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Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI)


  • Abo Ali
    Abo AliUur geleden


  • Adventures of Roobear
    Adventures of RoobearUur geleden

    As if u can u jump out a jet fighter at that speed & height, shoot a bazooka and land back in the jet. So unrealistic 😂

  • Tomi


    Uur geleden

    So what?

  • Mocha
    MochaUur geleden


  • LuiGForeva
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  • Fahad Ali
    Fahad AliUur geleden

    1 million likes in 6 days. WOW

  • Dave Aspinall
    Dave AspinallUur geleden

    so, Question, is THIS BATTLEFIELD 6? i dont know

  • Kenneth Boyd

    Kenneth Boyd

    Uur geleden

    yes it is

  • mas o menos
    mas o menosUur geleden

    The game is basad in one simulation bery nice

    SOUFINATORUur geleden

    1 million likes boys!

  • Kaldor Draigo
    Kaldor DraigoUur geleden

    а ху еть ................

  • Antek Wnorowski
    Antek WnorowskiUur geleden

    If the tank rounds in the future still have the speed of a thrown potato, I'm not spending my money on this game.

  • Brandon Sill
    Brandon SillUur geleden

    Moment you realize Motley Crue is song in background......🤯

  • Bob Discret
    Bob DiscretUur geleden

    Euh...why the woman in War ? Not for me

  • Cole Pylant

    Cole Pylant

    Uur geleden

    they go to war in real life bro😂 you good?

  • Edward Ozwell Ashford Reynolds
    Edward Ozwell Ashford ReynoldsUur geleden

    World war iii mod nuclear weapon mod 1000 soldiers mod 10000 bots mod raptors

  • Trap Man
    Trap Man2 uur geleden

    And the tornado will take away HP or it just destroys buildings and players will fly

  • Puste Blume
    Puste Blume2 uur geleden

    Weiß nicht obs sinn macht nachdem bf5 so gefloppt ist aber der orkan erinnert mich an den kriegsnebel und sandstürme aus bf1

  • Jan Klaassen

    Jan Klaassen

    Uur geleden

    Serieus gast, iedereen schrijft in het Engels en jij moet Duits lullen?

  • Knigt_rider_999 HD
    Knigt_rider_999 HD2 uur geleden

    Rendezook goes OH MY GOD

  • Jesse Auwerda
    Jesse Auwerda2 uur geleden

    1 million likes, let’s go

  • Overlord
    Overlord2 uur geleden

    1 million likes!

  • Kangu Ru
    Kangu Ru2 uur geleden

    2023 and still a beautiful game

  • Oğuzhan Yılmaz
    Oğuzhan Yılmaz2 uur geleden

    When my dad tells me how he went to school.

  • JexYT
    JexYT2 uur geleden

    3:05 maybe is what you came for.

  • [TBAG]K4MiLLoS
    [TBAG]K4MiLLoS2 uur geleden

    There we go. 1 million likes 👍

  • Lucas Ivan Pereira
    Lucas Ivan Pereira2 uur geleden

    this is amazing

    MOHAMED ALSATARY2 uur geleden

    Dont preorder, wait for the game plz!!!

  • Jan Klaassen

    Jan Klaassen

    Uur geleden

    Yeah, bf5 was $30 three weeks after launch.

  • TFromThaSix


    Uur geleden

    Pre-ordered anyway

  • strange 1
    strange 12 uur geleden

    one million like🔥

  • biginchi
    biginchi2 uur geleden

    They had one job and one epic ost but no

  • Claudio Gonzalez C
    Claudio Gonzalez C2 uur geleden

    Estos cabrones si que saben hacer trailers, son los mas expertos en esta materia

  • Anakin Tancre
    Anakin Tancre2 uur geleden

    Over 1 million likes in one week!

