Bobby Shmurda - Bobby Bitch

"Bobby Bitch" by Bobby Shmurda
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Bobby, bitch, oh, yeah, I'm Bobby, bitch
Oh, you ain't know? They call me
Bobby, bitch, oh, yeah, I'm Bobby, bitch
Oh, you ain't know? They call me
Bobby, bitch, oh, yeah, I'm Bobby, bitch
Oh, you ain't know? They call me
Bobby, bitch, Bobby, bitch


  • Zaimon Hodge
    Zaimon Hodge4 uur geleden

    Who else still listen to this 2021

  • Tarshia Alston
    Tarshia Alston3 dagen geleden

    I'm just here for his dancing 🔥

  • Snaz Snazi
    Snaz Snazi5 dagen geleden

    early days of drill

  • not lecates

    not lecates

    4 dagen geleden


  • G M
    G M5 dagen geleden


  • phillipamar
    phillipamar6 dagen geleden

    Now that bobby free Melly need to be next

  • Yung geesy
    Yung geesy6 dagen geleden

    real music!!!!!!

    COROS8 dagen geleden

    Nasa: breaking news bobbys hat is now returning to earth Bobby: looks up His hat: lands on his head Bobby: *dances*

  • akeil thomas
    akeil thomas9 dagen geleden

    girls in the background is pretty hilarious

  • Carlos Olivan
    Carlos Olivan9 dagen geleden

    This shit went to hard 100....

  • DBG Fans Only
    DBG Fans Only10 dagen geleden

    Dirty face i might dirty face

  • Jay Lewi
    Jay Lewi10 dagen geleden

    If you still listen to this in 2021 your a legend 🙌

  • Agon 030
    Agon 03010 dagen geleden

    Classic Shit i Love this Song 2021

  • Kaya Serhat
    Kaya Serhat11 dagen geleden


  • saucy nonchalance
    saucy nonchalance11 dagen geleden

    rdc brought me here

  • Joey Miller
    Joey Miller13 dagen geleden

    For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death. (2 Corinthians 7:10) Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. (Isaiah 55:7) For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23)

  • Heaven Cathey
    Heaven Cathey15 dagen geleden


  • Layla  1906
    Layla 1906 15 dagen geleden

    who came back to listen to this masterpiece 🤌

  • Charles Brogan
    Charles Brogan15 dagen geleden

    Hold up this fire

  • Charles Brogan
    Charles Brogan15 dagen geleden

    I hope Bobby Shmurda gets out of jail

  • huski on gasoline

    huski on gasoline

    15 dagen geleden

    hes been out for 3 months

  • Riley Houston
    Riley Houston15 dagen geleden

    Shit was under rated

  • Sofyin
    Sofyin17 dagen geleden


  • Jair Perez
    Jair Perez17 dagen geleden

    2021 and still listening

  • Jhamal Michel
    Jhamal Michel19 dagen geleden

    Bobby bitch ahhh 😂 funny

  • Nba YoungBoy
    Nba YoungBoy21 dag geleden

    2021,? 🔥😂

  • Heart Journey
    Heart Journey23 dagen geleden

    1:19 is the moment his hat dropped back to earth

  • Christopher Shultz
    Christopher Shultz23 dagen geleden

    Chains really hit different in 2014

  • BlvckouTSNiPeR
    BlvckouTSNiPeR24 dagen geleden

    Waiting for my guy Bobby to drop a new song)

  • Boy Boy
    Boy Boy24 dagen geleden

    Lets talk about his dancing. Haha

  • valentine OG
    valentine OG24 dagen geleden

    I don't know karate bitch you want any other martial art in ufc mixed martial arts you want kickboxing muithai jujitsu

  • Ibi Mohamadou
    Ibi Mohamadou27 dagen geleden

    The way he use to create his dances is just fabolous🤣🤣🤣

  • gabe cole
    gabe cole27 dagen geleden


  • ĐEEZ
    ĐEEZ27 dagen geleden

    Damn.. i didnt even know Welven Da Great raps

  • Tomika Deshawn Adkins
    Tomika Deshawn Adkins27 dagen geleden

    When he dance in the beginning gives me thrills

  • Wavey Khalz
    Wavey Khalz28 dagen geleden


  • Blitz
    Blitz28 dagen geleden

    2014:Bobby Bitch 2020:Freedy Bitch

  • thebest hacker gamer
    thebest hacker gamer28 dagen geleden

    Bobby gladden

  • ShitWithSomeBopInIt __
    ShitWithSomeBopInIt __29 dagen geleden

    This song make me wanna rob my grandma

  • YoItsZach
    YoItsZach29 dagen geleden

    Come on he’s so litt I can’t wait for him to hop in the Stu

  • i eat shrimps
    i eat shrimpsMaand geleden

    I was on Spotify and I put this on while play Grand theft aouto

  • Football137462


    21 dag geleden

    this should be on gta 6

  • Dylan dylan
    Dylan dylanMaand geleden


  • Edward Kosanovich
    Edward KosanovichMaand geleden

    Hard this my shit

  • Loretta Keitt
    Loretta KeittMaand geleden


  • Loretta Keitt
    Loretta KeittMaand geleden


  • Loretta Keitt
    Loretta KeittMaand geleden

    Money now

  • Loretta Keitt
    Loretta KeittMaand geleden

    Room 212

  • Nooks
    NooksMaand geleden

    Just a bunch of fine men and women playing paintball

  • Serenity Baker
    Serenity BakerMaand geleden

    Hi Bobby shumurda

  • John Billow
    John BillowMaand geleden

    This song is seriously underrated. If Bobby had more time to promote this song before getting arrested, it would have had 340 million views to my guessing today. Good song.

