Amelia Tells Owen He Has to Forgive Teddy - Grey's Anatomy


  • Azan Khan
    Azan KhanDag geleden

    Yeah sure she fucked another guy for weeks. And was Fucking him on her wedding night and had the audacity to ask why her wedding was cancelled but you need to be man up and forgive her. LolZ

  • MP
    MP2 dagen geleden

    so she didnt go home to see her son or boyfriend for a whole day just because she decided to stay at her ex husbands

  • Kadidja C
    Kadidja C4 dagen geleden


  • Bruna Buchdid
    Bruna Buchdid5 dagen geleden

    Hunt is such a hypocrite!!!!

  • riddhika
    riddhika6 dagen geleden

    This is honestly a good example of women standing up for a women 👏👍 Love amelia ❤💕

  • ricky
    ricky12 dagen geleden

    amelia read his ass for filth

  • daunte channel
    daunte channel17 dagen geleden

    Owen hunt is the person who said he will forgive and forgot hope people remember how he throw Cristina abortion in her face s8 during zolo birthday party fyi when he said multiple times he have forgive her and forget about it which was a lie

  • Proud Haitian
    Proud Haitian26 dagen geleden

    I'm surprised so many people in the comment agree with this bs. I wonder how many people would actually love their ex telling them they need to forgive to someone who had an affair with somebody else all along their relationship, convinced them to marry each other and cheated the night before the wedding? I wonder if Amelia would also be willing to be so forgiving... that same Amelia who made a scene out of her boyfriend hiding a bottle of wine somewhere because he is stressed because she "doesn't like secrets". It's about time Amelia starts minding her business. The double standards regarding genders in this series is bothersome. It's Amelia trying to compare Owens choking Cristina in his sleep because of PTSD to Teddy willingly cheating on Owens the night before they planned on marrying each other for me. Owens doesn't have to forgive Teddy this. Teddy is toxic and needs to heal herself, alone. Owens doesn't have to neither support or forgive such heartbreak... Owens is the victim here, not Teddy. Stop playing now! And before some you says something like "Owens cheated on Cristina", remember that context matters! When Owens cheated on Cristina, it was a one night stand, they have emotional conflict and were almost not even together. Teddy cheated on Owens for no reason at all that concerned their relationship. Teddy has PTSD but Teddy also willing-fully cheated on Owens. Not the same situation at all as Owens choking Cristina, and I'm surprised the writer didn't see the stupidity in this writing here.

  • Dor Mi Miranda
    Dor Mi Miranda28 dagen geleden

    Can someone tell me who the hell is Allison??

  • Dinarte Valdoir Mello da Luz Junior
    Dinarte Valdoir Mello da Luz JuniorMaand geleden

    “Sometimes traumatized people lie. They lie to you. They lie to themselves. That does not mean everything is a lie. When you were hurting, your heart other people.” This helped me to understand better and forgive and heal myself from bad experiences.

  • Kwanele Cele
    Kwanele CeleMaand geleden

    This chick has a thing for love triangles.

  • Ysabel Arias
    Ysabel AriasMaand geleden

    Why did I just realize that Allison is Lena from the fosters

  • sun cream
    sun creamMaand geleden

    Some things to clear up here cause I think there are some bad messages given here: Amelia is right about PTSD being experienced differently and that they lie to escape their trauma, but... 1) When Owen cheated on Cristina it wasn't an affair, it wasn't him falling in love with someone else, it was him being mad about the fact that Cristina didn't want to have a child with him so he had a One Night Stand that he didn't even deny when Cristina asked him. Teddy in the other hand had an affair, both physically and emotional with her ex till the wedding day and wanted to keep it a secret forever. First it's unfair to Owen to say that it's the same cause it really isn't, second only because someone cheated once in the past doesn't give you a freepass to cheat on them. About the Amelia part it wasn't even cheating, Amelia broke up with Owen and told him to leave her for Teddy. 2) Owen was not angry about the fact that Teddy had past relationships, but about the fact that their daughter is named after her without telling him who she named her after and I think that is a legit reason to get angry over. You cannot also compare Owen being together with Beth, Cristina and Amelia the same as the affair Teddy had. Owen was in official relationships with them, Teddy had an affair while preparing for her wedding day when she was with Tom. You can't just say "oh you also had many relationships before her" like girl Owen doesn't care about Teddy's past relationships, he only cared about the affair and the secret about his daughter's name. PTSD doesn't excuse affairs and giving your child your ex's name. That is inconsiderate and awful of her. 3) Owen goes to therapy, he tries to fix his PTSD, daddy issues (probably) and what else he has. It is awful to throw his past at him all the time when he can't change the past and even apologized to those he hurt. At this moment he is hurting because he was cheated on, on his wedding day, it is normal to be angry and frustrated. He also lost his coworker too, so no he doesn't deserve all the hate for being a perfectly flawed character. He shows the anger and frustration anyone would feel in his position. 4) the only thing I agree on is the PTSD part, that everyone deals with it differently and that others might strungle you while you asleep while others shut themselves down. It is true, but that's it.

