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Covering Full Doctor Strange 2 Wandavision Deleted Scenes and Alternate Ending with Benedict Cumberbatch. Marvel Easter Eggs. Scarlet Witch Darkhold and Agatha Harkness. Doctor Strange 2 Teaser Multiverse of Madness storyline. Marvel Chthon and Chaos Magic Explained. Vision vs White Vision Scene Explained. Wandavision Spider-Man 3 No Way Home Connection Breakdown. Infinity Stones, Scarlet Witch Name Reveal and Agatha Harkness Scenes Breakdown. Billy and Tommy Wiccan and Speed Ending Explained and Post Credit Scene.

I'll do more Shang Chi, Spiderman 3 and Marvel Phase 4 X-Men Easter Eggs videos as we see more from them in the new movies and Disney Plus Series. Falcon and Winter Soldier and Loki Episodes are the next place that will happen later this year. We'll get more Shang Chi Trailer videos, Spider-Man 3 No Way Home Trailer and Marvel Phase 4 Trailer videos soon.

More 2021 Marvel Phase 4 Movies and Disney Plus Series. I'll be doing Episode videos for everything. Loki Episodes coming after Falcon and Winter Soldier. And We'll get more Spider-Man 3 No Way Home soon! Venom 2 Trailer and videos for all the Spiderman Movies next year.

Loki Episode 1 with Tom Hiddleston will release next, now that Falcon and Winter Soldier is finished. New Thor 4 Teaser for Chris Hemsworth soon, Spider-Man 3 No Way Home Trailer, Doctor Strange 2 Trailer. Black Widow Movie. Hawkeye Trailer, Moon Knight Trailer and Eternals Trailer!

More Loki Episode videos coming soon! My new Marvel What If Trailer video will post next!

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  • Emergency Awesome
    Emergency AwesomeMaand geleden

    Here's my new Doctor Strange 2 Wandavision Deleted Scenes and Alternate Ending video for the new Deleted Scenes Marvel revealed. Post all your Doctor Strange 2 predictions in the comments! Here's my new Marvel Phase 4 Trailer and Eternals video too!

  • mctaguer


    Maand geleden

    @Shahaneh Limonadi Well, I meant relative to DC at the time--market share of total sales. Charlie mentioned, on at least two occasions in his vids, that Marvel's entire lineup at the time was doing poorly and was generally unpopular. I personally didn't mind CW2 but I found the Amadeus Cho Hulk entertaining...for 5 minutes.

  • Shahaneh Limonadi

    Shahaneh Limonadi

    Maand geleden

    @mctaguer LOL, but Comic book sales were always going to tank. Especially with everything going digital, and fewer and fewer people going out less often. Its like complaining about Super Bowl ratings declining. But their ratings were declining a year before Colen Karprneek (however you spell his name). I mean over-saturation of football, and people under age 30 just not being interested in sports for this mew generation, a decline of ratings for NFL was long overdo. Fewer people are always going to be interested in sports and reading comic books. I mean we got way more better entertainment these days then reading and sports. I personally now just waiting for the iPhone 3D (iPhone 13), so Android can finally release their glasses-free 3D smartphones they've been waiting for the right moment to release. We already got stereoscopic 3D cameras in every phone since the iPhone 11. Even 8K TV's will all be Glasses-Free 3D (the new HDR for 8K TV's).

  • mctaguer


    Maand geleden

    @Shahaneh Limonadi Maybe so, but when Marvel did their comic redux, with her in the lead (along w/Amadeus Cho Hulk, circa Civil War 2, etc.) their overall sales tanked (Charlie himself talked about this, on here, about 3-4 years ago), and overall sales for CM were not that strong (I believe even when the movie came out it was ranked something like #58). It wasn't because CM is a woman--it's because her character's a shoot-first, chip-on-her shoulder quasi-a-hole, and overall, they remade too much at once (comic fans are actually fairly conservative about their characters--this why writers are normally given short leashes to rewrite them). But again, this has NOTHING to do with what I'm saying (it was about Doctor Strange). My point here isn't that she or Wanda can't be the most powerful or's that Marvel is going out of their way to let us know. Just let it happen. Marvel, historically, is at its best when it DOESN'T tell us these things--they create enormous debate and fan interest by NOT telling us, definitively, "who is the strongest." And if you ARE going to do this, then make sure your women actors are the equal of your lead men. Liz Olsen absolutely is--and she knocked it out of the park in WandaVision--she did for that character what Thor 3/Hemsworth did for his. Completely. (BTW, frankly, I can't believe they're letting Scarlett Johansson go). Brie? Uh, no.

