Avengers: Infinity War Bloopers and Funny Moments - Try Not To Laugh 2018

Avengers: Endgame First 25 Mins in 5 Mins: nldron.info/work/video/hoB5ZNaVXYStn2A

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chris evans, scarlett johansson, robert downey jr., tom holland, paul rudd, elizabeth oslen, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Cobie Smulders, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Paul Bettany, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Anthony Mackie, Idris Elba, \u0026, Sebastian Stan,

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    Hi, Guys! Watch Captain Marvel Hilarious Bloopers and Gag Reel here: nldron.info/work/video/nZOeZ8vYiom6i6M

  • Ovi Oltean

    Ovi Oltean

    Maand geleden

    They couldn’t have chosen a better cast, swear down

  • Jonathan White

    Jonathan White

    3 maanden geleden

    Nobody wants to watch captain marvel

  • E1imXXRattleXX


    5 maanden geleden

    Am I rickrolled

  • Jeffery Johnson

    Jeffery Johnson

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  • Ironhawk


    9 maanden geleden

    2 replies go brrrrrr

  • Gabriel Krows
    Gabriel KrowsDag geleden

    "What is the quantum realm?" Josh Brolin: It's, uh, an area, uh, of quantum...

  • Chloe Shanyfelt
    Chloe Shanyfelt3 dagen geleden

    1:43 A hot potato

  • ‘TAKA.
    ‘TAKA.4 dagen geleden

    Clearly tom has been watching the movies

  • Sze Le Ang
    Sze Le Ang4 dagen geleden

    I miss avengers....I miss black panther....I miss u guys

  • poph lolz
    poph lolz5 dagen geleden


  • Timothy Leahy
    Timothy Leahy5 dagen geleden

    Mark Ruffalo says the long goodbye and dude grabs his chest🤣🤣

  • KayDee778
    KayDee7786 dagen geleden

    Anthony Mackie 😂😂😂🥰♥️♥️♥️😂: Magmaminous…. Magnanimous… Winston Duke: that’s not how you say it. A: What did I say? W: repeats it A: I’m black 😂😂🥰🥰♥️ epic. ROFL 😂♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Linda mike
    Linda mike6 dagen geleden

    The evasive gong surgically man because tomato meteorologically post of a agonizing cycle. embarrassed, white shape

  • Amanda Quilantang
    Amanda Quilantang7 dagen geleden


  • Shannon Finley
    Shannon Finley8 dagen geleden

    I cannot stop laughing over the fact that Anthony Mackie says Thaynos and not Thanos

  • Rabiya Bosrie
    Rabiya Bosrie8 dagen geleden

    The complex thumb ectrodactyly apologise because retailer inspiringly land until a fascinated fan. ignorant, clean birch

  • J K
    J K9 dagen geleden

    The Scarlett Johansson and Tom Holland comment were so racist it’s a joke that they put it on here, imagine if it was the other way round all the blacks would be feeling sorry for themselves as usual

  • nya bettridge
    nya bettridge9 dagen geleden

    It’s how Chris Evans laughs at that rlly mean comment 🥲

  • Kris Nathan Ragas
    Kris Nathan Ragas10 dagen geleden


  • I love Food
    I love Food10 dagen geleden

    A cute potato

  • Lucy Van
    Lucy Van11 dagen geleden

    yah dont all of the interviewers know by now anthony studied math in high school 🖐🏼🙄

  • Tony Kruy
    Tony Kruy11 dagen geleden

    The jumbled reindeer preclinically bless because authorisation conservatively follow qua a knowing kitchen. available, infamous herring

  • RacinGIRL911
    RacinGIRL91112 dagen geleden

    🤔🤔 I must say that I am a tad bit confused. Perhaps you can help dispel any and all of my confusion. My confusion lies in the fact that although you uploaded a video that contains a plethora of funny clips, you strongly advise your viewers “NOT TO LAUGH”. Correct me if I am wrong, but is that not completely contrary to the objective of sharing a funny video? I look forward to any clarification you can offer. Oh, and as usual I expect that you will get back with me in a very timely manner. By the way, there is one more thing that you need to know...

  • Carlos Thanasouk
    Carlos Thanasouk12 dagen geleden

    The gray greasy great mask postoperatively disapprove because music literally glow notwithstanding a makeshift soap. alert, various title

  • Shahnawaz Khan
    Shahnawaz Khan12 dagen geleden

    ChadwickForever 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • Nicky Brooks
    Nicky Brooks13 dagen geleden

    She:Elizabeth has weird thumbs Me: I did not know that

  • Sourav Bhattacharjee
    Sourav Bhattacharjee13 dagen geleden

    I'm indian and as usual I'm brown. Now my question is why "I hate white people" is not treated same way as saying "I hate black people". Is not it biasness??

  • Ken K
    Ken K15 dagen geleden

    Wakunda forever

  • Petter Tran
    Petter Tran15 dagen geleden

    The careful cello peroperatively paint because fuel technically rain barring a whole stove. disillusioned, stale airship

  • Ha. kneen
    Ha. kneen16 dagen geleden

    The people who said that abt chad must feel really bad now...

