Apple Event 2021: Everything Apple Announced in 6 Minutes!


  • LanStar
    LanStar8 dagen geleden

    How funny, Amazon stopped Apple from having an app to detect fake reviews which is really helpful for customers. And, Apple also completely removed the option to even leave a review on its products on their website… the misleading by tech is so big

  • Bob Zimmerman
    Bob ZimmermanMaand geleden

    where is the new MacBook Pro?

  • Marc M
    Marc M3 maanden geleden

    Title ought to be "open theft"; Poor bafoons, those apple customers, getting swindled yet again.

  • Jean-François Richard
    Jean-François Richard3 maanden geleden

    To send you email address. l thé most

  • Frederick Lawson
    Frederick Lawson3 maanden geleden

    Not what I was hoping for. I’m still interested in Apple updating and redesigning the the iPad mini. I’d really like it for reading books in transit, taking notes, and making home movies.

  • MoNxGaming
    MoNxGaming3 maanden geleden

    Too many fake news uploaded before this events. IWANT IPAD MINI6 when this will be release???????

  • hung vu
    hung vu3 maanden geleden

    Huh, removed touch id? Why?

  • 3lite
    3lite3 maanden geleden

    Lol wth how are they still selling 8gb ram and bragging about their chips. Imagine bragging about how well ur chips perform yet introducing an impediment that limits the use of that chip itself

  • Alejandro Delgado Ortega
    Alejandro Delgado Ortega3 maanden geleden


  • Blake Anderson
    Blake Anderson3 maanden geleden

    How r ppl excited? Because it has an apple on it? Jobs would be pissed at what Apple has become. Tracking tiles have been out for YEARS. And clickable wheel? That’s exciting? We had those on the ORIGINAL iPod. Not to mention their customer service is a joke. The “geniuses” r no better then ur average school kid AND u have to pay extra because it has a logo?What a joke

  • Boomer Joe
    Boomer Joe3 maanden geleden

    I love Apple products as much as the next loyal Apple user but I refuse to purchase an iMac until it is a touch screen capable computer. It is absolutely ridiculous to train us on all their other products which are touch screen but leave the desktop computer back in the '80s. Change it Apple and I will purchase an IMac but since you have not done it by now it is assumed you never will. Sigh.

  • thomas destry
    thomas destry3 maanden geleden

    Awesome video, short & sweet!

  • Mohammad Hamdallah
    Mohammad Hamdallah3 maanden geleden

    all these devices are copied from samsung😑

  • Davelle Coleman
    Davelle Coleman3 maanden geleden

    No new Airpods????

  • Sammy Scoots
    Sammy Scoots3 maanden geleden

    The iMac ain’t gonna age well

  • Ryan John
    Ryan John3 maanden geleden

    I liked the old remote

  • Peter Solomon
    Peter Solomon3 maanden geleden

    Since 2003 I have purchased Apple products. During this time I have owned iMacs, MacBook Pros and Mac Pros. In every instance there have been considerable technical errors with Apple's highest end products. Moreover, whenever serious, on-going issues have arisen with my Mac Pros I have endured an endless revolving door of Apple phone support staff, who when spoken with contradict each other; compete to be the best staffer to solve the issue, and generally end up making a technical problem worse. To be sure Apple's products look attractive, and when they work they work well. However, I would for caution anyone thinking of buying a high-end Apple product as this self satisfied corporate player's customer service is questionable at best. Added to which the performance of their sub-contracted onsite service, UniSys, beggars belief.

  • VerticalStrafes
    VerticalStrafes3 maanden geleden

    Want a new ipad mini

  • M
    M3 maanden geleden

    I think price's are too high for recycled product.

  • Matt Haynes
    Matt Haynes3 maanden geleden

    You can still use gestures if you want on the apple tv remote, it’s inside the wheel

  • xomelissamariee
    xomelissamariee3 maanden geleden

    Can they just fucking say they got rid of the minis and stop leaving us wondering.

  • Mr Kane
    Mr Kane3 maanden geleden

    Apple making another political response by not making a red and only pink computer - as an Apple only customer I’m sitting out another entire generation of products or upgrading until they change their bias.

