Eating Only What I Catch for 3 Days with MICRO Rod!


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    pretty sure those are bull minnows

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    We don’t deserve you more of

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    Good vibes only

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    I know these videos are not fake but even if they were fake we still love your content! Plus good vibes from you

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    That is a black walnut

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    That happened yeah lol

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    The nuts you ate are actually walnuts

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    Do more

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    Correct me IF im wron but I am pretty sure that The line that was in The Rod from The beginning was a spun like and super strorn

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    Needs to change the title to 3 days of eating blue gill

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    That is a walnut, taste bitter when green and will stain your hands no matter the color of the shell

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    Epic vid keep it up

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    He sounds so sad when he was fishing

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    Ha ha. The rod break was great

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    That's not a turtle, it's a tortoise.

  • kreem Last

    kreem Last

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    @Patton’s Pets Official I did. You're right, but similar to a tortoise, it also called a land turtle.

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    Patton’s Pets Official

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    No it’s an eastern box turtle look it up

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    yeah looks edible enough -famous last words

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    The third fish you caught was a tiny carp

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    Just gave you a sub

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    This isn’t meant to be mean but he looks like the rock but malnourished

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    That’s a walnut

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    1:07:24 The people in the car in the back are probably thinking to themselves, "Wow, look its Johnny Sins eating a Fish Sandwich"

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    turkey tail fungi not hen of the woods

  • WalkingTurtle Jones
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    i laughed so hard when he broke the rod. I don't know why. well on with the show.

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    What not being able to sleep bring me too

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    I’m sad he stopped uploading

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    Oh never mind he still posts on his main account lol 🤦‍♂️

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    When just a small drop of water hits hot oil it cause it to flame up thats how alot of your grease 🔥 start

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    No more uploads

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    There creek chubs

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    Is it a Sun fish over a bluegill

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    A bluegill is a type of sunfish, but that doesn't look like a bluegill. Looks more like a dollar, long-ear, or red-ear sunfish.

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    I hate the way he hooks worms and the way he ties ropes for traps wtf man 😂

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    what line do you use? it may explain the line problem

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    iDubbz the fisherman

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    When I see a cute girl 29:26

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    idk if any of u know wat i mean but their kyacks looks really cosy or whatever u call it

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    Thank you so much for the portion about reading your bible daily. I struggle with this sometimes and I truly believe that the Lord has just spoken to me through you. God bless and thanks again😇

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    Tywell Robinson

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    @CoffeeTheeGreat 7 God bless you. It gets tough sometimes. Gotta keep pushing

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    CoffeeTheeGreat 7

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    I thought that was so cool to see as well! God bless

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    If you rub the bottom of the top of the mushroom and it turns blue or purple it’s most of the time poisonous

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    why is everyone bald named ace lol

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    FR HER IN Tx too

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    I could do this challenge and never leave my bed room. I've done it many times. Not by choice but ....

  • Ancient Man on a Bicycel
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    The Black Walnuts you were trying to eat are green. They need to dry out before they taste good and they do taste good. Idaho has them but they dry better in a dry climate. During the American Civil War dried black walnuts were a special treat.

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    Elizabeth Hansen

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    We have them in our backyard and I collect and process as many as I can when it produces nuts. I like them better than store bought walnuts.

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    You should zip up your ⛺ tent, because of those wild things that might be going in your tent.

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    ngl this dude is SUPER white

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    This series is basically Minecraft in real life

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    Its like a Moped , super fun to ride , but you dont want your friends to see you riding one

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    He says try not eating for 20 hours😆

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    Everybody thinks delusion is harmless. Start listing the consequences of religious delusion.

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    Id just be scared of gators....

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    He’s in the Smokey Mountains lol. There’s no gators.

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    Ace get onX maps it will tell u if it’s private or public private will be outlined in red

  • Robbie Atterbury
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    I would love to do a catch and cook with u I live in Oregon

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    U should look for leavs and vegteballs like wild onion potatos and beetroot

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    *goes 3 days eating pretty much only fish* "Man I can't wait until this challenge is over" *challenge ends, and he immediately eats more fish* lmao

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    I don’t like eating fish but that fish looks so yummy

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    Lmaoooo your dad’s a major troll. That was hilarious

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    Lmao avengers rod

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    The nut thing is called a walnut

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    Loved everything about this video. This might seem random, but I have to say that Crisco is basically poison along with all refined seed/vegetable oils. I hate seeing people cook with that stuff because it's basically liquid heart attack with a 20-40 year delay. Switch to cold pressed/virgin oils (olive, coconut, avocado) or just some good ol' butter and your future you will thank you. Edit: Loved the Bible reading part btw. You have the vibes of an enlightened soul so I'm not the least bit surprised.