  • John Billow
    John BillowMaand geleden

    This song is seriously underrated. If Bobby had more time to promote this song before getting arrested, it would have had 340M views to my guessing today. Good song.

  • xxXtodoroki X
    xxXtodoroki XMaand geleden


  • DeShawn McDonald
    DeShawn McDonaldMaand geleden

    The government said it was a Chinese rocket but what really fell to earth the other day was his hat

  • GangBabyJ1
    GangBabyJ1Maand geleden

    Who here 2021

  • Louis reyes
    Louis reyesMaand geleden

    El dominicano que está matando en US

  • Cool Boy l'officiel
    Cool Boy l'officielMaand geleden

    Who can help me to go in usa💫 I like this life body bitch

  • Celso Ferreira
    Celso FerreiraMaand geleden

    Quem esta ouvindo 2021?

  • Ashley y
    Ashley yMaand geleden

    nahhh cus this foo can dance LMAO

  • K. R.
    K. R.Maand geleden

    What's in Ireland?!!!

  • Ching Ching K M M M
    Ching Ching K M M MMaand geleden

    Tell him I got his next diamond plaque hit !

    2POIU~POSTIVITY Maand geleden

    Bobby, bitch, oh, yeah, I'm Bobby, bitch Oh, you ain't know? They call me Bobby, bitch, oh, yeah, I'm Bobby, bitch Oh, you ain't know? They call me Bobby, bitch, oh, yeah, I'm Bobby, bitch Oh, you ain't know? They call me Bobby, bitch, Bobby, bitch

  • Jinky Bean
    Jinky BeanMaand geleden

    Need that new Bobby

  • black rambooo
    black ramboooMaand geleden

    im in love with you bobby shmurda

  • Berhanu Tsige
    Berhanu TsigeMaand geleden


  • animerocket
    animerocketMaand geleden

    He forgot his yt password

  • Blaze Prod.

    Blaze Prod.

    Maand geleden


  • Londell Coleman
    Londell ColemanMaand geleden


  • Khi Sos
    Khi SosMaand geleden

    Bro please drop ive been here atleast 7000 times

  • M u So got
    M u So gotMaand geleden

    whats that dance @0:14-0:15

    JYKEIM KNIGHTMaand geleden

    We flippin Bodys Bitch

    J MULΛΛMaand geleden


  • 𝐄𝐬𝐭𝐈𝐪𝐮𝐄 😎
    𝐄𝐬𝐭𝐈𝐪𝐮𝐄 😎Maand geleden


  • R4ST1K ズ
    R4ST1K ズMaand geleden

    Bro his energie is LIT

  • Matias Adauto
    Matias AdautoMaand geleden

    Soy de Perú recién lo conozco y que crackkkk‼️‼️

  • Spankloc pimp'n
    Spankloc pimp'nMaand geleden

    Bobby and Pop would have been a great collaboration 💙💯♿

  • Bloody
    BloodyMaand geleden

    i am here bcs of steezy kane

  • Joh'qo TV
    Joh'qo TVMaand geleden

    0.15 TikTok people 😂

  • Railroad Forest
    Railroad ForestMaand geleden

    Still goes hard in 2021

  • Jermel Crawford
    Jermel CrawfordMaand geleden

    bro the lil dance at the beginning is fire

  • Jordan Harrison
    Jordan HarrisonMaand geleden

    Ok but did anybody see 2:05 when he said I need some head tonight that Lil pat took me out😂

  • GSavage365
    GSavage365Maand geleden

    yo man lyk kwengface

  • lxnglive
    lxngliveMaand geleden

    This music video doesn't go wit the song I did not expect the video to be like this 😂

  • Ayhan Slvn
    Ayhan SlvnMaand geleden

    i cant fucking believ it that bobby left the whole world like bitch but bobby thats right your hat is coming down to the erith im geting that hat

  • go n
    go nMaand geleden

    2021 gang where u at

  • 野心大統領
    野心大統領Maand geleden

    He is too outstanding as a black so CIA throw him into prision

  • Lando Legend
    Lando LegendMaand geleden

    The Earth finally accepts the Landing of his hat on Earth Day...🧢🌏

  • Le Fishe
    Le FisheMaand geleden

    *Most watched clips of all time 5 best of twitch*

  • Jov4nov1c
    Jov4nov1cMaand geleden


    HARJ SINGH SAHOTAMaand geleden


  • Sidney Aman
    Sidney AmanMaand geleden

    Trop vilain

  • Iga Borowiecka
    Iga BorowieckaMaand geleden

    bobby bitch sheeeesh

  • WLTaloof
    WLTaloofMaand geleden

    im here cause of that vr video

  • Robert Newman III
    Robert Newman IIIMaand geleden

    Hes gonna drop something and the world gonna go crazy

  • Robert Newman III
    Robert Newman IIIMaand geleden


  • Hadi N
    Hadi NMaand geleden


  • 3nem Boo G
    3nem Boo GMaand geleden

    Real hood nigga still jiggin to this shit!!!!!

  • chudyolek
    chudyolekMaand geleden

    Name of her with the gun! Please 🙏🏻

  • Dead Opps
    Dead OppsMaand geleden

    6 years later and I'm still spamming this shit bruh

  • Melissa Sneed
    Melissa SneedMaand geleden

    I still love this🥰

  • Jermaine D.K
    Jermaine D.KMaand geleden

    I swear if he makes a hit called "I'm freed up bitch", ill toss my college savings for that

  • Lorenzo Burke jr
    Lorenzo Burke jrMaand geleden

    Welcome home by bobby

    RAHZO2 maanden geleden

    U forgot your NLdron password or sum ??

  • #TMC
    #TMC2 maanden geleden

    So we all just waiting patiently huh...