  • 🍪 Cookie 🍪
    🍪 Cookie 🍪3 maanden geleden

    I want to get the new mac! But when it’s $1,299.00 dollars... I AINT EVER GETTEN THAT😂😂😂😂

  • A1 •

    A1 •

    3 maanden geleden

    if you work you will

  • Evan Gaudet
    Evan Gaudet3 maanden geleden

    Disappointed in the MacBook Pro not having M1x chip. Will wait for next year I guess.

  • TheTravelMatt
    TheTravelMatt3 maanden geleden

    what date are we expecting MacBook 16 inch??

  • Christy Marshall
    Christy Marshall3 maanden geleden

    Its about time something i can afford one airtag

  • Nina Marshall
    Nina Marshall3 maanden geleden

    Samsung still a better product😎

  • Yash GUPTA
    Yash GUPTA3 maanden geleden

    Where is ipad 9th generation?

  • Randy
    Randy3 maanden geleden

    That iMac is one ugly all in one computer viewing it from the front. They focused so much on the thinness and back of this thing the front looks like an iMac mock-up from a third party company. Jesus the white bezel and chin with no apple logo looks like a child was trying custom make an iMac.. I’m no engineer but why not make the thing thick enough to have the internal hardware in back of the screen and make it edge to edge ?

  • Tyler
    Tyler3 maanden geleden

    I expect the iPad and MacBook to eventually become the same product. With a keyboard case sold separately of course. And a OS that inccoperates similar style to windows 8 with a switchable iPad/Mac mode.

  • fatalshot009
    fatalshot0093 maanden geleden

    So they didn’t announce the new AirPods??

  • A T
    A T3 maanden geleden

    Where the fuck is the new MacBook Pro??

  • Mira Flynn
    Mira Flynn3 maanden geleden

    I love that the remote went back to iPod Classic scrolling, it’s really cool seeing that old input method being used in new products

  • XTreme Gaming
    XTreme Gaming3 maanden geleden

    Did AirPods come out? I don’t have patience

  • Pascal Kupfer
    Pascal Kupfer3 maanden geleden

    Do the air tags need to be charged

  • Damian Nowak

    Damian Nowak

    3 maanden geleden

    No. Battery

  • Jin Raigami
    Jin Raigami3 maanden geleden

    The one that MacRumors called Dubious predicted them correctly. Now he adds ‘dubious’ to his name. lol.

  • Bhavesh Radadiya
    Bhavesh Radadiya3 maanden geleden

    “I am ok with huge chin, but make it as much thin as possible” said no iMac user ever.

  • Marko Coha
    Marko Coha3 maanden geleden

    Are you paid to advertise this? This is like one of the worst releases in years from apple and you sound so excited.

  • Mel B
    Mel B3 maanden geleden

    So many predictors over optimistic. Looks like we will have to wait a while yet to get the true ‘next generation’ Macs

  • Christopher Cosinas
    Christopher Cosinas3 maanden geleden

    How about iPhone SE 3?

  • Denver Morgan
    Denver Morgan3 maanden geleden

    He is wrong you can still swipe to scroll.

  • MacRumors


    3 maanden geleden

    Yes you can but you don’t have to.

  • Lokesh Jha
    Lokesh Jha3 maanden geleden

    Apple is still stuck with 256gb storages as the base variant.... Certainly overpriced for 1300 dollars. Atleast 512gb should be min.

  • L McLM
    L McLM3 maanden geleden

    No subtitles?

  • Theo2003
    Theo20033 maanden geleden

    the iMac is such a steal! Only 1300 dollars for a product with specs that you could get for 900 on a windows PC! OMG

  • Demoniczny taboret

    Demoniczny taboret

    3 maanden geleden

    @Theo2003 I didn’t read whole comment, sorry.

  • Theo2003


    3 maanden geleden

    @Demoniczny taboret i was being ironic.