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    How expensive are those micro fishing rods?

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    Well it reached 2.2 million views soooooo......................................

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    Thank you for putting the part about prioritizing the Lord and His Word. Stay in the Word and keep doing what you’re doing Ace! Loving the videos!

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    Secific? 36:24 Makes sense

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    If u go minnow trapping no thhe April in bc Canada use worm

    Xs ΕΜΜΑΝΟΥΗΛΙΔΗΣ4 dagen geleden

    Hi! Why didn't you try to fish by throughing the fishing line with your hands and hold it with your fingers. This is actually a pretty common way to fish and by doing this you have chances to get a big fish too....That was just a thought 😅😅. Keep up the good work !!!

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    Lathrop right foot slide

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    Thank you for the sweet testimony, very encouraging. Also great 3 day survival video!

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    What happened to ace

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    Why is everyone here on Thursday July 22

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    i laughed my ass off when i saw it snap

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    Those hen of the woods were old and dried out. Maybe if u reconstituted them in water. HMMM... Maybe! I live in Illinois so they are all over here.

  • jon cairy
    jon cairy5 dagen geleden

    You could have made a cane pole

  • jon cairy
    jon cairy5 dagen geleden

    That nut u found is a black walnut.

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    Do more of the 3 day eat what you catch

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    Hahah so the algorithm just started pushin a 7 month old video to everyone eh? 😂

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    Fungus among us :)) afungus

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    Love it!

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    This man isn’t one punch man, he’s omega 3 man

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  • Zander Bratten
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    Nice axe andmasedey

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    Real title going camping for 3 days

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    Your not supposed to eat those green nuts

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    Are the nuts cald walnuts

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    Black walnuts

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    What happend to ace videos ?

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    I got a battle axe cuase why not

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    Make more videos I like your videos

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    Lmfao!! Your dad is so freaking funny!

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    those minnows look like some sort of chubsucker or fallfish to me

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    creek chub

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    Your truck is nice

  • Tres Willard
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    im sorry for commenting this but the first big fish u caught u said was a blue gill it was a crappie

  • Beast Brett

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    No it’s not

  • Animal-Lover 1211
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    You should have used the opposum for bait

  • Michael Robinson
    Michael Robinson6 dagen geleden

    Some friendly advice, the National Audubon Society has field guide with detailed descriptions and pictures of edible and inedible mushrooms. There should also be phone apps that help you quick ID shrooms. Happy hunting Fungi Friend

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    Algorithm be like

  • Michael Robinson
    Michael Robinson6 dagen geleden

    The little survival knowledge I have: If you don't know what it is, don't eat it. Ace: ...tastes bitter

    IM SICK6 dagen geleden

    He looks like megaminds good brother

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    comedy gold hahahaha

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    Black walnuts

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  • cater g
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    At 11:10 in NC I’ve always known those as creek chub. But yeah definitely a bait fish. Could be baby carp. Not sure.

  • Joel Setyo

    Joel Setyo

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    It’s a chub

  • Colton Burns
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    How did I get to three days survival challenge and whatever he catches from watching people make ice cream rolls

  • coc | I am new RUSH
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    11:10 It may be a perch

  • coc | I am new RUSH

    coc | I am new RUSH

    5 dagen geleden

    @Hunter Peters you 🤡

  • Hunter Peters

    Hunter Peters

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    @coc | I am new RUSH “it may be a perch” 🤡

  • coc | I am new RUSH

    coc | I am new RUSH

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    @Hunter Peters shut up😒😒😒

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    Hunter Peters

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    Creek chub

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    This man is on a higher level than the rest of us lol

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    Why did he season the oil?

  • Jack Evan Fields
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    that avengers rod can't break i've caught 10 pound catfish on mine

  • Rhonda Stockwell
    Rhonda Stockwell7 dagen geleden

    Sorry but those aren't walnuts at my grandma's house they have like 5 walnut trees

  • Rhonda Stockwell
    Rhonda Stockwell7 dagen geleden

    Did you know you can take off the front piece that broke off and still use a fishing Pole I do it all the time online fishing Poles break

  • Samuel Mark
    Samuel Mark7 dagen geleden're definitely going to have to make another one of these.

  • Rhonda Stockwell
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    The fish that had Orange on it is a sogi