Binging with Babish: Tortilla Chip Sombrero from Despicable Me 2

One of the great many dishes that's kept me up a great many sleepless night, the tortilla chip sombrero poses both logistical and moral challenges. With the help of our amazing kitchen producer Kendall Beach (and a dozen-or-so failed prototypes), it's finally here: one continuous tortilla chip shaped like a sombrero. Or kind of a bowler hat. Plus a quick vidya chat with @Joshua Weissman !


Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free

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  • Babish Culinary Universe
    Babish Culinary UniverseMaand geleden

    Trust me when I say I was torn between this and a Star Wars dish - May the 4th be with you all today

  • Kevin Nordle

    Kevin Nordle

    3 dagen geleden

    Hey man seriously thank you for being there through the pandemic. And thank you for making content like this.

  • Anny Poco

    Anny Poco

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  • Anny Poco

    Anny Poco

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  • Anny Poco

    Anny Poco

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    mathi2 uur geleden

    A donde tan peinado

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  • im yura
    im yura17 uur geleden

    Thats cool Mr. Babi sh

  • Roshiokun
    RoshiokunDag geleden

    Nmms que mrvrg

  • AbeCholo69
    AbeCholo69Dag geleden

    Chilling with the glock

  • Fanny Highlight
    Fanny HighlightDag geleden

    spain:sombrero Philippines:sombrero

  • Jack McMurray
    Jack McMurrayDag geleden

    Bad movie Great Food

  • mrchr1s94
    mrchr1s94Dag geleden

    I wonder what Gordon Ramsay鈥榮 reaction would be to you pouring that oil on your hat.. 馃槀

  • Ryan Spangler
    Ryan SpanglerDag geleden

    Sooooooo badass!!!!

  • Chanel Morais
    Chanel MoraisDag geleden

    I love the love between you and JW!!!

  • Tetsu Hatano
    Tetsu HatanoDag geleden

    It鈥檚 both more beautiful then I imagined and yet also more oddly disturbing then I thought

  • SebasproGamer91
    SebasproGamer91Dag geleden


  • SuperLepa 2
    SuperLepa 2Dag geleden

    As a kid i used to put chips in q hat and pretended to dip them there

  • SuperLepa 2

    SuperLepa 2

    Dag geleden

    this is literally my childhood dream coming true

    ERIK MALDONADODag geleden

    Soy mexicano y cuando vi esa escena de la pel铆cula dije 隆驴en qu茅 estado de la Rep煤blica hacen esa madre?!

  • Sunny_ Sunflower
    Sunny_ SunflowerDag geleden

    Wow masterpiece馃

    SHIVAM MANDYALDag geleden

    If any company can actually make it like he just did the sales are going to be off the charts 馃槀馃槀馃槀(i wish someday it really happene)

  • Jonathan santoyo Duarte
    Jonathan santoyo DuarteDag geleden

    Finally a legendary way to dip chips in guacamole

  • Queeny XO
    Queeny XODag geleden

    You should team up with whoever made despicable me, and start selling them, since they don't really exist in real life

  • Road Runnerr
    Road RunnerrDag geleden

    You should have put plastic wrap on your head

  • Jackie Cardenas
    Jackie CardenasDag geleden

    *I want it.*

  • R 螢 N 螞 N I?!
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  • Caroline Hamilton
    Caroline Hamilton2 dagen geleden

    Babish wearing black latex gloves... nice

  • Aqil Thesec
    Aqil Thesec2 dagen geleden

    Khabe Lame belike:馃憖

  • Will i reach 5k with no videos?
    Will i reach 5k with no videos?2 dagen geleden

    Will i reach 5k with no videos?

  • Madara Muhseni
    Madara Muhseni2 dagen geleden

    I want it ):

  • Arsalan Ali Khan
    Arsalan Ali Khan2 dagen geleden

    Would you rather make the nacho hat or this is fine?

  • 脳
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  • 讻讜诇 诇住讘讜诇 讗专 讗谞讬 注讚讬讬谉 诇讗 诪专讙讬砖
    讻讜诇 诇住讘讜诇 讗专 讗谞讬 注讚讬讬谉 诇讗 诪专讙讬砖2 dagen geleden

    El pimienta negra recien molida version gringolandia

  • peyton the gamer
    peyton the gamer3 dagen geleden

    Bro who the heck is in charge of makin the chip sombreros in the movie? They better be gettin at leat 33421 dollars an hour...

