Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are HILARIOUS and ADORABLE


  • 33drewster
    33drewster22 uur geleden

    They do look great together 😉😉😉

  • Ivan Ayala
    Ivan AyalaDag geleden

    He is Jim 24/7!

  • toddvandell85
    toddvandell85Dag geleden

    EmJo. Not Krunt.

  • Rynkh
    RynkhDag geleden

    Ellen is super unpleasant, it's a mystery to me how she got a platform of this size.

  • dpsimply
    dpsimplyDag geleden

    Def gonna be divorced by 2023.

  • Dustin Clark
    Dustin Clark6 dagen geleden

    And hot

  • VoyagerOne
    VoyagerOne6 dagen geleden

    What does Emily Blunt think of Alyssa Milano? 1:27

  • tsunami papi
    tsunami papi7 dagen geleden

    I need her fr 💯💯

  • Ellen Carvalho
    Ellen Carvalho7 dagen geleden

    Emily Blunt is Pam of real life, OMG, they really are an adorable goal

  • Meditation Media
    Meditation Media7 dagen geleden

    Check us out !

  • The Wankers
    The Wankers8 dagen geleden

    4:20 blaze it, also it’s not that bad of an accent coming from a British man myself

  • Lou Tom
    Lou Tom8 dagen geleden

    Awww @3:03 "2 little poems in our lives, Hazel and Violet" that was so beautiful 😭

  • Christoban Rodriguez
    Christoban Rodriguez9 dagen geleden

    I still don't understand how that loser bagged her. Just HOW THE FUCK.

  • danis k
    danis k9 dagen geleden

    Damn, she is perfect. Edit - just like to add that I don't mean in an objectified manner, I'm a man but I mean in terms of personality and beauty. Personality first, she is incredible.

  • Maxx Books
    Maxx Books9 dagen geleden

    Every white chick for overrated Leo

  • Sreejith Nair
    Sreejith Nair9 dagen geleden

    John and Emily in real life is like Micheal and Holly

  • monize cristiê
    monize cristiê9 dagen geleden

    1:21 John: *takes a paper* "who was your first famous crush" Emily whispering: "Emily blunt" john: *talking someone else* Emily: "what?" I love these two

  • elle
    elle10 dagen geleden

    my mother n father

  • Queen Quinn
    Queen Quinn11 dagen geleden

    umm jim. i think dwight is looking for you

  • Michael Farrow
    Michael Farrow11 dagen geleden

    Spud Webb - good taste, John.

  • Thomas Thomas
    Thomas Thomas11 dagen geleden

    Mr and Mrs fantastic

  • BriannaGaming
    BriannaGaming12 dagen geleden

    jayden michel

  • Alma Peyton
    Alma Peyton12 dagen geleden

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  • Riley Ribble
    Riley Ribble15 dagen geleden

    I know Emily has seemed to (publicly) shot down the F4 rumors but gosh I wish the two of them could be Reed and Sue together. It would be so incredible their chemistry would shine through on the screen

  • Pablo Sebasthian
    Pablo Sebasthian15 dagen geleden

    Ellen sucks.

  • naomi pereira
    naomi pereira15 dagen geleden

    I want something just like this

  • MtotheP
    MtotheP16 dagen geleden

    Omgggg she looks exactly like Kennedy Walsh !!!!!!!!!😶😶😶😶😶

  • drxamersleep
    drxamersleep17 dagen geleden

    them and ryan Reynolds with blake lively have the best relationships I've known so far

  • maaayisha
    maaayisha17 dagen geleden

    They are so cute !!🥺🥺 Mashallah ❤️❤️❤️

  • lqts
    lqts18 dagen geleden

    sorry im wheezing at 2:00, "and the actor goes to..." you had one job chris pine

  • Shrutika Potdar
    Shrutika Potdar18 dagen geleden

    This time, Pam's gonna leave her job.

  • Rosa
    Rosa18 dagen geleden

    She is cool he is a jackass

  • Ian G.
    Ian G.18 dagen geleden

    “Who’s Spud Webb?” How dare you!!!

  • Kacche Aam
    Kacche Aam19 dagen geleden

    Love this couple

  • The Success
    The Success19 dagen geleden

    These two are made for each other. So good to see something so wholesome!

  • Lil heart
    Lil heart19 dagen geleden

    "Well I dont get the money back" is so hilarious 😂

  • kisstherain73
    kisstherain7319 dagen geleden

    So...whats so special about these people? They fake for a living...and say they are ashamed of the country they make millions from? F....them.

  • Antonia Catalán
    Antonia Catalán20 dagen geleden

    Emily is so relatable I also love Damon and John

  • Nayia Lavvas
    Nayia Lavvas20 dagen geleden

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  • Joseph Böhme
    Joseph Böhme20 dagen geleden

    Stabilize the damn audio. amateurs. Preparation Please

  • Wasee Uddin
    Wasee Uddin20 dagen geleden

    I used to think that Emily blunt was Katy Perry

  • Elizabeth Kernen
    Elizabeth Kernen21 dag geleden

    Ugh I love them so much!!

  • Ester Melo
    Ester Melo21 dag geleden

    John and Emily making us sad that we might never have what they have

  • Lst Lvl
    Lst Lvl21 dag geleden

    started watching Christiano Ronaldo vids cause i was bored and here I am

  • Shayma M G Indalal
    Shayma M G Indalal21 dag geleden

    Please please please stay together forever.