  • killerzombie359
    killerzombie3592 uur geleden

    1 million

    CHARMIN ADAME2 uur geleden

    1:45 Bonitos y gorditos muchachos

    FREDDYHUNTER342 uur geleden

    I'm definitely pre ordering this

    FREDDYHUNTER342 uur geleden


  • Вася Чеширов
    Вася Чеширов2 uur geleden

    RE: Battlefield 2142

  • AnimeDuke
    AnimeDuke2 uur geleden

    This trailer got more views in a couple of days than Battlefield 5 did in the whole two years it was out

  • Verica Stan
    Verica Stan2 uur geleden


    OUTLAVV2 uur geleden

    Everyday i just came here and watch this agein .......... and agein........ and agein........... FOREVER

  • Fran Martinez
    Fran Martinez2 uur geleden

    1M likes hell yeah!

  • Valmorian
    Valmorian2 uur geleden

    Now this, this is Battlefield

  • HypnotiZe
    HypnotiZe3 uur geleden

    1 million likes in under a week!!

  • Junaid Khawaja
    Junaid Khawaja3 uur geleden

    heres a punch on ur face. the actual gameplay looks like BF3

  • Дженков Егор
    Дженков Егор3 uur geleden

    Very nice!!! This is the Battlefield which I am waiting )

  • Ilya Kleopatrov
    Ilya Kleopatrov3 uur geleden

    где реализм-то потеряли?

  • Crumbs on toast
    Crumbs on toast3 uur geleden


  • The Dalton
    The Dalton3 uur geleden

    i come here to get my daily Goosebumps

  • Art101851 Sunber
    Art101851 Sunber3 uur geleden


  • Toxic_rl
    Toxic_rl3 uur geleden

    And these captions at beginning: "Let's go"

  • Just A LuckyNoob
    Just A LuckyNoob3 uur geleden

    so how many explosions tanks and aircrafts do you want in the trailer? EA: yes

  • Seemes Legit
    Seemes Legit3 uur geleden


  • Stick man
    Stick man3 uur geleden

    14 million views 1 million likes = good trailer

  • MrDanial SH
    MrDanial SH3 uur geleden

    Hopefully they have the main theme soundtrack for the new battlefield

  • CaptainMyron
    CaptainMyron3 uur geleden

    1M likes because of the fighter jet scene 3:00 , admit it please 👨🏾‍✈️🤧👌🏾

  • A B O D
    A B O D3 uur geleden

    We need 2 M likes

  • NoMercyFella
    NoMercyFella3 uur geleden

    Lets goo 1 Mil likes!!!

  • Marshmallow
    Marshmallow3 uur geleden

    Guys i love bf1 and the old war

  • Slushy
    Slushy3 uur geleden

    1 million likes!!!!!!

  • Kenneth


    3 uur geleden

    Letss gooo

  • Pao234
    Pao2343 uur geleden

    Let's make this the most liked game trailer in NLdron to show appreciation to DICE! 1M out of 2.4M so far

  • Slushy


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  • Skid Skid
    Skid Skid3 uur geleden

    Why walk when you can fly?

  • TheHolyPreacher
    TheHolyPreacher3 uur geleden

    In Terminator: Dark Fate, Sarah Connor asked Grace what year she came from and Grace responded "2042" So this is what the world look like if skynet and legion was never created lol

  • Claus Andreasen
    Claus Andreasen3 uur geleden

    The best of the best

  • Ramos rodriguez Jesus Emmanuel
    Ramos rodriguez Jesus Emmanuel3 uur geleden

    Nice nice nice nice 😍😍❤❤❤👏👏👏

  • Cannon Creviston
    Cannon Creviston3 uur geleden

    1 million likes

  • Brottopf
    Brottopf3 uur geleden

    bf 2042 is just just cause first person multiplayer and I love it.

  • Qwerty
    Qwerty3 uur geleden


  • Ellis Willoughby
    Ellis Willoughby3 uur geleden

    Kickstart my OSPRAY!

