Bronny James VS FaZe Rug! (Intense 1v1)


I had the pleasure of playing H.O.R.S.E vs Bronny James aka FaZe Bronny aka LeBron James Jr! This game was surprisingly close!
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug27 dagen geleden

    Bronny is an actual BEAST. Subscribe for more vids if u want to be entertained every other day :)



    7 dagen geleden

    Ay can u do a horse challenge with LeBron James

  • rafail vidakis

    rafail vidakis

    10 dagen geleden

    Rug i love and you are bery good youtuber

  • Amiro19


    11 dagen geleden

    Lebron Says Clan that White man

  • Terrence lol

    Terrence lol

    16 dagen geleden

    omg i love you r veds

  • Elijah :

    Elijah :

    17 dagen geleden

    Aiden’s gonna lose in that 1v1 you gonna win!

  • Anxhela Alla
    Anxhela AllaUur geleden

    bronny ain't even trying, he knows he is the best

  • Gab Javier
    Gab Javier2 uur geleden

    lose FaZe

  • Carranza701 P.U
    Carranza701 P.U2 uur geleden

    5:14 comes out of nowhere 😂

  • Grant Lottmann
    Grant Lottmann3 uur geleden

    My boy rug

  • Sophia Spraggins
    Sophia Spraggins6 uur geleden

    I had high hopes that you would win but you lose sum you win sum love you faze rug best trick shoter on NLdron

  • Samuel Steven
    Samuel Steven8 uur geleden


  • Monkey rohan Bob ross
    Monkey rohan Bob ross18 uur geleden


  • Nicole Smetanaf by c u DC gccj n
    Nicole Smetanaf by c u DC gccj n22 uur geleden

    Noo Faze u were in the lead the whole time. Good Job

  • ItZ Sav
    ItZ Sav22 uur geleden

    Not obvious at all how he tires so hard to stretch the vid to 10 min

  • Ginny Miller
    Ginny Miller23 uur geleden

    Bronny sucks and is so overated just cause he lebron's son

  • Foxxy828 Name
    Foxxy828 NameDag geleden

    You should try to go to the NBA maybe?

  • Jasmine Blankenship
    Jasmine BlankenshipDag geleden

    Can you sign me up in the FaZe Clan

  • sam123 johnson123
    sam123 johnson123Dag geleden

    Faze rug

  • Hunter Davis
    Hunter DavisDag geleden

    I'm a part of our rags

  • Cheezitboy234
    Cheezitboy234Dag geleden

    Bronny almost sounds exactly like his dad

  • Joelle Tschritter
    Joelle TschritterDag geleden


  • Zig Field
    Zig FieldDag geleden

    Hes not his dads level same age in basketball no way

  • Dustin Smith
    Dustin SmithDag geleden

    Paper towel all the way baby

  • Bob Allen
    Bob AllenDag geleden

    Is no one going to mention rug said he is 6 f 6 which is a lie

  • Trevor Gaming
    Trevor GamingDag geleden

    Faze rug yo

  • Wiz
    WizDag geleden

    he legit sound like his father lebron,thats crazy

  • Nate Garretto
    Nate GarrettoDag geleden

    Who else wants more basketball content?

  • Riley Crazzeski
    Riley CrazzeskiDag geleden

    Rug needs to go down in history as the most positive NLdronr ever

  • Andrew Green
    Andrew GreenDag geleden

    Wen you got 20 m can I got a PS 5 please 😰😰😰 YOU WILL NOT

  • Vanessa Quintero
    Vanessa QuinteroDag geleden

    I hope FaZe Rug wins

  • reeses.
    reeses.Dag geleden

    lebron looking like -_-

  • FerociousBeast
    FerociousBeast2 dagen geleden

    hello i am a big fan

  • Phillip Feital
    Phillip Feital2 dagen geleden

    Bronnys voice does not match him at all

  • Mjc
    Mjc2 dagen geleden

    Dang I knew he was tall but.....

  • Hudson Murray
    Hudson Murray2 dagen geleden

    Bronny all the way

  • Alifian Asha
    Alifian Asha2 dagen geleden

    Is that Jesser?

  • Marco Hernandez
    Marco Hernandez2 dagen geleden

    I can’t choose

  • Kam007
    Kam0072 dagen geleden

    Shameful. He wasn’t even trying hard 🥱

  • mrmoham Elrady
    mrmoham Elrady2 dagen geleden

    hey evan know u seid if u make this shot and u didnt make it i dont cear im still gona drop a like (:

  • Jonah Nickerson
    Jonah Nickerson2 dagen geleden

    You got this rug

  • Lisa Contino
    Lisa Contino2 dagen geleden


  • JD Carleon
    JD Carleon2 dagen geleden

    He shot a halfcourt shot in form 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Casey Demory
    Casey Demory3 dagen geleden

    No way

  • Yes TonyMontana
    Yes TonyMontana3 dagen geleden

    Leclown sucks, these guys are tools

  • Tayshawn Barrett
    Tayshawn Barrett3 dagen geleden

    He sounds so much like his pops

  • Owen Christman
    Owen Christman3 dagen geleden


  • Ur mom Is fat
    Ur mom Is fat3 dagen geleden


  • UI Zixy
    UI Zixy3 dagen geleden

    "Insane 1v1" game of horse .