  • Sakaisha Olala
    Sakaisha OlalaMaand geleden

    I understand now why I keep coming back to this video and almost know every line of it. It’s because Amelia puts Owen in his place and I loveeeeeee it!

  • Lissa Price
    Lissa PriceMaand geleden

    They both have severe PTSD and yes it does bad things to you. The night terrors are the worst

  • Deema Nagd
    Deema NagdMaand geleden

    These two do this fight scenes in the show

  • Megha Agrawal
    Megha AgrawalMaand geleden

    This show has given us some crazy amazing character developments!

  • Greeneyelove
    GreeneyeloveMaand geleden

    I love Owen despite his mistakes but damn I cheered Amelia in this scene. He needed that reminder that we all have a past and some of us have something horrible in that can come back years later and bring back all that pain. Owen gets on his high horse sometimes. Amelia knocked him clean off it.

  • miriam lizeth bretado valdez
    miriam lizeth bretado valdezMaand geleden

    When amelia told him that he was angry with teddy because she had a cristina, owen didn't say anything

  • Aireæ Chee
    Aireæ CheeMaand geleden

    all the cheating he did and strangling his ex wife yeah he betta forgive that gurl tf! 😒

  • Avery
    AveryMaand geleden

    I'm not even sure what's going on because I only watch in random clips now and then but this feels right. I never liked Owen and never thought he was good enough for Christina.

  • Elon Mcgaugh
    Elon Mcgaugh2 maanden geleden

    And now Owen and teddy back together

  • Carter Swierenga
    Carter Swierenga2 maanden geleden

    Amelia is really the only one who had the balls to bring that up to Owen and it’s amazing, and the way she had 0 hesitation, Amelia was completely correct in this scene

  • Dawn Teo
    Dawn Teo2 maanden geleden

    What powerful insights this scene drew from.. amazing

  • Little_tish
    Little_tish2 maanden geleden

    This programme is TOO OTT for me. Honestly everyone's just too over dramatic it's ridiculous

  • Divaa Sharma
    Divaa Sharma2 maanden geleden

    Yay Amelia! Tell him

  • Alejandra Villacis Miranda
    Alejandra Villacis Miranda2 maanden geleden

    I have to say, I love how Amelia and Owen's relationship has grown. She is the only person in the world that could say this to him and because of her history with trauma and addiction she knew how to do it. Also, I love her relationship with Teddy! I just Amelia!

  • brynnziegler
    brynnziegler2 maanden geleden

    owens yOu NeEd To LeAvE always make me laugh

  • Michaela Lockheart
    Michaela Lockheart2 maanden geleden

    The way she said it was just wow! 🥺🥺

  • sky Gonzalez
    sky Gonzalez2 maanden geleden

    This chick has no right to tell him to forgive anybody when she hurt him just as bad LMFAO

  • Sophie Pedersen
    Sophie Pedersen3 maanden geleden

    Amelia CARRIED this episode. God, I love her!

  • Bi_Topia
    Bi_Topia3 maanden geleden

    The way Owen treats women is fucking gross. He acts as if they all need to be his idealize version and shouldnt have lives of their own

  • Siphesihle Kutta
    Siphesihle Kutta3 maanden geleden

    No bigger hypocrite than Owen yho

  • Sebi Reid
    Sebi Reid3 maanden geleden

    AMELIA!!!?! Yes👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • amanda tucker
    amanda tucker3 maanden geleden

    This speech was 🔥. The truth really hurts sometimes. Everyone deals with trauma in their own way.

  • Kabir Sardana
    Kabir Sardana3 maanden geleden

    umm. he had PTSD, he strangled someone, she had PTSD, she fucked someone. yeah. big difference.

  • Dead Simmer
    Dead Simmer3 maanden geleden

    Trauma response wow 😯 I learned something new.