  • Angel P
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  • Karen Auntipode
    Karen Auntipode3 dagen geleden

    The center of a hat is the crown.

  • Syeda Sarah
    Syeda Sarah3 dagen geleden

    Haha so random why did this come in my recommended lol

  • AmberGoop
    AmberGoop3 dagen geleden

    i realize that i've never actually heard his english voice.. i'd only ever watched the movie in german

  • Nasty Nile
    Nasty Nile3 dagen geleden

    I hate avocado yet the movie made me wanna eat it

  • Erick Guillen
    Erick Guillen3 dagen geleden

    Eu compa se le qued贸 un pelo

  • Amaiaop911
    Amaiaop9113 dagen geleden

    Tortilla sombrero 鉂 Sombrero de tortilla 鉁

  • LittleKingEvil 鈥
    LittleKingEvil 鈥3 dagen geleden

    Jon alix 鉂わ笍

  • melina conrow
    melina conrow3 dagen geleden

    I WANNA MAKE THAAAAAATTTTT!!!!!!!!!!! But I'm a lil too lazy 馃槄

  • emiliano romero
    emiliano romero4 dagen geleden

    Lol is a regerence in My Villane Favorite lol

  • dei-bit 303
    dei-bit 3034 dagen geleden

    nuevo cosmetico del call of gruty

  • Mario Alberto

    Mario Alberto

    4 dagen geleden


  • Stephen Brooker
    Stephen Brooker4 dagen geleden

    Just squeeze the avocado because I do it make sure to cut in half

  • Hansi
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  • code:.yndksss.
    code:.yndksss.4 dagen geleden

    When I saw preview I remembered Vanzai's video

  • Afsusho555
    Afsusho5554 dagen geleden

    I thought it existed in Mexico (鈼曖礂鈼曗溈)

  • The Muffin Man
    The Muffin Man4 dagen geleden

    I always dreamt of this as a kid

  • Jhillian khate Grafil
    Jhillian khate Grafil4 dagen geleden

    The sombrero is "HAT" in the Philippines

  • Livillo
    Livillo4 dagen geleden

    鈥淏ut I think we can do a little better, first we will direct and write the entire Despicable Me universe.鈥

  • 喃 鈥 锘 鈥 醿恗ogu mogu
    喃 鈥 锘 鈥 醿恗ogu mogu4 dagen geleden

    Uhlala Gracias por la receta sr chef Ya se que hacer para mi cumplea帽os,saludos desde MEXICO蕰銇b -鈥⑹斻仯

  • Grace Hallworth
    Grace Hallworth4 dagen geleden

    lovvee too see that friend shipp at the endd 馃挏馃挏

  • Some Person
    Some Person4 dagen geleden

    As a Spanish i can say that this is our merienda

  • Sabermations
    Sabermations4 dagen geleden

    This is art

  • KingxD3ath_ARTS
    KingxD3ath_ARTS5 dagen geleden

    Anyone else had anxiety watching this thinking it was gonna break any second

  • YellowGuy
    YellowGuy5 dagen geleden

    *Gru wants to know your location*

  • NZ a2456
    NZ a24565 dagen geleden

    Wacala ya lo llenaste de pelos馃ぎ

    IMRAN BIN HAIRUL FAIZAL Moe5 dagen geleden

    You are so awesome!!!!!!

  • Hua Way
    Hua Way5 dagen geleden

    Doing it with hand and not with tools might actually be harder than using tools due to the fact there's nothing to hold it

  • the
    the5 dagen geleden

    I really want one of these when I was a kid

    KHARUNISA AISA BINTI ALIZA Moe5 dagen geleden

    Me: *Eating Mexico Chip hat*

  • XxFireFalconxX The Gamer Youtuber
    XxFireFalconxX The Gamer Youtuber5 dagen geleden

    EddieVR would like this

  • The GRUmba
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  • Kenneth Cerizo
    Kenneth Cerizo5 dagen geleden

    Sombrero means hat

  • Muhammad Fitry My Yusub Md Yusub
    Muhammad Fitry My Yusub Md Yusub5 dagen geleden


  • Welby Ross
    Welby Ross5 dagen geleden

    Your a legend!