  • Demoniczny taboret

    Demoniczny taboret

    3 maanden geleden


  • inorb1
    inorb13 maanden geleden

    Year by year apple is becoming less and less innovative. They specialize now in political correctness bs

  • Hynea


    3 maanden geleden

    Are you dumb? Apple just changed the game with the m1 which demolishes the competition in every way. A lot of the major hardware companies are now working on developing their own arm cpus. Intel is literally shitting bricks. Apple has always been a progressive company and it makes sense considering its in California, which is the social, cultural and technological center of America.

  • Ulo Magyar
    Ulo Magyar3 maanden geleden

    Underwhelming and outdated specs for the price already

  • AdminBreakerYT
    AdminBreakerYT3 maanden geleden

    Where is Ipad mini6 ?

  • Pradumna Chaurasia
    Pradumna Chaurasia3 maanden geleden

    I got an ipad air 4 in December, i was then using it while charging and it heated up like crazy, still does and has a battery life of 2 barely 2-3 hours on continuous internet surfing

  • sladesurfer
    sladesurfer3 maanden geleden

    You can buy the new Apple TV remote by itself...Im keeping my old Apple TV and just upgrade my remote..also upgrading my keyboard to a Touch ID keyboard

  • Mountain Gaming 1.0
    Mountain Gaming 1.03 maanden geleden

    Where is ipadmini 6

    FCJEY3 maanden geleden

    Airtag, people are concerned when a Chinese product tracks your location, however they're okay with apple doing so.

  • Tomislav Šajfar
    Tomislav Šajfar3 maanden geleden

    New iMac looks like some weird frankenstein mix between 1998 G3, 2004 G5 and 2007 alu iMac...disappointment👎

    HYPERXGAMER3 maanden geleden

    Iwhat about ipad mini 6

  • Dan The Man
    Dan The Man3 maanden geleden

    Tim the 🌈 guy.

  • ManateeMentality
    ManateeMentality3 maanden geleden

    The new Apple TV remote seems nice and easier to find. Got tired of losing the old one when watching movies in a darkened room.

  • Daniyal Shah
    Daniyal Shah3 maanden geleden

    I had more fun watching this than I probably would have watching the event live.

  • Wesley
    Wesley3 maanden geleden

    No Face ID and height adjustment on the iMac and the two-tone front is an eyesore.

  • Elio Jones
    Elio Jones3 maanden geleden

    Definitely grabbing that new Siri Remote (which can be bought separately & be used with current Apple TV’s thankfully.)

    DRS DRS3 maanden geleden

    Bunch of DECOITS

  • Jose H.
    Jose H.3 maanden geleden

    Ugh literally the only thing I cared about was the MacBook Pro smh

  • Wyatt Corbin
    Wyatt Corbin3 maanden geleden

    I don’t get the point of Air tags. Mainly because it is impossible to tag the air. I’ve tried, not easy and tedious. The real question is what’s going to prevent a thief from chucking the air tag and walking away with the missing item. I guess it would be useful for friends houses or your own home, or some businesses. But highly doubt it would help in a public setting

  • Ecks


    3 maanden geleden

    I’m always losing my key

  • Geek peek 40
    Geek peek 403 maanden geleden

    Why apple won’t do different colors for iPhone 12 Pro like red ,purple and orange

  • Rusty Barnacle
    Rusty Barnacle3 maanden geleden

    I hope they made a lot of silver iMacs because those colors are weak sauce… Nothing for us macho nerds :0/

  • Roger Szymczak
    Roger Szymczak3 maanden geleden

    Hahhahah, " you can now scroll " WTF

  • Pruthvirajds techX
    Pruthvirajds techX3 maanden geleden

    I like the remote

  • jason dads
    jason dads3 maanden geleden

    can't believe that apple tv remote did not have a off button before

  • Godzilla eat sushi
    Godzilla eat sushi3 maanden geleden

    Apple is killing it.

