Demi Lovato - Dancing With The Devil (Live Acoustic Performance)


Live at the Demi Lovato: Dancing With The Devil documentary premiere in Los Angeles, California
“Dancing With The Devil” out now:
'Dancing With The Devil... The Art Of Starting Over' out now:
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  • Rota do Norte
    Rota do Norte7 uur geleden

    Essa gritaria e firulas tira toda emoção da música

  • Dan Taylor
    Dan Taylor11 uur geleden

    you go girl!

  • Dag geleden

    Maravilhosa ❤️

  • Karizma 00
    Karizma 00Dag geleden

    So gorgeous my goodness and this hairrr and outfit

  • Harlow Thayer
    Harlow Thayer5 dagen geleden

    4 words: Demi is a QUEEN.

  • Leelagyyfv. cvcbz Nunez
    Leelagyyfv. cvcbz Nunez6 dagen geleden


  • Pup Rakan
    Pup Rakan6 dagen geleden

    I came to see the ending and oof she always brings me to tears

  • Simone Chèrie
    Simone Chèrie7 dagen geleden

    The upper range on this woman is SICKENING! You NEVER HEAR notes that high outside of Gospel CHRIST on the cross!

  • Lucia Bellalta
    Lucia Bellalta8 dagen geleden

    Demi this was incredible

  • Lucia Bellalta
    Lucia Bellalta8 dagen geleden

    The only word that i can said is: wow

  • Angel Morales
    Angel Morales8 dagen geleden

    When she sang yes yea the high notes you can here her sing from her heart and she did awesome and she was releasing all her stress it's in like 3:16

  • dulcetlovers
    dulcetlovers9 dagen geleden


  • Positive Vibes Therapy
    Positive Vibes Therapy9 dagen geleden

    thanks for your vibes Demi!

  • likely obsessed
    likely obsessed9 dagen geleden

    Never had this many chills at once

  • Logan King
    Logan King9 dagen geleden

    Just a little white line

  • Amanda R.
    Amanda R.10 dagen geleden

    We love you Demi !!!

  • Blessing Darko
    Blessing Darko10 dagen geleden

    no comment, just Chills 🥶

  • Amanda Nicole Music
    Amanda Nicole Music12 dagen geleden

    Hey everyone! I just did a cover of this song plz lmk whatcha think of it!

  • Anne Cobb
    Anne Cobb13 dagen geleden

    What a command of the addiction dance that many people never get to finish!

  • Jennifer Mayara
    Jennifer Mayara13 dagen geleden

    Extremamente maravilhosa!

  • Bárbara Lima
    Bárbara Lima13 dagen geleden

    To mto fã 🥺😍😍

  • Merit Scott
    Merit Scott13 dagen geleden

    John 3.16

  • Jamie Evans
    Jamie Evans14 dagen geleden

    hi guys! love this song and I've made orchestral version of it please check out on my channl) best wishes to You and stay strongs

  • Nicolas martinez
    Nicolas martinez15 dagen geleden

    Oww amoo

  • Lovatic Sue
    Lovatic Sue15 dagen geleden


  • Amanda Nicole Music
    Amanda Nicole Music16 dagen geleden

    Hey everyone! I just did a cover of this song plz lmk whatcha think of it!

  • Io M
    Io M16 dagen geleden

    I am in awe, I got chills down my spine. What amazing vocals and what amazing songwriting. This song speaks to my soul

  • Carlos eduardo
    Carlos eduardo17 dagen geleden

    Que espetáculo

  • Chelsea Crook
    Chelsea Crook18 dagen geleden

    Got so so so much respect for you Demi🤗 youre a massive inspiration to me because if you can get clean and show how strong you are to have to go through all that.. I'm so so so so glad you made it through the darkest days. I can't put into words how much respect I have for you Demi ❤️ thanks for showing me we can get clean off drugs so thank you so much!! This song helps me sooo sooo much!! I absolutely love your hair! You're so beautiful inside and out 😍😍❤️ so glad u made it Demi the world wouldn't be the same without such an amazing powerful woman❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Aymê
    Aymê19 dagen geleden

    I'm here EVERYDAY ☆♡☆

  • Dan Taylor
    Dan Taylor19 dagen geleden

    my life will never be quite complete because I can never ever have you in my arms; most beautiful girl in the world x

  • Dan Taylor
    Dan Taylor19 dagen geleden

    So beautiful!

    TAMIRES OLIVEIRA20 dagen geleden

    perfeita, muita força p vc.

  • sofia
    sofia20 dagen geleden

    Wow, it's so much better like this, her voice is incredible and is even better when it's louder than the music

    GHOSTS & CATS20 dagen geleden

    She's the most beautiful woman in the world!