  • Shahaneh Limonadi

    Shahaneh Limonadi

    Maand geleden

    @mctaguer lots & lots of women and girls buy the Captain Marvel comic books long before the 2019 movie released.

  • mctaguer


    Maand geleden

    @Shahaneh Limonadi My comment had more to do with Doctor Strange's ignorance or acquiescence of a magic-based event FAR more significant than Loki jackassing around NYC. Writing DS out of the episode due to real world concerns was understandable--but the explanation for that in the show (there IS NONE) isn't justifiable. As for Wanda's power--my point is based on two things: Feige falling over himself to publicly state how powerful Carol Danvers is (I guess he felt he had to reinforce those comics no one bought) and the overly-staged fanduel convo between Jimmy and Darcy about "who's more powerful, Marvel or Wanda?" Trying TOO HARD...

  • Scarlet Ragneel
    Scarlet RagneelUur geleden

    I love Strange but I think this was a good decision on their part. Not to make the series a glorified teaser for Multiverse of Madness. The fact that they put Wanda in the centre of all of this, without the involvement of any other Avenger, gave them enough room to show all her raw emotions and make the audience feel for her. She's a great character but had very less screen time in the movies, so this spotlight was due. The same goes for Vision, he's such a nice guy, a gentleman. And also for their love story which seemed really weird to everyone because their romance was mostly off-screen.

  • Amara Winchester
    Amara Winchester4 uur geleden

    It would have been cool if he was part of the show, but it makes sense, it would bring Wanda down. I’m ok with her realizing everything on her own

  • C. B.
    C. B.2 dagen geleden

    I do! I think it made Wanda a better character

  • Mike mkgta
    Mike mkgta2 dagen geleden

    Oh no. I thought the crying was her hearing some body needing her help on earth. This makes so much sense 👏

  • Oj yes that one
    Oj yes that one3 dagen geleden

    Why do they keep deleting literally all good scenes and replacing them with petty stuff

  • jovan marinovic
    jovan marinovic3 dagen geleden

    That would of been cool

  • S Gibson
    S Gibson4 dagen geleden

    I get what they did in wandavision. I’m just looking forward to Dr.Strange 2 now. I can’t wait to see him again since he’s my favorite, but I feel like a lot of things they rewrote would have been better with him. It would have made more sense.

  • King Scxrp
    King Scxrp5 dagen geleden

    This should've been kept in, leading up to the launch of the show it always seemed like WV would lead into Multiverse of Madness

  • Vilka Ñusta
    Vilka Ñusta5 dagen geleden

    It's great they didn't include Dra Streage. That made WandaVisionva great series

  • Crystal Cxrtier
    Crystal Cxrtier6 dagen geleden

    Mephisto confirmed.

  • alex30
    alex308 dagen geleden

    Only clicked on this because of Benedict’s face lmao

  • Frank Dolecki
    Frank Dolecki9 dagen geleden

    Make mine Marvel!

  • Sharif Wilson
    Sharif Wilson11 dagen geleden

    Dr strange is a gateway to all the marvel characters well most of them anyhow

  • Peter Richards
    Peter Richards11 dagen geleden

    Nexus caplets…..? Does Jen luc Picard know about these?

  • Salima Kamau
    Salima Kamau12 dagen geleden

    Loved the finale!

  • Kaiya Peytcheva
    Kaiya Peytcheva12 dagen geleden

    okay but Dr. Strange being there since it’s LITERALLY in his home area. and plus doesn’t he monitor the multiverse. it really would’ve made sense. and i don’t think he would’ve outshined Wanda. i think that might’ve been a very big mistake made by marvel.

