Come Back Daniel Song - Spy Ninjas (Official Music Video)


After Chad Wild Clay made "WILL DANIEL JOIN THE SPY NINJAS?", Vy Qwaint created "HE'S HYPNOTIZING NLdronrs \u0026 EX HACKERS", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "OUR BEST FRIEND LOST HIS MIND in Hypnosis", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "DEFEATING HACKERS IN ROBLOX ARSENAL" the Spy Ninjas decide to save Daniel. Ever since he met his girlfriend, Alie, he has been acting weird. He got hypnotized by the stalker group and the leader Horse Radish. He is acting evil and bad! We tried a bunch of challenges to make him nice and funny, the friendly Daniel he used to be. We even pushed him into the pool. And he really wants to expose Chad's secret that is hidden in the Project Zorgo leaders mask. We decided to make an official music video with lyrics to transform Daniel into the guy we all know and love! We did this with Chad when he was Chad Mild Clay and it worked. We took out our cat piano keyboard, guitars, and drums to make some awesome beats. We even had a rap battle. Please come back, Daniel! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!

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  • Chad Wild Clay
    Chad Wild ClayMaand geleden

    What is up Spy Ninjas! What is your favorite part of this song? I'm reading your comments!

  • Mohammed Alnaimi

    Mohammed Alnaimi

    4 dagen geleden

    Hi chad wild clay your wife is cute

  • Eric Turner

    Eric Turner

    7 dagen geleden

    favorite part when Daniel got smacked in the face

  • Nida Nabeel

    Nida Nabeel

    17 dagen geleden

    When regina say i won't slap and then jk i will

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    wyatt lexvold

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    All of it

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    PrincessMaria7 minuten geleden

    I am a big fan of your videos Andy am a big fan of your videos and I like regener

  • Hina Altaf
    Hina Altaf9 minuten geleden

    My favorite part is when REGINA slaps Daniel😂

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    marta vollrath11 minuten geleden

    Mí no ber es Rebecca pop

  • marta vollrath
    marta vollrath12 minuten geleden

    Rebecca pop de queso y sos se lo ha dicho el de puerco y 8udjfhfjjrjqos

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    I love Regina sing

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    im grown and all but this go hard

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    Veronica Reyna50 minuten geleden

    Chad was the best 🥳

  • Nevaeh Gonzales
    Nevaeh Gonzales53 minuten geleden

    My favorite part is when Melvin comes in

  • jatt haris
    jatt haris59 minuten geleden

    daniel reacheng is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wired look at his face soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wired

  • Michelle Miller
    Michelle MillerUur geleden

    cwc ROL

  • uzma hussain
    uzma hussainUur geleden

    I really like the video it is so cool

  • Lorien Paul
    Lorien PaulUur geleden

    I like te beat and song

  • Lorien Paul
    Lorien PaulUur geleden

    I like it when he come back

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    3:25 go see

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  • S.A Kareem
    S.A KareemUur geleden

    I like when rigina say ( JK I MAGHIT) i say it one million times 😏

  • Lillyana Gonzales
    Lillyana GonzalesUur geleden

    My favorite part is when vy sing your mean to Regina you always mock her on Instagram you even blocked her

  • kim anderson
    kim andersonUur geleden

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    Baby nothing

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    Love it keep it up

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    I liked the video and i subscribed 3 times

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    Love you

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    Nice auto tune

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    So your saying your bu****l is on your leg chad and and vy

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    Come back

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    I had to watch this twice because I loved it

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    I been watching you for a whole year and two weeks

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    i like the come back daniel song so match

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    Stop in and get a hold of me

  • Lone_Wolf
    Lone_Wolf3 uur geleden

    I was clapping and dingy when vy sang bc I like her character

  • Rub Avi
    Rub Avi3 uur geleden

    And this is Melvin 👴where is Melborn

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    My favorite was the rap that vy did and regina

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    I did the jk I MIGHT to my brother and slapped him

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  • Night mode THE LOL playing games
    Night mode THE LOL playing games4 uur geleden

    1:09 they are making fun of alan walker

  • Jeinbei Rosario
    Jeinbei Rosario4 uur geleden

    Yeah Daniel snap out of it before regina hit you harder than it looks

  • Linda Haddad
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  • Linda Haddad
    Linda Haddad4 uur geleden

    I really like your song and your voices are amazing love

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    Black pyramid

  • Bryan Soto
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