European Super League: the HUGE sanctions that could be used on clubs | Oh My Goal


12 major European clubs have announced the creation of a Superleague to compete with and/or replace the Champions League. What kind of format will this Superleague take? How is UEFA reacting? Why has there been such a negative reception? We answer all these questions in the news of the day!
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  • Oh My Goal - News
    Oh My Goal - News23 dagen geleden

    Do you support the creation of the Super League? 🤨

  • Amr El Shazly

    Amr El Shazly

    23 dagen geleden

    YES I SUPPORT IT 10000000% Oh you thought I did, well I am not supporting anything

  • TEAM 4

    TEAM 4

    23 dagen geleden

    @Unnaipol Oruvan I know those teams have big Stadiums, big players, and a lot of fans, and that’s why they deserve to be there.

  • A A

    A A

    23 dagen geleden

    Yes. It's time for a change.

  • Hi tiktok Soccerking0990

    Hi tiktok Soccerking0990

    23 dagen geleden


  • The4Reds 47k

    The4Reds 47k

    23 dagen geleden


  • andy cropper
    andy cropper4 dagen geleden

    The super league is a fucking rip off of the champions league

  • Its me Joe
    Its me Joe12 dagen geleden

    its good for a reason..first,it was a wake up call for idiot UEFA..they need to improve their system etc..example,120m is not enough for the crown champion of chanpions league..UEFA also stupid when they rebrand the UEFA to UCL without promote it..this is just from OUTSIDE that we can see how error is their system and corrupt..when they heard super league was being planned then its good bcause they will wake up and improve everything the mess that they made..tons of money flew inside UEFA..trillions of euros but look what they did?nothing but super league was being planned and they get i believe they will hurry to improve their Shi# system..

    SPY MACK15 dagen geleden

    A super league would be great for football.

  • Eissa Siddiqui
    Eissa Siddiqui19 dagen geleden

    The european super league is fuckin disgusting, and all just about money and greed 🤢🤢🤢🤢😢😫😤

  • Aquaz VI
    Aquaz VI20 dagen geleden

    Dogshit. I don’t agree. It’s fine to create another championship but u can’t just ban them from the rest.

    GOUTAM SAHA20 dagen geleden


  • Ya
    Ya20 dagen geleden

    UCL without them? World cup without those players? Hell, no. I'd prefer watch Super League.

    JASKARAN BIR SINGH20 dagen geleden

    Psv, ajax, Sevilla, Leicester, Dortmund, Marseille. These are the clubs that can upset any of these so called bigg clubs on their day

  • dang duy hieu
    dang duy hieu20 dagen geleden

    The Money Florentino Pérez said` FiFA is nothing``

  • Kim Peow Lau
    Kim Peow Lau21 dag geleden

    This is business as usual except without UEFA and FIFA as the godfather. It is like asking a black kettle, who is blacker.

  • zakariye Farah
    zakariye Farah21 dag geleden

    What music is this

  • ELI Got The SAUCE
    ELI Got The SAUCE21 dag geleden

    Please don’t let football die man💔😪 its all some of us have left

  • Hastings tale Shula
    Hastings tale Shula21 dag geleden

    The super league won't benefit anyone but the big clubs and it's just not fair, am an amateur footballer and a fan as well and it's a disgrace to the fans all around the world and to football itself I rest my case.

  • Piyangshu Das
    Piyangshu Das21 dag geleden

    I will say Uefa is for money because it includes gambling while ESL is for development of football.

  • Piyangshu Das
    Piyangshu Das21 dag geleden

    Ceferin said that Uefa is for development of football and ESL is for money

  • Piyangshu Das
    Piyangshu Das21 dag geleden

    Have you all forgot the names of great gamblers in football- Platini and Plater

  • Piyangshu Das
    Piyangshu Das21 dag geleden

    They did gambling for money

  • Piyangshu Das
    Piyangshu Das21 dag geleden

    Uefa and Fifa have did gambling in football have you all forgot

  • Piyangshu Das
    Piyangshu Das21 dag geleden

    Please first understand the words of 6 chairmans of ESL

  • Piyangshu Das
    Piyangshu Das21 dag geleden

    ESL will not erase football but will save football

  • mill b
    mill b21 dag geleden y

  • Chandra Kanth
    Chandra Kanth21 dag geleden

    Real Madrid and Barcelona shud be Barred from competing UEFA competitions and Shud be relegated to B league.. teach these greedy clubs a lesson.. six English clubs and 3 italian clubs too shud be punished.. Relegate all those 12 ESL teams to 2nd division