  • Yeriel Santiago
    Yeriel Santiago3 maanden geleden

    TEDDY C-H-E-A-T-E-D ON HIMMMMMMM. "But he did it before so" SHUT UP NIGGA

  • J money
    J money3 maanden geleden

    Jeez, women get away with a lot smdh I ain't forgiving my girl for cheating on me and idc if she got ptsd, she's dead to me. That shit is unforgivable.

  • Heavenly Campos
    Heavenly Campos3 maanden geleden

    This will never get old it’s just too good 👅

  • Olivia Sabino
    Olivia Sabino3 maanden geleden

    bye, cause she said what she said.

  • Ayla thebookworm
    Ayla thebookworm3 maanden geleden

    didnt he cheat on christina after she was in a plane crash

  • Ayla thebookworm

    Ayla thebookworm

    2 maanden geleden

    like she went through a trauma just saying

  • Chloe Wu

    Chloe Wu

    3 maanden geleden


  • Gipeonxx Low
    Gipeonxx Low3 maanden geleden

    Give me just a Minute pls to let her acting skills sink pls

  • This Nigerian Loves Drinking Garri
    This Nigerian Loves Drinking Garri3 maanden geleden

    Where were all of you guys’s sympathy when Arizona cheated due to PTSD as well?

  • Linnéa Johansson
    Linnéa Johansson3 maanden geleden

    Dont like Amelia so much But this , amazing 👏👏 You go girl !

  • Olivia Muomua
    Olivia Muomua3 maanden geleden

    Thank God someone put him in his place. I’m convinced Hunt is meant to marry powerful women and try to destroy them after

  • Greys.PLL
    Greys.PLL3 maanden geleden

    I know it's probably just my issue but I don't like it when Amelia says/mentions Cristina. It's probably because the first time they met Cristina was traumatized and Amelia assulted her and the second time Amelia appeared was when Cristina was leaving. With also marrying Owen Amelia always seemed like a replacement for Cristina.... :( (but like I said it's probably just me)

  • ines v
    ines v3 maanden geleden

    je hurle cristina

  • Uva Sad
    Uva Sad3 maanden geleden

    I can’t stand him since he first appeared. He’s childish and weird tbh. He’s always like “omg I’m so in love with uUuu” like, he’s been in love like 3 times...he just can’t stand being alone. Hate him.

  • LUX💙
    LUX💙3 maanden geleden


  • corey
    corey3 maanden geleden

    I love Cristina’s name echoes throughout the show, she has really made an impact

  • Maryann Reyes
    Maryann Reyes3 maanden geleden

    The probable point noticeably destroy because tax critically wander towards a agreeable anteater. jobless, acidic debtor

  • Donte Davis
    Donte Davis3 maanden geleden

    This is the Amelia we love , The woman that talks from pain with passion.

  • August_Very_Own
    August_Very_Own3 maanden geleden

    I give Amelia so much credit here because she didn’t just throw Owens past in his face she actually tied it all together unlike most of the fan base

  • August_Very_Own
    August_Very_Own3 maanden geleden

    I can’t stand all the hate owen still gets. I understand why some of it is justified but he has taken the steps to get better. Everybody is giving teddy a pass for cheating because it was related to her ptsd but so was Owens yet he’s still the evil one. For all that Owen did if you can give teddy a pass you can chill on him just a little bit at least. He did nothing to deserve what teddy did. He paid for what happened with Cristina more than once and the whole relationship with Amelia was a train wreck because of both of them not just him. At least be fair about it

  • xinnarue
    xinnarue3 maanden geleden

    Amelia defending Teddy is the content that I needed. They reintroduced Teddy into the show and stated that it wasn’t going to be “women pitted against women” but made it a war between the three of them. Amelia telling Owen to get off his high horse and forgive Teddy shows all three of their growth, especially Amelia’s.

  • Nik Maroc
    Nik Maroc3 maanden geleden

    Owen is annoying but I’m realizing that there are lots of people like him in the world. He has absolved himself of his own wrongdoings and how he has hurt the ones he loves but anybody who has hurt him, he holds onto that FOREVER. He has accepted excuses for his behavior but those same excuses don’t excuse others. Wow.

  • ChocoPaid
    ChocoPaid3 maanden geleden

    To all your fans who hate Owen...”for this”; get all the Fs outta here... there are people in your life right now that will throw your path struggles in your face exactly Emily just did because you refuse to acknowledge that other people struggle to, The actual beauty of his character is he is way too realistic he’s a fully rounded human being with morals and absolute rules he doesn’t see himself breaking; The reason you hate this man is because he’s a mirror to yourselves; Hurt people, hurt people...At least his issues are well understood that this point......That said he is way too close with all his exes really should start cutting some numbers out his phone

  • Shelby Harder Anderson
    Shelby Harder Anderson3 maanden geleden

    I think what I love about this is that it is his ex-wife, yelling at him to forgive his current wife, by using a trauma response he had with his other ex-wife as an explanation for her reasoning.