  • Justin Bubz
    Justin Bubz12 dagen geleden

    I loved Wanda vision, and can't wait to see more of Wanda using her cool powers!

  • diddy hasan
    diddy hasan13 dagen geleden

    Why f***** u guys liah

  • The Dim Vanced
    The Dim Vanced13 dagen geleden

    I'm happy with what we got. As long as Dr Strange 2 has some scenes showing that he simply could not get in, this choice (8:52) seems like a good one.

  • WiscoCush
    WiscoCush14 dagen geleden

    What is the theme music at the end of this video?!? I can recall it from a long time ago, but don’t remember what it’s from...

  • Shantorey Wilkins
    Shantorey Wilkins14 dagen geleden


  • I couldn’t think of a name
    I couldn’t think of a name15 dagen geleden

    As cool as it would've been to have Dr. Strange in this series, it really wasn't needed. I get maybe an end credit scene or short appearance, but this is WANDA'S story. Just like how wanda will be a side character in HIS story. (DSITMOM) There isn't really anything that he could teach her either, except from a few minor things. Dr. Strange didn't even know that chaos magic existed in the comics. Agatha being her mentor and not him makes so much more sense. The fanboys are just mad about it in the comments. We'll get to see them team up or face off in his upcoming movie, its not that big of a deal that he wasn't in WV. Heck, even vision was more of a side character.

  • Rivka P.
    Rivka P.15 dagen geleden

    The Director admits he wrote out Dr. Strange for ego. “My show isn’t a trailer.” Waah.

  • Properly Artist
    Properly Artist15 dagen geleden

    The whole answer metrically launch because jellyfish currently switch underneath a shrill priest. purple, five greek

  • Doug bull
    Doug bull15 dagen geleden

    How did I miss that at 6:58 she's doing the as above so below from the devil or the baphomet one hand up other down pointing to heaven other to above so below.thats like a huge satanic symbol those weirdos love

  • The Tristan Channel
    The Tristan Channel16 dagen geleden

    I think it was a mistake because they hyped up that there would be "a luke skywalker moment" which would of been Dr Strange then cancelled that which took the umph out of the ending as everyone was waiting for it.

  • Qin Shi
    Qin Shi16 dagen geleden

    Good job all keep sending the report

  • gokijin
    gokijin16 dagen geleden

    Correction: Doctor Strange: God of Magic. At least that's his new role in

  • Master Blaster
    Master Blaster16 dagen geleden

    Yeah the plot was off

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson17 dagen geleden

    0:53 what the devil is Loki doing in Pompeii? O_o

  • Mike Johns
    Mike Johns19 dagen geleden

    Why didn't they make that clear, that doctor strange was creating the commercials to communicate with wanda. That would have made the show way better! But the show was already great

  • Nick Dad
    Nick Dad19 dagen geleden

    Sounds like we missed out

  • LoUU 2U
    LoUU 2U20 dagen geleden

    I would have waited longer for this show"s original plan

  • NorrinRadd01
    NorrinRadd0120 dagen geleden

    I'm surprised vision didn't just walk around and let people out of the mind control. He's the real savage.

  • ampersand
    ampersand20 dagen geleden

    would love to see those scenes actually be filmed once covid lets out and just have it as an extended cut. but def understand not wanting to overshadow Wanda's journey bc instead of crying over her loss, I would be too focused on Doctor Strange and Wanda's interaction.

  • Dave’s Not Here
    Dave’s Not Here20 dagen geleden

    Bad call. Wandavision is my favourite series so far, and Dr. Strange showing up is the one thing that would have made it better AND made the most sense for Wanda’s story arc. Agatha is bad and Dr. Strange is good. Agatha vying for Wanda’s power and Dr. Strange vying for her to heal at the same time through those subliminal commercials would have been an amazing double reveal. Feige could’ve let Wanda choose where she fits in the end. She could’ve chosen neither which really would’ve solidified (symbolically) that she is the strongest magic user, thus introducing the concept of a Nexus being in the MCU more clearly.