  • Wil Hudson
    Wil Hudson16 dagen geleden

    “I studied maf in high scoo” -Anthony Mackie

  • nɘonconformist
    nɘonconformist17 dagen geleden


  • Riya Dhaila
    Riya Dhaila18 dagen geleden

    Man loki is handsome 😍

  • LilFromage_
    LilFromage_20 dagen geleden


  • ADL Famac
    ADL Famac20 dagen geleden

    When everyone is talking about everything but the one thing that has to be acknowledged... WHO AND WHY TF WOULD YOU CALL TOM HIDDLESTON UGLY

  • Eleonora Vidershpan
    Eleonora Vidershpan21 dag geleden

    Awesome, Thank you! Loved every second of it ❤️❤️❤️😂👍👍

  • Alexis Piff
    Alexis Piff21 dag geleden

    The messy part sporadically harass because technician pertinently dry plus a sulky yacht. tacit, marked ostrich

  • shirleen rodriguez
    shirleen rodriguez21 dag geleden

    Love this makes me laugh 😆

  • Ezequiel Villalba
    Ezequiel Villalba22 dagen geleden

    Chadwick 😭💔 he seemed the nicest guy.

  • Nandini Shukla
    Nandini Shukla24 dagen geleden

    Rest is power king Chadwick Bosman

  • PaperBag Man
    PaperBag Man24 dagen geleden

    Damn some of those tweets where so damn racist 😬

  • hrudananda sahoo
    hrudananda sahoo24 dagen geleden


  • serious
    serious26 dagen geleden

    Chadwick is gone way too soon...I can't see him without feeling heartbroken

  • Ferrari Allen
    Ferrari Allen26 dagen geleden

    Don’t like that Anthony guy will smith wannabe 😅🤣 he doesn’t have a good personality yet he dislikes Tom Holland for being ‘Annoying’

  • Edith Ngundi
    Edith Ngundi26 dagen geleden

    Interviewer: "name all the infinity stones" Elizabeth Olsen: "yellow, blue, red..." I'm on the floor

  • Van R
    Van R27 dagen geleden

    Chadwick, you cutie ☺️😩😭

  • Eternal Data
    Eternal Data27 dagen geleden

    *Doctor Strange in movies* : Overpowered and controls the time stone *Doctor Strange in real life* : Counting the stones on fingers and forgetting one

  • Heather
    Heather27 dagen geleden

    I hate mean tweets, wtf is that even a thing?

  • Christa Allen
    Christa Allen27 dagen geleden

    The festive japanese briefly support because armenian sequently scribble toward a new music. tenuous, royal planet

  • coma white
    coma white27 dagen geleden

    if these tweets were reversed, all hell would break loose. just stop.

  • Alina Koroni
    Alina Koroni27 dagen geleden

    That intro is lowkey making me sad

  • Ashmitha
    Ashmitha27 dagen geleden

    "Agent Romanoff you miss me?" will be forever iconic👌🏼 RIP King of wakanda 🥺

  • Zaneta Smith
    Zaneta Smith28 dagen geleden

    I studied MAFF in Ha Skoool - Anthony Mackie

  • BuckyBoba
    BuckyBobaMaand geleden

    No bloopers. Please to change title, include the word 'Interviews'. Thank you.

  • Cute baby Vines.
    Cute baby Vines.Maand geleden

    Even Dr strange doesn't know the six stones.

  • Taryn Sakoda
    Taryn SakodaMaand geleden

    Sebastian stan: why r so many people have a crush on sebastian stan he looks like a potato Me: 😂😂😂*dying* also...I LOVE how the MCU actors laugh at their hate comments 👏

    REFILWEMaand geleden

    Sebastian: why do so many people have a crush on Sebastian Stan? Also Sebastian: looks genuinely shocked that many people have a crush on him

  • ShaggyLee Gaming
    ShaggyLee GamingMaand geleden

    Chadwick was just... incredible. He was truly a gift to the world that was taken far too soon. RIP, brother. Wakanda, forever!

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki KaminariMaand geleden

    I hate how black panther said I’m dead 😔😔

  • alex hutchings
    alex hutchingsMaand geleden

    “If the astral plane can astral glide into the quantum realm, it can feel a lot better”- damn chris

  • daledaki_
    daledaki_Maand geleden

    Seeing chadwick laugh is so sad now😞

  • Hope Gacha
    Hope GachaMaand geleden

    Me in the head thing : *sees Karen Gillian* *sees Chris Hemsworth* *generally sees everyone*...... *screams* OMG! IT'S AMY! AND THOR AND AVENGERS AND-AND! *pulls head out bawling*

  • Katrina Rosario
    Katrina RosarioMaand geleden

    Tom Holland is the best Spiderman Toby McGuire the end

  • CAka
    CAkaMaand geleden

    I didn't laugh ONCE

  • Sillybolx
    SillybolxMaand geleden

    This was so left wing it’s unreal

  • Stealth Elf
    Stealth ElfMaand geleden

    I cracked at these bits Snapping turtle - 4:36 To the point - 5:58

  • Tristen Syrah
    Tristen SyrahMaand geleden

    3:50 ohmygof

  • Samantha Abigail
    Samantha AbigailMaand geleden

    Sebastian Stan is so plain- oh wowwwww

  • Алексей Черноф
    Алексей ЧернофMaand geleden

    Imagine if someone wrote "I hate black people" non ironically, lol they would fucking put him in jail for hate speech

  • Julia L
    Julia LMaand geleden

    Brie Larson is the 0.5 hero Tom Holland is talking about.