  • Yameenul Haque
    Yameenul Haque21 dag geleden

    Why uefa is so insecure about esl

  • GetClappedDumbBots
    GetClappedDumbBots21 dag geleden


  • Wajid Qureshi
    Wajid Qureshi21 dag geleden

    I hate this league

  • Piyush Vishwakarma
    Piyush Vishwakarma21 dag geleden

    I wish ronaldo and messi should play their last world cup

  • Dynamic gamer
    Dynamic gamer21 dag geleden


  • Titus V
    Titus V21 dag geleden

    I don't understand it. It is same as ucl top teams from different leagues battle to prove who is at the top. It's additional matches, over the present series of matches. Why so much negativity for esl? Can you please give me some depth insight.

  • Abdullah Mu'hsin
    Abdullah Mu'hsin21 dag geleden


  • Mike Raja
    Mike Raja21 dag geleden

    “Its a disgrace”- Didier Drogba

    FROGIO CFC1121 dag geleden


  • Cosman Dior
    Cosman Dior21 dag geleden

    Hell yeah‼️ Fifa and Uefa has been embezzling funds for the past years. How come a EPL winner 🏆 be earning abt £136M and UCL 🏆 winner abt only £82M ... Isn't this a Scam? Uefa and Fifa must be transparent asf! I support ✊ ESL❤️🔥

  • Shazin Rafeek
    Shazin Rafeek21 dag geleden

    All 6 EPL teams have been withdrawn from super league 🤩 No English teams in ESL....

  • Anish Bhavanasi
    Anish Bhavanasi21 dag geleden

    How will this work. The plan is bound to be destroyed

  • captain gamer
    captain gamer22 dagen geleden

    this is shit

  • BamentusFC
    BamentusFC22 dagen geleden

    My family: Covering up for the Purge Me: Getting ready to kill the founders of the super league

  • A Lunatic
    A Lunatic22 dagen geleden

    Simple - the rich wants to get richer

  • Karolina Pietruch Piszczek
    Karolina Pietruch Piszczek22 dagen geleden

    no Ifricking dont support this trash

  • Karolina Pietruch Piszczek
    Karolina Pietruch Piszczek22 dagen geleden

    super league is just a hole bitt of nonsens !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Perriey Interleud
    Perriey Interleud22 dagen geleden

    ESL could be lit2..fck UEFA for ruining

  • gαnєѕh dєvαdígα
    gαnєѕh dєvαdígα22 dagen geleden

    Like's all about money money🎉

  • Lil Ibra DiMarią
    Lil Ibra DiMarią22 dagen geleden

    What do you think of the idea of forming a super league? De Bruyne: LET ME TAAAALK Dabid Silba: Leabe it

  • Glenroy Cooper
    Glenroy Cooper22 dagen geleden

    As I'm seeing this s***t 2020 is not that bad f****k them with this stupid shit I'm a footballer my self n this is totally a disgrace I rather watch the smaller team now