  • StalStan
    StalStan21 dag geleden

    WandaVision felt like it fell apart towards the last few episodes, now it makes sense why also Multiverse of Madness the more I hear about this movie the more excited I get!

  • MrBeans
    MrBeans21 dag geleden

    so they decided to go with an unfinished cut up version.... why.... the show was ok but could definitely tell a bunch of stuff was cut out. and they could of at least used him at the end. i was kinda disappointed wit the finished product.

    MICHAEL CHEVILLOT21 dag geleden

    I so wanted a season 2, maybe they will come back with WandaWhiteVision???

  • Funkybassuk
    Funkybassuk21 dag geleden

    The Quicksilver payoff was lame

  • havanatlc
    havanatlc21 dag geleden

    I really wished he was in it. Would have made more sense.

  • Summer Tan
    Summer Tan21 dag geleden

    I'm literally watching for spoilers of Wandavision cuz I cant watch on disney :)

    WILSHIRE2521 dag geleden

    I swear its Tony, help! Tony, please!

  • Scatti2K
    Scatti2K22 dagen geleden

    Imagine the opening title scene/card picks up where WandaVision left off where we hear Billy and Tommy’s voice. Idk why but hearing that gives me chills every time

  • Doug bull
    Doug bull22 dagen geleden

    At first when he started becoming dr strange had some very horrible acting from cumberbatch.hes not a very good the rest of the cast then watch him.hus acting was bad specially next to other the scene when he threw that trap at Kas can't spell it the main zealot.when he spoke to him the acting was so bad and nobody noticed.even in infinityvwar when he says to thanos he brought you face to face with Master of mystic arts.yea like thanos is gonna Regrett his life long work cause strange said so.its the way he says things just seems hes trying to hard.notvall scenes are bad but alot of them are.hes the weakling as acting goes in the mcu.ill probably get botched out for the comment.but go back and watch and garuntee you will find these scenes where is very melodramatic and way he speaks his lines wich come out as a b actor.hopfully he gets the character down better.even bucky was better and he had maybe 4 lines in cap winter soilder.i even went back to see him in other stuff and in other shows and films he has some bad acting scenes

  • Chris Langton
    Chris Langton23 dagen geleden

    They made the wrong choice by cutting this stuff, it made alot of stuff seem rushed in wandvision

  • Harshad Madhav
    Harshad Madhav23 dagen geleden

    If strange can't enter the Hex then how did aghta get into?

  • Jalen Will
    Jalen Will23 dagen geleden

    Marvel really said they didn’t want him *mansplaining* Wanda😭😭😭

  • Lee Mall
    Lee Mall24 dagen geleden

    Okay, we all know why Dr. Strange wasn't in the movie. E don't need to cover it up for them. I'm a female and I would have loved to see him in this series.

  • rb9888
    rb988824 dagen geleden

    how come agatha could get in and doctor strange couldn't...? that's just so lame..

  • Robb Scott
    Robb Scott24 dagen geleden

    This was cute lol

  • Wildflower memories
    Wildflower memories24 dagen geleden

    I was disappointed in her brother not being an X-men.

  • g unot
    g unot24 dagen geleden

    But Dr.Strange's Magic won't work Wanda did that spell that only the witch can cast magic in her space aka (the roons) I'm guessing the same thing goes towards Steven strange

  • Chris Moreno
    Chris Moreno25 dagen geleden

    How did Pietro get his then from the mind stone

  • Elo Oji
    Elo Oji25 dagen geleden

    The first tempo isely sprout because random postprandially rain amongst a electric gymnast. meaty, insidious description

  • Dukjin Im
    Dukjin Im25 dagen geleden

    Reality mirroring fiction, thus rewriting fiction and then affecting reality. Dr Strange couldn’t fly to Wanda’s show, but then Cumberbatch couldn’t fly to Olsen’s show. Which erases the fictional timeline where Dr. Strange needs to go to Wanda’s show... thereby erasing Cumberbatch’s need to fly to Olsen’s show.

  • Lotus Wolf
    Lotus Wolf26 dagen geleden

    to many wyt males i guess

  • Kazren
    Kazren26 dagen geleden

    Good job unravelling all the threads.