  • Geo Raccs
    Geo Raccs3 dagen geleden

    Faze rug

  • Mercy Achonga
    Mercy Achonga3 dagen geleden


  • Ghost Mezzy
    Ghost Mezzy3 dagen geleden

    Next video should be with his dad, that be great

  • jay son
    jay son3 dagen geleden

    how tall bronny now broo?

  • Niema Zewelday
    Niema Zewelday3 dagen geleden

    Amazing ComeBack

  • Niema Zewelday
    Niema Zewelday3 dagen geleden

    50K likes for FaZe Rug vs Lebron James😱😱😱😱

    USMAN UDDIN3 dagen geleden

    That was intense

  • Billie Jimmie
    Billie Jimmie3 dagen geleden


  • Lazyxotea
    Lazyxotea3 dagen geleden


  • MatrixCar Reviews
    MatrixCar Reviews3 dagen geleden


  • Liz Doyle
    Liz Doyle4 dagen geleden


  • Kodee Young
    Kodee Young4 dagen geleden


  • Jamie Lee Ashton
    Jamie Lee Ashton4 dagen geleden

    This looked intense 😉

  • Johnny B
    Johnny B4 dagen geleden


  • i love you
    i love you4 dagen geleden

    5:49 really sound like Lebron james

  • Gsa
    Gsa4 dagen geleden

    The reason I wanted to watch because it said heated 1 on 1

  • DashDa5h
    DashDa5h4 dagen geleden

    So this is the son of the ccp sympathiser lebron james

  • W
    W5 dagen geleden

    Bronny an inch shorter than his dad but is a lot smoother with the ball like a point guard. He will be better than lebron

  • Isaiah Burgeson
    Isaiah Burgeson5 dagen geleden

    Always rug

    YRNXD5 dagen geleden


  • Matthew lemus
    Matthew lemus5 dagen geleden

    Bronny James is the best in basketball

  • jacob jackson
    jacob jackson5 dagen geleden

    How’s his knee

  • Nindze
    Nindze5 dagen geleden

    bronny is dont care about shots he playing for fun

  • Nikolas Fox
    Nikolas Fox5 dagen geleden


  • Jorge Ortegon
    Jorge Ortegon5 dagen geleden

    cool Kid Bronny

  • Chris Jeep
    Chris Jeep5 dagen geleden

    bronny is going to win

  • SANDRA Mccullough
    SANDRA Mccullough5 dagen geleden

    Bronny cheating just like his dad

  • Justina Hoffman
    Justina Hoffman5 dagen geleden

    I predict FaZe rugs

  • IWantMyVisionBack
    IWantMyVisionBack5 dagen geleden

    Bronny must not be in the gym enough to be bricking all that smh.

  • Jolie Perkins
    Jolie Perkins5 dagen geleden


  • Өрнүүн А
    Өрнүүн А5 dagen geleden

    bronny bronny

  • Jeremy Johnson
    Jeremy Johnson6 dagen geleden

    I think rug is gonna win

  • Funny gaming moments !
    Funny gaming moments !6 dagen geleden

    Faze rug

  • Jewell Allen
    Jewell Allen6 dagen geleden


  • CBaez13
    CBaez136 dagen geleden


  • Kelllo Green
    Kelllo Green6 dagen geleden

    He sounds just like his dad to FATHER like son

  • Turtle Island LAC
    Turtle Island LAC6 dagen geleden

    Bronny vs. McLovin.

  • Codmonkey 559
    Codmonkey 5596 dagen geleden

    Its gonna be bronny

  • Harry Taylor
    Harry Taylor6 dagen geleden

    You should of asked to see his dad

  • tyehu simms
    tyehu simms6 dagen geleden

    faze rug

  • tyehu simms
    tyehu simms6 dagen geleden

    your going to win

  • 1 M1LL1ON5
    1 M1LL1ON56 dagen geleden

    His son is shit lol

  • Xavier Howard -
    Xavier Howard -6 dagen geleden


  • Joshua Mejia
    Joshua Mejia6 dagen geleden

    Goddamn he sounds exactly like LeBron

  • aaron sedillo
    aaron sedillo6 dagen geleden


  • Dr Deed
    Dr Deed6 dagen geleden

    This ain’t no 1v1

  • Paolo Mangundayao
    Paolo Mangundayao6 dagen geleden

    57th video of reminding everyone to subscribe 1M more to reach 20! we need that adin 1v1

  • Keith Jones jr
    Keith Jones jr6 dagen geleden


  • Mohamed Tunkara jr
    Mohamed Tunkara jr7 dagen geleden

    Aidan is sus

  • lets talk
    lets talk7 dagen geleden

    Thats the 3 -1 comeback 2016 - 17 finals shout out dub nation 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Astrid Rubio
    Astrid Rubio7 dagen geleden

    You are going to win

  • Li G
    Li G7 dagen geleden

    Rug aren't you 5'6 bronni is 6'2 and taller than you and your saying your 6'6🤔 something fishy

  • Bronagh Hamill
    Bronagh Hamill7 dagen geleden

    I am subscribed

  • Baby A Ha.
    Baby A Ha.7 dagen geleden


  • Mo Playz
    Mo Playz7 dagen geleden

    His voice deeper than his dads

  • Cruz Gehring
    Cruz Gehring7 dagen geleden

    Brony all day