  • Jerry
    Jerry20 dagen geleden

    Demi, if I'd be so lucky for you to actually see and respond to this comment, pleeeeeeeeeeeease if your excellent piano player can't make it to one of your performances, put me on your backup list. I play professionally, have already learned this mind-blowing song, and would be highly honored!!

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez20 dagen geleden

    Me encanta excelente voz Demi

  • Courtney Emily
    Courtney Emily21 dag geleden

    Her voice is INCREDIBLE. She is truly a force to be reckoned with! ❤️

  • inès
    inès21 dag geleden


  • David xxx
    David xxx21 dag geleden


  • Samantha Lacerda
    Samantha Lacerda21 dag geleden

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! LEGEND"""""

  • LineOn Dii
    LineOn Dii22 dagen geleden

    Mds 😍😍😍😍

  • Mari Morais
    Mari Morais22 dagen geleden

    um minuto de silêncio pelas pessoas que não viram esse vídeo e não conhecem a música...

  • Gu Almeida
    Gu Almeida22 dagen geleden

    Parabéns! Achou um comentário brasileiro!

  • Victoria
    Victoria22 dagen geleden

    I am so happy Demi survived and came out the other side of her addiction. I am happy she is healing, recovering, and moving forward. Hard for other average person addicts who don't have millions of dollars, can't go to top notch treatment, don't have thousands of people supporting them. Can't get hired because they have a criminal past and a neck tattoo. Surely Demi is using her amazing musical talent as an outlet of her soul and I am glad she is bringing further light to the disease which is addiction but her story is not typical, not average, and not applicable to so many people still suffering and recovering today. Just my opinion.

  • rudolph mcneill
    rudolph mcneill22 dagen geleden

    The acoustic, the lyrics, the vocals, the passion. This song is EVERYTHING!! Talk about telling her story and sharing it with world. Jsmh in AWE.

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa22 dagen geleden

    love you Demi, God's with you

  • Florencia Do Canto
    Florencia Do Canto22 dagen geleden

    La verdad que pienso que lo primero que pienso es que está viva de milagro por Dios. Debería entregar su vida a el.

  • Learn English With Hope
    Learn English With Hope23 dagen geleden


  • Stephany Martell Silva
    Stephany Martell Silva23 dagen geleden

    Love this song. May you be blessed Demi and might inner peace come to you.

  • alb
    alb23 dagen geleden


  • Mady Leigh
    Mady Leigh23 dagen geleden

    Always been an inspiration to me since the beginning

  • Trisha Ziraldo
    Trisha Ziraldo24 dagen geleden

    The comeback is ALWAYS greater than the setback. You can feel the power in this when she has the freedom from her record label on a live performance!!!

  • Carlos eduardo
    Carlos eduardo24 dagen geleden

    Rainha ne amoresss👑

  • Sweet Nightmare
    Sweet Nightmare24 dagen geleden


  • Mariana Sousa
    Mariana Sousa25 dagen geleden


  • - ෆ -
    - ෆ -25 dagen geleden

  • Bruno Bezerra
    Bruno Bezerra25 dagen geleden

    beautiful song, beautiful voice.... sound perfect

  • Blake Cunningham
    Blake Cunningham26 dagen geleden

    She can’t sing

  • Thais Batista
    Thais Batista26 dagen geleden

    Sei que você não vai entende o que digo, porém mesmo assim venho aqui lhe agradescer por salvar minha vida. Me lembro no dia que tentei suicídio no hospital escutava sua música stay strong todos os dias , pra tirar forças de algum lugar, você influência milhões de vida e uma delas é a minha. Essa música retrata a vida de muitas pessoas que como eu dançaram com o diabo. Agradeço a Deus por sua vida e espero que mesmo em dias ruins , você se agarre nele. Obrigado de todo meu coração. Te amo e um dia espero que venha ao Brasil mesmo sem saber quem sou, pode ter certeza estarei lá pra aplaudir seu sucesso de pé.

  • Carlos eduardo

    Carlos eduardo

    24 dagen geleden


  • ChrisTal Rising
    ChrisTal Rising26 dagen geleden

    3:58 Am INSANE in noticing she hears the HONK and then hits the exact same note while smiling??? I am in love just for that.

  • Jessica Sinclair from Lihue Kauai Hawaii
    Jessica Sinclair from Lihue Kauai Hawaii26 dagen geleden

    She's black facing, this is so racist.