  • Christopher Schulein
    Christopher Schulein26 dagen geleden

    So why was she reading the Darkhold?

  • Tim Riley
    Tim Riley26 dagen geleden

    I think it is dumb they cut the scenes.

  • SaitamaYT
    SaitamaYT26 dagen geleden

    I swear I know your Outro music from somewhere but I can’t put my finger on it

  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson26 dagen geleden

    It’s over simplistic to say that Wanda is more powerful than Dr Strange. A person in a overwrought emotional state acting with not regard for their environment is not more powerful than a similar person who is trying to protect their environment and all the people in it. One is constrained by morals and ethics, the other is not. Wanda is thrashing about destroying people’s lives and the magical biome, Strange is trying to carefully protect the magical biome from further harm, repair it as he goes, and protect every human being both in and out of the hex all at the same time.

  • Zang
    Zang26 dagen geleden

    "It was Doctor Strange all along" 🎶

  • Aki Toroskainen
    Aki Toroskainen26 dagen geleden

    Korona is to blaime ewrything why we dont see stuff You know hope this year get rid of korona and see some normally life Oscar's and movies what we waided for

  • Aki Toroskainen
    Aki Toroskainen26 dagen geleden

    Disapoitining whyy oh why we diditn see dr stange oh welll i multi madness then ;)

  • John Martin
    John Martin26 dagen geleden

    Not true. No scene was filmed. Benedict Cumberbatch was never ask to be in WandaVision. This is the author theory. Cumberbatch said this several times.

  • Kamron
    Kamron27 dagen geleden


  • Nitethrasher
    Nitethrasher27 dagen geleden

    They need to do a directors’ cut!

  • Taiwo Ajayi
    Taiwo Ajayi27 dagen geleden

    Nobody pronounces Lagos currently

  • Wanda White
    Wanda White27 dagen geleden

    At the end part I seen Dr strange in the cloud to show that he played a part in it so I got that part but they have rewritten a whole lot of this because vision was supposed to keep on living before they killed them off and it ending games and then they end up vision fighting the white vision that wasn't in the comics at all so yes they written a whole lot of stuff and it ain't going to make any sense and then I don't like how they brought the scroll and at the end part talking to the what you call her name so that gets me to wonder about is her mother a scroll also or was her father scroll and this is just strange

  • mrdude
    mrdude27 dagen geleden

    Good job KF! Don't undermine your wamen character. Just make her know how and what runes to create. . . .which she would have to be taught . . . .but not by a man. . . .so she just Rey'd them into existence.

  • Michael Ferri
    Michael Ferri27 dagen geleden

    There is no Satan or anything else

  • jem lebeau
    jem lebeau27 dagen geleden

    Sounds a little bit stretched

  • Manzoor Strange
    Manzoor Strange27 dagen geleden

    I think Dr Strange knows everything so he left her. or maybe dr strange was already in multiverse with spider-man than when she was reaeding darkhold maybe she break the multiverse and then dr strange find her and do fight>

  • Tymon the Łajza
    Tymon the Łajza27 dagen geleden

    In Feige we trust. Whatever he does.. it's good :D

    FELICIA28 dagen geleden

    Undermine my ass. They make some really dumb decisions sometimes.

  • It's Floncs
    It's Floncs28 dagen geleden

    Feige probably thought he was doing Wanda a favor by letting Stephen out and preserving her spotlight, but seriously, this "logic" that baddass women can only remain baddass if they are isolated from other powerful characters is dumb. It implies that Wanda's powerfulness is so fragile that it will disappear as soon as a powerful male character appears, and that's just wrong. I loved the show as it was, but having Dr Strange show up/be the one who was making the commercials would've made it 10 times better. And pls, Wanda can have a bunch of screentime in Ds2 but Stephen can't have one scene on her 9 hours show?? It just doesn't make sense.

  • Osnat Ashtara Levin
    Osnat Ashtara Levin28 dagen geleden

    Off-Topic --> Will you guys be doing a video for "the Nevers" TV series?

