Amazing Machine 2021, Large hydraulic pliers, broken reinforced concrete #21


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    Зачем,,😆 к нам в Сызрань отправьте

  • MaxedOut
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    Ah, yes. Broken reinforced concrete. My favorite

  • D R
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    Amazing machines?! Stupid as fuck machines that take up way too much space to accomplish a task with no benefit. Did it compact the rims? Nope. Just broke then. What a useless POS.

    SOMEEN KHAN7 dagen geleden

    Bhai allow wheel mujhe de deta

  • FreekILL
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    why? it doesn't look broken

  • Janak Raj
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    Recycling machine is usefull

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    u uh hbbhhhggggyyz

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    Nossa que lixoo 🖕🏻🤦‍♂️

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    Well that's one way to do it but how are you going to get another tire on?

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    The dude has a mask on and gloves

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    Playing with nature

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    ITS ALL GOOD ,😸😸

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    That is a bigggggggg scissor

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    My name is boykriswan, I'm of Indonesian origin

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    Estos gringos y su obselencia programada 🤔🤔🤔

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    Every video of watch today has a misleading title

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    Perfectly good rims that can still be used being wasted or put to poor use 🤦‍♂️

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    Top pra por um traficante, um assaltante ou um estuprador pra receber uma massagem

  • gli turbo gang
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    Tf that wheel still had use its still usable and if the part that hooks on to the wheel is broken then sell the tire and destroy the rim which it clearly wasn't stripped or anything so that wheel still had use

  • Dream Walker
    Dream Walker18 dagen geleden

    For Everyone wondering they probably have looters And to protect scrap they have to Make it usable so it is indeed scrap

  • Chaitanya Narang
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    How is this amazing?

  • dean moloney
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    They have a better one years ago

  • Gulam Sabir
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    Aur agr ise sabut hi rakh dete toh kya hota

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    Y yo necesitando para mi carro.

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  • Jack Skywalker
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    Broken reinforced concrete?

  • Eriston Potter
    Eriston Potter22 dagen geleden

    Lazy way of taking of tires

  • lolblitz gaming
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    A machine that cuts tires for no reason?

  • Geo Fractal
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    You will own nothing and be happy, just like these people. Silly communist wannabe.

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    Sooo saticfing!!!

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    Tik Tok reject. Remember to down vote this video

  • Jonathan Colling
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    That just broke it? Now what ?

  • miguelin Gonzales
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    Que desperdicio esos rines si servían aún

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    Нахрена блять хороший диск как минимум на запаску сукаааа

  • steveman1982
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    Oh yes, concrete rims

    Josh JABLONICKYMaand geleden

    That is not amazing by any stretches of imagination f*** we got a home built rim splitter in the junkyard that's way more efficient than that thing and it was in a log splitter.

  • nsp812
    nsp812Maand geleden

    How the fuck is that broken reinforced concrete

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  • Chris Delibera
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    That is one of the most dangerous things I’ve ever seen

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    Вот уроды

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    Much wow such amaze

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    Че за шиномонтажка?🤔

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  • Donald Stewart
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    I don't see any cement, where is the cement?

  • Mick Carson
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    This is what shits me. Why not separate the tire and the wheel first to recycle the alloy?

  • Richard S.
    Richard S.Maand geleden

    Another Large Hydraulic pliers!!!!@

  • Papi Cienfuegos
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    Hmmph, let that machine get ahold of your arm. Let's see what happens

  • TadD68
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    Finally, the large hydraulic pliers

  • Vade Nummela
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    Those rims would be like 20$ a piece unless sold as a part of a set, which still wouldnt be more than like 100$ set. If those are from a car thats got 2 rims wrecked, those rims are virtually worth less than the space needed to put them on sale.

  • madlarkin8
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    I really like that 1.5 inch margin of error between his right hand and a bad day.

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    @death claw a

  • Melvin Yie

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    @death claw 7

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    There was plenty of room for error.

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    @E Bomb ффаал

  • igorx 2003
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    R34 gtr rim ?

  • Darth Vader
    Darth VaderMaand geleden

    That's how you change the tyre. I always wondered

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    Вулканизация "У Ашота", вы ещё не переобулись? Тогда мы едем к вам

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  • Ryan Bishop
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    That's a vw mk3 rim

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    Русские всплакнули .

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    Нихуясе суровый шиномонтаж

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    🤔рубля за 2.5 ушлибы

  • marty3076
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    Damn there's like 18 months worth of tread on that tire!! New tires in Australia is super expensive!! People sell used tires here, there's a big market for them.

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    Guess i know what I’ll capitalize over here

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    It seems that happens in every country except US

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    -почему ты плачешь. Говорит мой брат мне Я показываю это видио Брат" Тоже начинает палакать"

  • Senator Joseph McCarthy
    Senator Joseph McCarthyMaand geleden

    Were those wheels bent? If not, could be blasted, painted and used again.

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  • Bo Kir
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    And then they want Sweden to stop polluting

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    wheely good

  • Hamza Busta
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    exactely what i need for my 2008 yaris

  • Sean P
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    I'm sorry what's the point in doing that?

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    These titles man wtf

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    Thanks brother

  • Alejandro Carbajal
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    WTF, does it be necessary to make a lot of wastes, whitout reciclyng parts?? Stupids!!

  • Guyija Juki
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    stupid... from myanmar crisis

  • Aldiceia Oliveira
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    Amassado na Jante que faz na Fuga mesmo quando dá errado 😂😂😂😂😂😃☺

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    Worst sound effect ever

  • mayvb49
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    So this is where JDM boys get the wheels from

  • sweetrokalla
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    Mental you sell in second hand cost

  • Chris Topher
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    Here I am needing one rim while people are smashing rims

  • Chon Bu
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  • Robert Wright
    Robert WrightMaand geleden

    Bruh I actually need 4 lug rims for my car n this dudes breaking them

  • Martin Torres

    Martin Torres

    29 dagen geleden

    Just took off some oem Honda ones off my older accord ? 👀

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    No sense

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    Que polvo

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    Yo digo que esa "llanta" es un buen gallito...

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    @Ilda Rodríguez Y si...con una manita de gato queda muy chingon.

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    Y EL RIN !!!!!!! NO ?????

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    SI.. Y DEJA LA LLANTA..... EL RIN !!!!!!! O NO ????

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    A no mamen esos rines yo los ocupaba

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    D luar d hancurin coba d +62 d poleS lagi boS 😂

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    This is about how dangerous the teachers at school said those big paper cutters were.



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    Wow, great video,

  • Bruce Morris

    Bruce Morris

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    @Senator Joseph McCarthy exactly my, point, nothing...

  • Senator Joseph McCarthy

    Senator Joseph McCarthy

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    What was great about it?

  • MrFergilo
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    Seems like a waste of everything

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    Wheels vw golf 3 passat b4

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    Hey, I wanted that.

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    Dude!! I was gonna use those rims.

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    Listen to Lo que dura un cafe'. by Gianni Morales on #SoundCloud

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    For what?

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