DJ Khaled - I'm The One ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne


  • Sanjay Sarania
    Sanjay Sarania15 minuten geleden

    Wow nice song my best song love you too

  • I’m literally a Maverick
    I’m literally a MaverickUur geleden

    Yes bro! Yes!! Let’s goooo 2021

  • Mr Overdose 254
    Mr Overdose 254Uur geleden

    Quavo never disappoint always on point 🔥

  • Christian Messersmith
    Christian Messersmith2 uur geleden

    My God, why weren't those yews trimmed.. Knights of Columbus

  • Ghost Dog
    Ghost Dog2 uur geleden

    Damn DJ Khaled really hits so hard in this song

  • guerschom kitoka
    guerschom kitoka3 uur geleden

    this song is for pev's

  • raghu singh
    raghu singh3 uur geleden

    Herd this song for the farst time, did he say chutmari - 0:42

  • 이게뭐람
    이게뭐람4 uur geleden


  • Nitin Kumar
    Nitin Kumar4 uur geleden

    Anyone in July 2021

  • army jimim💓
    army jimim💓5 uur geleden

    I Love yiu😍😽💘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Afiya Homeward
    Afiya Homeward5 uur geleden

    hi sarai

  • Emmalyne Joseph
    Emmalyne Joseph5 uur geleden

    a'm happy

  • Emmalyne Joseph
    Emmalyne Joseph5 uur geleden

    ok''ok that's nice

  • Truờng Vũ Công
    Truờng Vũ Công6 uur geleden

    Thề bài này cuốn vl ae ạ

  • Somtea Tlau
    Somtea Tlau6 uur geleden

    What a collaboration from every artist I called them living legend😎🤩🤩

    RAVEN S.T6 uur geleden

    Ahhh it's been so long this song has bring me and my brother together and would party hard I miss this.....

  • Christián Blanco
    Christián Blanco8 uur geleden

    This song gives me complete summer vibes in winter as well 💯

  • Wide Boi17
    Wide Boi179 uur geleden

    this is like eminems forever, filled with great rappers

  • Brashea Pickney
    Brashea Pickney10 uur geleden

    2016 was the best year plus this just had dropped 😭

  • anjie suganan
    anjie suganan10 uur geleden

    justen bibier

  • D y l a n
    D y l a n12 uur geleden

    When DJ Khaled said ' ' Holyshit I realy felt that

  • D y l a n
    D y l a n12 uur geleden

    This song is bringing me back in 2017-2018

  • D y l a n
    D y l a n12 uur geleden

    Song is almost 5 years but still now im listening to this masterpiece Like if you too!

  • vea resente
    vea resente13 uur geleden

    4 years ago and I'm still here😳

  • 路人甲乙丙
    路人甲乙丙13 uur geleden

    Justin Bieber : I am the one yeah 賈斯汀:我是獨一無二的

  • Chris Alembe
    Chris Alembe14 uur geleden

    Straight summer vibes

  • Manda White
    Manda White15 uur geleden

    Luv this track, gets me all happy n bouncy lol

  • Dee Wyzee Official
    Dee Wyzee Official15 uur geleden

    I love this song I love this song I love this song I love this song I love this song❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Marquis Gunn Gunn
    Marquis Gunn Gunn16 uur geleden

    The best part of this song when chance the rapper went in

  • Marina Saraiva
    Marina Saraiva16 uur geleden


  • Commentary Home
    Commentary Home17 uur geleden

    Now there is Body in motion 💥✊

  • Ayden Tan
    Ayden Tan17 uur geleden

    Every Radio stations here in the Philippines loves this song they always play this

  • Technical RajKumar
    Technical RajKumar18 uur geleden

    Khtrav xa get

  • Patryk Kaminsky
    Patryk Kaminsky18 uur geleden

    Pick me Up Justin Bieber

  • Randy Hammonds
    Randy Hammonds19 uur geleden

    Respect da boy

  • Hehh Kay
    Hehh Kay20 uur geleden

    Everytime I watch a music video or anything having to do with rich famous people I hate being born into my broke ass family more and more

  • Person
    Person21 uur geleden

    i’m shocked this song doesn’t have 1 million dislikes

  • Ernest Appiah
    Ernest Appiah22 uur geleden

    Just say his name...DJ KHALED 👍👍👍

  • Tombong Diao
    Tombong Diao22 uur geleden

    DJ Khaled le meilleur DJ de tout les temps

  • Cleven Boris
    Cleven Boris23 uur geleden

    Essa é lendária 🔥🔥🔥

  • Tony Kinoti
    Tony Kinoti23 uur geleden

    Now Look At Me

  • Ryannor Cooper
    Ryannor Cooper23 uur geleden

    Don't hesitate to subscribe because I will soon be releasing an album. Everyone is listening! The image is great if only you can come because I have done a lot to please you but I really need you and your support. Thank you all and hope to have an answer from you.

  • katly forevab
    katly forevabDag geleden

    lil tunechi legend

  • help me get to 20k subscribers without any video
    help me get to 20k subscribers without any videoDag geleden

    2017 came with good songs. The full packege❤💖

  • St. Trillz
    St. TrillzDag geleden

    People come here every day to listen to this song. This is a masterpiece

  • Tony Kinoti
    Tony KinotiDag geleden

    i wish this was the wisest food yo chose your lady to ride no?

  • Manola gaming
    Manola gamingDag geleden

    Masterpiece ❤️ 4 year gone but still on loop

  • yesha yoongs
    yesha yoongsDag geleden

    What a day was that

  • Rius
    RiusDag geleden


  • Rolando Nguyen
    Rolando NguyenDag geleden

    justin B!tch, I mean justin bieber wack! PLEASE no more justin beaver.