  • Arradin
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  • Hentai Daisuke UwU
    Hentai Daisuke UwU5 dagen geleden

    I've been thinking about gru's chip hat everytime I eat chips and wonder what does that thing taste like.

  • BlueSlimeEpicTime
    BlueSlimeEpicTime5 dagen geleden

    When it taste salty 馃槀it

  • Novanda R.
    Novanda R.5 dagen geleden

    This is so cool

  • Lucho Valadez
    Lucho Valadez5 dagen geleden

    Mi Compadre!

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  • Yanori del Cid
    Yanori del Cid5 dagen geleden

    Q verga

  • BoiBoi.m4p
    BoiBoi.m4p5 dagen geleden

    I'm subbing just because of the avocado

  • el gre帽as
    el gre帽as5 dagen geleden

    En M茅xico nadie as茅 eso 馃槨

  • el gre帽as

    el gre帽as

    5 dagen geleden

    Malditos estereotipos

  • Johnny VanBrunt
    Johnny VanBrunt5 dagen geleden

    This is so cool I don't think anyone has ever had the idea of the actually do this

  • Eric Zheng
    Eric Zheng5 dagen geleden

    You know if someone's editing this he would be able to taste godly food

  • Luna Luna
    Luna Luna5 dagen geleden

    he sounded like ranboo lol

  • Gaming With Kaden
    Gaming With Kaden5 dagen geleden

    You should maybe become friends with Hellthy Junk Food they do stuff like your content

  • Gaming With Kaden
    Gaming With Kaden5 dagen geleden

    Hola amigos coma estas?

  • Waffle Entertainment
    Waffle Entertainment5 dagen geleden

    What a chad

  • Snathan
    Snathan5 dagen geleden

    Es hora de volverme "Un poco loco"

  • stickman
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  • Giovanni Neri
    Giovanni Neri5 dagen geleden

    That shine in his head when he鈥檚 putting together the top is beautiful

  • Emilio Ovalle Lira
    Emilio Ovalle Lira5 dagen geleden

    Jajaja soy mexican y una vez v铆 uno se estos

  • Chule
    Chule5 dagen geleden


  • The Geek Chef
    The Geek Chef5 dagen geleden

    ahh i wanna kiss blown at me. LOL

  • Just Jian
    Just Jian5 dagen geleden

    This was my childhood dreamm

  • Da Ha
    Da Ha5 dagen geleden

    I feel like when he wakes up he sounds like corpse husband

  • DeadSpese
    DeadSpese5 dagen geleden

    袩谢邪谐懈邪褌 胁邪薪蟹邪褟

  • SpeedrunUnity
    SpeedrunUnity5 dagen geleden

    Sos un re pelado boton man, tipo de onda te podes hacer un trasplante capilar y no, te quedas asi calvo que dann gaanas de tirarse de un pu3enngt3awd y juganr al lol

  • 鈿♀殹鈿
    鈿♀殹鈿5 dagen geleden


  • Andrey
    Andrey6 dagen geleden

    Vanzai(Russian blogger) do it first. U r late.

    ANDY_DRAWS6 dagen geleden

    Mexican here, this tostada sombrero was approved

  • BAlliSTiC_WhIttY
    BAlliSTiC_WhIttY6 dagen geleden

    plot twist: he used magic to take the tortilla chip sombrero from gru's head ( TBH that hat looks amazing and delicious to eat)

  • Holy Smug Cats
    Holy Smug Cats6 dagen geleden

    i loved this movie when i was younger, so this is just amazing.

  • Lust905銉
    Lust905銉6 dagen geleden

    Mugiwara Luffy

  • 膼en酶m卯n氓d酶r 666
    膼en酶m卯n氓d酶r 6666 dagen geleden

    Ta bueno el video que quieres que te diga Jajajajaja

  • Attack Helicopter
    Attack Helicopter6 dagen geleden

    I have always wanted a tortilla sombrero

  • RaptorJr el pepe
    RaptorJr el pepe6 dagen geleden

    No mel贸 vallas a llenar de pelos 馃槄

  • Jessica Red
    Jessica Red6 dagen geleden

    Despicable me馃槀