  • theytookmyname666
    theytookmyname66628 dagen geleden

    I really like how Wanda figured out the runes on her own, I think that was really well done. At the same time, I hope they make some reference to why Strange didn't show up. At least like a line or short clip or something (like how in one of the Thor movies they explained no SHIELD because SHIELD wouldn't answer the phone). They could still say Strange was behind the commercials, and that was the best he could do because chaos magic or because the hex wasn't the only magic emergency at the time or something that kept him busy in some fashion. At the very least have Strange acknowledge like "yeah I knew the hex was there, but it wasn't a big enough threat to leave the sanctum unguarded" or something like that. I just don't want them to ignore it, and leave us with no answer whatsoever. Or have it be that like Wanda's chaos magic doesn't show up on Strange's radar because idk why, it's chaos magic??? or because of the way Wanda cast the spell or something. Just some explanation, some acknowledgement of some kind for why big magic stuff and no Strange.

  • Jason Keller
    Jason Keller28 dagen geleden

    Some thing nobody ever really talked about was how Doctor Strange his mentor told the hulk that without the infinity stones that leaves the earth open to all kinds of dangers and they took the stones back in time so their current reality is definitely open to many threats

  • Jason Keller
    Jason Keller28 dagen geleden

    Dr strange has become one of my favorite heroes and I wasn’t even a fan of the comic. That’s how amazing marvel is 😜

  • Thanos
    Thanos28 dagen geleden

    i get they didn’t want him to come in and overshadow wandas arc, but man did they make his character look weak by doing that. he’s my favorite so they better come up with a good excuse for him not being there

  • J
    J29 dagen geleden

    And they say that Feige and the MCU is all planned....

  • Jblac Smith
    Jblac Smith29 dagen geleden

    the real reason why doctor strange was cut, they didnt want him to mansplain things to wanda

  • BJ SE
    BJ SE29 dagen geleden

    Dude, there’s a title for the video already. Why must you insist on saying the title again at the beginning of every. single. video? 🤦‍♂️

  • Dana Mapson
    Dana Mapson29 dagen geleden

    I loved Wanda Vision but felt like there was a missing piece. Dr Strange would have made more sense, even if the cut it down instead of out. I also kept wondering how none of the other Avengers knew what was going on with Wanda. They had to rewrite FATWS too. I know because of covid but I hope it doesn't become a habit.

  • David Goresky
    David GoreskyMaand geleden

    O'd like to know, where is Magneto out of it all; Where is Daddy?

  • Lindsay Harris
    Lindsay HarrisMaand geleden

    i’m GLAD they cut eggs benedict cucumber batch. Woman were powering that ending. Bye benny

  • Loutzenheiser
    LoutzenheiserMaand geleden

    That Dr. Strange crossover would have been awesome! We were right to think Strange was involved lolll

  • Anthony Richardson
    Anthony RichardsonMaand geleden

    I love that they cut the teaching and she learned it herself

  • No No
    No NoMaand geleden

    Will we see ghost rider in the multiverse of madness

  • Prince
    PrinceMaand geleden

    doesnt scarlet witch get her powers from cyttorak though?

  • christie wiza
    christie wizaMaand geleden

    The wasteful vulture tentatively paste because form intrestingly thaw modulo a hulking city. awesome, amuck laugh

  • K Stee
    K SteeMaand geleden

    and no, they didi not make the right call. I think most people agree that the end of wanda vision was bad.

  • K Stee
    K SteeMaand geleden

    Oh please. They didn't have Dr Strange because they can't have a MAN helping a woman.

  • Mark Brittain
    Mark BrittainMaand geleden

    All well and good but his absence will need explaining considering as it was explained his job to maintain magic in the realm so to speak in Dr Strange 2

  • Sergio Cavazos Jr
    Sergio Cavazos JrMaand geleden

    They didn't undermind Wanda but they undermined Dr. Strange. Now we can't believe he is the protector of the realm.

  • drawwing
    drawwingMaand geleden

    no, i think they took all that footage out for reasons they are not saying

  • bored cat
    bored catMaand geleden

    Strange wasnt even on it and thats all i care about...