  • chen chen
    chen chenDag geleden

    God is given to everlasting life. need believe in God and jesus. welcome to heaven. facebook my acc-chanhit. pinterest my acc-chanhit

  • Jayla Spero
    Jayla SperoDag geleden

    Still listening to this song

  • Jessy William
    Jessy WilliamDag geleden

    If you're still here on 2021 show some love

  • Janeissa Pascual
    Janeissa PascualDag geleden

    In 2021 youre still the one Bieber 🔥

  • Prathik Shetty
    Prathik ShettyDag geleden

    JULY 26 .2021 🖐🖐

  • Tom Carney
    Tom CarneyDag geleden

    2021 anyone

  • shãddy GAMING✔︎
    shãddy GAMING✔︎Dag geleden

    One salute to cameraman for holding camera by his one hand 👌🙋

  • Dark Edits
    Dark EditsDag geleden

    Cadê os brasileiros ? Kkk

  • eyshila
    eyshilaDag geleden

    who is here after 4 years

  • Asrif Latiff
    Asrif LatiffDag geleden

    Who is that chick in green shiny bikini? Does anyone know?

  • Jackie Craig
    Jackie CraigDag geleden

    Your my one ❤️ you stole my ❤️ before anyone knew you had it ❤️ come make my dreams come true ❤️ you light up my heart your a pure light ❤️ noone shines like you do ❤️ you make the world shine ❤️ my soul loves your soul ❤️ you know who you are ❤️

  • Black Nina Shaw
    Black Nina ShawDag geleden

    Every Wayne verse is timeless 🥰💕

  • Carrie willis
    Carrie willis2 dagen geleden

    It's a hit WTF!!!!! WE THE BEST

    HYDRA YOJAN2 dagen geleden

    Don't worry We will back after 10 years in comment section..... To other masterpiece

  • ابراهيم الشمري
    ابراهيم الشمري2 dagen geleden


  • Laone Tshidi
    Laone Tshidi2 dagen geleden

    Fyodor noting rturing &=^*

  • Rose Paleo
    Rose Paleo2 dagen geleden

    Best song Justin Bieber made

  • Ashok Majhi
    Ashok Majhi2 dagen geleden

    Legend watch after 4 years😂

  • jEfex iyamu

    jEfex iyamu

    Dag geleden

    You can say that Again🍒🍷

  • Freelancer Sohag
    Freelancer Sohag2 dagen geleden

    Rip for those who see their own daughters on this video.

  • nlsn
    nlsn2 dagen geleden

    Lil Wayne's verse in 2017 alone would absolutely still destroy 90% of the songs right now

  • Whitey
    Whitey2 dagen geleden

    Dj Bitch is just standing there like a vase while other rappers are singing and dancing Lets say the truth............Without Justin bieber this song might have reached 72M views only

  • RE NZ
    RE NZ2 dagen geleden

    4:12 idk why but this is part of justin so satisfying to watch for me.

  • dalabuwa
    dalabuwa2 dagen geleden


  • rfein1
    rfein12 dagen geleden

    Chance you straight killed this beat way to rep Chicago big dog

  • rfein1
    rfein12 dagen geleden

    Corey lynch 309 453 8460 is the biggest Illinois kkk proud boy hat a d bag J beibs you are the fucking man with DJ Khalid and company go chance go BLESS UP

    DVJ MOJAY2 dagen geleden

    ...and you look just the same without no makeups

  • Get it let it roll
    Get it let it roll2 dagen geleden

    *Another one*

  • Gem
    Gem2 dagen geleden

    Weezy 🐐🐐🐐

  • ckafrda
    ckafrda2 dagen geleden

    bismillah give away box of mine gold

  • Beef Beef
    Beef Beef2 dagen geleden

    wow almost 2billion veiws

  • Alvaro Urbano
    Alvaro Urbano2 dagen geleden

    3:11 Instagram?

  • Samuelakon Agbeko
    Samuelakon Agbeko2 dagen geleden


  • Lois Brown
    Lois Brown2 dagen geleden


  • Juan Miguel
    Juan Miguel2 dagen geleden

    tagal na netong song nato

  • Katie Walker
    Katie Walker2 dagen geleden

    I’m here because of Jack grealish 🤣

  • Fusion ス悦き
    Fusion ス悦き2 dagen geleden

    2021 anyone👀

  • Phina Nuga
    Phina Nuga2 dagen geleden

    Hoping people will like this song in years to come the notification will remind of the song🙄

  • Zafir Kasooji

    Zafir Kasooji

    15 uur geleden

    @Dylan Nah I'll accept it

  • Dylan


    Dag geleden

    Stop trying to get clout

  • Dave Kappler
    Dave Kappler2 dagen geleden

    Chance the Rapper at 0:38

  • Levi Blackett
    Levi Blackett2 dagen geleden

    Good song

  • ChefBoyThirdy
    ChefBoyThirdy2 dagen geleden

    This was 4 years ago, I feel old

  • Otis Landry
    Otis Landry2 dagen geleden

  • Otis Landry
    Otis Landry2 dagen geleden

  • Orion .Hunter
    Orion .Hunter2 dagen geleden


  • young 70 TZ
    young 70 TZ3 dagen geleden


  • Dano Vaj
    Dano Vaj3 dagen geleden

    Shit I like the music but chance the rapper f everything up I'll say it and be blunt he sucks I don't think he has any talent lol he sound like a normal day rapper who trying