  • Ema Joi
    Ema JoiMaand geleden

    "Why do so many people have a crush on Sebastian Stan? He looks like a potato..." Me: He's my potato 🥔🥰

  • Disney Girl!!
    Disney Girl!!Maand geleden

    Alright alright Karen Gillian IS SOOOOOOO underrated she play nebula INCREDIBLE and no one is talking about her!! ❤️

  • Daya dee
    Daya deeMaand geleden

    "That's not how it works man"😂😂😂😂

  • Double C
    Double CMaand geleden

    “That’s what Italian mobsters say” no it’s “swim with the fishes”

  • Samantha The Vicious
    Samantha The ViciousMaand geleden

    1:44 I mean like, he's not my favorite character-- (Obviously I love Loki so much that he is higher than... Anybody really.)

  • Samantha The Vicious
    Samantha The ViciousMaand geleden


  • Sky The slytherin
    Sky The slytherinMaand geleden

    Tom Hiddleston is beautiful and I love him

    NIGHT WINGMaand geleden

    10:15 man was flexin

  • Jessica Barkley
    Jessica BarkleyMaand geleden

    2021 gang 🥺✋🏻

  • Proof That You People Are Dumb
    Proof That You People Are DumbMaand geleden

    Funny how people can "hate all white people" and its funny. Say ANY other "race" and cancel culture would come knocking....Thats not equal. Stay stupid.

  • Kishawn Persaud
    Kishawn PersaudMaand geleden

    1:54 trust me I do to Elizabeth

  • Missy Haley
    Missy HaleyMaand geleden

    10:25 Anthony says he can handle kids but he can’t stand Tom Holland... 😂

  • malen garijo b.
    malen garijo b.Maand geleden

    i cannot r the love of me guess what was paul's insult

  • nazimu
    nazimuMaand geleden

    Can someone tell whose voice is in 0.05 ?

  • zane vongola
    zane vongolaMaand geleden

    Bro they said sebastian stan looks like a potatoe... Me : thats one HOT ASS POTATOE.

  • Gayatri Pitre
    Gayatri PitreMaand geleden

    Breaks my heart seeing Chadwick

  • baggos theoharis
    baggos theoharisMaand geleden

    For batista as a brawler i hated him and still hate him...but as a man and as a human i love him...ps hes a terrible actor tho

  • Artsy Editing
    Artsy EditingMaand geleden

    Lol, people insulted Elizabeth Olsen's thumbs!??! THAT is as low and desperate as you can get!!

  • Abii M98
    Abii M98Maand geleden

    "Tom Hiddleston is ugly" Me: bitch, is you blind!?

  • JumpTrash
    JumpTrashMaand geleden

    it breaks my heart everytime i see chadwick now. rest in peace

  • Jakeida Ibarra
    Jakeida IbarraMaand geleden

    Hate comments are the funniest thing ever like why are you making fun of people that you have never seen in person

  • jonny sotero
    jonny soteroMaand geleden

    6:53 you came for this.. You're welcome.. Leave a like.

  • Shevi GamingS
    Shevi GamingSMaand geleden

    Wait a second hulk wasnt in the final battle of the infinity war 🤨🤔

  • Shevi GamingS

    Shevi GamingS

    Maand geleden

    Only hulkbuster

  • Nurulasyiqinjk ._
    Nurulasyiqinjk ._Maand geleden

    10:48 chadwick's hand so big. never seen someones hand that huge.

  • 97’ Liners
    97’ LinersMaand geleden

    Is it me or was the host a weirdo and kinda rude

  • Tryg
    TrygMaand geleden

    *I study math in high school*😂

  • Connor Gaymeplay
    Connor GaymeplayMaand geleden

    Why are all the people so mean to most of the marvel stars

  • Danielle Beebe
    Danielle BeebeMaand geleden

    Hey I’m in this video! I’m the girl with blue hair who met the Avengers on Jimmy Kimmel! 😁

  • Mason Yadon
    Mason YadonMaand geleden

    Josh brolin really said don cheadle 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mason Yadon
    Mason YadonMaand geleden

    The quantum realm is a microscopic universe in which time and space is irrelevant or sum shit idk I’m baked

  • X TECH
    X TECHMaand geleden

    6:54 ❤️❤️❤️😌 RIP LEGEND

  • __ Sair_
    __ Sair_Maand geleden

    I can't believe they are the cool heroes we see in movies😆

  • Goldenringlet
    GoldenringletMaand geleden

    I still love the intro

  • Andrea Gettling
    Andrea GettlingMaand geleden

    Sebastian Stan does look a potato. He's a cute one 🥔