  • Guh Costa
    Guh Costa26 dagen geleden


  • Thaelson Cruz
    Thaelson Cruz26 dagen geleden

    Só eu achei essa vibe dela meio Betty Boop? Kkkkkk . . Did I just find her vibe kind of Betty Boop? LOL

  • Julia Bohrer Teixeira
    Julia Bohrer Teixeira26 dagen geleden

    Reminds me of Christina Aguilera's songs of "Dirty"

  • Queen Mayra
    Queen Mayra26 dagen geleden

    Vocals hitting it as per usual

  • Carlos eduardo
    Carlos eduardo27 dagen geleden

    Que Cantora

  • taintedfeels
    taintedfeels27 dagen geleden

    The amount of chills she gave me outrageous

  • claudette charette
    claudette charette27 dagen geleden

    beautiful song Demi only wish my son was here to hear it and please Demi keep fighting

  • Mitcl Santer
    Mitcl Santer27 dagen geleden

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  • Januar sky
    Januar sky27 dagen geleden

    GILA 🔥🔥🔥

  • Timothy Clifton
    Timothy Clifton27 dagen geleden

    💎🐺💎...feeling this so much! 🌹

    THE SON OF PAWS27 dagen geleden

    demi screaming justice

  • Joyce Talbot
    Joyce Talbot27 dagen geleden

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  • Indira Solis
    Indira Solis27 dagen geleden

    Short hair really works for her

  • Isleña Riqueña
    Isleña Riqueña28 dagen geleden

    I swear I think she must've had the crowd crying because I am here sobbing like crazy. 😪

  • Mario Guzman
    Mario Guzman28 dagen geleden

    Damn!!! Gave me chills!

  • muayad مؤيد
    muayad مؤيد28 dagen geleden

    who thought it was a sponser no one.... ok

  • Dominica Deubler
    Dominica Deubler28 dagen geleden

    The drunk age genotypically nest because quiet beautifully obtain qua a smoggy comfort. acoustic, wonderful sing

  • Aguste Hodor
    Aguste Hodor28 dagen geleden

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  • Preston Andrew
    Preston Andrew28 dagen geleden

    Couldn't of been better sung....🙃

  • Liliana Moreira
    Liliana Moreira28 dagen geleden

    Hearing this song is so... Divine and pure. It's sad to know the true behind it but at the same time inspiring and brave. Also, this song, I think, should be in Euphoria, it's fits on the show.

  • Stace Lunches
    Stace Lunches28 dagen geleden

    This is the best version of this song !

  • Alleigh Slemp
    Alleigh Slemp28 dagen geleden

    You’re a queen don’t forget it. 👸👑

  • Anannya Pratheep Nair
    Anannya Pratheep Nair28 dagen geleden

    MY LORD! WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO HER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Monse Davila
    Monse Davila28 dagen geleden

    Demi is easily one of the best artists this world has ever seen.👏🏼 The way she can portray her emotions and experiences in music, in such a poetic and vulnerable way... and plus, the vocals this girl has are out of this world!!! She deserves to be more recognized ‼️ I’m grateful she made it through

  • Lena Hunter
    Lena Hunter28 dagen geleden

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  • NTV
    NTV29 dagen geleden

  • Ker Loz
    Ker Loz29 dagen geleden

    The sloppy keyboard culturally hop because seashore logistically add during a pastoral dash. pretty, hulking tile

  • Captain Bamboo
    Captain Bamboo29 dagen geleden

    She's lucky to be alive. Not everyone makes it out. RIP to DMX who passed away yesterday April 9th 2021, and to everyone else who's lost their lives to addiction.

  • dom-mage
    dom-mage29 dagen geleden

    🙏☮️💞 depuis le sud du Portugal 🇵🇹🆓

  • Camila Sol Borzillo
    Camila Sol Borzillo29 dagen geleden


  • Nathalie C
    Nathalie C29 dagen geleden

    her hair❤️

  • chris Tseu
    chris Tseu29 dagen geleden

    The lucky foundation rhetorically paint because argentina consistently lick down a superb interactive. determined, plain stepmother

  • Nikhil
    Nikhil29 dagen geleden


  • Nate Koo
    Nate Koo29 dagen geleden

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  • Fatima Zahra Cherradi
    Fatima Zahra Cherradi29 dagen geleden

    Demi is amazing obviously but can we talk about the pianist 😂

  • Alexandroaia Alexandru
    Alexandroaia Alexandru29 dagen geleden

    Demi I hope whatever you do, you keep fighting and coming back up to show us that no matter what life swings at you, you catch it and throw it back! You’re a hero everyone deserve xx

  • Dayane Monyque Santos
    Dayane Monyque Santos29 dagen geleden

    Perfeita como sempre!

  • Gizem Bakan
    Gizem Bakan29 dagen geleden

    that was the most increadible thing i have ever seen omggg