  • Bhop'
    Bhop'22 dagen geleden

    If ESL emerges we better start watching some Latin Football atleast

  • Anirudha Jawahirani
    Anirudha Jawahirani22 dagen geleden

    It is the end of footballl

  • Leroy
    Leroy22 dagen geleden

    It's a disgrace but I would have loved it as an extra competition

  • ezy tube
    ezy tube22 dagen geleden

    Atleast let the two football goat's retire in football🙏🙏

  • Singh Ena
    Singh Ena22 dagen geleden

    End of football

  • Rahima Basumatary
    Rahima Basumatary22 dagen geleden

    ESL best in the world

  • headboxer343 rl
    headboxer343 rl22 dagen geleden

    Very very baddddddd

  • Ehab Matter
    Ehab Matter22 dagen geleden

    respect for Bayern, PSG, Porto, and Atlanta... the super league is f*** disgrace

  • awesome hotdog4
    awesome hotdog422 dagen geleden


  • Eric Mashiyi
    Eric Mashiyi22 dagen geleden

    It's rubbish this super league it is ruining soccer

  • Allen Ho
    Allen Ho22 dagen geleden

    I think European Super League should be their but like once in a 5 year like world cup of big clubs because it will be boring to watch big games every week. It will fun to watch big clubs compete in European Super League because, I fell boring to watch UCL group stage matches because it is too long and we don't get much big matches because of it I am much interested in it from round of 16. I don't want UCL to go. And by making European Super League to happen in every 5 year we can enjoy both UCL and European Super League without any one being removed And both can make money without interrupting each other. And both European Super League And UCL can take place in same year clubs can play in both after it will happen once in five year. By this UCL will not go and we see UCL every year. And who doesn't want to see big matches of European Super League for just once in five year. And will even enjoy UCL at the same time. Sorry if you didn't like the opinion, Thank you for reading.

  • Marcus Franconium
    Marcus Franconium22 dagen geleden

    Destroy these clubs

  • Malcolm F Sam
    Malcolm F Sam22 dagen geleden

    we fans have to be respected, have they asked us to the fans about our opinion. uefa are going mad. top clubs playing in the super league = football RIP 1863 - 2021

  • Hamad Hussain
    Hamad Hussain22 dagen geleden

    I am rather more excited to watch biggest games few times in a calendar year than every week. Excited for PSG-Man city. In super league that will happen every two months.

  • XDmechanicz RBLX
    XDmechanicz RBLX22 dagen geleden

    The ESL is ruining football thats all I gotta say Its a *F******* disgrace

    XIII NOBODY22 dagen geleden

    This is bulshit! Why the hell would they do that to the beautiful game?! As psg fan I’m glad psg didn’t compete and I hope the football community do something to change this.

  • Syahmil Hakimi
    Syahmil Hakimi22 dagen geleden

    Absolutely NO........I will not watching football anymore if this things happened

  • Aditya Swain
    Aditya Swain22 dagen geleden

    Is this a nightmare!?

  • Bale Madrid
    Bale Madrid22 dagen geleden

    If the clubs are trying to redistribute money to Amateur teams then why dont they distribute 4% of their transfer budget every 3 months

  • TONY K
    TONY K22 dagen geleden


    DAVID UMEH22 dagen geleden

    Tbh, I don't grab all the noise about ESL, at the bottom of it football is a business, FIFA is not a govenment, if they sanction clubs from taking part in other tournament's, that's cajoling, and restrictive Some of this teams are in mountains of debt, a nice payout will help. And for those claiming spirit of football and fans, please don't, you are backing FIFA,( an association riddled with corruption)which if my memory serves me right couldn't care any less about you. Always remember at the bottom of it football is a business. Plus the only reason I feel they plan to sanction so sternly is because they are scared, scared of losing their power. Its about time. At the end of it, I'm not against ESL, FIFA is not a government, teams are owned by shareholders and managed by boards that want to see profits, but you might say fans are what matters, they are, but aren't the only things that matter, plus let's be honest everyone will still watch both ESL, and regular football, unless FIFA, thinks of banning broadcasting stations that pick them up

  • Ant Gaming
    Ant Gaming22 dagen geleden

    They may put PSG and bayern in the final

    FARHAN VIEWS22 dagen geleden

    It a disgrace to football world I guess all the 12 teams should be not allowed to play in league and others

  • Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville
    Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville22 dagen geleden

    When JP Morgan is involved you just know that nothing good will come of it. If they forge forward with this I will boycot the club of my heart and all products asosiated with their sponsors!