  • AlkalineGaming
    AlkalineGaming3 maanden geleden

    These guys trying to take Everything apple pro’s views

  • AllThingsTrainz YT
    AllThingsTrainz YT3 maanden geleden

    Introducing the new 2021 iPad Pro! This year we wanted to go big… bigger than ever! The new iPad is the same as last year’s… incredible, right? We just dotted some tiny new changes to hype everyone up and buy it straight away! We thought smart... the latest iPad before this one was released just 6 months ago making you regret buying it and forcing you to buy the expensively overpriced newer one! Now, we just wanted to use the same darn M1 chip and didn’t want to make it faster… to make up for this, over the next few weeks, we will be slowing down every other iPad model under this one existing on this planet! By doing this, people will think their devices are old and they need an upgrade giving us more money coz you know what, we don’t care about our customers… all we care about is money so we get paid more! We just had to add a few more pixels to the screen so we can advertise it as a state of the art technologically developed waffle waffle waffle so we can drag the attention of more customers with the same exact screen… isn’t that smart? The “new” screen is only available on the 12.9 inch model and not the 11 inch model making you spend more money! We also just had to add 2 Terabytes of storage as we weren't asked to add anything new or more ram! Also, by adding 2TB, we could price our iPads £2100+ with the top specs! This will also break your bank giving us more money! Now onto the cameras! We didn’t even touch the cameras or the LIDAR scanner and kept it the same not adding anything new whilst advertising it as “a whole new camera system with ultra ultra ultra ultra wide angle and an infinite zoom”! Our cameras are yet still fuzzy when you zoom in times 3+! We also advertise our iPads as “a professional camera” to make people go out with their massive iPads taking a photo of every thing they see! Now, that’s it from us, start saving now to get out £2000 iPad which is more expensive than out ugly iMac and some of our MacBook lineup making you waste your money making us richer (not that we already aren’t 🤑

  • ari20
    ari203 maanden geleden

    800$ tag VS 45$ amazon tag

  • Maneesh. K.B.
    Maneesh. K.B.3 maanden geleden

    Apple go slowly slowly to convert chanies technology American people madness

  • The Fitz
    The Fitz3 maanden geleden

    I got excited when I saw the keyboard, mouse and trackpad... then I heard the mouse didn’t change at all, other than color. PLEASE move the charging port... that’s all.

  • George Senda
    George Senda3 maanden geleden

    I don't know any one nor any computer type with houses or apartments that spotless. The computer geeks, nerds, hackers I all used to know had places that had stuff stacked everywhere. When is Apple going to show real computer people in a video ?

  • George Senda
    George Senda3 maanden geleden

    AIR TAGS ? Apple comes up with a " personalized " product you cannot personalize ! You can put an emoji on it but you are limited to FOUR characters of text. What brain at Apple came up with this stupidity ? TIRS - This is really stupid ! OR TCII Tim Cook Is Idiotic

  • Maneesh. K.B.
    Maneesh. K.B.3 maanden geleden

    Apple. Lot's of chanies technology adapt from chania country ideas American very innocent don't hype apples products.

  • George Senda
    George Senda3 maanden geleden

    Apples memorial to grass pollen. They worry about their carbon footprint. How much water is used to water all that grass ? I will never go to their new hq. I am allergic to 26 different kinds of grass.

  • Maneesh. K.B.
    Maneesh. K.B.3 maanden geleden

    Nothing new besides M1 chip.

  • mrzeld
    mrzeld3 maanden geleden

    IPad Pro. 128-512GB models have 8GB of RAM. 1-2TB have 16GB!!!

  • Dan Chris
    Dan Chris3 maanden geleden

    I have a doubt, what if I keep an airtag in my wallet, and someone steals the wallet and throws away the airtag?

  • Dan Chris

    Dan Chris

    3 maanden geleden

    @HARSH MALHOTRA Thank You for the Idea 😊😊😜



    3 maanden geleden

    @Dan Chris i think you have to sew the money as well then!!

  • Dan Chris

    Dan Chris

    3 maanden geleden

    Another one, what if I sew my airtag in my wallet, then someone steals the wallet, take all the money and cards and throw away the wallet (with sewed airtag)?