  • Tosi Yamato
    Tosi Yamato21 dag geleden

    Emily blunt and Allisa Milano have big similarities and John first crush was Allisa Milano wow

  • Merralee Vise
    Merralee Vise21 dag geleden

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  • Murder INC
    Murder INC21 dag geleden

    wow john is actually jim in real life too

  • nemya
    nemya22 dagen geleden

    Omg, I'm in love 🥺🥰

  • Oni Kidman
    Oni Kidman22 dagen geleden

    me chewing gum: normally me chewing gum watching Emilys acceptance speech: chews faster than a squirrel it was so cute omg

  • adrian colton
    adrian colton22 dagen geleden

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  • Julian Prasaja
    Julian Prasaja23 dagen geleden

    MCU, take notice. We've found your Reed Richards and Sue Storm.

    OMAR LATE NIGHT CHAT23 dagen geleden


  • no name lol
    no name lol24 dagen geleden

    Jemily Krunt

  • Vanja Hruška
    Vanja Hruška24 dagen geleden

    Where is Pam though? And who is John Krasinski?

  • Thomas Dietz - WPM1C
    Thomas Dietz - WPM1C24 dagen geleden

    The thing is that they are real and aren’t playing the Hollywood BS where they are so fake you don’t know who they really are or really care.

  • McCoy Preston
    McCoy Preston24 dagen geleden

    Jim really is just John Krasinski

  • RandyDaGamer
    RandyDaGamer25 dagen geleden


  • Abby Button
    Abby Button25 dagen geleden

    0:31 GIRL SAME OMG

  • Naschaat
    Naschaat25 dagen geleden

    Emily is very Hot by her Body and Character Appearance.

  • Alexis Miller
    Alexis Miller26 dagen geleden

    They are so cute together it is unbelievable.

  • Popcorn Doggies
    Popcorn Doggies26 dagen geleden

    Lol didn’t know they were married 💀

  • tunney debusk
    tunney debusk26 dagen geleden

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  • caesar!
    caesar!26 dagen geleden

    if my marriage isnt like krunt, i dont want it

  • Ray Games
    Ray Games27 dagen geleden

    dang could listen to these two talk about each other all day...wtf. down the KRUNT rabbit hole we go

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  • Doctor Choco Pie 🇵🇸
    Doctor Choco Pie 🇵🇸27 dagen geleden

    09:14am - 30.06.2021

  • Resania Jarosil
    Resania Jarosil27 dagen geleden

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  • Michelle Larronde
    Michelle Larronde27 dagen geleden

    Identify theft is not a joke, Jim! No need to pretend to be a John!

  • Paris Lady
    Paris Lady28 dagen geleden

    So simple.....................Binski.

  • Patches Neshell
    Patches Neshell28 dagen geleden

    Loved it.

    SHIRLEY'S TEMPLE28 dagen geleden

    Tuesday, June 29, 2021 12 : 54 am

  • jano laco
    jano laco28 dagen geleden

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  • Yashodhan Goenka
    Yashodhan Goenka29 dagen geleden

    Emily blunt looks so perfect

  • Parker Essential
    Parker Essential29 dagen geleden

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  • Darth Maul
    Darth MaulMaand geleden

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  • indrajeet
    indrajeetMaand geleden

    At 1:39 how's John able to sit like that ? That kind of tight cross legged sitting would hurt my balls.

  • arabella ivy
    arabella ivyMaand geleden

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  • Alexandra Clemens
    Alexandra ClemensMaand geleden

    Couples always look alike

  • ced ed
    ced edMaand geleden

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  • BorutesuFaibuTV
    BorutesuFaibuTVMaand geleden

    it's like watching Jim again

  • Parker Essential
    Parker EssentialMaand geleden

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  • Patrick Garcia
    Patrick GarciaMaand geleden

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  • Layla Schezno
    Layla ScheznoMaand geleden

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  • a thousand cuts
    a thousand cutsMaand geleden

    I love them 🥺

  • Hdkg Jhuyt
    Hdkg JhuytMaand geleden

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  • Kyle
    KyleMaand geleden

    to think, they were both too nervous to talk to the other in the beginning lmao

  • double dark
    double darkMaand geleden

    bro i didn't know they were actually married! that's so cute

  • David Jarrah
    David JarrahMaand geleden

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  • Parker Essential
    Parker EssentialMaand geleden

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  • MaryMary Mary
    MaryMary MaryMaand geleden

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  • Nahimal Markaj
    Nahimal MarkajMaand geleden

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  • Danniel Rivas
    Danniel RivasMaand geleden

    Jim that’s not pam 😢

  • Mons Jodi
    Mons JodiMaand geleden

    i want this

  • KD
    KDMaand geleden

    They are perfect for the roles of Reed Richards and Susan Storm.

  • doohof
    doohofMaand geleden

    Tell me when quiet place 2 gonna filmed

  • Rafiqkie Muaddib
    Rafiqkie MuaddibMaand geleden

    Damon.. From blur? Me too sister..hahahahaha 😘👍❤️

  • Ced Ed
    Ced EdMaand geleden

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  • William Weinberg
    William WeinbergMaand geleden

    3:46 Norman Bates

  • JRR Shriner
    JRR ShrinerMaand geleden

    This guys are genuine humble and fun. Not like most of the hollywood couples that are just a bunch of posers