  • Leander RECATES
    Leander RECATES22 dagen geleden

    None of the true football fans support this trash . #saynotothesuperleague

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer22 dagen geleden

    Before- Enjoy Ronaldo and Messi while they last. Now- Enjoy football while it lasts😔

  • sTriKeR
    sTriKeR22 dagen geleden

    Idiots makes this type of league

  • Naazmul Hussain
    Naazmul Hussain22 dagen geleden

    Owners: "You'll never walk alone" unless of course we talking about money then we will leave you to waste away in the gutter.

  • Gil Cohen
    Gil Cohen22 dagen geleden

    This video makes me want to think that the season 2020.21 is a huge prank 😭

  • Darkyzally
    Darkyzally22 dagen geleden


  • Suresh Kumar
    Suresh Kumar22 dagen geleden

    Rip football

  • Alii
    Alii22 dagen geleden

    Rip football

  • Samer Rakha
    Samer Rakha22 dagen geleden

    This just ruined football I’m so mad

  • Budhy Darmawan
    Budhy Darmawan22 dagen geleden

    Anyone remember the Master League of the Winning Eleven back in the '90's.. who would've thought that might actually happen.. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ola R
    Ola R22 dagen geleden

    Dream League soccer is becoming a reality

  • Calvin Zola
    Calvin Zola22 dagen geleden

    I agree.

  • Free Netflix
    Free Netflix22 dagen geleden

    It is just like what an angry Ivorian once said, "It is a disgrace, it is a fu**ing disgrace" 😠😠

  • n.anaaan Boy
    n.anaaan Boy22 dagen geleden

    I think this is cheating.without two goat is not a world cup

  • Morning Star
    Morning Star22 dagen geleden

    UEFA and FIFA are also to be blamed for this

  • Russell Akm
    Russell Akm22 dagen geleden

    Soon they will form a new football government!

  • cale
    cale22 dagen geleden

    Watattomba 😂bomboclat

  • Ninja Ace 09
    Ninja Ace 0922 dagen geleden

    this super league is keeping us from playing several competitions

  • Keith Chan
    Keith Chan22 dagen geleden

    The world cup😪😪

  • Michael Helou
    Michael Helou22 dagen geleden


  • Arbab Aliyan
    Arbab Aliyan22 dagen geleden

    We hate super league we are not with them iam chelsea fan but iam saying don't ban clubs ban this European Suoer league

  • Fabee Gaming
    Fabee Gaming22 dagen geleden

    this greed of them will make satisfy them but will ruin the whole football AND THEY CANT EVEN LEAVE AND NO WORLD CUP THATS JUST PURE GREED

  • Nezioo Araujoo
    Nezioo Araujoo22 dagen geleden

    So if those top teams join, look how destroyed those leagues would be without the big clubs... It will be crazy if they can't play domestic matches aswell

  • Jajatee das
    Jajatee das22 dagen geleden

    Every UEFA member is a gangsta until PAPA PEREZ comes laughing and say nothing can be done by UEFA..

  • Asyhraaf Fakhrullah
    Asyhraaf Fakhrullah22 dagen geleden

    hate super league bcs the clubs will only play cuz of money, not bcs of the game

  • Temsu Lkr
    Temsu Lkr22 dagen geleden

    This is utterly disgusting. What now, Covid19 is even destroying Football...? Wow unbelievable What's next..?

  • Loc phat Huynhgguy
    Loc phat Huynhgguy22 dagen geleden


  • Nothing Fancy
    Nothing Fancy22 dagen geleden

    Does EUFA really have an option? Can it really ban all those big clubs? I don't think so. It will be a loss to them. I think everyone will be going to watch the Super League then and will not bother watch EUFA.

  • Ananthu B
    Ananthu B22 dagen geleden


  • Hayden Fijardo
    Hayden Fijardo22 dagen geleden


  • shanazirk
    shanazirk22 dagen geleden

    PATHETIC - how can we expect such scam in Football

  • Nothing Fancy

    Nothing Fancy

    22 dagen geleden

    Does this mean you will get to watch messi and ronaldo, zlatan, neymar and mbappe play each other every other week?

  • Nothing Fancy
    Nothing Fancy22 dagen geleden

    Does this mean you will get to watch messi and ronaldo, zlatan, neymar and mbappe play each other every other week?