  • Crina Summers
    Crina Summers3 maanden geleden

    Thats the kickass that Owen needs

  • V J
    V J3 maanden geleden

    sis went off of him

  • Amanda Redd
    Amanda Redd3 maanden geleden

    I get equally frustrated with both Owen and Teddy but I love them too. Sometimes I want her with Tom and others Owen. So confusing as humans can be I suppose...

  • Amanda Redd

    Amanda Redd

    3 maanden geleden

    @Tandfadams you have a fantastic point

  • Tandfadams


    3 maanden geleden

    I want her with Tom and I want Owen to be single because I feel like he has this need to be in a relationship all the time

  • alyson hernandes
    alyson hernandes3 maanden geleden

    Amelia and Owen’s arguments is clearly in the top 10 scenes of Grey’s Anatomy!!! It was about time for someone to smash Owen’s giant head

  • Anil Gaikwad
    Anil Gaikwad3 maanden geleden

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  • Eunice Baiyee
    Eunice Baiyee3 maanden geleden


  • Elsea Wyatt
    Elsea Wyatt3 maanden geleden

    I love Amelia but she's too much. Defending Teddy is way too high; even for her

  • Maddie Williams
    Maddie Williams3 maanden geleden

    Owen needs to realize that forgiving her doesn’t mean that what she did is okay it is just moving forward. Owen obviously has a right to be upset but he needs to stop acting like he has never made a mistake. What Teddy did was wrong but he should talk to her and handle it like an adult instead of ignoring her

  • Isabella Flores
    Isabella Flores3 maanden geleden

    Amelia is a queen

  • FineDoneTakeHim
    FineDoneTakeHim3 maanden geleden

    Haven't watched GA in a while. Someone please explain to me why Amelia says "you're pissed that she has a cristina" What does it mean, like owen having a cristina who will always come first?

  • Camille Fraginal
    Camille Fraginal3 maanden geleden

    About time!

  • I figure skate I guess
    I figure skate I guess3 maanden geleden

    omfg best scene

  • KC Katana
    KC Katana3 maanden geleden

    ENUFF! The writers need to either: 1. Write Owen with an epiphany 2. Write Owen with a coma 3. Write Owen back to Iraq. 4. Have George Mallory step out of the shower, as Meredith wakes up only to learn that Owen got hit by a bus.

  • Kairos Ezra Cano
    Kairos Ezra Cano3 maanden geleden

    Amelia/Caterina is the best character

  • C Wemba
    C Wemba3 maanden geleden

    He doesn’t

  • Dulce Ramos
    Dulce Ramos3 maanden geleden

    Loved this scene, YOU TELL HIM AMELIA!

  • Douglas1347
    Douglas13473 maanden geleden

    What is episode?

  • Tamar Eliahu
    Tamar Eliahu3 maanden geleden

    I'm in love with Amilia, she is the best character that was left on the show

  • planet devo
    planet devo3 maanden geleden


  • Eva Ts
    Eva Ts3 maanden geleden

    I love new Amelia

  • Rebecca R
    Rebecca R3 maanden geleden

    Her words were so strong, it hit a nerve that a traumatized person could relate to. I had to watch the scene twice and one more for the moment.

  • Bice
    Bice3 maanden geleden

    That's the most I've liked Amelia

  • Tavionn
    Tavionn3 maanden geleden

    Once again Owen has to follow Amelia’s direction

  • Sincerely, Sh'vone
    Sincerely, Sh'vone3 maanden geleden

    I don’t like that she’s telling Owen to forgive Teddy for cheating on him like it was a mistake, it was a choice. Then trying to use him accidentally choking Christina as an example. If he does not want to forgive Teddy he does not have too... she made her bed now she can lie in it and be miserable cause it was her choice to do that.

  • juliette agwe

    juliette agwe

    2 maanden geleden

    @Sincerely, Sh'vone exactly. Some people won’t take what Teddy did, but are first to calm out Owen

  • Sincerely, Sh'vone

    Sincerely, Sh'vone

    3 maanden geleden

    @Raephaele Masirnille exactly

  • Raephaele Masirnille

    Raephaele Masirnille

    3 maanden geleden

    Totally agree with you. Why is everybody acting like Owen did something wrong? Nobody would be understanding and forgiving if their fiance cheated especially cheating on the morning of the wedding.

