliano Hubera6 dagen geleden

    Bottas: what animal can possible have an smaller penis than mine... jmmm I know beavers!!! WHAT?? 30mm??? the bastards.... maybe ants have penises

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    There was the bottas pitstop and then I became a ad for pain medicine

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    I’m in my bed but I laughed soooo hard man I just woke up the entire house

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    Nikita Mazepan, the fowk are you doing

  • Regi
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    00:05 Everybody: Race week Me: Rawe Ceek

  • Jirka Rotty
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    Love it

  • LeRoi
    LeRoi6 dagen geleden

    Lewis was warned for excessive corner cutting but at least he didn't overtake anyone off the track.... Max cut the corner too very often but unfortunately he overtook Lewis off the track which is something completely different.

  • kanker friesen
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    those memes of max are sooooooooooo fun!

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    My boy Dacha is a living LEGEND. God bless you my brother.

  • byRenegadeGTR
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    is it just me or is Perez the Mexican Tom Cruise