  • OxGulli 1
    OxGulli 13 uur geleden

    1 million like let’s goo it deserve more

  • Jack Ashmore
    Jack Ashmore4 uur geleden

    This was a trailer for the fans

  • GioIsGud
    GioIsGud4 uur geleden

    1 million likes lets gooooooooooooooooooo

    ID'TK BILTP4 uur geleden

    Please upgrade the servers of Battlefield because do blah

  • joshuagreat 9
    joshuagreat 94 uur geleden

    1 MILLION LIKES!!!!!!

  • Admiral Snackbar
    Admiral Snackbar4 uur geleden

    very cool

  • Witchy1423
    Witchy14234 uur geleden

    Watch us all come back to this 5 years later and commenting “So this is where it all started”

  • MrHaydokBuilds
    MrHaydokBuilds4 uur geleden


  • xTALPAx
    xTALPAx4 uur geleden

    10 likes and we reach 1 million!

  • Anthony D Colon
    Anthony D Colon4 uur geleden

    BF revival? All the players laying dormant for something better than B4, here you go!

    ROZHIAR AHMED4 uur geleden

    Syria in 2042

  • 橙Chen
    橙Chen4 uur geleden

    1:15 is probably the most unrealistic portrayal of a squad I've seen in a while. No one checking behind, people in front didn't check sides at all, guys in the back are literally pointing their rifles at their squadmates.

  • kodi
    kodi4 uur geleden

    please for the love of god have a campaign

  • janu jano
    janu jano4 uur geleden

    Not even a week after this trailer dropped and it feels like i've been waiting for months

  • coda
    coda4 uur geleden

    Disappointed there were no flying tanks

  • Cole Champion
    Cole Champion4 uur geleden

    Bruh this trailer is age restricted but battlefield 1’s trailer is fine bruh lol

    BOEM BOEM4 uur geleden


  • Akira Hasegawa
    Akira Hasegawa4 uur geleden

    Container scene. I smelled Tenet Theme song😂

  • Hawks Fan88
    Hawks Fan884 uur geleden

    Almost at 1m likes👀👀

  • M Ebrahim
    M Ebrahim4 uur geleden

    999K Like 15/6/2021 10pm

  • 101BULL1
    101BULL14 uur geleden

    Moral of the story War is hell

  • Shoo Plah
    Shoo Plah4 uur geleden

    It’s at 999k likes! Let’s get it to a million!

  • YTsnack 420
    YTsnack 4204 uur geleden

    I’m getting it

  • Igor Muniz
    Igor Muniz4 uur geleden

    This traier was really great, brought back a llot of memories from playing BF3 and 4

  • Ali علي
    Ali علي4 uur geleden


  • SergioAJBS
    SergioAJBS4 uur geleden

    Looks like someone was finally fired.

  • adi_ zero
    adi_ zero4 uur geleden

    1M 👍

  • Colapz
    Colapz4 uur geleden

    Battlefield pleaSEEE make a movie

  • Sean Levi
    Sean Levi4 uur geleden

    Hey, once this doesn't appear in any Simpsons' episode... I am A-OK.

  • Luna Music
    Luna Music4 uur geleden

    Motley Crue making the trailer even better💯🔥

  • Josué Abarca
    Josué Abarca4 uur geleden

    OMG 1M LIKES!!!!

  • B Chizm
    B Chizm4 uur geleden

    "Thatsa one spicy meatball!"

  • Verty
    Verty4 uur geleden

    Next tribute: Captain Price doing trickshots mid campaign mission to tribute the old 2012 trickshotters 😉

  • RatherCrunchyMuffin
    RatherCrunchyMuffin5 uur geleden

    My brother is actually going through F-35 training at Luke AFB. He told me that move where you eject with a rocket launcher, shoot the aircraft behind you at extremely close range, then pull yourself back into your cockpit and resume normal flying is very tricky.

  • Yousaf Farzan
    Yousaf Farzan5 uur geleden

    I'm waiting 🤏🏻😎💥💥💥💥

  • djdrake28
    djdrake285 uur geleden

    Where is the mech ?