  • Dan Chris

    Dan Chris

    3 maanden geleden

    @Ryan Chong thank you 😊

  • Ryan Chong

    Ryan Chong

    3 maanden geleden

    U sew the airtag into your wallet

  • Anto VH
    Anto VH3 maanden geleden

    Tim Cook probably was a cow 🐄 milker because he’s still milking old design..🙄🤔 airtag are dangerous thanks apple for giving the drug cartel & Crooks in the streets a tool they definitely will use 💯 artis & famous people be careful now they don't tag your car to know where you live.. this is call invasión of privacy to the next level.. apple style 💯💯💯

  • Kenneth Christensen
    Kenneth Christensen3 maanden geleden

    Where is my redesigned MacBook 😕

  • Iamchloe
    Iamchloe3 maanden geleden

    11” i pad is sad about display ..... i was planning to now have to wait for samsung and huawai

  • Iamchloe


    3 maanden geleden

    @MacRumors i had i pad 11” from 2020 and i knew that i pad going to lunch soon , so i sold my i pad, aspected better display, I would be happy if they price little more but unfortunately ... very sad ...personally i am not happy with this event.... waiting for Samsung event 🤘

  • MacRumors


    3 maanden geleden

    It’s still a very good display. I wouldn’t expect any other tablet to really beat it

  • felipe olvera
    felipe olvera3 maanden geleden

    No 32gb, 16gb of ram or 1tb of ssd ? You’ve got to be kidding me... and that huge chin? Hide it behind the screen it’s bad design

  • Josh Dela Cruz
    Josh Dela Cruz3 maanden geleden

    No ipad mini :(

  • Jeremy Collado
    Jeremy Collado3 maanden geleden


  • John Joshua
    John Joshua3 maanden geleden

    The iMac is fugly... that white bezel & giant chin destroyed it for me...

  • K K
    K K3 maanden geleden

    M1 on iPad? Then what's the difference between the M1 MacBook Air and iPad?

  • Verna Narzekalski
    Verna Narzekalski3 maanden geleden

    Does Apple TV remote control comes with AirTag⁉️ That will be helpful👍🏻

  • Stuart Carter

    Stuart Carter

    3 maanden geleden

    No unfortunately

  • Kien Hweng Tai
    Kien Hweng Tai3 maanden geleden

    So the new iMacs look like someone put an iPad on a stand.

  • 별

    3 maanden geleden

    How do you think it should look? Genuinely asking

  • Ashu
    Ashu3 maanden geleden

    Very disappointed to see no Face ID and no backlit keyboard for new iMac

  • Cash Eye
    Cash Eye3 maanden geleden

    The Air Tag was the highlight

  • Jonathan Galiano
    Jonathan Galiano3 maanden geleden

    yay another computer that you can't upgrade anything on

  • Sanju George
    Sanju George3 maanden geleden

    Does that mean softwares like Logic pro and FCP will be available on the iPad Pro lineup?

  • bobafruti
    bobafruti3 maanden geleden

    So... what’s the reason we can’t run full macOS on iPad pros now? It’s literally identical to what’s in every Mac and yet they make you choose iPadOS with touch or macOS without touch and with crappy webcams... I want an iPad with macOS, how hard is that?

  • Xavier Breath

    Xavier Breath

    3 maanden geleden

    It wouldn't suprise me if they run the same OS, but have a different user interface. It's simply more profitable for Apple to sell you two devices rather than make it so you can switch between the two GUIs.

  • mrzeld
    mrzeld3 maanden geleden

    Video got one thing wrong. 11” iPad Pro with 1TB of storage is $200 more now. :(

  • MacRumors


    3 maanden geleden

    Not technically wrong as I said it still STARTS at $799. Never mentioned the other configurations

  • AlexanderBitik
    AlexanderBitik3 maanden geleden


  • Wan Aqim
    Wan Aqim3 maanden geleden

    The new ipad pro gonna be sold like hotcakes

  • Tim Hornswaggle
    Tim Hornswaggle3 maanden geleden

    So much potential but they ruined the iMac.

  • Elemental Jedi
    Elemental Jedi3 maanden geleden

    I’m only excited for the Apple tag tbh No hate

  • The Ben Man
    The Ben Man3 maanden geleden

    So... when we getting FCP on iPad??