  • Kenny J
    Kenny J3 maanden geleden

    I love this scene but are we suppose to excuse teddy for all her actions because of PTSD? I feel like the writers are misusing PTSD like it’s the magical answer to explain every persons poor choices.

  • Surgeon 101

    Surgeon 101

    3 maanden geleden

    It’s not about excusing what she did as Amelia said nothing about what she did is ok however it is about highlighting the reasons behind her decisions and looking deeper as to what is causing her problems there is never an excuse to cheat however in some cases the reasons behind it are not always black and white which is the message in this episode

  • smileyfan16
    smileyfan163 maanden geleden

    Owen is such a hypocrite. He cheated on Cristina. He has loved other women besides Teddy for decades. Owen and his double standards

  • sun cream

    sun cream

    Maand geleden

    Owen didn't have an affair, he had a one night stand out of spite while Teddy had an affair cause who knows why, but hers was ongoing, Owen in the other hand talked about his one night stand not even long after it while Teddy kept it going for a long time. I think there is a huge difference in both. Also Owen is not pissed about Teddy having had other lovers before their relationship, he is pissed about the fact that their daughter is named after one without telling him about it. It is very ignorant to pull up his mistakes that he made up for long time ago and justify Teddy for the things she did. She made mistakes and Owen's past mistakes are not a free pass for her.

  • DesTryZ
    DesTryZ3 maanden geleden

    It’s clear a lot of people don’t like Owen and he did need to hear this but don’t act like teddy didn’t cheat right before the wedding.

  • Potato potato Hill

    Potato potato Hill

    3 maanden geleden

    Let’s not act like Owen didn’t cheat to

  • Mimi M
    Mimi M3 maanden geleden

    There are times when Owen can be self righteous, however he isn't a monster, he's hurt. He loved someone and that person betrayed his trust. Not once, but repeatedly and may I add very publicly. Teddy may have PTSD, but that doesn't absolve her either. I agree with Amelia, she said what Owen needed to hear. With that said let's be clear...Amelia, Teddy and Christina, are not victims. Amelia was reckless and self absorbed. Yes she had a tumor, but she wasn't a good partner to Owen. Christina and Owen jumped in to a marriage without really discussing what they wanted. Her having the abortion, while her choice, hurt her husband. He then reacted in a way that was petty and cruel (cheating) because he was hurt. As for Teddy, did he string her along? No. She knew he was in a relationship. Teddy's cheating is another example of her lying and keeping secrets from him with her pregnancy being a recent example. At the end of the day should Owen forgive Teddy? Absolutely. She's the mother of his child. Should Owen take her back? Absolutely not. They both need to heal. Once they do, they can rebuild a friendship based on honesty and respect.

  • Jordan Flynn
    Jordan Flynn3 maanden geleden

    YES AMELIA 🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • Ameya Kothandaraman
    Ameya Kothandaraman3 maanden geleden

    these videos are literally the reason amelia is one of my favorite characters

  • Chontay
    Chontay3 maanden geleden


  • Native Eastender
    Native Eastender3 maanden geleden

    Owen and his double standards😑. Amelia clearly loves him and is his friend - she told him the truth, without acting superior.

  • L C
    L C3 maanden geleden

    I love how slowly over the seasons Amelia has become the very very best character on the show.

  • Francesca Prizzi
    Francesca Prizzi3 maanden geleden

    Worst episode EVER!

  • Amartya Roy
    Amartya Roy3 maanden geleden

    Amelia is the wisest person in the room. I love that about her

  • Samantha Louise
    Samantha Louise3 maanden geleden


  • E Randco
    E Randco3 maanden geleden

    Seems like the same old stuff these days.

  • John Salvattore
    John Salvattore4 maanden geleden

    Maybe someone can correct me but...... what has anything to do her trauma with the fact the she lied and cheated,,,, I agree that Owen is far for been the best partner but,,, as far as I remember he never cheated or lie like Teddy did, and why, she had a son, a future husband, and she ruined just to s/fuck Tom again, and worst, she was given the chance to admitted, and still denied it.... no... sorry, ptsd bs...... she can die alone and suffer....

  • Alicia Rouble
    Alicia Rouble4 maanden geleden

    I’m just saying that THIS scene is a perfect representation of women supporting women.

  • Estelle
    Estelle4 maanden geleden

    Amazing scene. Amelia read him to filth!

  • ValNams
    ValNams4 maanden geleden

    The ✨Audacity✨